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Mitchel Cohen


Contacts: Petros Evdokas, Natlfed, Frank Morales?, Red Balloon Collective

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NATLFED cultist who denies he's in a cult, and certainly not a cult that had anything to do with Larouchies.  No siree!

His IMC tl;dr piece on the subject is either "the lady doth protest too much", or really bad disjointed writing.  Or both.

Continuing the Discussion of Gino Perente and NATLFED

On December 7, 2002, an anonymous letter was posted on Portland IndyMedia about Gino Perente and the National Labor Federation, decrying the organization as a "cult".

One cannot dismiss the appeal of the so-called "National Labor Federation" by simply saying it was a "cult."
I met Gino Perente in 1972 when he, and Polly Gardner, and Mary Seeber (all dead now), and Elizabeth Logan (where is she?) regularly came by one of the Red Balloon Collective suites in the dorms at SUNY Stony Brook, and we'd have all-night sessions.
I went with Mary and Polly (who was 16 at the time!) to organize farmworkers in the migrant shacks in the East end of Long Island, New York. We got shot at by the crew chiefs and their hirelings; we moved evicted farmworker back into their "homes" with all their meager belongings. And, yes, we built a free medical clinic in the town of Riverhead NY.
So there were indeed stalinist and cult-like aspects to this organization. But unlike other cults, it did solid (if nerve-wracking, and unnecessarily authoritarian) work.
As to its alleged ties with LaRouche, this is one of the funniest parts of the history. I was there for all of that. I remember going with Gino, Mary, Polly and several others to a talk by the LaRouchies at Columbia University around 1975. This was when LaRouche (aka "Lyn Marcus") was in his "Women as Vampire" phase (his wife had run off with another member to England -- that was the basis for years and years of political psychobabble from LaRouche), and everything was being blamed on "the Mother" for sucking the energy and politics out of kids.
The LaRouchies used this as a way to bypass sticky arguments.
Anyway, we were in a first-floor classroom jammed with 50 or 60 people, the EFWA (Eastern Farmworkers Association) organizers including me standing in the back, and Gino, in his black leather jacket, says to the speaker from US Labor Party (LaRouche): "Punk, you don't say anything about what you're going to actually DO to make the revolution."
The guy prattles about something, Gino cuts him off with some witty reparte, and the guy shoots back: "You're only saying that because you, like all of us, had an unnatural attachment to your mother."
Gino, a master at cutting through academic bullshit, rips his own jacket off as he climbs over people to get to the front, hissing, "Dat's my mudder your tawkin' about!" and flattens the guy. And the room full of Larouchies and potential recruits goes flying out the windows (first floor). I never saw a room clear out so fast, as Gino, Mary, Polly and I laughed and laughed.
There's a lot more, a lot to hate too, but we'll never understand the DRAW if we try to pigeon-hole the organization and its leader into a typified psych-study, the way Chip Berlet and others do. They miss the things that were so powerful about being there, that made you WANT TO stay up all night round the clock, do stupid paperwork all day long, to be IMMEDIATELY RELEVANT, to work under an actual longterm strategy (however delusional it may have turned out).
My friend Van and I had long been out of the group by the time Gino died in 1995, but we felt the need to go together to his funeral in Staten Island (of all places) to see old comrades (some enemies), and basically to MAKE SURE GINO WAS ACTUALLY DEAD, and this wasn't yet another trick he was pulling on us!
Write to me if you want to discuss this further .... It's been a long time since I've thought much about it.
Mitchel Cohen
Brooklyn Greens / Green Party of NY

Cohen admits the org is "nerve-wracking, and unnecessarily authoritarian", but it's not a cult.  The org revolves around this Gino person, but it's not a cult.  Uh huh.   This is a place called DENIAL. And IMC commenters call bullshit...nicely:

30 years later...       20.Jun.2005 13:59

I appreciate this recollection; it's interesting, and recognizing the source of NATLFED's draw is important.

But Mitchel Cohen's newest recollection of things NATLFED in this piece is from 1975. NATLFED continues to work, and many people--many of them young and recruited on college campuses--have reported very bad experiences with the group in recent years. One can not disregard their experiences. Mitchel, what have you heard from NATLFED in recent years? What do you think of their contribution to the movement? And most importantly (and getting back to the start of this discussion), what would you say to the young people they are trying to recruit now? This, I think, is the key question here. And personally, I would urge those young people to avoid NATLFED.
 these two men were my best friends before they were involved with gino and the others.after donating what ever they owned ot the eastern farmworkers,they dropped out of their normal lives ,left their friends
and became more deeply involved in that small circle. never to be seen again Cult?or not....
that is what really happened.i havent thought about it for 20 years
untill i just read this.

