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Webster Tarpley


Networks: World Crisis Radio, GCN

Group Contacts: Sara Lamadrid, Ginny Ross

Other Contacts: Lyndon Larouche, Jim Fetzer, Eric May, Nico Haupt

See also this awesomely informative page at Larouche Planet:

Veteran leader of the Larouche cult, Tarpley has spent the last 10 years pushing his pal Larouche's conspiracy theories as if they were his own. Like many in the group, Tarpley is a pathological liar and con artist. A shameless attention whore and equally shamless whiner when caught, Tarpley will say or do anything to protect his image. Used his radio program to encourage attacks on the group's enemies during his Kennebunkport Warning scam. Is probably not above murder to protect his confidence games considering his parent orgs history.

Tarpley was pushed as a credible source repeatedly by group members:

Sun Jan 28, 2007
"Glen Owen"

Republic Broadcasting Network ALL SERVICES SUSPENDED

FROM RBNLIVE.COM WEBSITE datelined Austin TX 01/28/2007 13:29:15

intro summary by Glen Owen

note: I posted this on the blog ... but the nternal editor for postings is such a pile of crap that it is impossible to copy and paste into blogspot post without LOSING ALL THE PARAGRAPH SPACING ... making this posting in the yahoogroup MUCH easier to read than what I put on the blog ... I copied and pasted the entire text because I couldn't guess how long the announcement and explanation page will be available for linking


This morning when I went to download webRadio programs I had missed yesterday--Webster Tarpley in particular--I found a message at rbnlive saying that all operations have been temporarily though indefinitely suspended, pending legal remedy for violent threats John Stadtmiller has made to staff and directors. Unfortunately our friend Alex Ansary got caught in the middle of this mess though no fault of his own.
Mon Feb 26, 2007

I spent the weekend in Chandler, Arizona schmoozing with Truthers from
all over the country -- had lunch with Peter Dale Scott, who later
delivered a fantastic paper and met Webster Tarpley, who made a very
powerful case for the idea that we must use 9/11 Truth to stop the
upcoming attack on Iran, which he believes will lead us straight into
WW 3 (or 4 or 5, depending on how you want to number it.) He believes
our current situation is more dire than the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Fri May 25, 2007
"Russ Hallberg"

If anyone knows when and where any 2008 Presidential candidates are
visitng Portland, please post the information here. We can "truth
squad" visiting candidates, as Webster Tarpley reccomends.

Observe Evdokas does NOT pipe up about Tarpley's right-wing connections.

Somehow none of these Truther Web Warriors noticed in all their Internet surfing Tarpley's Larouchie cult connections:

In 1986 Tarpley attempted to run on Lyndon LaRouche's U.S. Labor Party platform in the New York State Democratic Party primary for the U.S. Senate, but was ruled off the ballot because of a defect in his nominating petitions.[7] He was a frequent host of "The LaRouche Connection" which its producer LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review News Service[8] describes as "a news and information cable television program."[9]

Tarpley first gained attention for co-authoring, with Anton Chaitkin, ("history editor of Executive Intelligence Review") a 1992 book on George H. W. Bush, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, which was published by Executive Intelligence Review, run by Lyndon LaRouche.[10] He has expounded the "Versailles Thesis" laying the blame for the great wars of the 20th century on intrigues by Britain to retain her dominance.[11] He gained experience as a political operative during his years with the LaRouche movement but broke away sometime after 1995.
Lyndon Larouche:

Supporters of LaRouche call him a political leader in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Commentators for The Washington Post and The New York Times have described him as a conspiracy theorist and a political extremist. Some have called him fascist or antisemitic, and a 1979 editorial in the New York Times characterized his movement as a 'cult'.[3]
New York Times, Oct 10, 1979:

If this is an age of false messiahs, one of them surely is Lyndon LaRouche Jr. A former professor of economics and Wall Street analyst, he is running for President of the United States as the candidate of the U.S. Labor Party. Two articles in The Times this week by Howard Blum and Paul Montgomery make clear that his party is a cult worth watching closely.
Washington Post, Jan 14, 1985:

In the mid-1970s, LaRouche began to describe intricate plots against the group by the CIA, the Rockefellers and others, the group's publications show.
Around that time, the group, by then better described as conspiracy-minded than left-wing, began making alliances with groups that shared its concern about supposed secret plots and conspiracies -- the radical right wing. The NCLC's turn to the political right "happened without most members realizing it," according to one former member. "It happened through this hysteria."

But Larouche's Ringwing make over was all done before the 911 attacks, the conspiracy movement they inspired, and before Webster Tarpley supposedly left Larouche, so Tarpley was a known right-winger when the group promoted him. Ergo the group was always a right-wing faction of conspiracy fanatics trying to pass as "progressives".

Bitchslapped by Judge During 1986 Democratic Primary

Tarpley and his Larouche brahs tried to invade the Dems, but the Dems didn't want them; Tarpley's bawling in bold:

LaRouche Candidates Barred from New York Democratic Primary
 Aug. 8, 1986 2:00 PM ET
(AP) _ A state judge Friday barred candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and the U.S. Senate backed by political extremist Lyndon LaRouche from the Sept. 9 New York Democratic primary ballot.
The decision will be appealed to federal court, said Webster Tarpley, the candidate for U.S. Senate allied with LaRouche.
The decision by state Supreme Court Justice Edward Conway upholds a ruling of the state Elections Board.
Conway ruled that joint nominating petitions for the LaRouche candidates containing 58,790 signatures were invalid because the 25 petitions failed to list on their cover sheets the number of signatures collected for each candidate.
Tarpley said that the LaRouche candidates will contend in their appeal that the state requirement violates the U.S. Constitution because ''the state cannot deprive the voters of their right to vote for a candidate on the basis of trivial technicalities.''
''This interferes with the intent of the U.S. Constitution to give citizens the right to vote,'' Tarpley said of the state petition requirements.
Besides Tarpley, the LaRouche candidates are Judah Philip Rubinstein for governor and Fernando Oliver for lieutenant governor.

