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Craig Lazo aka Killtown

Other AKAs: zippy,  ronson,  ATH911,  suede

Not the awesome deathmetal festival of the same name.  For more about Killtown Deathfest click HERE.

Craig Lazo aka killtown

Networks: PDX911 Truth Alliance, Portland 911 Truth Alliance, Oregon Truth Alliance,, defunct)

Group Contacts: Jennifer Wynhausen, Ginny Ross, Brian Mcmanus, Tim Titrud, Richard Frager, Sara Lamadrid

Other Contacts: Mr. Thomas Potter, "Ozzy" Thomson, Ben Collet, Julie Blattenbauer, Jaye Powers, Spiney & Co

Perhaps the most well known and universally despised conspiracy troll EVER. For almost a decade Lazo as "Killtown" trolled the web, leaving stinking piles of virtual shit behind him, until he was banned from almost every conspiracy site for anti-social, passive aggressive spamming. Lazo had his own forum for about two years, until he ran it into the ground and it was disabled for TOU violations. Deeply damaged and deranged, Lazo imagines he's the creator of software music samples in programs he's purchased. This was probably a traumatic reaction to being kicked out of the house by his girlfriend, forcing him to move back to California and back into mom's basement.

Now Lazo nurses old wounds in the dark, finding new targets to blame for his misery. Once a year, around September 11th, he's trotted out on a radio show and his cult fans pretend he's saying something important. The truth is everyone knows Lazo's days as a Conspiracy Internet Tough Guy are over.

Cali boy in Kansas?

Known to be born and mostly raised in California, at some point in  Lazo's upbringing he found himself in Kansas long enough to be a student of  Shawnee Mission South Sr High School in Overland Park, Kansas, assuming it is the same Craig M. Lazo:

Craig Lazo

Shawnee Mission S Sr High School

Overland Park, KS
Sports and Politics

Lazo might be connected to Galeforce Sports Marketing through his cycling activities:

04/08/2000 - Sizzler Mountain Bike Classic AMBC | Cross Country | | Senior | 28-34
24-Craig Lazo15806614:53.0

04/16/2000 - Napa Valley Dirt Classic | Cross Country | | Senior | 27-34
13-Craig Lazo1580662:01:01427
03/26/2000 - Napa Valley World Cup | Cross Country | | Master | 30-39
52-Craig Lazo15806657:44.51373
09/09/2001 - Racin at the Ranch | Cross Country | | Senior | 25-29
19-Craig Lazo1580661:44:43

Lazo made his foray into politics through the Libertarian Party:(Santa Clara Libertarian)

 8. GREEN-REFORM-LP DEBATE PROTEST A local green party official called me to say he was organizing a multi-party protest targeted at the networks. I put the word out on our local eboard and to their credit, 5 of our members and a reg-lib - Ron Berti, Hiram Pierce, Jascha Lee, Tom Spielbauer, Allen Rice, and Craig Lazo volunteered to participate, only to have the Green guy renege after we had signs planned and I’d picked out two SJ network news offices to target. By the time the Greens reneged it was too late to do it on our own. But it was still uplifting to me that so many were willing to take to the streets for the cause.
 Wonder what a "reg-lib" is; registered libertarian?  It would fit.  Lazo's bragged about being a libertard before:

Killtown said...
How ironic that Stogie bitches about my analysis that the ordnance plume on Val's photo may have been photoshopped on there by her, or someone else when I went to check out his blog and the first two posts were:

Two More Staged Photos

Photoshopping With Al-Reuters


And by the way Stogie, I'm a registered Libertarian. So much for your tired immature right-wing "Marxist" name calling.

Now the site has gone modfag, requiring a login to view this link
A username and password are being requested by The site says: ""
Marv Rudin must be another Lazo sugar daddy.  Download from THIS LINK instead.

LOL.  Full copy of PDF  mirrored at THIS LINK.

Moron conspiracy Libertarians:at Mike Gravel's Myspace blog:

KT Killtown So thrilled you joined the LP Mike!

I had been telling my friends how I would have loved to see you and Ron Paul as running mates in the election.

Peace out,

4 years ago
Wait.  Is this the same Mike Gravel caught ripping "truther" donors off?
Snip from tl;dr email:

Initially, our intent was to file an initiative in California. I visited and worked with the attorneys at the State’s Legislative Council in Sacramento, drafting my concept into a legally acceptable initiative proposal. However, it became obvious that a California initiative campaign was out of the question at this time; it would take several million dollars to qualify an initiative for the ballot and more to wage a viable enactment campaign.

Since we planned no political activity in California and were limited in accepting foreign contributions, it was understood by all those involved (Jenkins, Freeland and Ripley) that we would dissolve the Recipient Committee before the end of the year or face extensive and expensive reporting requirements that were irrelevant to our national and global activity.  In the event of dissolution, California law is very clear; whatever monies are in the Committee’s bank account must be donated to a government recognized charity or returned to the donors on a pro rata basis. The purpose of the law is to make sure that monies collected publicly and not reported to a government entity do not covertly end up in organizations supporting political candidates or initiatives filed in California.

A pro rata return to donors would have been expensive accounting-wise and of deminimous impact to all but one donor.  I chose to donate all the funds in the account to the Democracy Foundation, a 501 c 3 charity recognized under federal law. The Democracy Foundation, which I founded and chaired, is the educational sponsor of the National Citizens Initiative, an initiative that when enacted into law will empower citizens to make laws in every government jurisdiction. The process to enact the National Citizens Initiative can be undertaking in any country where citizens are allowed to vote. Obviously, if we able to enact the National Citizens Initiative, it would provide an excellent opportunity to enact a federal law creating a new Citizens 911 Commission with federal powers far superior to anything we would expect to secure with a state initiative.
Gravel:  So the initiative was a boondogle that was DOA and had less than a snowball's chance in hell in the first place.  But it got you to give me money that  I've decided it would be too hard to return now the initiative is DOA  so we just decided to keep it and donate it to this "charity" I just happened to have.  Hope that's okay with everyone.  Cayman Islands here I come!

 Another lollercaust of conspiracy fail.  Lazo's support of Gravel is ironically appropriate.

