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The Great Cassiopaean Conspiracy Delusion

Cult survivor story mirrored from archives.  Valuable insight  into the Cassiopaea cult "fair game" tactics. Common conspiracies promoted by the group and the Cassiopaean's:   UFO, COINTEPRO, paranoia, conspiracies and attacking anyone exposing the scam as a "cyberstalker" or "agent"...

The Great Cassiopaean Conspiracy Delusion:
Or how I came to be an icon of evil in an alien channeling cult
© 2008 by Vincent Bridges
A lie gets around the world, before truth can get its boots on…
This Saturday, July 5th, will be seven years since the infamous mirror session, and August will be the seventh anniversary of the beginning of their campaign of “systematic harassment.” For seven long, painful and distressing years, I have been struggling with the Laura and the C-Cult’s lies, accusation, innuendos and defamation and enough is enough. I kept the struggle going because I felt that Laura and Ark had created a very dangerous cult, and that I had helped them get it started. Well, I think I have paid for my guilt…
In these seven years, I have received hundreds of emails from folks who have thanked me for standing up to the Cult, speaking the truth in the face of their insanity. That kept me going through a lot of bad spots, and made the struggle worthwhile. I did what I could to help.
But, as I said, enough is enough…
Here the basic facts:
Back in 1994, Laura Knight Martin and Fred Irland began to experiment with a ouiji board. They received some results from beings claiming to be 6th density aliens transmitting through Cassiopaea. The Cs, as they came to be called, seemed to use a lot of ideas and terminology lifted from other channelers, such as the Pleiadians and the RA material. The “experiment” stumbled on for a couple of years, with Laura speaking at MUFON conferences and lecturing anyone who would listen on her tale of UFO sightings and alien communication.
This is how Tom French first saw her: “To say that Laura made an impression that day is an understatement. When it was her turn to speak, she instantly seized control of the room. She had so much presence, she was almost radioactive. And hers was no ordinary presence. She was not about to be mistaken for a movie star; she was overweight and slightly mussed, and her clothes were almost defiantly unfashionable. She wore leggings that, as I recall, were a little too tight and a tunic adorned with amber beads and painted gold spirals. I took one look at her and said to myself, “I bet she has a bust of Elvis in her living room.”
However, when MUFON didn’t immediately acclaim her UFO revelations, Laura went into a deep funk. Even Tom French, who was writing an article on her, was concerned when she announced that her husband, and father of one and maybe two of her five children, was an alien reptoid replicant designed to stop her from spreading the message.
From The Exorcist In Love by the St. Petersburg Times:
“At one point, she went to see a psychiatrist. Afterward, she told me what had happened. She had given the psychiatrist her life history, told him about the face at window and the other disturbing childhood episodes. She said that he had suggested she consider the possibility that she was traumatized as a child. She did not agree; she said her recollections of the incidents were too vivid and real for her to have imagined them. Laura pressed the doctor for help. What should she do? How was she supposed to handle these memories that haunted her? He said she should try to stop thinking about them, learn to cordon off those areas of her mind. Laura didn’t think it was possible.”
Here’s how Tom French addressed the issue of Laura’s sanity:
“As she once wondered about other people who believe they have been abducted, I thought it conceivable that Laura had suffered some sort of traumatic abuse as a girl and was inventing these alien episodes to cover up her memories of the abuse. Some details from her early history might fit with this theory. A succession of men did move through Laura’s childhood. After Laura’s parents divorced, her mother had remarried four times; once, Laura says, one of her stepfathers kidnapped her for several days.
“I asked Laura if she had ever been abused by that stepfather or anyone else. She said no, absolutely not. When I asked for details of the kidnapping, she said she did not know. She had almost no memory of it, she said; it was all a blank.