 More Insight 26.Jul.2005 11:29

Robin Spellman Fahlberg

If you are a current or former member of Natlfed, or have a friend or relative involved in Natlfed, I would recommend reading the material on the above mentioned website. Although I do not know who Elizabeth Parenti-Soba is, whether she is actually related to Gino, or what her motives are in posting it, the words could have come straight out of Gino's mouth. Then I would recommend you reading "Thought reform and the psychology of totalism: A study of brainwashing in China" by Robert Jay Lifton.
I'm not sure how much of my analysis of this material come from Ms. Parenti-Soba's material and how much comes from the memory of Gino's classes either heard at NOC or read from transcripts late at night in upstate NY. It seems to me that Gino looked at why the current structure was still in power and, in part, saw that many institutions, our language and the way we are brought up predisposed us to accept this. He then decided to do much as the Chinese did and change people's perspectives (or para dyne as he put it, although I can't find a formal definition of that word) through thought reform. It worked about as well as it did in China and has caused a lot of damage to many people.
To Gino, perception was everything. It didn't matter if it was true. It didn't matter if you actually built mutual benefits associations as long as people thought you did. It didn't matter if he wasn't the fighter of communist haters, farm worker organizer, Guatemalan freedom fighter, etc., as long as others believed he was. Ms. Parenti-Soba speaks of folklore, working people's folklore and how that was the Genesis. The Genesis was not presented in this context, it was presented to impress the new recruits with Gino's history in the struggle and the organization's pedigree - even if neither had either. Folklore is one of the elements of thought reform and in that context, yes, that is what Gino was doing.
Much of the first 3 or 4 years of my time with Natlfed are difficult to remember, they are very fuzzy. But, I remember enough now to know that I was systematically exposed to thought reform in an effort to form the "new man", those who would lead the revolution. If your friend or relative is deep into Natlfed, was there before Gino died, or the current leadership is still practicing this manipulation of the mind, they probably do not consciously know it.
I want to post a couple of closing thoughts. The myth of the Suffolk Eastern Farm Workers Association drive is made up of some fact and a lot of exaggeration. When I first worked in Suffolk, I was the Riverhead membership coordinator. The story then was that the first summer of EFWA's drive signed 1000 members. The membership authorizations would support that number. As I participated over the years, I saw that claim go to 2000, then 5000, then 10,000 and before I left finally 50,000. This gave credibility to the leadership at NOC. It did not matter whether it was true, it only mattered that people believed it to be true. Any real work that actually would make change didn't matter, that could be made up.
In working with EFWA's upstate membership I feel confident in saying they did not want to be just a part of, or a number in the "people" or the "masses". They wanted to be seen as the individual they were and valued as that individual. I think an overwhelming majority would strenuously object to the practices ostensibly done for their benefit.

Jeff Whitnack

Wow, just found this site.

My article on the Natlfed Cult can be accessed at or on the Public Eye's site at

For some reason all onliine versions of my article have left out the Prologue....

The very end of the printed article ended with..

In a kitchen in Marysville (1), a few miles from the hole dug on the Feather River island ten years earlier, I sti talking with Gerald Doeden's old drinking buddy and former best friend (2).
"What was Doeden really like?", I asked him.
"Gerry could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo, and then charge him 30% extra for being so far north," replied the friend. "There's one word, a code that we had between us," he continued.

"If you ever used it, Gerry would know you've talked to me,"
"What's that?", I asked.
"Ducdame"--it's from a scene in the Shakespeare play "As You Like It'

If it do come to pass
That any man turn ass
Leaving his wealth and ease
A stubborn will to please
Ducdame, ducdame, ducdame
Here shall he see
Gross fools as he
An if he will come to me
Ami--What's that Ducdame?
Jaq--Tis a Greek invocation to call fools into a circle

1) Marysville, California. The northern California town where Gerald Doeden grew up
2) Alan Thoma. Best friend of Gerald's. He confided to me that he was an FBI agent during the LARGO days, the time before Gino for the East coast.

Natfled was/is a cult. That in no way dismisses it's appeal.

When Gino Perente/Gerald Doeden first went to the East Coast in the early 70's the EFWA/NLF didn't instantly become a cult. Had my exposure/involvement with Natfed been confined to the very early 1970's with the EFWA I might also not consider it a cult. I have interviewed many people whom were both around Gino before he left for the East Coast (he left to avoid child support payments in California) and in the "formative years". While often a disturbing picture of Gino/Gerald emerges, it clearly hadn't become a cult until later.

I also don't subscribe to the concept that Gino and Lyndon Larouche worked together. What I DO think happened is that Gino got enough exposure to NCLC to copy and instill some of it's cultish features into his own cult. Just as he did with Synanon. His group was repulsed by Venceremos, but again exposure allowed him to copy some of the style, as with the UFW.

