Saturday, November 3, 2012

Group Favorite David Irving gets ass kicked by Antifa...AGAIN

Oh lawdy lawdy lord....

Nazifag Irving had a lecture scheduled in Portland November 3rd, 2012:

Focal Point Publications :: Event Tickets :: Saturday, November 3, 2012, 2012, 3:00pm PORTLAND, OR - "HITLER AND I" - An evening with David Irving

Saturday, November 3, 2012, 2012, 3:00pm PORTLAND, OR - "HITLER AND I" - An evening with David Irving

Hitler and I”
Saturday, November 3, 2012, 3:00pm PORTLAND, OR


“Only a next-generation English historian, familiar with all the archives and fluent in German, will ever write a fair biography of me.”
Adolf Hitler privately to his doctor on August 26, 1944

AN EVENING with David Irving, British historian and raconteur, as he talks about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and the men and women he persuaded to talk to him: the ministers, generals, doctors, and private secretaries closest to Hitler, and what they and their diaries revealed exclusively to him about the real Adolf Hitler.
In 1963, already a bestselling author translated into many of the world's languages, David Irving set out to write the only first-hand biography of Hitler to be based on primary sources - the archive documents and the men and women who had been closest to the Führer and were still alive, most of them badly bruised men and women who still hesitated to talk.


It was not hard for him to win their confidence: they revered him as "the Englishman who wrote The Destruction of Dresden".
He soon found from them that there were two Adolf Hitlers: the one created by Hollywood and the universally hostile media, and the real man, for whom these intelligent and educated folks had worked and whom they still privately admired. Irving took what proved a fateful decision: he decided to write about this man, the real Hitler, and the war as seen through his eyes. He eventually found that Hitler had virtually nominated him for the job already, in a prophetic conversation with his Doctor, Erwin Giesing a few days after the Bomb Plot in 1944.
Irving's magnum opus, Hitler's War, was the result, published in 1975 and re-published by the world's leading publishers - but only for a while. Powerful people were outraged by the dent that Irving had T-boned into their own polished and profitable narrative. His wilderness years began - and three decades of a vicious newspaper smear campaign and orchestrated attempts to deprive him of his living.
Taking that turning toward Real History cost Irving fame and fortune. His resulting International Campaign for Real History took him around the world twice, until 1992, when government after government began to ban him, including the major countries of Europe and even the British Commonwealth. He continued rattling the cage. He became an outlaw. Undeterred, and outliving all his critics, he continues that campaign around the United States now with this circuit of honour, addressing and delighting audiences both large and small with the stories from history which he has found to be true.
Registration $30.00
Our price: $30.00 (26.10)

Things didn't go as planned:

breaking news - November 3
2:45PM PDT: He is there now but official start time is 3pm
2:17PM PDT: Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi David Irving is speaking at the LaQuinta Inn in NW Portland 4319 North West Yeon
2:14PM PDT: David Irving at 4319 North West Yeon Portland, OR 97210 Phone: 1-503-497-9044 Fax: 1-503-497-1030

Antifa called for action:

URGENT, PORTLAND TODAY: Confront Holocaust-Denier David Irving!

Rose City Antifascists have uncovered the location of Holocaust-denier and neo-fascist David Irving's speaking event today in Portland, Oregon. Irving is speaking at La Quinta Inn, Portland NW located at 4319 NW Yeon. The phone number of this venue is 503-497-9044. Irving's personal cellphone number is 305-923-6779. Irving is slated to begin his Portland lecture on the topic of "Hitler & I" today, Saturday, November 3, at 3PM. 

 We encourage anti-racists to call the venue immediately to express their disgust that this establishment is providing a venue for a notorious antisemite, fascist and fraudulent historian. It may be wise to take appropriate security precautions when calling, such as blocking your phone number (*67).

Rose City Antifascists and allies are currently on the ground opposing this gathering of white supremacists and antisemites. We strongly welcome additional community support, and urge any available anti-racists to hurry to the venue to join with this opposition.

For more information on David Irving and why he should be opposed, see Rose City Antifa's earlier call to confront the event:

Also note that this article provides dates for the remaining dates of Irving's speaking tour.

If you have any information on white supremacist activity--related to the Irving event or otherwise--please contact Rose City Antifascists at fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net or 971-533-7832 (voicemail).


