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Alex Ansary


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No One Has To Die Tomorrow
 Tl;dr end of the world scaremongering faggotry pimped in 2008:


Alex Ansary: Starbucks, Gelato and Partying Like Its 1929

Over the past two weeks many people have come together voicing their opposition to the global elite, standing up for our economic freedom. For others the economic crisis we are facing is unrelated to their lives, they are living the illusion to the detriment to all of us.

The excuses are pitiful, (that's is as nice as I can say it) and the most amazing thing, the excuses are the same from coast to coast; this is happening to those other people, the rich ones or Wall Street folks; my money is safe, its not the end of the world. These people need a shake up.
Alex Ansary, host of Outside the Box, took to the streets of Portland in a VW bus with local activist, Darris Mishler to do just that.

As the sleepers dined at outdoor cafes eating gelato and sipping on their Starbucks, partying like it was 1929, Ansary bull horned them. "Where are you going to get your nice fancy shoes...How are you going to feed your girlfriend... when the banks crash?"

The threat of an economic crisis didn't seem apparent to the blank faced consumers putzing around Portland until the pair drove down the street of one scared a yuppie. This guy was so sleepy his eyes barely opened, as he insulted Alex and Darris he used different variations of the word scared about fifty times.

Worried that telling his neighbors about the destruction of the dollar would scare them the yuppie began to whine, 'I am informed and I'm safe, I know what I am doing my money is safe, I'm smart' like many lost in the illusion, its all about "I" and "me". He was self soothing, like a baby, convincing no one but himself that he was not afraid. These are the ones that will need to be carried around, the blow to their ego will incapacitate them. They will be dead weight that we will be forced to carry through and we cannot allow them to claim ignorance, they will not be able to say, "I didn't know" !

It is time to stop waiting for someone to approach you, to discuss the problems we are facing, bring people together and make a plan of action. For many speaking out can be an intimidating task, for some merely holding a sign is difficult, but for others leadership comes naturally. Stop being complacent because there is no time for nonsense, or useless chatter, call, write, scream - be loud- be bold and above all else be heard.

Listen to Outside the Box with Alex Ansary weekdays on Oracle Broadcasting Network, or catch his live TV show on Thursdays.

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No one has to die and no one did.  Been 4 years and the banks are still here.  Time for Alex to unsub Alex Jones and visit his therapist.

Fired from J.O.B. :

Alex Ansary getting fired from Ruth's Chris Steak House in Portland, Oregon

Racism and Discrimination still live on.......
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Insider at Indymedia?

There might be some truth to the group's on/off "we have an insider at indymedia" claims.

This post of the group about Ansary is dated April 27, 2006:

7pm tonight DAVID RAY GRIFFIN live interview by Alex Ansary PCM cable TV
Alex Ansary previous OUTSIDE THE BOX shows available on web
 link to
  But the google video link>

redirects to this Youtube video uploaded in 2012:

 Outside the Box #44 (Topic: Microchip Implants)

Published on May 3, 2012 by
I was joined by Amal Grafstra, author of RFID Toys. Amal has enthusiastically implanted dual microchips in his both of his hands. I investigated the story further...
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Alex Ansary

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