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Fritz Springmeier


Networks: Christian Patriot Association,

Group Contacts: Tim Titrud, Tim Calvert

From the far Right of batshit insane, Springmeier is a Christian lunatic on a mission to expose the "New World Order" by bombing adult video stores.  Conspiracy fans troll Springmeier's wiki talk page whining about "bias" until they're told to GTFO.  In their attempt to remove anything disparaging(ei: True) about their hero, they risk invoking the Streisand Effect.  For more info on this phenomena, scroll down to "FBI probes alleged threat to officer".

 In spite of Springmeier's colorful and racists past, both Tim Calvert and Tim Titrud have rolled out the welcome mat for "Nitro" Fritz on not one, but two occasions:

In 2011:

Uploaded by on Sep 18, 2011
Fritz Springmeir, author, political prisoner, expert on secret societies and the occult, will discuss occult symbolisand ties to the illuminati, and the 9/11 Attcks.

Filmed on 9.10.11 in Portland Oregon
Due to a fan running in the room: there is a background humming noise (sorry) - (also I seemed to have misspelled Fritz's last name, I apologize)

And in 2012:

Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance Hosts Right-Wing Bomber Courtesy of Citybikes President, Tim Calvert

When called out at IMC, both Springmeier and "Joe Anybody" try the usual spin : Antifa are bullies and where's the free speech?   The most transparent bullshit written online:

Joe Anybody's tl'dr drek:

Springmeier weighs in:

FALSE FACTS 16.Sep.2012 10:15

Fritz Springmeier

Unfortunately, indymedia is regurgitating false facts about me and what is sad is that they are using them to target someone else unrelated to me. They accuse me of being anti-semitic. They would be surprised to find out where I worship. They claim I bombed something---ignoring the fact that that charge was dropped by the court. And the bomb in question was a propane tank in a bag that never exploded. I am not going to waste time on the lies that were written, but people are welcome to go to my blog and read what I really say instead of believing your lies.
And get's pwned off the field:

BS from Fritz Springmeier 17.Sep.2012 00:01


Fritz Springmeier's response to this article is quite far from honest. While Springmeier's charge of using and carrying a destructive device was not sent to the jury following a court ruling at trial, Springmeier was nevertheless convicted of one charge of armed bank robbery as well as a charge stemming from use of a firearm during that bank robbery. The jury decided that Springmeier so closely aided and abetted the robbery plot as to be criminally liable for the actions of other robbers, such as Bateman's discharge of a firearm during the robbery, which Springmeier knew was part of the plan.

Testimony from one of Springmeier's co-conspirators heard during trial made clear that Springmeier was indeed involved in both planning and carrying out the robbery--including such aspects as the diversionary use of a destructive device at an adult video store. When one is intimately involved in a conspiracy including the setting of a bomb, it is quite right to be labeled as a bomber, whatever the status of the related criminal charge. The jury, in convicting on the other charges, made it clear that in their view Springmeier was a full part of the bank robbery plot. Springmeier now alleges that the bomb at the adult video store never exploded, despite even Springmeier's supporters such as antisemitic conspiracy theorist Henry Makow previously using the word "exploded" to describe what happened. Needless to say, press accounts of the bombing/bank robbery also describe the bomb as being "detonated". Rather strangely, Springmeier seems to think that by pointing out that the device included a propane tank, the bomb somehow becomes less of a serious matter.

Springmeier's antisemitism is not in any doubt, despite Springmeier's protest to the contrary. Springmeier's Bloodlines of the Illuminati for example writes of the Jewish people in the following way:

"One group that has been very easy for Satan to provoke against Christians is the Jews. Perhaps no group of people has hated Christians with more intensity. One of the first groups that Satan worked at controlling were the Jews."

Although Springmeier afterwards states that the world conspiracy he alleges is essentially Satanic rather than essentially Jewish, this does little to actually moderate his argument, especially as Springmeier goes on to target the "Rothschilds" as the central family of his alleged Satanic conspiracy.