Early Days

"Killtown" and spinner2882 aka Sarah Roberts

Holocaust Denial

It's hard to know which came first, the coo coo Holocaust denial chicken or the cracked 911 twoof egg, but by at least 2006, at his pre-breakout forum Loose Change (where Lazo helped a bunch of guys who made a conspiracy movie or something), Lazo was "asking questions" about the Holocaust:

 Controversial Holocaust Documentary, by David Cole
Killtown  Posted: Jul 7 2006, 02:55 AM
I was sent this link to watch. Very thought provoking:

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

I've always had a problem with the claimed numbers of Jews that allegedly died there. I keep hearing "6 million" or "1.5 million." That alone is a HUGE discrepency. Some say the number was as low as 280,000.

Suspecting what the Israeli/Palistine conflict is really about, the strong evidence Israel was involved with 9/11, and seeing how 9/11 was faked in general, it makes me wonder how much of the Holocaust was true or not.

I'm not denying the Holocaust like some stupid nazi punk skinhead would, but just now question what was true and what was fiction.

WingTV seems to think the Holocaust was a major hoax like 9/11 was along with Judicial-Inc.

What I want to know is if there is a documentary that tries to debunk this or similar "holocaust revisionist" documentary? I'd like to see the other side other than the MSM holocaust information we've all seen.
The moron continues:
 Killtown   Posted: Jul 7 2006, 07:05 AM
One of the reasons I think the Holocaust has been totally exaggerated is the sheer hostility that you get if you dare question it. I mean when countries enact laws against questioning it, something's wrong!
Killtown Posted: Jul 8 2006, 07:10 PM
 I just got spammed on my youtube profile that I was a "neo-nazi skinhead" for starting this thread!

See what I mean how some people accuse you for even to question the holocaust? This kind of stuff is what makes me suspicious about events like these.
Killtown Posted: Jul 8 2006, 07:21 PM
 I'm not denying no one was exterminated or treated horribly, but this systematic extermination of a people (the Jews) seems far-fetched based on a lot of the evidence.

Killtown   Posted: Jul 10 2006, 05:36 PM
 Remember, I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm questioning if it happened like they told us.
Truth is the first casualty from war, from ALL sides.

And I was thinking about this last night, would Israel have had been established if this "holocaust" hadn't happen like we were told?

 Killtown  Posted: Jul 11 2006, 07:07 AM

 You're welcome! I was shocked when I saw that video. It made me think of 9/11 all over again, meaning if people could lie about 9/11, could they have lied/exaggerated about the holocaust?

Now let me be clear I'm not denying it or any mistreatement/murder of Jews and others, I just want to know if there were any lies and distortions about the holocaust because it's seem like the Zionists benefitted from this "holocaust" and my tax dollars are supporting the end result of it (Israel). If I'm forced to pay taxes for them, I have a right to know what really happened.

And if people accuse me of being a Nazi for wanting the truth, then they can go shove their baseless accusations up their asses.
 Less baseless when Lazo's good friend Holohoax Titrud and fellow 911movement forum member is standing outside Jewish centers with signs like this:

 But we digress...

  Killtown  Posted: Jul 14 2006, 08:24 AM
 What a JOKE the definition of Holocaust Denial is!!!
Holocaust denial... is the belief that the Holocaust did not occur as it is described by mainstream historiography.
What if I believed every bad thing claimed about the Holocaust, but my research led me to believe that only 4 million Jews died instead of 6 million? That makes me a "holocaust denier"???
Smells like butthurt, with a side of denial.

 Killtown    Posted: Jul 28 2006, 08:07 PM
 Very interesting artice, says a lot of what I've been saying about how fishy it is that people automatically accuse you of being an anti-semite and "Hitler sympathizer" and that some countries want to arrest you for researching/expressing your views of the Holocaust...
Israel's Most Powerful Weapon--The Holocaust

Anyone who openly questions the official story of the Holocaust is attacked as anti-Semitic and sometimes they�re attacked physically. In much of Europe it is prison for anyone who dares to question the Holocaust!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants a world conference to be held to investigate the claims made about the Jewish holocaust. As he said, "Not allowing any research proves that there is a problem and something is fishy."

And if the study finds the Jewish holocaust did not happen, then a key reason for the Jewish state of Israel does not exist.
 It is my belief that if the holocaust didn't happen, then Israel would not be a state right now. This alone gives strong evidence that the zionists behind getting Israel created would exaggerate the holocaust for their end means.

I think people are scared to question any aspect of the holocaust and scaring people off from questioning the holocaust was one of the main goals of the zionist movement after WWII.

Just watch how I get labeled after posting this.
 Since no one but Holocaust deniers actually bring up these so called questions, it's safe to concluded Lazo is a Holocaust denier as has been by JREF members and others:
TristanM   Oct 18, 2007
 It started with a meeting between Avery and James Gandolfini, of the Sopranos. Avery wanted to be a movie maker, Gandolfini told him colorful language to make something to show and not just talk about it.

Originally Loose Change started as a fictional story about a group of friends that discover that their own government was behind the attacks of 9/11. Dylan himself has admitted this in an interview with "Movie Minutiae: Loose Change" :

Then Phil Jayhan got involved wanting to fund the project, but only if it was changed from fiction to a reality based project.

Phil Jayhan is a conspiracy fanatic attacking everything from the US government to the Vatican to the holocaust.

One of the so called researches on Loose Change goes by the Name Killtown, he remarked ""I've always had a problem with the claimed number of Jews that allegedly died there [Auschwitz]. I keep hearing "6 million" or "1.5 million" that alone is a HUGE discrepancy. Some say the number was as low as 280,000.
Suspecting what the Israeli/Palestine conflict is really about, the strong evidence Israel was involved with 9/11, and seeing how 9/11 was faked in general, it makes me wonder how much of the Holocaust was true or not."

Also Loose Change uses alot of information, articles and photos from 'The American Free Press'. A known neo-Nazi political magizine that takes a very strong anti-Israeli stance. Most of their articles are anti-Semitic views, bigotry, and sometimes utter insanity.

 At 27 July, 2006 20:35,  Sword of Truth said...
Oh yeah, that wouldn't cause any suspicion either. MULTIPLE kids mysteriously die when they just made a super conspiracy video that was sure to make headlines. No, no suspicion there either.

For once, I agree with KKKilltown. Just on this one issue though. He's still alone on the "jews faked the holocaust and 9-11" and "Hitler was a noble servant of the master race" crap.

