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hahaha that site is awesome. Good find!
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Epic news of the day:  JREF member Scott Summers sends us link love:

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Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance

I just found this. What do you make of it?


Summers apparently found this blog Googling frank morales church 911; Frank Morales is certainly a creep to look out for; he's most probably the group's connection to Scientology.

Some comments are equally epic:

Penguilicious Spodmaster.
"Like most cultlike organizations, the group doesn't come out and say what it's up to to newbies, because it's hard to get new helping hands saying "we're a collection of right-wing wolves in Democratic clothing here to push a Nazi friendly agenda"."

I don't care if these guys are debunkers or yet another group of splitters from the TM, that there is one of the best descriptions of truthers I've ever seen!

Others less so:

 Probably a Jenny Sparks website; (s)he was well-known for obsessing over Sara Lamadrid and appears to have been located in Portland.

How to explain Jenny Sparks... wow. First off, she took her internet nic from a comic book character. She was rumored to be a transsexual, but to be honest, the before picture that people posted looked reasonably attractive and the after picture was... not so hot. She belonged to the Truth Action folks, which meant that she spent more time criticizing other people in the Truth Movement than she did explaining her own theories.

She was vile; back when James and I were on Haloscan she was the first Truther we banned from commenting, and it was only with great reluctance.

As far as I know, she has not been active in the Truth Movement for 2-3 years.
Odd this user quickly assumes one of the groups Sp's was involved.  Undebunker-ish; a Google search of Jenny Sparks Sara Lamadrid include links to Craig Lazo's predictable hit pieces and ironically a blog post from a blog "Brainster" claims credit for in his sig:

My new blog: Mockupy Wall Street.
1960s Comic Book Nostalgia
Visit the Screw Loose Change blog.
But no links of "Sparks" person saying anything about Lamadrid. Wonder where he got that idea.  (If this is the same Arizona visitor who viewed Ozzy's profile, it's even weirder.  And the first profile this visitor looked at was... Sara Lamadrid.  Hmmm. Smells like projection.   Anyone who really has questions can email.)

OTOH, if the Screw Loose Change blog archives are an indication, "Brainster" has been following the tinfoil brigade for so long no wonder he's confused. He's also confused about Occupy Wall Street with his new "I hate the 99%" blog:

This faggot's name seems to be "Pat" .  Hysterically, after over a 170 posts, his "new" blog has no followers:

The 99% aren't going away.  Get used to it. 
Then someone bawls we're being mean to  Unsecured Coins. Maybe he shouldn't have thrown in with conspiracy cultards.

A clueless post:

 I feels like infighting - not of interest to outside readers, really.
To the extemt that the Portland groups are being accused of being con operations, with a financial motive, I am incredulous that there is enough money in this to sustain the effort over 6-8 years now. At least not the part where members are lured in. What financial difference does it make if they have 50 instead of 30 members?
 Fraud is of interest to everyone:

Like most cultlike operations, there's high turnover.  The fact they've been around "6-8 years" indicates money in it; why else do it or keep it going? This group is one of many and they're all filling cult coffers. The so called "events" are directed at the general public, with the hope of getting more members or cash whether the people become members or not.  Ergo the idea of warning the general public about the group shouldn't be too hard to grasp.  Derp.

Maybe s/he isn't JREF material. 

Odd Oystein would dismiss criticism of cult operations with the cult-speak "infighting".  By that logic nothing Wise Beardman has to say is of interest to anyone outside of Scientology.  Unless you want to warn people not to get involved in Scientology.

 Regarding  conspiracies, the Southern Poverty Law Center disagrees:

Many used the conference to reinforce their beliefs and bond with others who are convinced that the federal government, corporations, Jews, Communists, the Catholic Church, secret societies like the Illuminati, shadow governments or even space aliens are working to do something very bad to the rest of us. Very often, the conspiracy-mongers agreed that these evil forces want to create a “New World Order” bent on crushing America, its people and their remaining freedoms.
Some of the conference theorizing was benign, focused on such topics as the giant structures of gold that Jose Escamilla said his “vector symbology” studies had found on the moon, or the “gentle” bigfoot creatures that Kewaunee Lapseritis said had stayed secret through their connection with extraterrestrials and UFOs.
 But in other cases, it seemed more serious.
“For some people, conspiracy gatherings and conventions are merely entertainment from the day-to-day harshness of a difficult world,” said Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State at San Bernardino. “But for others, conspiracy theories, gatherings and websites are something more. It’s part of a folklore by which they identity themselves and organize their beliefs. It helps funnel anger and skepticism, but also provides order to a world that is oftentimes frustrating and confusing. 
“For the last group of people — those on a hair-trigger either from cognitive impairment or because they’re extraordinarily angry — these conspiracy theories can be a bridge and catalyst to a more violent response.”
Considering the myriad Nazi sympathies this group has, exposing their attempts to suck more people into their con is hardly "infighting".  Maybe Oystein wants to wait until someone gets killed.  We'd rather not.

Coming soon: Oystein wonders why we need a Justice Department.  After all, the actions of criminals are not of interest to readers outside law enforcement, right?

Ends with moderate lulz:

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Originally Posted by Scott Sommers
What do you make of it?
Johnny from Airplane!: Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...

Pterodactyl's are Awesome.

 JREF:  8/10

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Regarding a special request from a fan:

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I call "Cass Sunstein And The Sneaky Jews" for band name!

Your wish is our command:

The best in Conspiracy Rap...or so we hear.  Looking for more albums covers...cuz we gotta keep tabs on those "Sneaky Jews", yo.