Then Irving got Pwned in record time:

 Irving booted from venue 03.Nov.2012 17:00

Rose City Antifa

As of 4:52PM, it has been confirmed that Irving's event attendees were kicked out of the Yeon La Quinta Inn in NW Portland.

Thanks to all who showed up and opposed Irving!
971-533-7832 (vm)

In related news at the PDX IMC website, Irving also confronted in the Oregon burg Eugene:

Eugene Anti-Fascists resist David Irving’s event.

On Friday, November 2nd, Eugene anti-fascists made their presence known in response to David Irving's event "Hitler and I", hosted by local fascist organizer Jimmy Marr.

On Friday, November 2nd, Eugene anti-fascists made their presence known in response to David Irving's event "Hitler and I", hosted by local fascist organizer Jimmy Marr. David Irving is recognized worldwide as a holocaust denier and fascist sympathizer, whose events are frequently held in private with strictly screened attendees. Despite our repeated attempts, we were unable to find their location. There is an equal possibility that Irving cancelled the meeting, as he is known to do when resistance is expected.

Events like this recruit people to white supremacist ideology and hate groups, and often lead to an upswing in violence against people of color, LGBTQ people, Jewish people, women, people with disabilities, the homeless, etc. Events like this also make local hate groups feel energized and empowered. It is important to confront these events to make a statement that we don't want this in Eugene.

Eugene has continually grappled with it's own racially motivated conflicts. In light of this, we believe that communities should unite in opposition when fascist organizers attempt to target sections of the population with violence and hate speech. Some critics of anti-fascists defend fascist organizing as a free speech issue. The First Amendment and related free speech laws protect citizens from state intervention, not from criticism by the public.

In response to this threat, Eugene anti-fascists held a public rally and dropped several banners to inform the public. We extend our solidarity to Portland anti-fascists and others who have opposed David Irving in their cities. 
 Organizer Jimmy Marr blabs at VNN:

2 Weeks Ago 

Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 347
I learned a lot by accident regarding Jews and the Holohoax. I was part an anti-war, pro-Palestine discussion group of University of Oregon. The Jews became so obnoxious in trying to get us banned from campus that it turned into a slugfest and, in anger, I began to cast aspersions on the validity of their sacred cow.

I immediately noticed a shift in their strategy from media pillory to media blackout. It was only then that I began to realize in earnest that they felt more vulnerable on the Holohoax then they did on Palestine.

Once I took the Holohoax tack, they worked quietly to amend the university's bylaws through resolution of faculty senate to deprive me of venue, which also, in effect, got rid of David Irving at U.O.

He'll be here in town on Nov 2. I tried to get him in at the University, but they demanded an exorbitant security fee (in the thousands of dollars). I forget the exact amount, but I have it in my records.

I hosted him in 2008 for a total of $40, and found that he is much better in front of a hostile audience than when preaching to the choir.
 Thanks Jimmy for your participation.

 Additional lulz can be found in this comment:

That's entertainment!

To date the exact organizer(s) of the Portland non-event is unknown, but's not a stretch to assume Evdokas' buddy Holohoax Titrud was involved.

Antifa update Nov 18 2012

Portland, Oregon Anti-Racists Shut Down Pro-Hitler Event:A Few Notes on David Irving’s November 3rd Portland Tour Stop


Antifascist presence at La Quinta Inn on NW Yeon st. in Portland, OR prevented David Irving's talk on "Hitler and I" from moving forward as planned.

 On Saturday, November 3rd, around thirty antifascists and allies confronted the notorious Holocaust-denier, David Irving, and his white supremacist fans as they gathered for an event in Portland, Oregon as part of Irving’s latest US speaking tour. The venue for Irving’s presentation on the topic of “Hitler & I” was supposed to have been a closely-guarded secret, but antifascists located the event at the La Quinta Inn on NW Yeon Ave, where Irving was seen unloading stacks of books from his minivan around 2PM.

With a prompt anti-racist response, Irving’s pro-Hitler event was successfully shut down at the La Quinta, where antifascists blocked the doors with banners and signs. Many potential attendees simply drove off without even getting out of their cars upon entering the car-park and noticing the antifascist presence. Continual phone calls to the venue--whose location and phone number was released online as soon as confirmed--placed additional pressure on the venue to kick Irving out. Rose City Antifascists would like to thank La Quinta for doing the right thing and showing the fascists the door, and we want to especially thank all our allies that made this small but significant victory possible.