“Other possibilities occurred to me. I wondered if maybe Laura had imagined the face at the window and all the other strange episodes as a way of injecting drama into her life. Was it possible that she was bored, or lonely, or simply so desperate to find something to occupy her mind that she had created this huge fantasy? What if all of it - the exorcisms, the spirit detachments, the channeling with the Cs - was just some massive, unruly play that her subconscious was constantly staging to keep things interesting?
“Then, of course, there was the simplest explanation. What if Laura was a victim of some psychosis?
“This was a possibility Laura repeatedly raised herself. “Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind,” she said to me. “Is this what being mad is like? Because, you know, some really crazy people can really seem sane.”
But she survived her depression, divorced Lewis Martin, and in the spring of 1997 Polish physicist Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk somewhat mysteriously arrived on the scene after a whirlwind courtship with Ms Knight-Martin on the web. Dr. Jadczyk had a long history as a high-energy mathematical physicist working for various branches of the Polish government and observing the other research centers in Europe. This doesn’t quite make him a spy, see his CV on the Cassiopaean website, but what happened after he met Ms. Knight-Martin does make one wonder.
Dr. Jadcyzk was inconveniently already married, as was Ms. Knight-Martin at that point, and at first he found it impossible to arrange a visit to the States. Suddenly, a grant arrived, from the George Soros Foundation by way of the Central European University, and after a brief visit to the CEU (where apparently some kind of identity theft occurred, see Adventures with the Cassiopeans in the Matrix Part 18 for details), Dr. Ark arrived in Florida. Apparently it wasn’t love at first sight, but Dr. Ark quickly found out that whatever deal he had made with whatever devil, he was about to be held to account.
He found that both his job, at the University of Wroclow, and his marriage were in trouble; his wife took every dime of savings they had. Dr. Ark, literally, had no choice but to return to the States and his romance with Ms. Knight-Martin and the Cassiopaeans. They got married, and for a while Dr. Ark did a little teaching and some DARPA consulting, until his clearance was pulled and the University of Florida discovered his proclivity for ouiji aliens and anti-gravity devices. After that, it was full time work on the Cassiopaean Cult. (See Adventures with the Cassiopeans in the Matrix Part 19 for details.)
With Dr. Ark’s skillful guidance, what once was a simple tea and trances con game became a worldwide conspiracy movement. The changes were implemented slowly and in stages, but the end result was unmistakable. As even Dr. Sauder, whom the Cassiopaeans love to quote, commented, they appear to be a very clever and sophisticated, “insidious and devious,” intelligence operation. With even a little awareness of Dr. Ark’s background, and it is all on the website in various places, it becomes apparent that the Cassiopaeans may have started out harmless, but they were hi-jacked and co-opted by some very complex intelligence operation.
I began exchanging emails with Laura in the spring of 1999 and continued until February 2000, when the St. Pete Times article cited above came out. Their response to the article was so paranoid that I stopped our communication. In the summer of 2000, Laura contacted me and against my better judgment, I got involved once again. By the spring of 2001, I was deep into what would become the cult, and Laura had nothing but praise. Like Tom French, I was charmed, and I offered to help her, I featured her at our conference that fall and offered to publish her book.
By that summer, I knew too much, had told them too much, and was longer needed. So began their campaign of systematic harassment… (For a complete time line see: The Art of Character Assassination In Cyberspace.
And that campaign continues to this day. In the last few months, as the HBI defamation suit closed in on them, Laura and the cult began to spread their lies about me across the internet in any attempt to make sure that their libel survived the impending collapse of C-World and its websites. Posting their “expose” on purplehaze’s predator site was one such move and this link is an example of another.
This is from a mirror site owned by Prayers-for-rain, who describes herself as: “Prayers for Rain …a 31 year old woman in a relationship from South West, France.” She links to the above with the following comment:
“Don’t miss this article: A real account of someone having been harassed by a psychopath — an agent paid to do a defamation and stalking job over the Net, to destroy the work of someone standing for the Truth: “UPDATE 2008: After SIX YEARS of constant defamation and cyberstalking on the part of Vincent Bridges and his associates, the enormous amounts of time and even money that are spent on this activity, we suggest that it is time to state the obvious: Vincent Bridges is not just a cyberstalker, he is a paid COINTELPRO agent.” <= Does he look like a total psycho? Hannibal Lecter? Appearances ARE misleading!”
