Monday, March 26, 2012

Rebuttal Page

Rebuttals are scored, 1 thru 10, based on accuracy, outrage, paranoia level, angle and rotational speed of spin, and lulz.   Meh rebuttals may score higher because of lulz.

8/6/13       Evdokas confrims blog work of Mossad     Score:  1/10
12/7/12     Subramanian posts raging butthurt on IMC, claims group victim of racism  Score: 3/10
6/21/12     Morrison blames telecom industry and small town newspaper no one's heard of  Score: 4/10

4/22/12 Syed blames SP's and/or "Others"    Score: -2/10

3/31/12  Jack Waldron blames COINTELPRO  Score: 6/10

3/26/12  Evdokas blames  Cass Sunstein and White House   Score: 2/10