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Glenn Goldman aka Turboglo


Network lists: Pdx 911 Truth, 911 truth Portland, Portland A & E 9/11 Truth(list owner)
Also suspected to be part of Petros' new front: Ten Years of September Elevens

A pilot and therapist who has been on the Portland conspiracy scene since at least 2006. His latest activity was starting a new Yahoo group front list-serve Portland AE 9/11 Truth to give the group a veneer of scientific respectability so they can find new ways to fleece newcomers: its not a conspiracy; it's science!

Proving he's as paranoid as the next conspriacist , when his group is exposed for the scam it is in indymedia comments, he bawls about all the excuses people make to ignore 9/11:

Painting with a Broad Brush 16.Feb.2012 08:34
Glenn Goldman

Since my name was mentioned, I guess I need to speak up. I DO and WILL denounce the 9/11 Truth Alliance for their propensity to see the "Joos" (sorry, Zionists) behind every evil perpetrated by the ruling class.

I was not aware that there was an effort to coordinate meeting times with the "Truth Alliance." Before I joined the local a&e9/11 group, I made it VERY clear that I did not want to have anything to do with the "Alliance" group. I've only attended two meetings, and only at the last meeting did I see members of the Alliance show up toward the end of the A&E meeting. Had I known that there was a conscious effort to coordinate with them, I would have objected.

I was involved with Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance some years back when they were meeting at Laughing Horse. I helped organize for the David Ray Griffin event. It became clear to me then that there was a racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic element dominating the group, particularly after they unashamedly and unapologetically invited a blatantly racist speaker to Laughing Horse. That was the
Linkend of my relationship with them.

All of this said, I suggest that the ones pointing their fingers and smearing the entire 9/11 truth movement with a broad brush search their own souls. The fact that some people who attach themselves to a movement have questionable politics does not and cannot impact forensic evidence. What is IS, and what ain't AIN'T. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth deals only with forensic evidence. Those people using the political incorrectness of a small (albeit vocal) segment of the 9/11 truth movement as an excuse to conveniently not have to examine the physical evidence are not demonstrating very much intellectual integrity, IMO.

Hilariously, soon after he's asked about the 'integrity' of his BFF Petros Evdokas and how he was caught on an email list with Holocaust denier Tim Titrud after both of them had told a third party they grrr hated each other and no way were part of the same group. Thus confronted Goldman dodged behind anonymity and delusions of persecution, contrary to evidence Indymedia users have always risen in mass to pwn this group when they're caught shoveling their bullshit. Then, for maximum failure, he tried to bawl to the Indy bees. They, of course, didn't care.

Goldman's denial about working with the supposed "other" group are bullshit.   Goldman, getting involved with the Portland AE 911 "truth" org, wouldn't have missed their work in 2010...lead by Tim "Holohoax" Titrud:
 9/11 Truthers Taking Action Today
9:34 AM September 9th, 2010 by James Pitkin

As the nine-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approaches, local 9/11 Truthers are taking action.
According to a news release, Clackamas County resident Tim Titrud of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is holding a press conference at the Portland office of U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) today at at 1:30 p.m.
Titrud will present findings “by more than 1,270 architects and engineers” that “all three of the skyscrapers that fell on September 11, 2001, in New York City were destroyed by controlled demolitions,” the news release says.
(Recall that the 7 World Trade Center building also collapsed around 5:20 p.m. that day.)
Titrud’s event coincides with another press conference today with former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) and Richard Gage of the American Institute of Architects at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the news release says.
Blumenauer’s office is at 830 NE Holladay St., suite 105.
Goldman must be dizzy with all that spinning after  "unashamedly and unapologetically" being on the same list as a Holocaust denier.  He would have noticed Titrud damning email of Jully 1, 2011:
Two Hit, Three Down, By Lynn Margulis Petros Evdokas petros_evdokas
Prof. Lynn Margulis is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, and Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the...
Jul 1, 2011 2:22 pm

Re: The 9/11 Commission Campaign - rollout July 4th letter Tim Titrud timtitrud
Mark: I did talk with Mike Gravel a couple of days ago. He will be in Portland next week and the Portland 911 Truth Alliance will meet with him to assist in...
Jul 1, 2011 1:33 pm

The 9/11 Commission Campaign - rollout July 4th letter Jonathan Mark noflyby
This following includes information about our joining a citizens campaign for a real 9/11 investigation. Watch for our official letter on this on July 4th....
Jul 1, 2011 7:23 am
But Goldman said nothing:

Tim Titrud Petros Evdokas 

 Goldman might want to climb down from that high horse before he falls down.


Glenn's lamest hits:
It wasn't in 2006 when a good friend gently pointed me toward some major
anomalies that I started to reconsider the official story. I soon became
involved in a very dysfunctional group here in Portland that lacked focus,
scientific rigor and tended toward a certain variety of right-wing
hate-mongering. We somehow managed to pull off an event sponsoring David Ray
Griffin, but I withdrew myself after that event.
The "good friend" he's talking about is probably Petros Evdokas, also a member and for longer than Goldman.

Glenn Goldman Petros EvdokasToo bad Evdokas didn't warn Goldman about the
sleazy group at the same time he was pointing to "major anomalies". Government conspiracies must be more obvious than the Holocaust denier right next to you.

"I'm happy that David has spearheaded the effort to revitalize Portland 9.11
Truth activism."
If Goldman means David Fura, it would help the scam if Fura wasn't posting at the "evil" group's list, with Goldman's sig:

 Richard Gage Presentation Next Sunday, February 19
Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:48 pm
David Fura <dallenfura@...>

Hi All,

I attached the press release for the event.  We would love to see you there and please pass this on to all the people in your networks.

David Fura
Marcela Pena
Tom Hermach
Glenn Goldman
John Daggett

But then Goldman didn't notice he was meeting at the same place his fellow schizophrenics were meeting , even when David sent an email to the list specifically mentioning them:

"Fri Sep 23, 2011
We will meet at the True Brew Coffeehouse (3370 SW Milwaukie) tomorrow from 11 to 1. This is the normal meeting time and place for the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance and I am going to take advantage of our meeting to return the projector and speaker I borrowed for the 9/11 presentation at the Hillsdale Library."
Goldman makes no objection in the replies on his own list. And they continue to meet there:

Sat Dec 3, 2011
"We meet this saturday, October 22 at True Brew at our usual time 11-1."
If reviews are to be believed, Trew Brew is spacious for it's size, but no fucking way is it big enough for two groups of these people not to notice each other meeting at the same time.

Conclusion: Goldman is a moron, or Goldman thinks everyone else is a moron. Or he's so far into the conspiracy he's brainwashed. Luckily for him, Goldman's also therapist so he doesn't have far to go for help. He'll be comforted that, as he says:
"At the core of my work is the process of truth-telling. Most of us go through our daily lives with narratives about ourselves, our relationships, and the world in general. Sometimes these stories are “cover-stories” that are easier to accept than the truth. "
Maybe Goldman needs to reread that last sentence. Or maybe managing a Yahoo group list really is just that hard.

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