The fact is, the MIB's would never kill him. Instead they'd plant a couple kilos of marijuana in his apartment and then just call in an anonymous tip to the police.

Dylan would be effectively silenced for decades (they don;t have to let you talk to reporters while you're in prison). And he'd be permanently discredited after he got out.

And no one would ever suspect anything. Most of us think he's on drugs to begin with.

At 16 July, 2006 19:55,  apathoid said...
Zieg Heil!

You are getting confused KKKilltown, but you confuse easily dont you? You are the Holocaust denying Nazi sympathizer on this blog(along with NesNYC)...not anyone else.

23rd January 2010, 09:03 PM    

...You didn't point out any facts. And yes... your blaming the jews when there is no evidence they are involved (aliong with your support of Holocaust denier Craig "Killtown" Lazo) makes you an anti-semite.

Moderator at Loose Change Forums, Questions and Critics

It's handy to be a moderator of a forum; when people ask tough questions you can hide them.  

Lazo was apparently a moderator of Loose Change forums, because he moved this comment into someplace called "the boxing ring":

 Killtown   Posted: Sep 16 2006, 05:39 PM
QUOTE (apegrasshoplizard @ Sep 16 2006, 07:34 AM)
 Raising questions in order to find out the answers is is the act of an inquistive mind. It seems to me you are a "shit - stirrer" pretending to be legitamately interested in what others have to say. Dodging and diving, bobbing and weaving - you fire back quotes and questions but never really address anything. You fail to back up the so called facts & your claims and opinions are lacking proof. Maybe because they are non-existent. The only thing you have responded too is my opinion of you. I believe you are a mindless (and confused) biggot. I can't proove this - but upon further investigation found others opinions that support my suspicions.

1. "The reason I don't take you up on any of your offers is I don't like you, and don't like the way you have trashed me over here and gotten so many to do the same.

I am not interested in debating you or speaking with you. I don't like the way you have treated me when I came here and posted, and to be honest, nobody would. You were mean spirited, unkind, hateful, spiteful & condecending.

Hope you understand! And hope you do well!


2. "I like killtown he is funny. But that doesnt mean he can go around attacking people etc." two quotes from same thread by Kingisdani

3. "Its not until recently he has only focused on attacking others, inability to ignore distractions, and constant whining distracting others from their research. Basically.. he needs to get his head out of his ass and focus on his research. Perhaps this was a wake up call for him." Johndoex

4. "KT was incessantly attacking people on a personal level, constantly stirring the pot, demanding that the admins do things that he wanted done immediately." Turt

5. "High five to the mods for doing the right thing. The guy has done a total 180 since I joined here. Makes me wonder if his account was stolen or the feds told him to stop doing serious research." BenKenobi

6. " I wondered the same thing. Very strange turn in his personality. But because no one ever knew who he was...who knew" DemolitinCrew

7. "For the record, I am sad that it has come to this with Killtown, but I feel it was beginning to be necessary, as with other bans implemented recently. And I agree, some of his research is outstanding.

Such a shame... " CrazyBlade
 This goes in the Boxing Ring section. Move it in there and I'll comment on it.

The "boxing ring" is a private forum, but the source of the other quotes can be found, though the first one is from a thread by Lazo's frienemy Phil Jayhan:

 Is Killtown The Webfairy?, They are both in total 100% agreement!
 Phil Jayhan   Posted: Aug 27 2006, 07:57 AM
Advanced Member
Group: Members
Posts: 263
Member No.: 461
Joined: 6-March 06

 I think that Killtown and the Webfairy are one and the same person. I have watched them both and watched all the insults, verbage, and everything about these two people and they are identical! Also, why won't Killtown take a single phone call from anyone? He/She says it wants to remain 'secret'

Open your eyes and see the obvious. They are both the same person! DUH
 Whats your thoughts? They never disagree. They always agree with each other except on small trivial issues. And Killtown can't stand it when someone insults the webfairy, even though she is ripe for legitamate abuse. Killtown moves away from the hologram at about the same time the webfairy does, without any arguing. OK, webfairy, whatever you say is the truth! We are dealing with an internet mulitple personality...And don't bother checking the IP addresses as she will be too smart for that. She spoofs all her IP's as she did on my own forum, and witnessed it myself!

phil :)

The Webfairy believed in Holograms. Then also did Killtown. then the Webfairy moved to CGI. So did Killtown. And on and on we go.

Believing the same batshit doesn't make them the same person.  But pushing the same batshit, at the same time, does prove they are part of the the same scam team.  The claim of spoofing IP's is probably bs to hide the fact Jayhan knew Lazo and Grable.   If they were such good IP spoofers, Lazo's ex wouldn't have been caught in her the911stalker act.

From other in house opposition:

 turturis     Posted: Aug 23 2006, 04:43 PM
 all that is great and grand but you guys are missing hte point...

KT was incessantly attacking people on a personal level, constantly stirring the pot, demanding that the admins do things that he wanted done immediately.

his work is brilliant even if some of it is off the beaten path. that isnt why he was banned. he was banned for his divisive tactics and remarks.

the thread here can die as it is moot now that he is unbanned.


johndoeX     Posted: Aug 23 2006, 09:00 PM
If anyone wants to forward this to KT...

Dylan didnt know all the facts before he unbanned you. I just got off the phone with Merc. Dylan is being updated.

1. I have my doubts if you are a part of this movement.
2. No one knows who you are. .including Dylan. Aside from "Killtown"
3. All of us who do massive research know and trust each other enough to talk to each other on the phone daily
4.You have done nothing but cause divide over the past few months.
5. You better start doing something... ANYTHING, to gain our trust.. so far.. DJ has a point about your anonymity.. even to those you can trust you dont offer anything for us to trust you.. and those of us willing to give out our names and numbers...
6. You have offered nothing but personal attacks and wild theories that divide as others have started serious highly sensitive research.. .such as the FDR forum.
7. You have done everything to distract me personally from my research. You're doing it now and you're not even here anymore.
8. Other Admins can speak for themselves. .but they have similar stories.

(The boys just called back...... you're banned for good KT... If you want to state your case... Contact Dylan.,. WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER!)

Send KT the email if he wants to email me.
So they banned Lazo.  He was gone from the forum but not from the 9/11 scene...