Springmeier was also active in the Christian Patriots Association. I provided a link earlier in this thread about the CPA and its politics--these politics contained pronounced antisemitic and racist aspects. Springmeier's denial is therefore highly unconvincing.

The idea that the aim of antifascists is just to "target someone else unrelated to" Springmeier is misleading for a couple of reasons. Firstly, antifascists actually do oppose Springmeier, for reasons of Springmeier's antisemitism and extreme-Right politics set forth in the initial article. Citybikes President Tim Calvert did associate himself with Springmeier, the facts of the association also having been set out in the initial article. Calvert secured a location for both of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance events featuring Springmeier, and actively organized for and promoted the September 2011 event including Springmeier. Contrary to Springmeier, therefore, Calvert is very much related to him as well and to Springmeier's public appearances.
Ha ha ha ha ha

Springmeier Stalks Cop: FBI probes alleged threat to officer

Thomas Potter isn't the only group member who stalks cops.  In 2001 the FBI considered Springmeier a person of interest in threatening a cop:

FBI probes alleged threat to officer

Man tied to extremists reportedly sent letter in ‘97 seeking information on cop

The Portland Tribune, Apr 6, 2001

The Portland Police Bureau is investigating a potential threat against one of its officers by a writer with links to the extremist group Army of God.
The writer is Corbett resident Fritz Springmeier, 45. He is tied to Forrest Bateman, 29, a suspected member of the underground movement. 

Springmeier and Bateman recently were arrested during a drug investigation conducted by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s deputies seized marijuana, illegal machine guns, explosives, timing devices and Army of God literature at Bateman’s rural Sandy home.

No weapons or Army of God literature were found at Springmeier’s home, but the two men knew each other, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Angela Blanchard said.
“They are part of the same marijuana grow operation,” Blanchard said. “They’re selling drugs to supplement their income.”

On Nov. 3, 1997, Springmeier wrote to local free-lance journalist John Stevens asking for the home address of Portland police officer Scott Westerman. Stevens was alarmed by the letter and had an associate tell a relative on the police bureau about it. Westerman did not learn about the letter until just a few weeks ago, however. 

“That’s a pretty substantial threat,” Westerman said. “I wish I had been told about it at the time.”
According to Westerman, the bureau’s Criminal Intelligence Unit is investigating why he wasn’t told of the threat earlier. Asked about the investigation, CIU head Lt. Randy Kane said he could not comment on it.
Cleared by grand jury

Springmeier’s alleged interest in Westerman stems from a Dec. 14, 1996, shooting case. Corbett resident Patricia Sweany was visiting a friend in Southeast Portland when she called 911 to say she had been poisoned. According to police and press reports, she refused to let paramedics examine her. When Westerman tried to take her to the hospital, she shot a paramedic. Westerman shot and killed Sweany in the ensuing struggle.
The paramedic, Kirk Ream, was not seriously injured.

Portland police detective sergeants Jay Drum and Wayne Svilar investigated the incident. An autopsy conducted by Multnomah County Medical Examiner Larry Lewman found no traces of poison. A Multnomah County grand jury declined to indict Westerman.

Stevens had a reporting business called International News Service when he met Springmeier in the summer of 1997. Springmeier wrote to Stevens a few months later, claiming that Westerman murdered Sweany because she had “lots of hard evidence of judicial corruption in Multnomah County.” The letter asked for Westerman’s home address and sought unspecified “information” on Drum, Svilar and Lewman.

It is unclear how Springmeier knew Sweany. Springmeier has not returned several phone calls to his home from the Portland Tribune.
By coincidence, one of Stevens’ former co-workers was related to Svilar. Stevens had his associate call Svilar and tell him about the letter. Svilar did not ask for a copy of the letter.

“I understand why he didn’t think it was important at the time,” Westerman said. “But given what we know now, I wish I’d known that group was out there.”
Stevens did not think about the letter again until the news broke about the Clackamas County arrests. Bateman was arrested Feb. 9 and is being held on drug and weapons charges. Springmeier was arrested March 1, charged with drug crimes, and released on his own recognizance. 