David Irving, staying true to form as a liar about history, later wrote on his blog that antifascists had gone to the wrong location, and not shut down anything. The antifascists, according to Irving, simply went to a decoy venue designed to throw anti-racist opposition off the trail, whereas the event actually went forward at “the Embassy Suites hotel, where the masked Leftist crusaders failed even to find the meeting room.” This is deceitful not only because Irving himself was spotted at La Quinta and the fascist attendees showed up at La Quinta, but also because Irving himself emailed those he suspected of being infiltrators prior to the event, stating that Embassy Suites was the venue. Rose City Antifa had in fact scouted both locations.

Another account of the day, written on the white supremacist website by a user named “Tribalthinking” gives a different account than Irving’s about what happened next:

There were a ton of masked commies gathered around the entrance to the hotel where the meeting was taking place. The hotel caved to their pressure […] We were still able to hear Irving speak, however. A local attendee allowed us to use his house to continue the meeting.

Anti-fascists, in other words, made it impossible for Irving to give his presentation at a venue accessible to the public. Reduced numbers of fascists retreated to a private home in order to hear Irving. The shut-down of Irving’s major event was a victory for the antifascists, but Irving, in order to save face, is forced to spin lies about how his tour is going.

A Few of the November 3rd “Hitler & I” Attendees

Rose City Antifascists have noted in the past that Irving’s events provide an opportunity for fascists, white supremacists and antisemites to network with each other and organize. Irving’s events may also have an energizing effect on such forces. With this in mind, we would like to note a few of the individuals who gathered to see Irving, and the forces they represent.

The Stormfront member “Tribalthinking” who posted the comment quoted above is better known as Tyler Cole. Tyler and his wife Laura Cole (née Bailey) moved to Portland in late June of this year from Southern California. Tyler Cole was active in Southern California as a member of the white supremacist “Freedom 14” group, and also Golden State Party, a short-lived attempt at white nationalist electoral politics. The Golden State Party dissolved soon after a newspaper story disclosed that Cole, then its chairman, had felony convictions for assault as well as possession of an illegal machete. From the ashes of the Golden State Party, white nationalists went on to build the national American Third Position party. Tyler Cole is now attempting to build this white power political party in the Pacific Northwest, and hopes to get A3P registered as a political party in Oregon. On October 1, Cole and other racist associates publicly distributed A3P propaganda in downtown Longview, Washington. Cole’s young racist associates also tagged along to the Irving event with him.

Scott Rautmann, who attended David Irving’s 2009 event in Portland as well, was seen leaving the La Quinta venue dejectedly this time around. Rautmann, a carpenter and construction worker based in Northeast Portland, attended Irving’s 2009 talk with his then-wife Amie Beckwith, but the couple have since divorced. Scott Rautmann moves in racist circles that often portray themselves as simply “heathen”, but upon closer examination show themselves as straightforwardly bigoted and fascist. Rautmann, for example, uses a picture of Romanian fascist leader Corneliu Codreanu to represent himself on one online forum, and also keeps in contact with the leaders of the racist European Americans United organization as well as antisemitic propagandist (and A3P leader) Kevin MacDonald via Facebook. Rautmann has previously been active in post-industrial music scenes in Portland, predictably collaborating with the creepy circles on the periphery of Markus Wolff’s Waldteufel project.

Another of David Irving’s attendees this year was Dave Westerlund of Longview, Washington. Westerlund also attended the 2009 David Irving event at the Embassy Suites - Airport hotel in Portland. Portland residents may also know Westerlund as a regular participant at the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition’s (PPRC) anti-war protest at Pioneer Courthouse Square each Friday, where Westerlund often displays his antisemitic sign alleging Israeli control of the US government. Westerlund also distributes leaflets from the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust at these PPRC events. Similarly to segments of the Portland “progressive” community continuing to support dedicated antisemitic activist Tim Calvert, it appears as though the PPRC welcomes or at least is comfortable with Westerlund’s continued anti-Jewish agitation at their events and within their ranks.