Too funny for words.

Moar sauce from Associated Press 

Authorities Find References to Palme Slaying in LaRouche Papers

"Webster Tarpley, a LaRouche associate and contributing editor of the magazine, said ''the Soviets are the prime suspects'' in the slaying."

''We're not going to comment on any ridiculous stories about notebooks,'' Tarpley said. ''Who knows what's in notebooks.''

WILLIAM M. WELCH , Associated Press
AP News Archive  Dec. 6, 1986 1:40 AM ET

(AP) _ Evidence seized during a raid on the headquarters of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche contains numerous references to the slaying of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, sources close to the investigation say.
LaRouche associates held a news conference Friday to denounce reports about the materials. They said the LaRouche organization had no contact after mid- 1985 with a man, Viktor Gunnarsson, initially held and released following Palme's Feb. 28 slaying.
NBC News reported that Swedish authorites are examining notebooks that contain 45 references to the Palme assassination, the use of a .357-caliber Magnum weapon in the slaying, and Gunnarsson.
''It is obvious that federal authorities are deliberately leaking false and misleading information to the press for the purpose of creating a prejudicial and inflamatory climate around their ongoing investigations of associates of Lyndon LaRouche,'' said a statement issued by LaRouche's National Democratic Policy Committee.
The LaRouche associates distributed an edition of his Executive Intelligence Review magazine devoted to the Palme slaying. Webster Tarpley, a LaRouche associate and contributing editor of the magazine, said ''the Soviets are the prime suspects'' in the slaying.
Sources close to a federal investigation into the LaRouche organization, who spoke on condition they not be identified, said there were numerous references to the Palme case in notebooks seized under federal search warrants on Oct. 6, when more than 400 state and federal agents raided LaRouche offices in Leesburg, Va. Sources said they appeared to have been written after the attack on Palme, but that they did not know what to make of the references.
''We're not going to comment on any ridiculous stories about notebooks,'' Tarpley said. ''Who knows what's in notebooks.''
A grand jury in Boston indicted 10 LaRouche followers and five of his organizations on charges of fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice. A second grand jury, in Alexandria, Va., also is investigating the LaRouche organization.
Gunnarsson was publicly linked to the LaRouche organization after he was arrested May 12. He was released after several days but police picked him up several times to be shown to witnesses.
Irwin Suall, director of fact-finding for the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, which monitors extremist groups, described Gunnarsson as ''not a hard core member'' but a ''sympathizer'' of LaRouche's Swedish organization.
Suall said he visited Stockholm last summer to look into LaRouche's operations there and was questioned by Swedish investigators. He said he was later questioned further by a Swedish consul official.
Suall said he gave the FBI a written report on his findings but added, ''Nothing in that report shed any light on the assassination.''
Palme had been the object of vicious attacks in LaRouche publications in the United States and even more so in Sweden, he said. Suall said LaRouche's Swedish publications referred to the prime minister as ''Ayatollah Palme'' and said he should be shot.
An American who heads the European Labor Party, which espouses many of LaRouche's ideas, disappeared after Palme's death, Suall said. He said Swedish authorities asked his help in locating Clifford Gaddy and his wife Kerstin Tegin Gaddy in the United States, but that he was unable to do so.
He said Swedish authorities said Gunnarsson and the LaRouche connection were among several leads they were following.
Marshals Seize LaRouche's Offices in Washington

In a news conference on the sidewalk outside the building, magazine contributing editor Webster Tarpley said the magazine would continue to publish.

''They're not going to muzzle the voice of a free press,'' he said.
 AP , Associated Press

AP News Archive  Apr. 24, 1987 6:42 PM ET

Former NY Official To Oppose D'Amato, Mayors Plan Gubernatorial Bids

(AP) _ Federal marshals seized political extremist Lyndon LaRouche's offices in Washington, D.C., on Friday, three days after taking control of his Virginia headquarters and locations in other U.S. cities.
LaRouche followers had been operating out of their Washington offices since Tuesday, when prosecutors obtained a federal bankruptcy judge's order taking control of three LaRouche-associated corporations and forcing them into involuntary bankruptcy proceedings.
U.S. marshals took control of the downtown office suite shortly after 2 p.m., changed the locks and posted ''no trespassing'' signs.
The offices were listed in the names of Fusion Energy Foundation, one of the three companies forced into bankruptcy court, and the LaRouche magazine, Executive Intelligence Review. The LaRouche organization had used the offices in the past as a location for news conferences.
In a news conference on the sidewalk outside the building, magazine contributing editor Webster Tarpley said the magazine would continue to publish.
''They're not going to muzzle the voice of a free press,'' he said.
The government took the action to recover more than $16 million in outstanding contempt-of-court fines imposed by a federal judge in Boston for failure to comply with subpoenas.
LaRouche attorney Odin Anderson said Thursday that the actions had put out of business LaRouche's national weekly newspaper, New Solidarity, as well as most other activities, although he said followers would continue conducting fund-raising activites from ''homes, pay phones, wherever.''