Natlfed is a cult because it is inherently dishonest with it's own members. It has a whole "Genesis" which is based on a most far fletched patch of lies. But it doesn't tell the potential recruits to the inner "Formation" any of it at the outset. No, it waits until they've already committed to a schedule characteristic of other cults, then lays on the lies/implied threats as a kind of locking mechanism. This is akin to how the Moonies let recruits to their cult know that Mr. Moon is the second coming of Jesus Christ. By this time both the Moonie and Natlfed recruits have both invested enough, have been on a schedule designed to usher them through, and the "revelation" serves as a locking mechanism or one-way valve into cult status. In a way, it's a modern form of psychological slavery.

Having said all that I realize that the lies also exist atop a fair amount of real indignation over social conditions and an awareness that it's going to take more than perhapst routine and preditable protest or organizing to turn things around. And that was one of my primary motivations when I started writing my article and trying to expose Natlfed as a cult. I didn't want the inherently well intentioned to continue to be siphoned off into a vacumm. In addition at the time I left the organization I really didn't know what I was dealing with. It was only after really researching and looking into alot that it being a lying cult was the only way any of it could start to make any sense. You think I wanted to have this take on it? I was only "interior" for about 3 months, but still it was time I was away and severed from friends and family as is the customary way for all cults.

In addition I could see that there was a lot of stored energy, of which I had no inkling how it would eventually come out. And here was a group telling all it's interior members that it was part of a Western Hemispheric movement, one tied to the Sandinistas (the popular revolution at the time) and centered in Cuba. I was genuinely concerned that the "deadline" would come due and some stupid acts would then lead to armed incursions into Cuba. Witness al Queda and the Iraqi invasion!

In addition, the chronic lying that Robin Spellman describes is something every current and former Natlfed "cadre" should be well aware of. Factions here, factions there, factions everywhere. Embellish this, embellish that, soon what is fiction and what is fact? It was a theatre of lies and deceit. But it served a purpose, to gather people in a circle around Gino. The cult leader.

 Just one more thing (Colombo episode:) 25.Aug.2005 07:42

Jeff Whitnack

Obviously I disagree with your take on Natlfed, though I doubt that it was a cult in the early 70's. Still even then you admit there was a lot to hate, showing up at the funeral to make sure Gino was dead.

As I investigated this cult one angle or theme on it became following Gino's path to being a cult leader... .

Talented Shakespearean actor and local con-artist/buffoon, disc jockey, alcoholic, drug addict... ..

Becomes involved with AA, then (per ex-wife's and others) almost gets arrested for drugs, but instead becomes an informant and sets up arrests.

Becomes involved/exposed to Synanon (cult tied to UFW), the United Farm Workers,

Forms several armed groups in the early 70's in northern California. He opens the Little Red Bookstore in San Francisco and tries to interface with the established militant left (Venceremos, former leader groaned when I asked him about Gino—vehemently denied he ever had anything to do with the group other than show up at open meetings and spout off). They "train" and he declares war on the state. His best friend from Marysville I interview and he admits to me that he was an FBI agent. I ask him if Gino was and he refuses to answer. It's my educated opinion that Gino did all this as a spin-off from being a narcotics informant, just adding political targets to drug ones. But once he tasted the mileu and his power to encapsulate himself with others, plus studied other groups and cults, well.. the rest is history.

The group falls apart as Gino disappears. Turns out he was in jail for not making child support payments that is why he moves to the East Coast. He shows up with a few people from the West Coast and the Eastern Farmworkers are born.

Adding to Synanon cult exposure are NCLC and Fred Newman's New Alliance Party. The salient point is that he was a quick study and he borrowed features from all he was involved or exposed to. And with quite a bit of natural ability on his own. I also suspect he was one of those people whom had a psychological need to encapsulate himself with a large group. Sort of like an ant colony where the Queen Ant is also as much of a slave as any of the worker ants.
 It's a CUlt 01.Sep.2005 15:35

Jeff Whitnack

OK picture me as a version of that old and deceased comedian Sam Kennison ("It's a desert, nothing grows here" during one of the East African famines).

Now yelling,

"It's a cult, none of that matters!." Not any "organizing" (window dressing to "bring to formation"), not any "membership" (more window dressing), etc. Sure in the VERY EARLY years, before it became a cult, something remotely genuine might have been involved. But in a historical term this was also reduced to just retroactive window dressing for the cult.

What is the Anaysis based on? Come on! It is based on a series of lying manipulations designed to lock people into the cult. Why dance around the essence? Or is the post just to run interference?