Finally, antifascists spotted one neo-Nazi scurrying away from the Irving event sporting a Hammerskin Nation patch. The neo-Nazi Hammerskin grouping may be increasingly confident in setting foot in Portland following the dismantling of Volksfront International as an aboveground organization earlier this year. Rose City Antifascists wish to monitor this situation, and urge anyone with information on local Hammerskin activity to contact us.

Eugene--Portland--Seattle--Minneapolis: Antifascists on the Offensive

Even though David Irving’s speaking events provide an opportunity for fascists, militant antisemites and white supremacists to network amongst each other and get organized, the tour also allows militant antifascists to build links with each other and go on the offensive against fascist and white power organizing. We are heartened not only by the dedication of the Portland anti-racist community that pulled together to oppose Irving, but also by the mobilizations in other cities against Irving’s events. In Eugene, Oregon, antifascists were unable to intercept the Irving gathering but maintained an antifascist visual presence with banners. In Seattle, the day after Irving’s Portland stop, Irving’s event was located and disrupted. While writing this summary of Irving’s event in Portland, word has also just arrived of a massive disruption of Irving’s event in Minneapolis, MN on November 16. We see such active resistance to Irving’s events as signs of a growing, militant antifascist movement, and will do our part to help this movement along.
Related:  List from David Irving's 2009 event.  PDF from PDX IMC:

This is the html version of the file
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 Page 1







Helmut Becker

2034 SE 28th Place

Portland, OR 97214-



Mr David Brock

P O Box 15259


OR 97293 USA

Corinna Burt

1540 Garden Street

West Linn, Oregon



David Carol

2011 SE Main St

Portland, OR


(505) 213-1890

Marjorie Cummings

1297 Yeust Rd.

Azalea, OR 97410

541 83 7-3789

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

5009 NE Killingsworth

Track no; 2523134969

Reservation(s) for 4 for Portland function I

$96.00 USD

Margit Becker

Helmut Becker

Harold Cavins

Buck Boomhower

Is very okay


Dear Sir: I need to know the location and

amount needed before 12 noon

Saturday.Sincerely, David Brock

Track no.: 2522794526

Reservation(s) for 1 for Portland function =

$3 0.00 USD



June 13, 2009 @ ll:02 PM: 1 saw this

event on Storrnfront

We think she’s OK

Not known to us. July 12, 2009 @ 2:12


1 just finished reading your new edition of

Hitler's War, and thought it was fantastic,

but1‘n1 even more excited to get my

original copy of "The Destruction of

Dresden" signed by you! Please let me

know what the details are for your Portland

visit next Sunday--my schedule is already

cleared and I'm excited to go.


that address actually has zip code OR972l4

I reply Thanks for the interest in my

forthcoming talk. Please register fiilly at and

I'll look forward to seeing you at the

meeting. In particular we need a correct

telephone number and Zip code.


Track no.: 2522111421

Reservation(s) for 4 for Portland function =

$96.00 USD


July 16,2009 @ 545 PM

Page 2








GR 972 _l 1


Doug Friedmann

3439 NE Sandy Blvd


Portland, OR 97232

971 225 0703

Mr Des Grifiin

P O Box 294


OR 97017 USA

Mr Lee P Hale

1701 NE 141st Ave


OR 97230-4033 USA

503 442-7021

David Hobson

13755 SW Burlwood


Beaverton, Oregon


503 644-4449

Mr Dylan Marchand

4628 Treeside Dr NE


OR 97305 USA

i503 269 55.14


Just hoping for some details on your state

tour, just heard about it and am very





Track no.: 2520217881

Reservation(s) for l for Portland fimction :

$30.00 USD


. Address exists


16.7.09 Thanks for e-mail earlier today.

Must know the TIME and, at least,

approximate location of Sunday’s meeting

prior to making final reservations.

Since l990s; but applied online 2.7.09 for

meeting: "Interested with some friends in

attending your upcoming meeting in the

Portland area. " ACHTUNG: OREGON

ANTIFA SUSPECT; but Jae says Google

seems to establish good credentials

Has not paid

Bt WSCii 2110.08 online $63.50; ph

18.7.09 for location of Portland mtg - gave

it to him.