The Update 2008 comment is from the very top of the page of their Vincent Bridges libel pages. They put it up just as HBI sued for defamation. Now, I am not just a cyberstalker, which I am not, but they announce with all the weight of their assumed authority, that I am a paid COINTELPRO agent.
And what’s the evidence for this? Oh just the usual ouiji board revelations…
(I do want to thank her for including the new Libel Update along with the old update from 2003 that showed that they had a chance to let the whole thing go and chose not to. All my comments had been taken down by that point; so it proves in her own words a pattern of deliberate libel stretching from 2003 to the present.)
Keep in mind that this “expose” has changed at least six times, that I can find on the webarchive or in my files, since it went up in November 2001. It went through several waves of maliciousness and serious defamation before settling down to its present somewhat restrained tone. This version focuses on what they consider their strongest evidence; that I am some kind of cyberstalker.
After several paragraphs of her usual self-serving verbiage, she starts making her case. “The attributes of internet technology - low cost, ease of use, and anonymous nature, among others - make it an attractive medium for fraudulent scams, child sexual exploitation, and increasingly, a new concern known as “cyberstalking.”
Another paragraph or two and she announces: “It was only later, after many other strange events transpired, that it was learned that Bridges, himself, had sent the above email with the hope that it would “re-start” the correspondence without him having to appear as the initiator. This is a typical tactic of the cyberstalker - to “create” seeming synchronicities so that the victim will be emotionally “ripe” for manipulation.”
Any proof of this? Nope, nada, nothing… Just LKJ’s typical pronouncement of fact, in her reality…
Then she spends a few paragraphs suggesting that I was trying to con her out of her work by offering to publish it. In the midst of these self-serving comments, Laura serves up this: “As one observer of the dynamic noted succinctly: “If other people are so knowledgable about what Laura is doing so that they are qualified to pass judgment, then why aren’t they conducting their own successful “experiment?” Why haven’t their lives changed dramatically - and for the better - as Laura’s and Ark’s have because they have actually APPLIED the things they have learned?”
And what have they learned, exactly? That it is better to earn your living off the work of others than to do any work of your own, perhaps? Better to run a small time Internet con-game, trying to sell channeled antigravity devices to Finnish Israeli businessmen and pretending to be a news organization, and of course building up the cult and calling me names, than do anything productive. It seems that any application of the Cassiopaean wisdom is actually very STS, if you use Laura and Ark as an example.
And then, suddenly, the real fun begins:
“In the summer of 2001, Mr. Bridges came to visit Laura with the intent of attempting to hypnotize her to try to extract information that he believed she had in her subconscious. Laura cooperated with this experiment and, as a consequence, perceived a direct visual representation of Vincent Bridges himself! What she saw stunned her. His “mask” was so effective and convincing that Laura could hardly believe that what she was seeing was true.”
But she went out of her way to prove it anyway. Check this link for a complete look at her “campaign of systematic harassment” that started all this…
Now notice that nowhere, throughout the dozen or so paragraphs where she discusses the events outlined above, does she cite a source or provide a link. Why? Because there aren’t any that supports her point of view. Try looking for anything about the original events and my supposedly horrible comments. Does anyone think that if she had such comments, and they were really terrible like Jay’s, that she wouldn’t have them out front and center? So where are they?
Nope… The truth is that Laura had her “psychic” flash, which, according to her comments above, could just as easily have been about her inner life, and then she very carefully began to trash me and my work, backed out of the conference and the book deal and launched her attacks as part of what she described to the inner circle as her “campaign of systematic harassment.” I was upset and shocked by this behavior, and attempted to communicate directly with those involved, and so these communications, all very polite and professional, became the “vicious and extreme attacks.”