Once you accept that Natlfed is a cult, a left wing political version of the Moonies, Scientology, NCLC, etc., then all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Then one can begin to come to terms with what it was all about.

Otherwise you're just chasing your tail in an endless circle of inane verbage!
 "What is the Anaysis based on? Come on! It is based on a series of lying manipulations designed to lock people into the cult."  This describes the Portland group to a "T".

Which Mitchel joined sometime in 2007, the group's super sekrit list, which would be moar sekrit if they didn't forward emails from it:

--- In, Mitchel Cohen <mitchelcohen@...>
> Speaking of synchronicities ....
> Curious as to this "David Morrison".
> While there are probably many by that name, both Petros and I knew
> someone by that name out of Stony Brook. Any more info on this David
> Morrison that you can share?
> Thanx.
> Mitchel

Evdokas replies, trying to be funny:

Funny you should ask!
I was just getting ready to send a reply to this letter, when I noticed
someone else made a BIGTIME effort to respond about this issue

It's in response to the article sensitively and artfully titled:
"Petros is a Closet Fascist, Dweeb, Liar, Jerk Ass Hole"

The response, right below it, is titled
"David Morrison ? .....Hello?". First I thought it might be a note from
you, then I realized that it's from somebody in the circles of the
Laughing Horse Bookstore Collective in Portland.

It looks like they brought out some dirt and juicy "psychosexual" stuff
about him.

Anyway, the David Morrison we knew at Stony Brook who was active for a
while within the Red Balloon Collective circles is entirely unrelated
to the David of Portland. He would have *never* expressed such
degenerate and despicable forms of venom as what is being expressed by
David Morrison in Portland.

David Morrison is the father of a young woman - how can he make these
public displays of sexual hatred, of psychosexual babble, and join in
with a campaign of public threats made against our families and
specifically against the children, and still face his child? And yet,
there it is, disgusting behavior beyond description supposedly in the
service of the "Truth" movement.

See you,
(cryptozoid agent of the international jewish communist conspiracy)

Proving that David Morrison is a common name, and he should really register his business.  Or not if he wants to make people laugh.  

Evdokas' opinion of Morrison was different in 2006:
 "Bunk and Debunking Battles" / Scientific American

To: pdx911truth Contacts
From: DM

Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006

Subject: [pdx911truth] Contact Scientific American re: Controlled
Demolition Article

Scientific American magazine is considering doing an article on WTC and

controlled demolition. Please contact them either by phone of by email
and encourage them to do this. Considering the amount of corporate
money in this magazine an article on CD would be cataclysmic on many
fronts. Please forward this to other 911 groups and contacts.




Hello David,

and friends within and around the 9/11 efforts for Truth and Justice,

That would indeed be good news - if Scientific American were to review

its current position on 9/11 which is an embarrassment to Science. But
where have you learned this? I looked everywhere online about whether
the magazine has announced this but can not find the source.

Following below are a few thoughts triggered by your letter on why this

subject matters, and on some elements of the "Bunk and Debunking Battles".

Awwww! They're fwriends!  Which makes these comments at the Cyprus link lulzy to say the least:

Re: "Merchants of Pus" - Antiwar community activists targeted with personal harassment by Right-wingers

Petros Evdokas is infamous for joining organizations, encouraging them to do illegal things, and then inviting attacks from Government investigators. His betrayal of anti-NATO groups in Cyprus is but one example. The idea that he's being attacked by neo-nazi's is absurd. He was thrown out of the 9-11 Truth groups in Portland because he's an agitator. Now he's trying to harm 9-11 truth and hassling the activists. The idea that Petros Evdokas is a legitimate peace activist is absurd.
How Petros Evodkas Infiltrates Organizations

A simple Google search will reveal that groups that had no history of problems with the authorities are raided by government agents shortly after Petros Evodkas joins.
The irony is, Evdokas is a STRATFOR "subscriber"(contributor/informer), so there may be truth in the above statements.  The next one is a little out there:

 Petros Knows So Much About Petra Kelly Because he Helped to KILL HER

When PETROS EVDOKAS keeps referring to his 'good colleague' he means the people who killed this brave woman. We're to believe that a new-age hippie activist flys around the world joining organizations that then get attacked by the CIA? Petros Evdokas is simply the case officer assigned to left-wing organizations. You're a fool if you believe his lies.
Out there, but maybe not far from the truth.  Substitute STRATFOR for CIA, and it's plausible.  Though there's no hard evidence so it remains speculation.  What isn't speculation is the group staged several "attacks", with members and/or associates issuing death threats.   Also the group's ties Nazi sympathies might attract a pool of disturbed people who might be manipulated into attacking "enemies" to save the group from the New World Order.    Evdokas' forwarded emails, articles and post guarentee any violent dupes will know exactly who their targets are.