The FBI was brought into the case because of the weapons and Army of God literature. Although the local FBI office declined to comment on its investigation, Blanchard said Bateman is suspected of belonging to the Army of God. He was convicted of racially intimidating a Forest Grove High School student in 1989.
Springmeier is a fundamentalist Christian who has written several books charging that satanic forces are conspiring with corrupt government officials to take over the world. During a radio interview, he described his job as “exposing the New World Order agenda.”

The Army of God “are anti-abortion religious zealots who believe in using explosives to get their point across,” said Gary Perlstein, a nationally recognized terrorism expert who teaches criminal justice classes at Portland State University. 

After learning that Springmeier was linked to Bateman, Stevens took the letter to the FBI. A short time later, Westerman received a call about it from the Criminal Intelligence Unit.
He doesn’t blame Stevens for the lack of notice.
“He did the right thing,” Westerman said. 

Contact Jim Redden at
Article archived here:

 Bet Springmeier's buddies thought they'd sent that article down the memory hole....


In 1997 Springmeier blows shit up with right-wing nut militia fag Forrest Bateman; indicted in 2002:

Grand jury indicts two in 1997 bank robbery

The Oregonian/February 13, 2002
Stuart Tomlinson

Two men with ties to ultra-right-wing groups have been indicted in the violent robbery of a Damascus bank in 1997. To divert attention from the robbery, officials said, the men detonated a bomb at an adult video store six miles away.
A federal grand jury indicted Fritz A. Springmeier, 46, and Forrest E. Bateman, 30, on Jan. 29 on charges of armed bank robbery, use of a firearm in a violent crime and possession of a destructive device in a violent crime.
Springmeier, also known as Victor E. Schoof, also was indicted on suspicion of growing marijuana in his Corbett home after a March 2001 arrest.
Detective Jim Strovink of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said the Oct. 8, 1997, robbery of the Damascus branch of Key Bank of Oregon had a "significant impact" on bank employees.
About 1 p.m., a man dressed in battle fatigues approached a teller and demanded money. At one point, he tried to enter the bank's safe. He then fired his gun once into the ceiling.
"This guy had an FBI tag duct-taped to the back of his jacket," Strovink said. "Anytime you have someone come into a bank firing an assault rifle . . . it's the kind of crime that catches the eye of prosecutors and the courts. They could be looking at some very severe penalties."
About 10 minutes before the robbery, which netted the robber $6,000, a bomb was detonated at the Fantasyland Adult Video store, 16014 S.E. 82nd Drive, six miles to the west and about 10 minutes away by car.
Springmeier was arrested Feb. 1 and booked into the Justice Center Jail. He was released following a Feb. 4 hearing before a federal magistrate but was placed under house arrest and will wear an electronic monitoring device. His arraignment is scheduled Friday in U.S. District Court.
The U.S. Marshal's Service is attempting to serve Bateman with the indictment.
The indictment doesn't say which man actually robbed the bank. FBI officials and prosecutors won't discuss the case.
Federal officials have kept both men under scrutiny for their anti-government views and actions for several years.
Springmeier is known for writing books and tracts on the beliefs of the Christian Patriot Association, an ultra-right-wing group based in Boring.
Last March, Clackamas County sheriff's deputies and federal agents arrested Springmeier and his wife, Patricia Springmeier, during a raid at their Corbett home that was part of an ongoing investigation into the Christian Patriot Association.
Police seized marijuana-growing equipment, several weapons and white separatist literature.
Bateman appeared in 1992 on the Oregon State Police's 10-most-wanted list on accusations of felony possession of a firearm and second-degree assault in connection with Skinhead activities. He was convicted in 1989 of racially intimidating a Forest Grove High School student.
Police said Springmeier and Bateman met at a Christian Patriot Association meeting several years ago and that they grew marijuana to supplement their income.
In February 2001, Bateman was one of three people arrested at a house in Sandy where police discovered an arsenal of explosives, machine guns and white supremacist literature.
Police also seized ammonium nitrate and fuel oil -- the same substances used in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building -- and literature affiliated with the Army of God, a white supremacist group connected to the 1997 bombings of an abortion clinic and a gay nightclub in Atlanta. 
 Update in 2003 at a Bible Study website lightly sprinkled with tin foil:

John S. Torell
September 15, 2003
On October 8, 1997 the Damascus branch of Key Bank of Oregon was robbed. The robbers fled with $6,000.00 in cash. One of the robbers, later identified as Forrest E. Bateman Jr., used a gun in the robbery, when he fired one shot into the ceiling of the bank to warn the bank clerks that he was willing to use the gun if they did not comply with his demands. Bateman was dressed in army battle fatigues. Ten minutes prior to the robbery, a bomb exploded at the Fantasy Adult Video Store, located six miles west of the bank. No one was injured in the explosion but police investigators believe that the bomb was set off as a diversionary tactic.
Bateman and another man (which I will not identify in order to protect his family, but will give him the fictitious name Roger), had sometime earlier been recruited by Fritz Springmeier 1, and both of them lived on a remote property on and off for eight years which was owned by Roger’s family. Fritz would come often and spend time with the men. According to a family member (which I have spoken to on several occasions), they were preparing for some kind of action against government authorities. Roger, Bateman and Springmeier grew marijuana on the family property (which was not known to the family), and it was sold as a source of income to fund their activities. The family eventually became very afraid of Fritz and forbade him to come back on the property.
Some time after the robbery Roger was arrested and charged with having an illegal shot gun, with a barrel that was not in compliance with the law and also for being part of the marijuana growing. He was promised a lighter sentence if he would testify against Bateman and Springmeier, but the deal was later reneged on by the assistant U.S. Attorney, Frank Noonan. Roger was sentenced to a prison term of 47 months to be served out in federal prison, and was then shipped off to a federal prison in California.
In January 2002 Bateman and Springmeier were indicted by a grand jury on charges of armed bank robbery, the use of a firearm in a violent crime and possession of a destructive device in a violent crime; but they did not go to trial until January 2003.
At this time Roger was brought back to Oregon from the federal prison in California and held in a local county jail. According to family members of Roger, he was very scared and feared for his life and wanted to be returned as soon as possible to the federal prison in California where he felt safer.
Bateman was facing up to 20 years in federal prison when he accepted a plea bargain on January 27, 2003 in the U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon and plead guilty to the charge of bank robbery. When Batemen was sentenced on April 3, 2003, he was sentenced to 10 to 12 years.
On February 12, 2003 Springmeier was convicted in a jury trial on two counts, while a third was thrown out. Count one charged defendant with armed bank robbery and count two charged defendant with using and carrying a firearm during the armed robbery. Count three which charged defendant with using and carrying a destructive device during a bank robbery, did not go to the jury because the court ruled that the evidence did not support that charge.
The legal counsel for Springmeier filed a motion to have the case thrown out in the Federal District Court of Oregon. This motion was denied by the federal district judge James A. Redden on March 21, 2003. Due to legal maneuvering by Springmeier, the sentencing date was changed several times. Currently Springmeier’s sentencing is scheduled for November 13, 2003.
After having been kept in Oregon for some seven months, first in a county jail and later at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, Roger was shipped back to California to serve out his prison sentence. Because Bateman confessed to the robbery and agreed to testify against Springmeier, Roger was never used as a witness during Springmeier’s trial.
Both Springmeier and Bateman are currently incarcerated at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon. Springmeier is held at the maximum security facility. According to an anonymous source in Oregon, Fritz was involved in a fight in the prison and spent some time in solitary confinement.
Investigator reporter John Stevens from the Portland area in Oregon, was able to obtain copies of the search warrants used by the police to search Springmeier and Bateman’s residences in Multnomah and Clackamas Counties. According to Stevens here are some of the items found and confiscated: Machine guns, a modified 20 mm cannon, a 37 mm grenade launcher, hand grenades, part for a .50 caliber machine gun, tri-pod mounted .30 caliber semi-automatic belt fed copy of a Browning 1919 machine gun, dynamite, binary explosives, chemicals to make C-4 explosives, numerous hand guns, rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.
When I first was informed that Fritz was under police investigation, I started to search the Portland newspaper, The Oregonian. I was able to find at least two newspaper articles, stating the arrest of Fritz Springmeier and a write up on the court proceedings from January 27, published in the Oregonian on January 29, 2003. The staff writer was Stephen Beaven. Within a few weeks, every article concerning Springmeier vanished from the Oregonian website, and when I tried to find them, the answer came up that there are no articles existing on Springmeier. Next I tried to call the newspaper, and ask for photocopies, willing to pay for them. It was impossible to find anyone working in the archives willing to do the work.
During the first court proceedings, Steven Beaven attended representing The Oregonian. As the different legal maneuvers took place in the Federal District Court, the only reporter present for all the hearings was the private investigative reporter John Stevens 3. When I spoke to him, he was at a total loss as to why the media in Portland had made the decision not to inform the public what was happening or to attend the court hearings; after all, this was an armed robbery and a very well known person in the community was accused of having done it.
The only place my researcher in Portland could find a copy of the denial from Judge James A. Redden, was in the law library of the Oregon State University.
As I looked further into the case, I was told there is a possibility that the Federal Government is trying to use Springmeier in the upcoming trials of the alleged abortion bomber Eric Rudolph as a witness against him (Rudolph eluded capture for some five years). The common practice of the federal government is to be able to have a hostile witness testify against a defendant, and to offer a reduced sentence for the witness. While negotiations are going on, there is usually a news media blackout. Rudolph and Springmeier are both suspected to be members of the Army of God (AOG).
According to the items listed in the search warrants obtained by John Stevens, the following material was found in Bateman’s residence: Signs, banners, books, literature, computer records and handwritten material that identified Bateman as a member of the "Army of God." There were books describing how to make explosives, create poisonous gases, culture diseases, as well as books on sniper training and freedom fighting. There was also a copy of the Army of God operations manual.
Furthermore, ceramic body armor with an Army of God (AOG) patch on the left shoulder was found along with "Bull Run Militia" emblems, extensive military gear, fake identification, plans and diagrams of operational plans which included the building of an underground command center, an escape tunnel and a bunker in the woods.
Meanwhile supporters of Springmeier are claiming that Fritz was "framed" by the Federal Government and that he is innocent. There are some website’s claiming his innocence and some of them are trying to raise money so that Fritz can hire attorneys and continue the appeal process.
After talking with a number of people who have known Fritz for some years, and particularly to the family of Roger, I am convinced that Fritz participated and led the bank robbery, that he is a member of the Army of God, and that this group is armed and dangerous to anyone opposing them. Hiding behind the cloak of being Christians, they are bringing shame to the body of Christ.
Pastor Jeff Weakley of God’s Remnant Church (GRC) is a part of the Identity Movement 4, which is also connected with the Christian Patriot Association (CPA). Weakley in an interview with John Stevens in 1997 told how the Army of God (AOG) is set up, and he specifically warned that the members are very dangerous, well armed, committed and invisible. Weakley further revealed that Springmeier may be the leader and brain behind Army of God cells and their activities. In a private letter from Springmeier to John Stevens in 1997, Springmeier outlined his activities and he ended the letter, saying "PLEASE DESTROY THIS LETTER AFTER YOU READ IT, OUR EXISTENCE IS UNKNOWN."

For a background study on Fritz Springmeier, see our article on Fritz Springmeier - Another Human Tragedy.
1.  Due to death threats and promises of harm, we cannot name some of our sources.
2.  During the time period of March thru June 2003 there were no articles on Fritz Springmeier available from The Oregonian newspaper.
3.  For a deeper study on the Identity Movement, see The Dove, Spring/Summer 1996, pages 20-36 (available for $2.00 postage paid); see our article on the Identity Movement Cult.
4.  John Stevens is an independent investigative reporter who has written some articles used by the Oregon Spotlight. For a complete report of Stevens’ investigation of the Springmeier case, you may contact him at, call him at (503) 256-1656, or visit the Oregonian Spotlight website.
It's gotta be bad for Springmeier when fellow Bible -thumpers write him off.

Assuming it still is Springmeier...


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