All of this can be seen on the Cassiopaen site.
This webpage also proves that their attacks and attempts at defamation began in mid August, not months later after imaginary attacks from me: “Even though there was a history of fraud, Ark and Laura were reluctant to publish the report on Bridges. However, after three months of exhausting cyber-attacks including public defamation and cyberstalking, it became necessary to respond publicly. The results of the initial investigation were published on Thanksgiving Day, 2001.”
Again, where are the links to page after page of emails and so on containing evidence of “three months of exhausting cyber-attacks including public defamation and cyberstalking?” There are no links because there is no evidence, none, nothing, nada… Just another self-serving lie, one that is easily refuted by their own website.
And then the real defamation begins; starting with the totally outrageous accusation that I tried to blackmail or extort her over her “expose.” In the course of that amazing piece of paranoia, she revealed her criminal history, something I had heard from Tom French and confirmed with Fred Irland. But my comments were concerning the unedited transcripts, and had nothing to do with her trial for attempted murder; and in no way can be construed as blackmail or extortion.
The next is even better:
“We learned later that in addition to what we knew about his public activities, that Vincent was up to a lot more nefarious things behind the scenes. The reader may want to have a look at the data - including evidence - that Vincent Bridges was hacking into the computer of a member of our research groups and stole her passwords and used her internet account to the tune of about $800.00 over a period of three months. That’s a lot of bandwidth!”
Except, there is no evidence. All they have is the fact that I tried to post to their comment board through several different earthlink dialup numbers. And of course, this has nothing to do with their main accusation that I hacked the woman’s computer. Here’s the comment from the Bellsouth investigator:
“Basically, she said that there was no question I had been hacked. She said that it was probable that I was the victim of a trojan also. She said that the hacker is extremely shrewd. The hacker used a “roaming” number, which is a Bellsouth “roaming” number only given out to Bellsouth customers when they advise Bellsouth they will be traveling and will need to access their Email from outside of their access area. She said that by utilizing this roaming number, the hacking activities are untraceable as it appears that I had the number and I used it. She said there was nothing that Bellsouth could do to help me track, identify, or “catch” this hacker due to the roaming number.”
So where’s the connection? Detective Breedan wanted to know as well:
“It is not illegal for him to post to a public guestbook on the web. I am missing how you have connected these contacts directly to him beyond reasonable doubt, which is what a jury requires. We investigate cases everyday where the suspect goes through other servers that have been left “open” which in effect masks their IP and allows them some degree of anonymity. So, that may be what he is doing, or it could be someone else who wants you to think it is him. I will be glad to talk to you again, but I still do not see the crime in this matter that FDLE would investigate.”
So where is the proof? If they had a match between one of comments and the woman’s IP address, then why would they make the following comment?
“And, it is in the fact that Mr. Bridges has, above, admitted that those posts were his, even though he lied about them all coming from his “earthlink” account, that we have more to provide as evidence. Also, the many posts that Mr. Bridges has made from other IP numbers as Special Agent Breeden describes above, can be compared to the times he might have been using Ms. F**’s internet access via a roaming number.”
Right? If they had any evidence, then why would they want to look for it? Just more self-serving lies… Including of course lying in a police report.
The next few paragraphs are the most interesting of all:
“In January 2002, a former member of the Cassiopaea experiment, Frank Scott joined forces with Vincent Bridges to discredit the experiment, to label the members of the research group as members of a “cult,” obviously in a concerted effort to put an end to the experiment itself, to further destroy Ark and Laura’s reputations, and thus to deprive them of the means of earning their living.
“Laura had to acknowledge the fact that two people she liked very much, whose companionship she had enjoyed immensely, and who she felt could have been the most marvelous of co-experimenters, were simply not what they had presented themselves to be. She had, in short, been victimized by individuals fitting the profile of the psychopath.
“Day after day Laura struggled to make sense of what was happening in her life. She was heartbroken. Her health deteriorated rapidly, and in January of 2002 she suffered a life-threatening illness that was a direct result of the daily stress of being stalked, defamed, threatened and harassed.