Former NY Official To Oppose D'Amato, Mayors Plan Gubernatorial Bids 

"Mark Green, a Ralph Nader associate; George McDonald, an advocate for the homeless; and Webster Tarpley, a Lyndon LaRouche supporter, have already formally announced for the Democratic nomination."

Supreme Court Refuses Emergency Relief to LaRouche Candidates

AP , Associated Press
AP News Archive  Sep. 8, 1986 4:59 PM ET

(AP) _ A Supreme Court justice on Monday refused to help three followers of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche get their names on the New York ballot in Tuesday's Democratic primary for governor, lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate.
Justice Thurgood Marshall rejected an emergency request aimed at either getting the three men's names on the ballot or postponing the election.
State courts earlier barred the three from the primary ballot because of a technical violation in their nominating petitions.
Two lower federal courts refused to review the case or grant any emergency help.
The LaRouche candidates, all from New York City, are Webster Tarpley for U.S. Senate, Judah Philip Rubinstein for governor and Fernando Oliver for lieutenant governor.
Gov. Mario Cuomo, who has denounced LaRouche followers as anti-Semites hostile to the values of the Democratic Party, threw his support behind the legal challenge of their nominating petitions. The LaRouche candidates deny being anti-Semitic and say they are a legitimate wing of the Democratic Party.

Hmmm--antisemitic since 1986!

Senator Announces Re-Election Bid

"Three Democrats have announced candidacies for their party's nomination to challenge D'Amato: author and consumer advocate Mark Green; George McDonald, an advocate for the homeless; and Webster Tarpley, a follower of Lyndon LaRouche. Former State Power Authority chairman John Dyson also is expected to run."
LaRouche Candidates Barred from New York Primary

DAVID EGNER , Associated Press
AP News Archive  Jul. 29, 1986 1:48 PM ET

(AP) _ Backers of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche were barred today from seeking the Democratic nominations for governor, lieutenent governor and U.S. Senator from New York.
Steven LaFever, spokesman for the state Board of Elections, said the three LaRouche candidates would appeal the ruling by Election Commission Donald Rettaliata. A court hearing on the appeal was set for Friday, he said.
Rettaliata ruled that the joint nominating petitions for the three candidates, containing 58,790 signatures, were invalid because the 25 petitions failed to list on their cover sheets the number of signatures collected for each candidate.
The candidates are Judah Philip Rubinstein for governor, Fernando Oliver for lieutenant governor and Webster Tarpley for U.S. Senate. The primary is Sept. 9.
Gov. Mario Cuomo, endorsed by the state Democratic Convention to run for a second term, has been one of the leaders in a campaign by Democrats to bar the LaRouche supporters from the party primary.
Cuomo has denounced the LaRouche candidates as anti-Semitic and hostile to the traditional goals of the Democratic Party, charges they deny.
LaRouche supporters surprised Democrats around the nation earlier this year when they won primaries for lieutenant governor and secretary of state in Illinois.
While Cuomo supporters raised a host of technical objections to the petitions by the LaRouche candidates, only the cover sheet issue was found to warrant barring the candidates from the ballot, LaFever said.
The three candidates have been waging low-budget campaigns around the state, spreading LaRouche's views on alleged worldwide drug conspiracies by public officials, quarantines for AIDS victims and the establishment of settlements elsewhere in the solar system.

Wonder if Tarpley's still pushing quarantines for AIDS victims....

Alternate Party Candidates Make Final Appeals Without Illusions

JOHN SOLOMON , Associated Press
AP News Archive  Nov. 3, 1992 12:54 AM ET

(AP) _ Alternate party presidential candidates declared a victory of sorts even before the first vote was cast today - relishing their increased exposure in lieu of a win at the ballot box.
''For the first time in our lifetime, independent politics has hit the political map,'' said Madelyn Chapman, spokeswoman for New Alliance Party candidate Lenora Fulani.
''I feel four years from now the Democratic and Republican parties will be called the fringe parties,'' predicted John Hagelin, the Natural Law Party candidate.
But Hagelin, like most of the 20 other candidates on the ballot in some states today, held no illusions of winning even a single electoral vote this time around.
''It would take a miracle,'' conceded the Harvard-educated physicist whose party advocates, among other things, solving some of the nation's problem with transcendental meditation, a relaxation technique popular in the 1970s.
But all relished in their increased exposure in 1992 - talk shows, television ''infomercials,'' even their own debate - brought on mostly by Ross Perot's unprecedented foray into independent politics.
''If we took all the Libertarian presidential campaigns and added them together, they would not compare to the coverage we received this time,'' said Meme King, spokeswoman for the Libertarian Party's Andre Marrou, the only alternate party candidate to duplicate Perot's success in getting on all 50 state ballots.
And some spoke of bigger plans in the immediate future.
''I think for us the victory lies after Nov. 4. ... The question on the table is who wants to get together to form a more broad-based independent political party ... that could win the White House,'' Chapman said.
Many of the candidates' Election Eve activities reflected their realistic ambitions. Fulani, a New York psychologist did a few radio interviews, but otherwise walked door-to-door Monday night greeting voters in a single Brooklyn neighborhood.
Marrou aired a national ad a few times. But rather than urge his election, the ad lamented the lack of news coverage independent candidates get and encouraged voters to watch CNN tonight because it will be giving regular vote totals for Marrou, King said.
''We're not saying don't vote for us. ... But we have realistic ambitions. We are building the next major party, and it does not happen overnight,'' King said.
Political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, making his fifth bid for the White House - his first from prison, where he's serving time on a fraud conviction, took an inexpensive approach - giving interviews from his prison cell.
''It's a terrible handicap,'' spokesman Webster Tarpley said of the jailhouse bid.
Hagelin, meanwhile, was making the most costly Election Eve push.
For the third straight day, he aired a 30-minute infomercial nationwide Monday on a cable network and on select stations in 20 large city markets, including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington.
In addition, he ran a two-page ad in USA Today laying out his party's platform of using technology such as sustainable agriculture and energy conservation to solve problems.
Other alternate party candidates appearing on several state ballots:
-Howard Phillips, chairman of the Conservative Caucus policy group, campaigned on an anti-tax crusade. He's on 20 state ballots.
-Earl F. Dodge, whose Prohibition Party advocates outlawing alcohol, is on the ballot in Arkansas, New Mexico and Tennessee.
-Bo Gritz, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and POW/MIA activist, is on 17 state ballots.

"Political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, making his fifth bid for the White House - his first from prison, where he's serving time on a fraud conviction, took an inexpensive approach - giving interviews from his prison cell.
''It's a terrible handicap,'' spokesman Webster Tarpley said of the jailhouse bid."

Pure lulz.


Sunday rant delivered on Easter at ICLC Conference near Wiesbaden, Germany,  in 1981 about the Jews of Venice out to get everyone.  Deleted from Tarpley's website, it lives on in parts at  Read it all HERE.

Schiller Institute

So called "think tank" founded by Larouche and his wife.

Children of Satan
[under construction]

[under construction]
Deaths at German Larouche orgs

One of the signs Tarpley is anything but an "ex" Larouchie:

Breaching the ex-LaRouche wall of silence

By Dennis King
I wrote the below immediately after reading Erica Duggan's article in the Barnet Press today. I offer no apologies for my harsh language.

June 4, 2010--I believe that two categories of information are key to achieving a proper investigation by the German police of how Jeremiah Duggan died. First is eyewitness and hearsay knowledge of what happened to him in Wiesbaden in the early morning hours of March 27, 2003 at the offices of the LaRouche org, and of what subsequently happened to him (or his body) outside that office and on the motorway. There are certain ex-leaders of the European LaRouche movement living currently in Germany--people who quit the org several years after Jeremiah's death--who certainly know what happened, even if they weren't personally present, but who remain silent.

Uwe Friesecke, formerly LaRouche's top person in Europe (except for Helga LaRouche). He knows everything.

Second is knowledge that could explain why the German police are protecting the LaRouche organization. I could be wrong, but I believe the explanation lies in the org's past history as an adjunct of German and other NATO security and intelligence services. Information about this relationship is almost certainly possessed not just by the ex-leaders of the German LaRouche org, but also by ex-members of LaRouche's National Executive Committee in the United States, by not-quite-so-high-up former U.S. members who spent long periods of time working out of the Wiesbaden office in the 1980s and 1990s, and by former leading members of LaRouche's security staff.

I believe that certain of these people will never talk. Those who do eventually come forward may not have the whole picture, but each will have part of the picture. And even if the LaRouche org's relationship with German and other spook agencies, insofar as known by these individuals, turns out to be somewhat less close than I now suspect, surely enough evidence will emerge to attract the attention of the British, German and French media--and thus to embarrass the German authorities into moderating their obdurate resistance to launching a serious investigation of Jeremiah's death.

By remaining silent, the ex-LaRouchians with information in these two categories have caused anguish for the Duggan family. Furthermore, the failure of these former members to reveal what they know about the entire range of the LaRouche organization's secrets has made them de facto enablers of LaRouche's ongoing efforts to recruit and exploit a new generation of disciples. If more young recruits die--say, at some LaRouche indoctrination camp in Eastern Europe where it's easy to evade the law and keep indoctrinees forcibly isolated--the Silent Ones will have blood on their hands.
What will it take to get the ex-members who were "in the know" to finally speak out? Demonstrations in front of their homes and places of work--with leaflets to let their neighbors and co-workers know just how reprehensible their silence is?

If the likes of David P. Goldman and Webster Tarpley (and about a dozen other knowledgeable people, mostly living in the Washington D.C. area)--as well as Ortrun Cramer, Anno Hellenbroich and others in Wiesbaden--complain that this is a call for outrageous harassment tactics, I can only reply: You spent decades of your lives doing far worse to the LaRouche org's enemies (Petra Kelly, for instance)--gladly and gleefully. And you stopped doing such things not because of any principled disagreement with LaRouche's evil ideology (which some of you still proudly uphold in a modified form) or with his nasty tactics, but simply out of self-interest--to escape the personal abuse that LaRouche was heaping on you.

I personally have no interest in organizing demonstrations against the people in question (and I doubt anyone else does either), but I can't help thinking that something should be done to shake them up. Certainly Erica Duggan's appeal to their consciences and to their supposed capacity for compassion (I'm speaking primarily of the German ex-members) has fallen on deaf ears.
The frustrating thing is that it would only take a single knowledgeable ex-member, stepping forward to tell the world everything he or she knows...and the spell would be broken, the ice would break, and the flood gates would open. Any takers?
From LaRouche's connection to German Holocaust Denier

So for years in Germany Ekkehard Franke-Gricksch and LaRouche have been working together just as in Washington, LaR and Carto worked together. Interestingly Webster Tarpley, who spent years in Wiesbaden working for LaR (and who was presumably at least aware of Ekkehard Franke-Gricksch), now writes for the American Free Press, Carto’s successor publication to The Spotlight, and his radio show has ads from Carto.

For people concerned about government conspiracies the group is oddly blase about Tarpley's cult and it's history of violence and racism.

Myopia: not just for people with glasses.

9/11 "truth" infiltrated by Larouche?

This question was raised in late 2006 at none other than the premier  tinfoil website 911blogger:

Buzzflash Goes Apeshit!!!
The guy who runs "Buzzflash" recently put up a page where his readers can post articles and others can rate them up or down. Almost immediately, 9/11 related stories went to the top with many more "buzzes" (votes) than any other subject by far. Now he's complaining it's a "conspiracy" to take over his site. And he's selectively deleting 9/11 Truth related stories as soon as he becomes aware of them. And, to top it all off, he's begging his readers to go to the page and vote on what's left. See this headline on the main "Buzzflash" page below from Wed. AM 11/22/06 He's been going off like this for 2 days running now...
"Cast your vote on the news of the moment at! Vote on the Stories You Like Best. Submit Them Too. ( is Still Under Attack by People Who Believe the Mossad is Responsible for 9/11 (And, In Their Minds, is Also Related to Columbine), the CIA Killed RFK and JFK, Jewish Bankers Run the World, and So On. Most of Them Follow a Strategy Laid Out by a Guy who Spams .Net with a Link to His Own Website. Their Goal is to Post Both Crackpot and Legitimate Stories (the Latter to Build up Enough Voting Power to Hijack the Content of .net.) We Will Not Let This Happen, We Can Assure You. We Know Who They Are, and We Will be Keeping Them Off the Site as Best We Can. But, Alas, You Can't Swat the Flies Fast Enough.)"
Throughout the previous day, the headlines also included a rant that the Truth movement was somehow being run by the followers of Lyndon LaRouche, but that has now dissappeared.

So much tinfoil, so little time. The Larouche question is never addressed, though it should be a flag to rabid Tarpley fangrrl casseia who posts later.  But she's silent; no "Hmm..Tarpley was a Larouchie...that's disturbing."  Nada.  Just keeping her fellow cultists safe, hoping no one will notice.

But the Buzzflash link isn't gone, just hard to find in cache:

  • #2    Here are some sites that debunk the 9/11 "Truth" Movement, which has been infiltrated by the anti-Semite felon, Lyndon LaRouche (some of the debunking sites have been gamed the same way BFDN has been):
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 49 minutes
  • #3    David Corn, like Matt Taibbi, was attacked by the 9/11 Faithful, too, after he wrote about the LaRouche ties to the "Truth" movement, and wrote about Vreeland's past hoaxes.
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 48 minutes
  • #4    Compare how the convicted felon LaRouche operates to defraud people out of millions:
    With how the 9/11 Faithful describe him as an "American Statesman in the tradtion of Roosevelt" and a "legend" out to "protect" us:
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 47 minutes
  • #5    How the 9/11 faithful are merely the unwitting tools of the predator LaRouche:

    The goal, in classic fascist strategy is to immobilize the left by emulating it and dealing with dissent the way fascists do, with manipulations, threats and sometimes violence. “Left” neo-fascists know full well they make no headway by singing the praises of folks like Hitler or LaRouche. And so they move in on legitimate groups advocating, for exam- ple, Palestinian rights, or (generically speaking) 9/11 truth, and, placing themselves in usually non-elected leadership positions, take over.
    And, as has become evident in the rhetoric in connection with the Middle East and in some of the more offensive demagoguery emanating from the Greens, anti-Jewish stuff rises, like scum in a swamp, to the surface.
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 46 minutes
  • #6    How LaRouche cultists disrupted Conyers' town meetings and in his effort to get them to stop disrupting his meetings and form their OWN (sound familiar?) he agreed to their trick invitation to do so only if he attended their meeting. He did, and was later appalled to be connected with LaRouche's racist and anti-Semitic stances, which he denounced upon learning. The serious 9/11 sceptics would do well to follow Conyers' example.
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 44 minutes
  • #7    LaRouche reels in his cult with antiwar and anti-Cheney talk, but the jargon he uses ("beast-men" and "Children of Satan") to describe Cheney et al is straight out of Aryan nation rants against Jews.

    "Sometimes it is overt anti-Semitism; with "Children of Satan," Mr. LaRouche has chosen an Aryan-nation phrase for Jews (descendants of Cain, who was the result of Satan seducing Eve, in this perfervid theology)."
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 41 minutes
  • #8    BeeFree is posting from a LAROUCHE big surprise, and not the first time:

    Source: Executive Intelligence Review
    URL Source:
    Published: Nov 7, 2006
    Author: LaRouche PAC political action committee
    Post Date: 2006-11-07 18:21:52 by knightofstjohn

    This release was issued on Nov. 7 by the LaRouche PAC political action committee.
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 33 minutes
  • #9    Only LaRouche can "save" us from the "elite" (Jews), from the imminent economic meltdown, from the imminent nuclear war. Israelis are the new nazis, causing the new holocaust (not that the original holocaust ever took place).
    Oh, and the LaRouchies are going to make LaRouche's second wedding day a national holiday, as well as make a holiday on the anniversary of Lennon's death (bad degenerate rock-n-roll!). Yeah, LaRouche is a "Dem" -- or a communist or a Republican or a Labor party---much like Lieberman is a Dem or independent or ....who knows what next?
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 22 minutes
  • #10    A few comments from some who escaped the LaRouche cult (recognize the constant URGENCY and the infallibility and the blowing up at those who don't agree?):

    you learn quite quickly the rhetoric never to be wrong and you are convinced that the noblest thing in the world is to be a member of the Lyndon LaRouche movement.

    Therefore the discussions with the people who do not totally agree with you blow up quite easily.

    Look up "Zayed Center" and you will see LHL addressing this notorious anti Semitic forum in the Mid East. Steinberg and LHL are often on Arab media.

    the organization cultivate a permanent sense of urgency.
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 20 minutes
  • #11

    ‘When we blame US foreign policy on Israel or some Jewish cabal,’ it ‘takes the heat off those who are the real decision makers,’ says Penny Rosenwasser, a board member of US-based Jewish Voice for Peace. ‘We need to aim our criticism at the proper targets. US foreign policy is influenced more by corporate interests, the Christian Right and the arms manufacturers than by the Israeli Government.’

    The story about the Jews avoiding the Twin Towers on 11 September? Every aspect of this tale is false...To take this story seriously, you would have to be willing to assume that if 4,000 random Jews were told of an impending terrorist attack, not one would step forward with a public warning. To believe this about any religious, racial or ethnic group raises serious questions about lingering prejudice.

    student wants anti-Semite LaRouche cult off her campus
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 17 minutes
  • #12    And I, for one, would like the anti-Semite LaRouche nuts off this "campus." To this day, Conyers has to clarify he didn't know he was dealing with racist nuts and that he repudiates them completely.
    written by Zee since 1962 days 18 hours 13 minutes

  • In 2006 the link between Larouche and 911 conspiracies was being made; a couple blogs seem to be set up to counter this. "Antitruther" is dead. "Screw Loose Change" has an unhealthy obsession with Loose Change;  15 minutes of fame making a joke blog about a joke movie is less luzly 6 years later.  This blog is rumored to publish gossip from Neo-Nazi cultards. If debunking racist conspiratards is the purpose of that blog, republishing racist conspiratard gossip is the definition of Doing it Wrong.

     A bigger question is how can Larouche or anyone "infiltrate" and org that appears full of cultists from the beginning?   One answer is it's relative: many people didn't know about Larouche, his history and cultist's weren't advertizing(see casseia's silence above).    It could be Larouchies saw early twoofers as a pool of disaffected Democrats to swindle as long as they were careful not to show too much of their hand.  Enter Webster Tarpley as their freshly minted "progressive" point man.

    Recent events of Richard "give me money" Gage being hosted by the racist Nation of Islam, makes Larouche's history with NOI relevant:

    Antisemitic Conspiracism & Black Nationalism
    Antisemitism is another link among Third Position ethnonationalists. Tom Metzger's White Aryan Resistance forged active ties with Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, as did the network of maverick fascist Lyndon LaRouche.25
    Complete note:

    25 On the LaRouchite-Nation of Islam connection, see Magida, "Evil Twins"; Benjamin, "La Rouche, Nation of Islam Team Up"; Marable, "No Compromise." For examples, see "´We Must Accept the Responsibility of Freedom´: An interview with Minister Louis Farrakhan," New Federalist, June 12, 1995, pp. 5-7; Dennis Speed, "LaRouche, Farrakhan, Chavis Mobilize Against Nazi Economics," New Federalist, July 15, 1996, pp. 1, 4. On Metzger's links with the Nation of Islam, see Wayne King, "White Supremacists Voice Support of Farrakhan"; Southern Poverty Law Center, "Klan leader attends Farrakhan rally," Klanwatch, Winter 1985.
    The beginnings of the alliance between the LaRouchites and the Nation of Islam track back to the early 1990s. The Nation of Islam's
    Final Call newspaper ran an article by LaRouchite Carlos Wesley on Panama in its issue of May 31, 1990, p. 10. It was credited as a reprint from the LaRouchite Executive Intelligence Review. The LaRouchite New Federalist ran several articles praising the political work of Nation of Islam spokesman Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad (including articles on September 14, 1990, p. 1; and September 28, 1990, p. 10); and his speech at a LaRouchite Schiller Institute meeting in Paris was reported in the Nation of Islam's Final Call on December 24, 1990, p. 3. The Schiller Institute-Food for Peace Anti-War Teach In, December 15-16, 1990, featured Abdul Wali Muhammad, Editor of the Final Call newspaper as a speaker; the meeting program is on file at Political Research Associates. By 1992 joint campus appearances by representatives of Executive Intelligence Review, The Nation of Islam, and The Schiller Institute, featured attacks on the Anti-Defamation League (ADL); flyers are on file at Political Research Associates. This evolved into publications and speeches claiming the ADL was part of a conspiracy involving the Freemasons and the Ku Klux Klan, featuring a campaign to remove the statue of Confederate General Albert Pike from its pedestal in Washington, DC; see, for example, Marianna Wertz, "Pike Issue Before Congress," New Federalist, May 17, 1993, p. 1, which featured comments by the 1960s civil rights leader the Rev. James L. Bevel, an African American who has worked with the LaRouchites for many years. See also Brackman, Farrakhan's Reign of Historical Error.
    George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography  Mirrored at Killtown

    Craig Lazo mirrored Tarpley's conspiracy trashing of the admittedly vile George Bush on Lazo's website:

    Ironically these are some of the only pages not affected when Lazo's website was hacked.  With the exception of chapter 21:

    by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin - Killtown
    This site may harm your computer.
    On the morning of June 29, 1989, pandemonium erupted in the corridors of power in the nation's capital. "Homosexual Prostitution Probe Ensnares Official of ...

     Lazo must be quite the fan boi of cultist Tarpley to have all frigging 25 chapters of Tarpley's book on his website: 

    George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
    by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin
    Table of Contents Intro - American Caligula
    1 --- The House of Bush: Born in a Bank
    2 --- The Hitler Project
    3 --- Race Hygiene: Three Bush Family Alliances
    4 --- The Center of Power is in Washington
    5 --- Poppy and Mommy
    6 --- Bush in World War II
    7 --- Skull and Bones: The Racist Nightmare at Yale
    8 --- The Permian Basin Gang
    8b -- The Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy Assassination
    9 --- Bush Challenges Yarborough for the Senate
    10 -- Rubbers Goes to Congress
    11 -- United Nations Ambassador, Kissinger Clone
    12 -- Chairman George in Watergate
    13 -- Bush Attempts The Vice Presidency, 1974
    14 -- Bush in Beijing
    15 -- CIA Director
    16 -- Campaign 1980
    17 -- The Attempted Coup D'Etat of March 30, 1981
    18 -- Iran-Contra
    19 -- The Leveraged Buy-out Gang
    20 -- The Phony War on Drugs
    21 -- Omaha
    22 -- Bush Takes The Presidency
    23 -- The End of History
    24 -- The New World Order
    25 -- Thyroid Storm 

    WHOA !!!! Tin Foil overdose!!!! 

    Can HAz ART?

    [under construction]

    Cartoonist Joe Azar has a relationship with Tarpley that includes making art for his conspiracy doorstoppers:

    The art style is an exact match for unsigned commissioned master piece for Tarpley's, the "Berlet Brigade":

    Still had conspiracy work in 2008:

    Lauded by cult goons after on scam is exposed:

    I guess I am like Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett and Joe Azar. I know and respect all of them, and also know that they were viciously attacked for creating, supporting or publishing what liars labeled a "hoax."

    And he's running for office

    Joseph Azar
    746 Harden Street
    Columbia, South Carolina 29205
    United States

    Registered through:, LLC (
    Domain Name: VOTEAZAR.COM
    Created on: 11-Feb-04
    Expires on: 11-Feb-13
    Last Updated on: 12-Feb-12

    Administrative Contact:
    Oster, Glenn
    ASKaPRO Online Services
    P.O. Box 1498
    Lexington, South Carolina 29071
    United States

    Technical Contact:
    Oster, Glenn
    ASKaPRO Online Services
    P. O. Box 1498
    Lexington, South Carolina 29071
    United States

    Domain servers in listed order:


    I seldom use FB, maybe once a week at most, so if you want to reach me quickly, try or 803-513-3357.

    JOIN MY NEWSLETTER by emailing me and requesting. If you are not on the newsletter, you are missing out!

    Contact Information

    • 746 Harden St
    • Columbia, SC 29205
    Conspiracy lists:

    Joe Azar < jazar@...


    WILL the Organizers Identify Themselves?? WHOIS Created THREE DAYS AGO!
    No reply yet about the secretive aspect of who is behind this!!
    So I checked further. Identity Masked: Created THREE DAYS AGO!

    Registry Whois for /
    Identity Masked: Created THREE DAYS AGO!

    Domain Name:
    Creation Date: 2007-08-26 02:02:47

    OrgName: Bluehost Inc.
    OrgID: BLUEH-2
    Address: 1548 North Technology Way #D13
    City: Orem
    StateProv: UT
    PostalCode: 84097
    Country: US

    The photobucket is albums/v474/autorank/911strike911site.png

    Global Day of Action is the same site as

    Registry Whois:
    Creation Date: 2007-06-18
    IP Address:

    Registrant Contact Information:
    Name: Joseph Azar
    Address 1: 1220 N. Pierce St. #904
    City: Arlington
    State: Virginia
    Zip: 22209
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.7035271443
    Same Azar part of illustrators club:

    Hi everyone, The Illustrators Club of Washington, Dc, Maryland & Virginia is having a Business & legal seminar for Illustrators on November 6, 2004 in Washington DC. It is an all day event and we have some wonderful speakers lined up! Hope you can join us! Best regards, Marie Dauenheimer The Illustrators Club presents ALL-DAY BUSINESS & LEGAL SEMINAR FOR FREELANCERS Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about:
    --Setting up a freelance business (local, state & federal requirements; tax considerations) --Using the right business forms
    --Negotiating with clients
    --Contracts: Making them binding
    --Copyright: What rights to sell, what to keep
    --Registering & protecting your work (especially on the Internet), including latest cases & legal developments
    --Collecting & suing in small claims court
    --Plus your own questions & horror stories

    Don't miss this informative and entertaining program by two leading experts in the field:

    VIRGINIA FERRANTE, M.A., is president of Ferrante Medical Media and teaches a 30-hour course on business practices to graduate medical illustration students at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her presentation is relevant to most creative freelance businesses.

    JOHN MASON, Esq., is an intellectual property attorney at the firm of Bonner Kiernan Trebach & Crociata, with extensive experience in copyright & trademark infringement cases. Ask him anything.

    FEE: IC Members $50, Non-members $75, Students $35 (Includes continental breakfast and all program materials)

    WHERE: Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives 1201 17th Street, N.W. (17th & M) Washington DC 20036 Metro: Dupont Circle or Farragut North; Farragut West

    WHEN: Saturday, November 6, 2004 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

    RESERVATIONS & PREPAYMENT REQUIRED: (Please write "B-L Seminar" in subject line) or call Joe Azar at 703-527-1443 Checks to "The Illustrators Club" P.O. Box 310, Arlington VA 22210 Or by credit card (MC, Visa, Amex): Call 703-527-1443

    [under construction]


    Fangrrl casseia tries:

    "He doesn't even know his own movement"

    I'm thinking maybe he's in a different movement...
    I've always liked Tarpley, but that won't stop me from reading the writing on the wall and acting accordingly. Onto the ash-heap of 9/11 Truth with him and his now-clear LaRouchie strategy for world domination. To hear him apply his usual analysis ("counter-gangs" and so forth) to people I know personally is surreal. I'm going to have to go back over EVERYTHING I have ever accepted as valid information from him and re-view it through this lens.

    But fails:

     It isn't like she didn't know:

    Re: Tarpley

    Essentially, what Tarpley offers is the greatest of the counter-narratives. I've said before that I think the creation of counter-narratives (as opposed to the deconstruction of the official narrative) is probably best avoided -- but if I had to make a movie out of one, it would definitely be Tarpley's. He's all about the shadow government, the incompetence and irrelevancy not only of Bush but even to a lesser extent of Cheney. (He says something along the lines of, Who would you trust to run a coup d'etat like this? An old drunk with three heart attacks and four pacemakers, his far-right ideologue wife constantly yapping in his ear? No.) I associate the phrase "Angel is Next" with him more than any other researcher. (I think that supposed telephone call could be one of the creepiest things ever in the history of cinema, if "Synthetic Terror: the Movie" was ever made. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.)
    Tarpley is a brilliant guy. He speaks at least four languages as far as I tell and did considerable research on the topic of false-flag terrorism in Europe earlier in his career.
    Probably because of the historical context into which he can easily slot 9/11, he does a great job of explaining its (probable) dynamics in abstract terms. He defines "patsy," "mole," and "killer" and the relationships between them, and applies the concepts to what we know happened on 9/11 in a very compelling manner.
    He worked for Lyndon LaRouche at one time, which has been one of the stumbling blocks in my growing admiration for the guy, but i don't think it's a basis on which to discredit him.

    After going back over EVERYTHING, she really doesn't think being lying racist paranoid Larouche cult leader is a basis to discredit Tarpley.

    One thing the (first) 911blogger thread shows: some conspiratards are less impressed with the Larouche connections, explaining why "casseia" never said anything when the idea of Larouche infiltrating "911 Truth" was brought up.   OTOH maybe there would never have been a "truth movement" without Larouche;  either way it looks like a Larouche swindle.

    Tarpley denies he has anything to do with LaRouche anymore;  others say BULLSHIT>

    STRATFOR Connection

    This is a point many wonder who connected to the group isn't a STRATFOR associate: Waldron, Ikink, Evdokas, Thomson all share this connection...with each other and Tarpley.

    Tarpley's yahoo email addy,, is in STRATFOR records:

    ID Email / Username Password
    590746 ***

    Tarpley memtions STRATFOR a couple times on his website, though he omits his contributor/subsciber status:

    According to eyewitness reports from London, BBC claimed between 8:45 and some minutes after 10 AM that the incidents in the Underground were the result of an electrical power surge, or alternatively of a collision. Foreign bigwigs, presumably not just Netanyahu, were warned, while London working people continued to stream into the subway. These reports have been denied, repudiated, sanitized, and expunged from news media websites by the modern Orwellian Thought Police, but they have been archived by analysts who learned on 9/11 and other occasions that key evidence in state-sponsored terror crimes tends to filter out during the first minutes and hours, during the critical interval when the controlled media are assimilating the cover story peddled by complicit moles within the ministries. These reports are not at all damaging to Israel, but are devastating for British domestic security organs. An alternative version peddled by, namely that the Israelis warned Scotland Yard, is most probably spurious but still leaves the British authorities on the hook. Which Scotland Yard official made the calls? Identify that official, and you have bagged a real live rogue network mole.

    As a well informed Stratfor letter to the editor posting points out: “The contacting of a foreign Islamic militant who openly espouses killing of Americans is, in and of itself, is a violation of U.S. security regulations with respect to individuals with security clearances. Hasan’s foreign contact should have been reported through the chain-of- command to his commander. Lt. Gen. Cone, in consultation with his G-2, Counter-Intelligence Staff Officer, Personnel Security Officer and the CID, could have immediately suspended Maj. Hasan’s security clearance subject to a local AR 15-6 investigation. Lt. Gen. Cone is responsible for force protection of assets in his command, not a DoD criminal investigator. A minimally competent investigation would have uncovered other comments and actions that would probably have resulted in adverse command action on Maj. Hasan’s security clearance and possibly led to charges being brought for conduct unbecoming an officer.”
    Note this account is only found online reproduced at tin foil and tea party faggots websites, like Inforwars and DailyPaul.   Meaning Tarpley's Stratfor source was private...implying a more intimate relationship to the corporate intelligence firm than a casual subscriber.