9/11 Truth and "No Planes"

 In mid 2006 Lazo went "no planer", for back ground leading up read Jack Chit's account.

  In an interview with Jason Worsley,  June 16 2007, Lazo indicates he "went no planer"(an extreme 9/11 conspiracy belief that is what it sounds like) in the summer of 2006.   But Lazo was already registered at the yahoo list-serve Planehuggers_anonymous in January of 2006.  The description makes a stab  at irony, claiming to be:

 This is a therapy group for people who have problems with 911 related depth perception.
The puzzle is how 911 brought about fresh and different meanings to basic concepts like "big" and "boom."
To get a better idea of what it's about go to the first post by Grable where she seems to be continuing  a flame war from somewhere else about what is or ins't a plane on video:

I asked Eric whether his position in relation to the Nth Tower is

a) That the appearance of the object seen to be approaching the Nth Tower is

unmistakeably a 767, can be clearly seen as such and cannot be anything

b) That the appearance of the object, while unable to be identified down to

the exact model, is unmistakeably a large passenger jet of similar size to a
767, can be clearly seen as such and cannot be anything else.

c) That the object is so indistinct, that it's very difficult to tell what

it is, or its size, and that its plausible to speculate - amongst other
possibilities - that it could be a large passenger jet.
 Skimming messages one is left with the impression this is a list for people who think that no aircraft were involved in the September 11 th, attacks.  A request to the list via Ron Winn, and other forwards make up the bulk of "Killtown" related messages until Lazo joins, and starts posting immediately, mostly spamming linnks promoting his "research".  Still, given the nature of the list(a mutual admiration society of the seriously brainwashed), it's hard to believe Lazo would register if he had not swallowed the Koolaid yet, especially since they drone on about Lazo's credibility  in the interview.

It is more likely Lazo's "no plane" interest was a planned part of spreading his conspiracy snake oil and there was an agreement for him to "convert" once all the other scam artists had their dance partners and stories worked out.    There's nothing on the list to suggest Lazo's debate or interaction with members convinced him to change his conspiracy ideas. This would have been the smart thing to do to make the scam and Lazo's presence on the list so soon believable.  Whoops!  Another conspiracy con failure brought to you by "Killtown".

Flyer Spamming  at march:

 2) 250+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns'
I handed out a bunch of my list yesterday that I printed out. It was well received. Even some skeptics took it.

See him in action, his buddy Holohoax Titrud right behind him:

 Wonder if any printouts survived...

Spreading Lies about Video Recorders and Photographers

By 2006 Lazo had his fat head so far up his fat conspiracy ass he was inventing and/or helping spread lies about anyone who could be remotely connected to the Spetember 11th attacks, including those lucky enough to catch footage of any of the aircraft and/or explosions.

This blog succinctly gives a short list of Lazo's targets:
 Killtown would make up lies about anyone as long as there was a conspiracy involved

Carmen Taylor

Gary Welz

Mike Hezerakhani

Mark Humphrey

Val McClatchey

Val McClatchey was a particular obsession with Lazo; he spent almost 10 years spreading the lie McClatchey was running a fraudulant charity, with Wynhausen's help at Loose Change forums, after Lazo was given the boot:

From a thread with a sane, if misspelled,  title:  

Let's Publicly Comdemn This Harrassment

Wynhausen writes:

Jennifer - September 15, 2007 02:21 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Oliver @ Sep 14 2007, 03:17 PM)
Killtown accused her of being involved in the cover-up.
But all she did was to take a photo of the plume. That's all.

And if I would know you a little bit better - I probably wouldn't
think that you already sound like Killtown himself... :P [/kidding]

That's all... really? And what cover up are you referring to?

Clearly this photo is falsified, which at the very least indicates that she was complicit in a crime. So, I would expect her to be involved in the cover up of that crime, so how is that harassment? Is it harassment, questioning whether or not the photo is real? Or is questioning her motives, financial or otherwise harassment? This woman has clearly profited off of 911. Look at the skank, the evolution of her appearance (the photo on the right is the more recent photo):

user posted image

And I don't quite understand what you mean... I sound like Killtown? Because I question this photo as well? Or because I stand up for other truthers, are you going to call me Terrorcell next?

Maybe I should ask you what you are trying to cover up. Do you think the photo is real?

Moar on these wackathon hijinks can be found at this page:

Let's just say, obsessed internet troll is obsessed.

Image from this blog

Forum started in 2007 by Lazo and/or associates of Lazo.  Gone now, but know in conspiracy circles as a uniquely insane brand of batshit woo:

No wonder you post lies and delusions, want unsupported moronic delusions; it is their goal!
This forum was created by and for those who believe that the attacks of 9/11 was an inside job ...
They thrive on nut case ideas made up out of ignorance.
Truther Cannibalism

This is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. And a perfect example at how quick some truthers are to accuse people into treachery just to keep their paradigm of craziness intact. I heard about Beverly Eckert, a 9/11 activist, dying in a freak plane crash right after meeting Obama. The original CT was that Obama had her killed. Well, this is a crazy twist on it. There was no plane crash.. she's still alive.. she was a shill the whole time, and now is retired, probably on some paradise island somewhere...

They don't even respect their own dead and they claim to respect the dead of those on 9/11??
 Lazo's  location may have been leaked through his forum; however it happened, by 2008 it was common knowledge Lazo was in Portland, Oregon:

"Fortunately the authorities dont agree with you just ask killtown - hiding away there in Portland waiting for the hammer to drop"

Lazo's forum limped along for a couple of years; around 2010 people noticed it was gone:

Ok why cant we just get over NO PLANERS is gone or is it hmmmmm,
i have seen nothing of the 911 planers ot Tv Fakery i think it is finished and so
it Mr Killtowns so good bye no PLANERS and thankyou for you idiotic youtube video's
and you silly NPT and holographic plane theory HPT ummm errr yerrrrrr rightoooo then
good bye and goodluck but thankyou NOT for trying to destroy the 911truth movement
ya little COINTELPRO retards hahahaha you FAIL no plane failists = Mental Retards
Apparently disappeared in October of 2009:

11th October 2009, 06:22 PM 
Thinker gone is gone

A nice dessert for the NYCANNT meal
Leading a user to ask a revealing question:

 yet another reason to wonder why these people cant host their own forums
"" was hosted by Invisionfree:

 For now, shout out to InvisionFree for hosting for so long
Why it disappeared isn't answered, though Lazo has apparently invented an explanation that will sooth his butthurt ego:

What happened to the old 911movement Forum?

Gangstalkers Col. Jenny Sparks
and Genghis6199, with the
help of Shure, blackmailed the
Forum's owner Slick to shut down
the forum "or else."
Few people besides Lazo's then girlfriend Jennifer/911stalker/Thee Pee cared enough to pimp this bizarre theory.  But those who did shared Lazo's amusingly contradictory explanation: site down
 D2  Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:54 pm    Post subject: site down has been down for several days. Anyone know what happened? According to Killtown's blog the forum is under temporary maintenance, but there have been no subsequent updates.
 Which is it?  Blackmail?  Or temporary maintenance?

Lazo isn't just a compulsive habitual liar.  Lazo is the dumbo columbo buffoon of lying who can't even do it right.  Some highlights:

Consider the probability of being detected. Before launching into your lie, ask yourself what the chances are of being caught. Only you can answer the question of how likely it is you'll be found out and the worthiness of lying about the matter. Things to consider include: 

  • Have I done this before and been caught out by the people I'm trying it on now?
  • Were there witnesses?
  • What are the likely reprisals if caught?
Lazo would know all these factors have applied to him at some point in his conspiracy trolling years.  Ergo Lazo should have known no one would believe his blackmail bawling, especially after telling everyone it was "temporary maintenance"

All making Lazo a compulsive habitual stupid liar.

Lazo registered at a replacement forum: Making a total of 4 posts in three years.   Lazo probably bailed from butthurt when he wasn't instantly made an admin:

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Parodying Killtown 

Such terminal conspiracy fail inevitably attracts mockery.  In response to Lazo's ghoulish obsession with Jovin's murder, The Myspace Page "Justice for Killtown" was made in Feb 2007:

About me:

.. We are a group of concerned citizens who seek justice against those who let Killtown slip through the cracks and turn into a person who harasses strangers over the internet and accuses innocent people of participating the deaths of their fellow countrymen.

 [In a weird twist, Evdokas actually complimented Lazo Jovin "research" in 2012]

Not as lulzy,  the Youtube channel whoiskilltown , registered Jan 2008, gives some mild laughs:

About who the fuck is killtown?

killtown is a conspiracy crack head. he makes up ludicrous claim without any proof. claims no planes hit the towers on 9/11 lol. what the fuck init? thousands saw planes hit but he calls them all liars. even tho we have video proof. help us find him and expose the clown he really is.
 Lazo was consistently mocked at a place called Screw Loose Change Forums, apparently related to the blog of the same name.  It's tone suggests a more mature management than the blog of the same name which hasn't moved beyond it's 15 minutes of fame over a stale joke that was funny six years ago.  The forums, OTOH, are , or were, moar lulzy.  They are lost  to the memory hole, though this single screen shows  Lazo is probably responsible for most of Flight 93 conspiracy spam...and kept spamming was no matter how much he was derided...and proved wrong:

Some of the best mockumentary of Lazo's "research":

killtown: biggest moron in earth's history by lod01
KIlltown, Why Do You Omit All This Evidence?  by MurdervillagE
And a jab at Lazo's big buddy Fetzer:
 Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcript - Fetzer's Lie   by The Artistic Macrophage

For some reason Lazo stopped posting in 2008,but he didn't delete his profile:

Lazo inspired the Urban Dictionary listing "killtowning":

1. killtowning

To evade argument or discussion on an internet forum when you are unable to defend your position, by accusing the person you are debating with of trolling, shilling, hating etc and other handwaving distraction tactics.

Named after the forum posting style of killtown (an extremely annoying 9/11 "researcher").
killtown: *makes unsubstantiated claim*

other poster: *proves him wrong*

killtown: you're a troll and this forum is full of haters, shills and trolls! why does the admin continue to allow the trolls to keep posting here!?

other poster: stop
killtowning you clueless dufus! 

But the best lols to come was Killtown's Secret Archive...

Killtown's Secret Archive 

Established April 2008 the blog was dedicated to exposing Lazo's idiocy:
This blog is the product of information donated by the many people Killtown has attacked over the years.

Knowledge is free.
We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
 According to The Lost Dutchman(scroll down to Killtown A Conspiracy Cyberstalker?):
This organization ceases additions to the blog when the cyber stalker "Killtown" is found. The Secret Archive has no issue with Killtown's research, it's his behavior that they call deplorable: "He has bullied and harassed people for years online." The goal of the Secret Archive is to destroy Killtown's ability to attack people. 

 Lazo, like members of his group(Lamadrid, Wynhausen), attempted to blame a couple of SP's for the "KSA" blog.  In fact Lazo's hysterical paranoid butthurt that "Sparks" and "Genghis"are out to get him are 90% of the reason there is an SP page.

"KSA" may be responsible for spamming this article across the IMC:

 Killtown: conspiracy flake or Internet menace?

by Rita S.
Killtown. A name hated and reviled in conspiracy circles on the internet. In their own words:
thelibra (Forum Moderator) - "Killtown, in the future, please refrain from just making things up and presenting them as fact. I'm editing the title of this thread, and I'd also consider yourself on thin ice as far as this forum goes."(from ATS)
Springer Killtown got banned because he REFUSED to abide the TAC, PERIOD. We'd ban ANYONE who acted like he was WELL before webanned him, we tried on several levels to work with him but to no avail. END OF STORY.
intrepid Well, if you've followed killtowns career, so to speak, he has a propensity to get banned pretty much everywhere that he registers. He wears his bannings like a badge of honor and plays the martyr.
It's a well sourced lollercaust of Lazo's bannings and shenanigans, so of course he has to bawl to  indymedia:

 -------- Original Message --------
Subject: [website feedback] Malicious article by a cyberstalker uploaded
to your IndyMedia site
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 14:41:42 -0400 (EDT)
To: ,,

KT sent a message using the contact form at


A cyberstalker has uploaded the following malicious article about me:

"Killtown: conspiracy flake or Internet menace?"

They have uploaded this article to more than a dozen different indymedia
in an attempt to intimidate, smear and embarrass myself and others. They
include links at the bottom to their multiple cyberstalking websites that
contains people's personal information.

Please remove this malicious article.

Thanks in advance.

Observe Lazo doesn't mention any SP's....

IMC isn't impressed:

29-06-2012 12:27 AM 
 I don't see why we should remove it. It was posted in 2009 and doesn't appear to be spam. Yes, it's largely the opinion of one individual or group, but we don't remove articles because they're opinionated or contrary to an opinion we might have. Robb, does the article violate our editorial policy? If so, how?


Robbt <> wrote:

a request to remove an article, I don't see why not to remove it.
 Too much win for words.  The article? Still AliveAnd even if it dies, it'll live on here.

To be fair(we need the exercise), Lazo's suspicions SP's are behind "KSA" in theory aren't without basis.  Lazo's habit of unprovoked shit stirring over the years guarantees someone would be out to get him eventually. But Lazo lost it when he spun a tale of being blackmailed by the people he's blaming "KSA" for, and expanded his tale of woe with nothing to back it up, leading to some of his "proof" going "poof":
"Lazo asserted several Facebook users were one person and were stalking him and he "proved" it with this image:

Which has unsurprisingly disappeared from Lazo's account
The image is gone, but no doubt if we wait long enough Craig Lazo will upload another copy because he's just that dumb."
To date the group or persons behind "KSA" remain unknown.  Analysis page coming soon HERE.

Recently we received email correspondence strongly implying communications with law enforcement agencies may have directly or indirectly led to Lazo's exposure.
More to come.

Whatever the circumstances, the results can't be disputed. "KSA" announced the docs giveaway January 14, 2010:
Haupt, under his "ewing2001" nick, dropped the docs bomb on Friend Feed the next day.  This also shows "KSA" was in contact with Haupt, begging the question of how much Haupt himself contributed and what Haupt problem with Lazo was.


The docs bomb was dropped by none other than Lazo's old associate, cult victim Haupt:

9/11 Researcher Killtown apparently identified as former "Cyclist" Craig M. Lazo
 Considering Haupt's use as a conduit of conspiracy propaganda, this might be questionable if Lazo didn't share a  Libertarian Party history with his "Killtown" alter ego.[Scroll up to Sports and Politics]

As it is, it's confirmed by JREF users.  Lazo is in a bind; now every time Lazo gives a radio interview he risks someone known in Real Life calling in to call him out on being a lying stalking holocaust denying loser.  In hind sight, it wasn't so smart to be a dickhead across the Interwebs.

One result is it has reduced the amount of lies and attacks from Lazo.  Instead he's busy trying to recruit new cannon fodder.

This observation was made by Six Sigma at Above Top Secret conspiracy boards:
 reply posted on 9-7-2012 @ 03:02PM by Six Sigma
Craig Lazo aka Killtown has all but disappeared since his identity went public.

Granny Lazo Kicks Bucket

Sad and strange since by all accounts Granny Lazo was a nice old lady and Craig Lazo never followed her example:

Ann F. Lazo

  • "Mrs. Lazo was a very kind and loving person. I remember..."
    Ann F. Lazo
Resident of Mountain View
Ann was born in Santa Clara on June 27, 1915. She passed away on March 2, 2013. Ann was preceded by her husband, Martin J. Lazo. Mother of Peter E. Lazo and the late Barbara A. Lazo. Grandmother of Scott and Craig Lazo. Ann was a member of YLI since Dec. 3, 1947, and a member of Jugo-Slav Napredak Club for many years.
Visitation will be held Fri., Mar. 8, 2013, 2-4pm at Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary, 96 W. El Camino, Mtn. View. Funeral Mass on Sat., Mar. 9 at 11:00am at St. Joseph Church, 582 Hope St., Mtn. View.

Mountain View resident Ann Frances Lazo passed away on Mar. 2, 2013. She was 97.
Born in Santa Clara on June 27, 1915 she was a member of the Young Ladies Institute since Dec. 3, 1947, and a member of Jugo-Slav Napredak Club for many years.
Ann was preceded in death by her husband Martin J. Lazo and daughter-in-law Barbara A. Lazo. She is survived her son Peter E. Lazo and grandchildren Scott and Craig Lazo.
Visitation was held on Fri. Mar. 8 at Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary followed by a funeral mass on Sat. Mar. 9 at St. Joseph Church. She will rest at Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

Ann Frances Lazo

Born in Santa Clara, California on Jun. 27, 1915
Departed on Mar. 2, 2013 and resided in Mountain View, CA.
Visitation: Friday, Mar. 8, 2013
Funeral Mass: Saturday, Mar. 9, 2013
Cemetery: Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Ann was born in Santa Clara on June 27, 1915. She passed away on March 2, 2013. Ann was preceded by her husband, Martin J. Lazo. Mother of Peter E. Lazo and the late Barbara A. Lazo. Grandmother of Scott and Craig Lazo. Ann was a member of YLI since Dec. 3, 1947, and a member of Jugo-Slav Napredak Club for many years.
Visitation held on Fri. Mar. 8, 2013 from 2-4pm at Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary, 96 W. El Camino, Mtn. View. Funeral Mass on Sat. Mar. 9 at 11:00am at St. Joseph Church, 582 Hope St. in Mtn. View.

This Memorial Obituary provided by Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary

Killtown, a 9/11 Cyber Stalker?

This question is posed by The Lost Dutchman at a hubpages blog:

Killtown, a 911 Cyber Stalker?

The scene immediately after the Twin Towers collapsed on 911 - Image: FEMA / Public Domain

Profiling Killtown
Killtown, questioning the 9/11 attacks.
Killtown Blogspot. Investigating the attacks of September 11, 2001. In memory of all the victims of 9/11.
The definition of a Cyber Stalker, according to the Urban Dictionary: "A cyber stalker is a sick and lonely coward individual who abuses the anonymity of the internet as his only possibility to molest another person. This kind of breed uses all kinds of internet services like talk forums or blogs for chasing his victims. The victims are mostly only accidental and get attacked for no given reason."
The definition of a Troll, according to Wikipedia: "In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

Killtown's secret archive

This organization ceases additions to the blog when the cyber stalker "Killtown" is found. The Secret Archive has no issue with Killtown's research, it's his behavior that they call deplorable: "He has bullied and harassed people for years online." The goal of the Secret Archive is to destroy Killtown's ability to attack people. 
Killtown's Secret Archive:
In 2003, "Killtown" started posting at conspiracy forums. He or she seemed to be acting like a troll, or a cyber stalker. Killtown was one of the critics who ripped apart every element of the photo Valencia McClatchey took of the crash of United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. He said the photo was fake and that Ms. McClatchey was running a fraudulent charity.
After that, Killtown started a MySpace for the murder victim Suzanne Jovin and refused to remove it, even after her family complained about it. "If you are suspicious about 9/11, then you should know about this suspicious murder of a college student back in 1998..."
In 2007 Killtown started a forum called which is an elaborate data mining operation for a group of cyber stalkers. Stalking video's were tagged "WQ2RX", the project was created by "dog4tree", an alias of Rosalee Grable aka the Webfairy.
In 2008 Killtown and "Ozzybinoswald" made some psychotic video's targeting 911 widow Ellen Mariani, the "Jersey Girls", and 911 witnesses Carmen Taylor, Evan Fairbanks, Michael Hezerakani, Gary Welz and Val McClatchey. They also seemed to be busy with making softcore porn with girls of questionably age.
In 2009 Ozzyban invented a new "conspiracy" about a Canadian actor called Mark Humphrey, "the 911 Harley guy"...
Hat tip to Lost Dutchman for the truly disturbing Jovin incident. Cyber stalker or not, Lazo is one deranged puppy.

Lawyer Ross' Lazo Alzheimer's Moment(s)

In Sept/Oct 2010 someone called gastropod29 contacted Ginny Ross about some conspiratards including Lazo.  Being a conspiracy drama whore, Ross forwarded the email to her list:

On Sep 29, 2010, at 9:30 PM, Ginny Ross wrote:

  Can anyone explain what in the world this is and why 'gastropod29' sent
it to me? I recognize Sara's name in there. It makes no sense whatsoever.



'Labels: Adam Syed, Colman Jones, Craig Lazo, Craig Ranke, Gretchen
Esplanada, Gustapo, Gustavo Espada, Keenan, Sara Lamadrid, Scott


--- On *Fri, 9/24/10, G P /< gastropod29@...>/* wrote:

From: G P < gastropod29@...>
Subject: its the shit
Date: Friday, September 24, 2010, 5:57 AM

cointelpro at its best lol
Frager, close friend of Lazo, plays has "never heard of the guy":
 Re: [Portland911Truth] Fw: its the shit and lazo is hiding it
 Posted By:falseflagusa  
Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:49 am

This is truly bizarre!!!  I have no explanation.
Angeldog thinks there's a virus:
angeldog samzig7     
Sep 30, 2010 6:44 am
what happens when you click on the link? is it perhaps bait for a virus?...
After much drama and back and forth, Roy McCoy decides to take action, imagining COINTELPRO in the wings:

Roy McCoy Mr_Roy_McCoy    
Oct 4, 2010 10:48 am

Dear "G P":

> wasnt just sent to ross. was bcc to lotsa people.
> and bccd again to people who seemed to miss it.

I'm not sure it was a worthy piece of spam ("mass email"),
despite your assertion that it "got to the right people".
I suppose it was good that Gustavo found out about the
fake blog, but on the other hand you did him no favor by
publicizing it because it wasn't absolutely clear that
he hadn't actually created the pages concerned himself.

> weird things in format probably stray code from page source.
> disable rich text you wont have that probem

I'm not going to do that on received messages, though I
already have it turned off as a default on ones I write.

> >>>>It does look like COINTELPRO, but who is cointelpro-ing whom?
> ummm--yeah. fyi COINTELPRO is a govrnt project not a verb dude.

Tell me about it. I picked up the use of "cointelpro" as a verb
and substantive action from an essay circulated by N.I. Sequoyah
who was "cointelproed" and put away in the late eighties for
activities related to free energy, American Indians, and
possibly international language though I doubt it was the latter.

The main thing I want to say is that though your message may
have been clear to fonebone and yourself, it wasn't clear to
others (I can speak at least for Ginny and myself) and you didn't
make it clear. I'm still not sure what you were getting at, actually.
If the point was that Gustavo had been cointelproed, this was lost
by the allusion to Craig Lazo (Killtown?) and the names and website
listed under "Labels".


Of course this is all drama bullshit.  Ross knew exactly who Craig Lazo was and said so on her list in 2008:

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
From: Ginny Ross
Subject: Re: [911] Does anyone know this guy?
To:, OR 9/11 Activist Leaders

Tim thinks that "Casey" is the witch Jo who has been harrassing Jennifer.
If anyone does know Craig (who is pictured) you might want to warn him
that he might be in the sites as a new target for that succubus.
Safe travels all,
Succubus must be a new slur for SP, though a weird one.  The whole fail drama exchange to be mirrored soon HERE for lulz.

Bestiality Cult?

According unconfirmed but hilarious rumors at Topix, Lazo had live action furry interests:

what do u think about 911 loose change

Saint Louis, MO 
 Saturday May 12

Every edition of the "Loose Change" movies has been completely debunked, and the brats that made all the films, and profited from them ( they spent the money on big TVs and xbox 360s, partying, etc) are in hiding because they can no longer milk it for money so all that is left is the shame of exploiting the dead and their families.

The WTC towers were brought down by al quaeda hijacked planes, wtc 7 was destroyed by the collapse of the towers and fire, a al quaeda hijacked plane hit the pentagon and left tons of evidence, and an al quaeda hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

The person who started most of these conspiracy theories was named Killtown AKA Craig Lazo, and he is also the founding member of a pacific northwest bestiality cult in oregon and washington state, which molested animals on film and rented animals out to people to be molested. Nice founding member there, "truth movement". Get over this crap and don;t waste your time with it. ifyou were already duped by the loose change cult and watched their stupid movies, watch the link i posted, which debunks every second of them.
Pure lulz, tho probably not true.  OTOH Lazo's friendship with pedo friendly "Ozzy" Thomson is true, so who knows how far the Lazo-man was willing to go for a quick buck.

Lazo the Fashion Blogger

For reasons unknown to God or man, Lazo took up blogging about apparel in March of 2012:

Craig Lazo
Basic Level Expert Author

Joined EzineArticles on Mar 19, 2012
1 Published Articles:
3 Article Views:

Recent Articles By Craig Lazo

His new work is already linked and mirrored at one apparel outlet:

Another possibility: it's not Lazo at all, but a friend trying to junk up search results linking Lazo to his "Killtown" work. But if Lazo really is moving into the apparel business good for him; it's a competitive industry and his stalking skills acquired in the conspiracy field will be a welcome resource dirrected at hostile competitors.

Stay fabulous, girlfriend!

Also commented on at Above Top Secret by waypastvne:

The rumor is , he(Lazo) has gone into the fashion T-shirt business,


 It's really nice to see someone else stalking him for a change.

[under construction]

911 Review Website Hacked? 
[Update: website fixed late Aug 2012]

Sometime in late July of 2012  results for Lazo's main website, appeared with a warning from Google:  This site may harm your computer.

The link goes on to say:

Results labeled "This site may harm your computer"

We want you to feel safe when you search the web. We're continuously working to identify dangerous sites and increase protection for our users. The following warning message appears beneath the title of search results we've identified as sites that may install malicious software on your computer: "This site may harm your computer."
 New pages are hai-lariously vandalized with links to porn and viagra: 

This site may harm your computer.
viagra for sale generic viagra buy viagra.

[Yaoi anime gay || yaoi anime :: yaoi 3d]
... This site may harm your computer.
9/11 Pages. • 250+ 'Smoking Guns'. • Coincidences & Oddities. yaoi chunk. yanp kul olmak. yaoi book. yaoi animk letltse a y. yaoh sp avi. yansin dunya ...

affs__bleach_190_720p__wwwmp4 - Killtown
This site may harm your computer.
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|Undertown_2010 crack xp win7serialiso - Killtown
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Questioning the 9/11 attacks... - Killtown
This site may harm your computer.
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Teen Porn?  Not a good look with Lazo's history with Thomson.  News spread to Lazo's video comments page:
I am getting a warning that my computer may be harmed if I visit your web site ?
asicit2b in reply to WelcomeToKilltown  1 day ago
No reply from Lazo so far.   Probably franticly tryng to get the webmaster to do something dammit.  Whois shows to be owned by some conspiracy faggot in Lousisana:

Domain ID:D101462265-LROR
Domain Name:911REVIEW.ORG
Created On:15-Sep-2003 17:44:48 UTC
Last Updated On:31-May-2012 14:50:02 UTC
Expiration Date:15-Sep-2012 17:44:48 UTC
Sponsoring, LLC (R1915-LROR)
Registrant Name:admin admin
Registrant Organization:admin admin
Registrant Street1:000
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:000
Registrant State/Province:la
Registrant Postal Code:00000
Registrant Country:AF
Registrant Phone:+93.5049051681
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+93.5049051681
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:aLd-14377414
Admin Name:Admin Admin
Admin Organization:Admin Admin
Admin Street1:000
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin City:000
Admin State/Province:LA
Admin Postal Code:00000
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.5049051681
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech Name:admin admin
Tech Organization:admin admin
Tech Street1:000
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City:000
Tech State/Province:la
Tech Postal Code:00000
Tech Country:AF
Tech Phone:+93.5049051681
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:+93.5049051681
Tech FAX Ext.:
The admin email: is connected to a simular email:, linking it to a guy called Brad Mayeux:
"truth about 911, exposing bush lies"

Kenner, LA, USA
male, age 50
home renovation company
Speaks: English
Joined Dec 23, 2004

Search Universities, medicine, VIDEOS, law, Government, physics, NEWS, SPORTS,  weather, alternative health, MORE>>>

its an amazing search engine that puts GOOGLE to shame !

do you stumble ?
9 11 index 911review
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Jobs Desired R.F engineer, proprty management, looking for homes in new orleans to reno  
Work Place Urban Renovations Inc  
Job Titles home renovation company  
Skills radio engineer (previous)., currently buy/renovate and sell homes, <a href="">, batcave 9/11</a>  
Former Employers Sprint, Alltel  

Hometown kenner la 
Birthday June 21, 1962  
Languages English  
About Me green party activist, 911 investigator,
9/11 review small business operator, 42 single and looking :)
independent, intelligent, honest

make a statement

political art at

  Home Contact Info
City Kenner 
State/Province, Country LA, USA 
Personal Email 
Home Page  
  Work Contact Info
Organization Urban Renovations Inc 
Street Address
City Kenner 
State/Province, Country LA, USA 70065 

The guy thinks he's cosmic penguin:

Brad's "ultimate search tool", has triggered a boatload of malware warnings across the webs for the domain: 

ASN - Malware Domain List


m.compromised server w

ith nginx at port 80
/ registrar@worldisp
Warning: Something's Not Right Here! contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site. Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed.

ParetoLogic Inc. - Malware List -

2011/11/23_22:36 m


uristic ...

Lazo's in a tight spot for a main website link if this Brad guy doesn't get his shit together.   Another lollercaust in the making.

Sum fun links from we don't advise clicking:
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To understand how completely pwned this site is, the reader must understand Yaoi:

 Yaoi (from 私のろばの中の陰茎 'lit. Penis up my ass') (pronounced "Gay") is a Japanese term for homosexual male fan-fiction and the precursor to Rule 34.

Should keep Lazo and friends busy.  
Later they might even get around to fixing the website.

Memes and macros

Several memes were created during active criticism of Lazo's online activities as "Killtown", many posted at the KSA blog responsible for much of Lazo's butthurt:

blog post link

blog link

girlfriend working guy

link: rumored to be interior of Lazo's apt, but NOT Lazo

" Katie Lazo" art: play on "KT" Lazo

bg from katielazo youtube channel

katielazo avatar

 moar katie lazo inspired art


OR add text to this blank T-shirt: >>>>>>>>>>

For moron Craig Lazo by Jackchit CLICK HERE
Lazo Whines to Evdokas HERE
Lazo's witch hunt of Val McClatchey HERE  
Lazo denying he ever associated with "Ozzy" is good for chuckles; Scroll down "Ozzy" Thomson's page to  "Let's Roll Forums: Conspiracy Resurrection?" to see this latest Lazo lie lambasted.

Also see pages for:

Greg "Ozzy" Thomson
Jennifer Wynhausen
Bart Klein Ikink
Rosalee Grable
Jim Fetzer
Lew Rockwell