And the "juicy" comment about Morrison:

David Morrison ? .....Hello?

The person who wrote the Comment above, a coward, really, who just hides behind the anonymity that you provide for him here, is named David Morrison. David Morrison is the owner of Morrison Books, located at:
602 NE Prescott St.
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 295-6882
Here's the map:

[ or :
=+"morrison books" loc: Portland, OR&daddr=602 NE Prescott St,
Portland, OR 97211&geocode=5586991729627040258,45.5555
09,-122.659530&ll=45.555509,-122.659530&iwstate1=dir:to&iwloc=A&f=d ]

David Morrison attends the 9/11 Truth meetings that we host at the Laughing Horse Bookstore - I can't believe that with such an attitude he still has the gall to attend the meetings at our space. A few weeks ago he tried to get us to put together money to hire someone to follow Petros Evdokas around (to "tail" him). He also reported a surveillance incident in which he was the star of the "operation": Morrison himself went following after Petros inside the Airport where he was seeing off a delegation of healthcare workers who were traveling to China for training. Stalking online and in person, this all that these people are good for.

David Morrison is right when he says that Sara Lamadrid and Petros Evdokas worked hard to make sure that there would dissemination of "no sexist or racist material" or any such behaviors in our Bookstore and at the 9/11 Truth events that we sponsored.

We started monitoring the meetings at our Bookstore (Laughing Horse Books) because David Morrison, Glen Owens, Ginny Ross and others were inviting right-wingers and other nazis to attend and be politically active in our space - this violated our Safe Space policy because of the anti-gay and woman-hating attitudes of many of their right-wing "allies". An example of how bad it got was published in the form of the "C*nt Letters" - created by Glen Owens - oozing with hatred of women:

They also invited prominent members of the right-wing Costitution Party (Mary Starrett and David Brownlow) to come into our Bookstore to promote their politics (we're Radical Leftists fer cryin out loud!). Also, followers of Lyndon Larouche often distributed their Jew-hating newspaper "American Free Press" (an organ of the "Holocaust skeptics" branch of fascism) - they distributed it right at the meeting table in our Bookstore at the meetings chaired by David Morrison and his other "freedom fighters". What the hell?

That's the kind of stuff that Sara Lamadrid and Petros Evdokas were trying to prevent from becoming the dominant ideology in the Portland Truth movement. They kept telling us at the meetings of the Bookstore Collective but our group was not able to hear their concerns. When they tried to bring back the 9/11 Truth meetings to an atmosphere that could embrace the values of Feminism, David Morrison circulated this letter:

Date: Fri, 18 May 2007
From: "morrison"

To: "Jamie Jackson"
Subject: a true story

while having lunch with brian who used to attend the 9/11 meetings i
mentioned the fighting that broke out after the name calling that was
directed at me and he told me a story.... aaron russo and one of the
rockefellers became friends after this rockefeller saw his film. one
day they were having lunch and russo began talking about the feminist
movement. he asked what rockefeller's take on it was and rockefeller
said that it was their money that created it to divide the country.

* * *

Aw... "dm", isn't that sweet? Isn't it?

The person that Morrison mailed this letter to is Jamie W. Jackson who is a member of the right-wing anti-immigrant "resistance" against the US Federal Government and committed to "ending the socialist public school nightmare".

[He operates this weblog: ].

David Morrison sent copies of that letter to some members of the Laughing Horse Collective, to teach us that Feminism is a "Rockefeller conspiracy" and that Sara Lamadrid and Petros Evdokas are perpetrating that Feminist "plot". When I first read it, I couldn't figure out what his complaint was - I thought we all supported Feminist values. Some of the people in our Collective are still confused about it, but it's getting more clear now.

Drooling over "women's rape fantasies", David Morrison also wrote also this about Sara Lamadrid:

"This is one loathsome human being. In fact, after being locked in a work group with her i can say that she is more concerned with political correctness and dragging people into her dark punitive world (much like the republicans do) and making life miserable for those around her who don't adhere to her religious concepts of feminist ethics. And I don't even think all women have rape fantasies!"
He published it here:

The smear and personal harrassment campaigns against Sara Lamadrid and Petros Evdokas by some of the "artistically creative" followers of Lyndon Larouche and Webster Tarpley seem to have mobilized all this hatred and sexual animosity - they did not create it, but they're stirring it up and using it to immobilize these activists.

The latest of the videos being circulated by these women-haters with pictures of Sara and Petros mixed in with soft porn and images of terrorism are right to the point - sexual animosity, indeed - do you want the people who made these videos to "liberate" you, "baby"?

Photos of Sara L. and Petros E. appear when the counter shows 00:40 (it measures seconds).
Here too:

We meet every other Sunday at 10:30am at the Laughing Horse Bookstore - come tell us what you think.

"PLA All the Way!"
 This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service.

Unfortunately, the anarchist bookstore member is unaware both Lamadrid and Evdokas helped stag these so called "attacks" and both had no problem working with Larouchies in the past.  

Evdokas was clearly spinning for all he was worth, even asking permission to use people's information, gasp!  :

Re: "Bunk and Debunking Battles" / Scientific American
A few days ago I received a letter (copy below) from a person unknown to
me, in response to the article titled
"Bunk and Debunking Battles / Scientific American":
I wrote back and asked permission to share it with with my colleages
after editing out some sensitive personal information.
This person must not have been a danger to the cultists in the group.

Back to Mitchen Cohen:  Moar emails forwarded by Evdokas, advertising his exploitation of cult victims:

--- On Sun, 11/1/09, Mitchel Cohen <mitchelcohen@...> wrote:

> From: Mitchel Cohen <
> Subject: [pdx911truth] Rebuttals to Enrico Manieri ??
> To:
> Date: Sunday, November 1, 2009, 9:00 AM
> Hi,
> I'm trying to find if there have been detailed responses to
> Enrico
> Manieri's studies about 9/11, particularly on the thermite
> issue.
> I wrote to the architects & engineers for 9/11 Truth,
> but have not
> heard back from them.
> In addition, I can't find a way to search the A&E
> website ...    can
> you point me how to search there, and also let me know of
> any
> responses to Manieri?
> Thanx.
> Mitchel Cohen
> Brooklyn Greens / Green Party
Cohen was part of the group from at least between 2007 and 2009.  It's likely he saw Tim Titrud post on the list, though, like Goldman, he doesn't appear to have said anything.  Brainwashed?  Not in the loop?  Or to afraid to speak up?

Cohen seems to have joined the group at Evdokas invitation, to be part of the fake progressive puppet show.  Evdokas seems to have known Cohen a while, so it's not surprising Evdokas might be using his influence to intimidate Cohen into silence.   

Cohen isn't completely cowed.  There's no sign he's registered at Evdokas new group.

Cohen Never Learns

Tom Weiss possibly hates Larouchies moar than we do.   Cohen, in spite of being a spineless faggot in the face of cultists,  felt moved to forward some tin foil ridden cult damning doxx, conspiracy related in bold:

Greenie LaRouche/Fulaniite "Zool" gets "arrested" in DC and and Greenie Mitchel Cohen never learns 
 Posted By:  tomsupfrontnews  Wed Apr 9, 2008 5:34 pm 
                         OF LYNDON LAROUCHE AND LENORA FULANI. 
    By Tom Weiss             Publisher - UP FRONT News            April 8, 2008
                            "The paper that can't be bought and can't be sold."
  Earlier today I got an e-mail from Michael Pugliese forwarding an e-mail from Green Party activist Mitchel Cohen reporting the Greenie Paul ("Zool") Zulkowitz got arrested while shouting "Bring Them Home" at the Gen. Petraeus hearings in Washington This incident was dutifully reported by WBAI's contribution to corporate leftism, the grossly overpaid Amy Goodman host of a tightly censored program I call "Democracy Later."
 The truth about the pseudo-left Lenora Fulani/Lyndon LaRouche surrogate Zulkowitz ap- pears in a number of articles in UP FRONT News at
  This incident evokes September 19, 2005 when Zulkowitz choreograghed his own arrest at his pathetic parasitical scam in Union Square known as "Camp Casey." On that date the easily politically seduced Cindy Sheehan, as per the Zulkowitz-extended invitation, spoke at Camp Casey, an encampment set up by Zulkowitz and managed on a day-to-day basis by a boozer and kleptomaniac (who regularly helped himself to the donation jar) who called him- self "Totay" who, even when sober, had a violent temper. Zulkowitz had falsely told every-one, including myself and presumably including Ms. Sheehan that he had the required NYPD permit for use of a sound device. 
 That was why everyone, including Ms. Sheehan and myself, was surprised as, during her talk, a sizeable contingent from the 13th precinct showed up. The 13th precinct was was already wise to sound permit games played for years by the demagogue Geoffrey Blank, a political pal of Zulkowitz. Blank for years parading in Saddam Hussein-impersonating fashion as the self-appointed "president" of the No Police State Coalition, nauseated lots of onlook- ers by preaching "free speech" and then threatening those, in particular me, who sought to exercize that right at the NPSC speakouts in Union Square. Blank is temporarily fortunate that the only crimes for which he has been arrested and convicted (once by a jury) are for sound permit violations, resisting arrest and also once for criminal contempt. 
 In fact, those are a small portion of the crimes of which the fascist and racist Blank is guilty. It is fair to say that Blank and a number of his LaRouche-ite pals, such as Zulkowitz, are under investigation not for anti-War rhetoric but for politically motivated violence and pre- sumably direct links to convicted felons such as LaRouche as well as - at least in Blank's case - to terrorism. 
 Back to Camp Casey and Cindy Sheehan. As soon as Ms. Sheehan finished her talk, the cops busted Zulkowitz. As I have written, this smallish white infiltrator's attempt to imper-sonate a Black Panther being police abused was unconvincing. Having at that point still believed Zulkowitz' lies about having the permit, I was arrested later the same day and re-leased after a short time.
 It was the next day that Totay, during an apparently sober interlude, told me that there was no police permit and that Zool had "wanted" to be arrested, presumably with Ms. Sheehan, who had no idea what was going on. 
 Paul Zulkowitz is an agent for the notorious infiltrator and "left/right/left" demagogue La- Rouche and his racist local surrogate, Lenora Fulani. For more on LaRouche/Fulani visit They choreographed, along with "left" cryptofascists such as the vio- lent George Tatevosyan and his beloved Cathy Sadell and hoaxters like Les Jamieson and Frank Morales ("9/11 Truth" at St. Mark's-in-the-Bowery Church), the ethically bereft presi- dential candidacies of Ralph Nader the sole purpose of which was and is spliitting the progressive electorate and helping the Cheney/Bush/McCain reactionaries.
 This is one of the very important stories covered up by major media (e.g. NBC's Brian Williams and colleague "liberal" Charles Riggs) and more minor media such as the heavily politically censored Staten Island Advance, correctly described by one of the most important civil rights voices in Staten Island as "controlled." 
 After the Camp Casey fiasco, when I exposed Zulkowitz and his ties to the psychopath Blank in UP FRONT News, he responded by announcing his planned suicide in Long Island and blaming me. That maneuver brought the police to his door and the cops reportedly gave him a choice between incarceration or commitment to a psychiaitric facility. In a moment of apparent lucidity, Zool chose the hospital.
 Quite obviously this small but dangerouis wacko was released prematurely because, when he was discharged he let it be known via a mutual acquaintance that he was planning to shoot me with a Magnum 357 in his possession. Is there any wonder why Zulkowitz is under close law enforcement surveillance as are a bunch of LaRouche/Fulani people in the Green Party? 
Greenie Mitchel Cohen has known about this for a long time and is quite apparently afraid to take on the crytpo-fascists in his political party. Ralph Nader also qualifies as a chicken. And considering the number of turkeys in the Greens, "9/11 Truth", World Can't Wait, etc., the whole network qualifies as a poultry farm with the physically small and ethically diminu-tive Zulkowitz qualifying as a rooster. The cockfights in the Greens must be something else.
 And so, if the the judge does not set bail at Zulkowitz' arraignment and he it set free, he will be watched. I call it homeland security.

More recently Weiss warns of Larouche infiltration in Occupy Wall Street:

Look out for the "left"-camouflaged LaRouche infiltratorsRe: [NoPoliceStateCoalition] Occupy Wall Street Protesters could pave the way for far-right forces 

Oct. 13, 2011 Roman, Your point about possible infiltration of right-wing
and indeed neo-fascist elements into "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) is well
taken. I don't know the details of the skirmish several days ago between
some OWS protesters who reportedly broke through police barricades in
what was described in some media as carried out in an organized fashion.
And so I am in no position to comment as to whether those involved were
"agents provocateurs." What is known historically is that progressive and
small "d" democratic "left" movements provide fertile ground for fifth
column-style infiltrators who inevitably spout ultra-left rhetoric so as to "out-left"
the true democratic progressive participants.
  I've spent a considerable amount of time at OWS and my impression  is
that, at least at the present time, the "occupation" is moving forward
  My only reservation about your article here is that you made no mention of
perhaps the most persistent - and, in my view, most dangerous - infiltrators
that you and I have in fact directly experienced in "organizations" such as
the No Police State Coalition (in the Union Square speakouts), the so-called
"9/11 Truth"/"We Are Change" group that used to hold its heavily infiltrated
meetings at the (Episcopal) St. Mark's in the Bowery Church in the East
Village and most certainly the N ew York State Green Party. I am of course
referring to agents and surrogates doing the work of and for the de facto
mega-fascist Lyndon h. LaRouche, Jr., who, as you well know in recent
years has been masquerading as a leftist.
  As you know LaRouche for years used willing ideological surrogates
such as the Jewish racist and ("social therapy") "psychotherapist" cult
leader, the late "Dr." Fred Newman and Newman's protege the African-
American racist Lenora Fulani to literally take over the  Green Party NYC
"meetups" during Ralph Nader's presidential campaigns. As you recall,
crypto-fascist "Newmanites" such as Jerry Kann (a Green Party candidate
in 2001 and 2005 for the City Council seat representing the Astoria-Long
Island City, Queens neighborhoods and his pals George Tatevosyan -
who as you recall physically assaulted me to prevent me from attending
a Ralph Nader press conference to which Nader's press secretary Kevin
Zeese had officially invited me because the crypto-fascists were afraid
that I would embarass Fulani, who was prominently present at the news
conference.- actually joined the Green Party, whose leader Howie
hawkins was well aware of the infiltration  but chose to remain silent.
I am sure you recall Paul "Zool" Zulkowitz' infil;tration into the Green Party-
connected "peace" movement and his temporary success in hoodwinking
"peace mom" Cindy Sheehan with his phony "Camp Casey" in Union
Square. And how can anyone with even the remotest familiarity with
the iconically political atmosphere in  Union Square forget the de facto
dictatorship established by pseudo-left conspuracy therory-spewing
psychopath Geoffrey Blank, who for years tried to terrorize me using
surrogates to attack me physically not to mention his pattern of
publicly defaming me regularly before his ulimately shrinking audiences
in Union Square. And I am sure you recall the many articles exposing
Blan k as a "Jewzi" (Jewish nazi) in UP FRONT News and on TV
("Conversations with Harold Channer") and radio/internet (Vyzygoth's 
"Grassy Knoll " program) as well as Binghamton University Radio.
   Inasmuch as Geoffrey Blank has been thoroughly exposed by UP
Front News as a LaRouche-ite crypto-fascist, and inasmuch as he
has on at least two occasions been found guilty by criminal court
judges of various offenses in Union Square, I doubt that Blank would
risk further exposure by showing up at OWS.
  LaRiouche, despite his advanced age (88) and his status as a
convicted federal felon, and despite his solid exposure by investigative
journalists such as Dennis King and myself, among some others, has
never given up on his dream,of ruling a fascist America. As you know,
LaRouche is a seriously megalomaniacal psychopath who has a
history of using sometimes lethal violence against those who oppose
  I will do everything necessary as a journalist and asctivist to expose
LaRouche and those who -without ever mentioning LaRouche's name,
employ his political techniques, which consistently employ lying about
and defamin g others. With that in mind, let me introduce you to a
self-appointed leader of a group known as Common Ground-NYC
(CGNYC), which is a chapter of a national organization promoting the
philosophy of the 19th century economist/activist Henry George. Mr.
George challenged both monopolistic capitalism and the developing
totalitarian  Communism (deriving from Karl Marx's biggest mistake,
his creating the concept of the "dictatorship of the proletariat) with his
declaration that the earth's l;and belongs to the people "in common"
and his anti-monopolistic concept of the "land value tax" (LVT). The
self appointed and anointed CGNYC "president ", Scott Baker, has
used LaRouche's techniques (against me in particular)  to create a
de facto dictatorship in CGNYC. And, just like Geoffrey Blank, Baker
has been exposed in UP FRONT News. It has been reported that
Baker plans on propagandizing at OWS. I can't wait.  
Tom Weiss - Publisher, UP FRONT News

Expect Cohen to hover around ineffectually.

AIDS denialist

As for conspiracy nuts, let’s examine a vastly more devious and profiteering one. Doug Henwood’s name, face, and supportive statement appeared on Steve Brown’s WBAI election mailer. Steve and his buddy Mitch Cohen are disciples of HIV-denialist quack marketer Gary Null. Now, in terms of mass murdering evil and grandiosity of conspiracy-theorizing, Null trumps 9/11 truthers by a light year. I’ve attended too many funerals to debate that point. Now – you’d THINK that “Dr.” Null would be a delicious target for Henwood… Null is an obvious profit-seeking fraud. In fact, the whole lifestyle economics and politics behind Null would be a ripe topic for an economics and public affairs show – and a topic of central concern to Pacifica’s programming choices if Henwood wants to use his show to intervene in Pacifica politics. But go ahead and waste your time with the 9/11 truthers. Chris Condon’s current proposal is dumb for a lot of reasons (i.e., you can’t honestly mandate “open-mindedness”), but his original proposal to require programs like Amy Goodman’s to announce where they get their money was smart – no matter his 9/11 obsessions. Even NPR and the NYTimes tell the public where their money comes from. Hint: the best way to disarm a conspiracist is to act transparently. As for Pacificans, you’d better learn to start bringing people together because they’re aren’t enough of you to tear each other apart AND support a radio network. (I, for one, abandoned Pacifica as a worthwhile cause last year after volunteering and giving substantial dollars for a couple of years.)