“After she had recovered enough to sit at her desk, Laura did the only thing she knew to do with what she had learned: she sought daily to understand the dynamic she had experienced and then, shared it with others by writing the Adventures Series, an account of the events and dynamics as well as the many threads of research she followed and the results.”
Rather than come to terms with the fact that Fred was tired of being maligned and insulted while they “earned their living” from his work, and that I was legitimately angry at being duped, fleeced and defamed, or that the many people leaving the group in disgust over her tactics were in fact right that she had strayed far from STO, Laura has a mental meltdown in which she decides that everyone but herself and those who completely agree with her are in fact “psychopaths.” This would seem to be the basic hallmark of insanity: “I’m right and everyone else is wrong, right?”
But to Laura it came as a great insight:
“As it turned out, Laura’s act of converting her suffering to sharing led to some of the most profound revelations brought forth in modern times regarding the nature of our reality. Seeking to understand the inexplicable perceptions and capacity for deception of Vincent Bridges, Frank Scott, and others involved in the attacks, Laura searched and probed and “tested” on the daily public stage of the internet. The search for answers led to revelations about psychopaths, a topic crucial to understanding history, religion, politics, and many other social constructs. This material found validation in the most interesting ways in terms of the work of Bob Altemeyer on the Right Wing Authoritarian personality type, not to mention some esoteric sources that emerged from the Eastern Orthodox tradition! Without this understanding, it would be almost impossible to comprehend the events on the World Stage, including the behavior of George Bush and his gang.”
Now, you couldn’t make this stuff up. As fiction it sounds contrived and over the top, but presented as fact it is stunning. So, her understanding of myself and Fred, based on ouiji board comments and mirror visions, led to the revelation of the ultimate conspiracy theory; psychopaths rule the world. Just a little paranoid delusion at work…
Here’s how her great revelation appeared to her then:
“I could see a 4th density “controller” sitting at a big computer console with buttons and levers and dials. He had a screen on which he watched human affairs, and all he had to do was sort of “lock in the target” on a particular person displayed on the screen, and begin pushing buttons and levers, and turning the different dials to put certain inputs into the situation. These machinations produced frequencies that stimulated certain chemicals in the bodies and brains of the individuals displayed on the screen, and there were nearly infinite possibilities of manipulation available just through this kind of activity. I laughed at this vision, of course, because it was almost like a comic strip character. But I was later to learn how much it really does seem like this is the real way it works.”
Just like her husband, Lewis Martin, whom she claimed was an alien replacement, Fred and I had threatened her very carefully constructed fantasy world; we could expose her for the psychic fraud that she was and end her “experiment.” It was either sanity or the Cs, and Laura chose the Cs. The idea of replacement had advanced to that of “psychopaths” and eventually Organic Portals. It was all too painfully obvious reading her tortured versions of Adventures, such as the quote above, that the poor woman was unraveling mentally. I don’t think anyone could have imagined what the end result would be.
Prayers-for-rain commented: “A real account of someone having been harassed by a psychopath — an agent paid to do a defamation and stalking job over the Net, to destroy the work of someone standing for the Truth.” Unfortunately, the account is not real; I am not a psychopath, and certainly not a paid agent of anyone’s. If anything, it shows Laura and the Cult systematic harassment of me, not the other way around. As for the truth, well, I don’t think Laura even knows what that is anymore.
For her and the Cult it has now become a matter of faith, deep religious belief in the power of the Cs, that Fred and I are psychopaths. No matter that Fred was the main channel of the original material, he betrayed Laura and so must be a psychopath. I am one because the “mirror session” says I’m one, and because I won’t go away and shut up. So, I’m a cyberstalking psychopath of a COINTELPRO agent, despite all evidence to the contrary, because if I’m not, then all of her theories are wrong and her grand conspiracy theory is wrong.
And that, Laura will never admit…