503 442-7021

Track no.: 2524418329

Reservation(s} for 2 for Portland fimction =

$48.00 USD


My wife juleigh and l are members of

European Americans United. Juleigh's

poetry has appeared in the Occidental

Quarterly. We also edited the Runestone

Journal for the Asatru Folk Assembly. ps I

also left a message on your sprint voiceinail

due to the timing of your Portland


Applied onlinc 1

1.7.09 fmtg: Thark you mr Irving for

coming to the us and the west coastlm

interested in coming to the Washington and

pmtland confienceslm a white

nationalistlve got five of your bool<s.Love

every one oi'them.And I was so mad I

Page 3





Ellen Maynard

2732 N Lombard St.

Portland, OR 97217

1 (206) 736 5424

David Montgomery

12800 NE. 33rd St.

Vancouver, WA 98682

(360) 601-0763

phone was 360 892 1766

earlier, address has not


wants come mtg

Portland (OR) 14.12.03,

sounds okay; wants

details of next tour


360 892 1766

Karl Parker

901 SW King Avenue

#2 18

Portland, Oregon. 97205


Mr Jason Pearl

missed you when you last came to

oregon..God bless!

Track no.: 2515059840

Reservation(s) for 1 for Portland function I

$30.00 USD

Also registers for Seattle at same time and

pays 11 Achtungl!


July 16, 2009 @ 12:38 AM



Track no: 2520327892

Reservation(s) for 1 for Portland function I

$30.00 USD


1 just got a post card from you announcing

your visit to Seattle on July 18th. That's

only 4 days away. 1 would like to attend. 1

live in Vancouver, Wa and attended the

one you had last in Portland, OR at the

Embassy Suites Hotel downtown. If you

are stopping in Portland, Yd prefer to go

there. However, I will go to Seattle instead

if that's the only option. You'll need to give

me the address though- and any other

particulars I'll need.

When 1 saw you the last time you said you

never filll)/' recovered your health after the

(outrageous) Austrian imprisonment. 1 hope

your travelling means you‘re doing better.

You also said you didn't know if you would

be able to travel here again. Thank God that

worked out.



OK, known since 2003; previously at

Maryland and NARA

Track 110.: 2523911842

Reservation(_s) for 2 for Portland firnction :

$48.00 USD

Although I live in Washington State,

Page 4


Rau tmann




7318 NE 103rd Ave


WA 98662 USA

503-575-5 894 (cell)

Bob Race

2223 1/2 SE 139

Portland, OR 97233

503 253 7334

Scott Rautmann

2503 N.E. Killingsworth


OR 9721 1


Mr Scott Rautrnann

2503 NE Killingsworth


OR 97211 USA

503 442 8846

Richard Tyner

PO Box 1056,

Toledo, Washington



Dave Westerlund

140 Monticello Dr.

Longview,WA. 98632-


360 578 1327


\'ax1couver is just across the river from

Portland. Oregon. I would like to receive

information about the event there.

Best regards.

Jason Pearl

July 16,2009 @ ass AM


9:45 am 1 write: I will look forward to

seeing you Sunday ; the location details will

follow before then. I am glad to see you

have apparently beaten the dreaded prostate


OK, married to Amy

Track no; 2524081586

Reservation(s) for 2 for Portland fimction :

$48.00 USD

Connnents April 13 2008 @ 8:18 PM wants

details of next tour; he phoned 17.7.09 "my

wife and l are very excited.“

Sounds OK; I said I would email him

tomorrow with location. Came to Seattle


Track no.: 2522139859

Reservation(s) for 2 for Portland fimction :

$48.00 USD


June 16, 2009 @ 4:56 PM


Need to make reservations for 3. I tell him

to go to reservations page and pay

Result: Reservation(s) for 3 for Portland

function 1 $72.00 USD

ls OK

Page 5


Subj: Portland

Date: Sunday, July T9, 2009 12:33:53 a.m

From: Oregontt

To: Focalp

Dear David Irving:

I am very much looking forward to hearing you on Sunday. I betong to a 911 Truth Group in Portland

and about 5-6 of us will be attending your event. Once I know where the event will be i will inform the

other members in our group.

I hope I am properly registered for an update on the location


Tim Titrud 503-701-3481

Blast From Past

Interview/coverage of Antifa Irving protest in 2009(?).  Ironicly uploaded by the group to label Antifa as a COINTEPRO Jewish asset lol:

Download mp3 HERE: