Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ben Collet aka Chander


Group Contacts: Craig Lazo, Tim Titrud(?)

Uber conspiracy troll. Ben Collet is a long time supporter of brainwashed cult victim Judy Wood and Conspiracy Con-artist John Hutchinson.

Collet is a conspiracy grifter, someone called on to troll in tandem to lure marks to take the bait. To be fair, Collet leaves the hard core stalking to others with less moral fiber, but his soul is still plenty constipated helping with minor scams, like Craig Lazo's 2009 skype CONfrence scam.

Played out between Collet and Lazo at pumpitout forums, the goal was to get people to volunteer information about themselves over skype by manipulating them into believing they had to prove they weren't sock puppets. Collet's role, under the name "Chander", was to pretend to be a hostile user and let himself be persuaded by Lazo into skype; the idea was others would be shamed into mimicking him. However, things didn't go as planned, and instead of getting people hammering down the firewalls to skype Lazo, all Ben did was give lurkers more clues to Lazo's location. Thus Collet ultimately acted as an agent of Lazo's destruction and should be thanked for his participation.

It's instructive to go over Collet's fake virtual dance with Lazo, to it's forgone conclusion, that Collet would skype Lazo, and Lazo would try to use this to manipulate others to skype him. But first it's important to show the two of them were in communication by email while Collet posted at pumpitout forums as "Chander". Only then can the full creepy glory of the exchange be appreciated for the cold blooded scam that it was:

IP from header of email sent from Collet to Lazo
Seattle, Washington, United States

Client: zimbra mail

Received by and forwarded from Lazo at:

IP Address
Tualatin, Oregon, United States

Client: yahoo mail

The question a reader should ask is: since Collet(chander) and Lazo(killtown) were in contact by email, what was the point of their skype chat dog and pony show? Selling a scam, of course!

From the thread Banned from 911movement:


Other yawn worthy "catfights" Collet has participated in:

Fetzer/Ryan Spat of February 2011

The Exchange

What set him off in composing this blog appears evident from what occurred on a discussion thread between January 26th and 28th 2011. Kevin began by expressing dismay over my article criticizing Robert Parry by remarking, “Oh God, not Fetzer again.” He was immediately countered by Ben Collet, who replied, “Kevin Ryan’s reputation as a scientifically-minded 9/11 activist has, unfortunately, taken a big hit with this snide comment about one of the most important voices in the 9/11 truth movement.” Not to be outdone, Kevin responded with a partial transcript of my interview from 11 November 2006 in which I expressed fascination with Judy’s theory. He was again countered by Ben:

Ryan's citation of this four year old interview demonstrates.....[/SNORE]
Cit Publishes Response To Joint Statement About Pentagon Conspiracy No One Cares About

When Ben Collet asked if blogger would allow me to respond, the post making his inquiry was deleted. Anyone who reads the comments that were posted about Kevin's attack on me would see that they are mindless and fawning, indicative of the low level of.......

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