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Portland 911 Truth Alliance

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The Portland 911 Truth Alliance aka Pdx 911 Truth Alliance is a chapter of the 911 Truth Alliance conspiracy franchise; the Portland, Oregon branch was founded by Kurt Liebezeit in 2004. Now it's managed by a revolving door of local con artists and carpetbagger trolls who's main hobby is selling conspiracy spam and trying to fleece the public with event's featuring other con artists.

They try to hide this fact by recruiting people ignorant of the group's history as front men. When that fails or they get caught with their pants down(which happens regularly), they turn on the people they duped, switch meeting locations, spawn new list serves and, if the heat is really bad, change names and create a new front group.

Known aliases:

Pdx 911 Truth Alliance yahoo list List Members and Notes
Pdx 911 Truth yahoo list (recommended by Fetzer via 911 Scholars Ning Group)
Portland 911 truth Alliance blogspot

portland oregon reality test events dot org

Portland 911 Truth Yahoo List
(deleted by Frager Oct 2012...for more info on list and members, click HERE)
PDX 911 Truth Ning
Oregon Truth Alliance
Portland A & E 9/11 Truth
911 Truth Portland
911 Truth Portland Blogspot (resurrected from cache)
         Rethink 911   (Deleted click HERE for known background)
Belly of the Beast
Ten Years of September Elevens
(recommended by Fetzer via 911 Scholars Ning Group)

Its important to know that while long time members will scream with raging butt hurt that these are not the same group(s) of people, the evidence says otherwise. Far be it from us to pass judgement if a group of activists wannabes want to engage in calculated schizophrenia. But when two of them get caught running a scam on someone saying each other is an agent, to get a mark's trust, the group stops being a few conspiracy loons with a harmless hobby, and starts looking like a deliberate confidence scam.

The group has been around for 8 years. Yet there is not one political victory or change around the 9/11 issue they can claim credit for. Exposing a conspiracy would mean indictments and jail time for elected figures, or political figures stepping down from offices and changes in laws. Nothing remotely like this has happened. The group and it's fronts are strategically ineffectual because the point of the group IS NOT activism of any type. The point of the group is to keep itself going by new influxes of money and manpower to promote various lucrative conspiracy businesses, themselves scams. The supposed 9/11 truth activism is just bait.

The group will try to lure members it wants to control into romantic relationships it controls. However rumors long term group members have been blackmailed with compromising photos involving farm animals to ensure compliance are unconfirmed, but would explain otherwise irrational and self destructive behavior.

Deceptive Recruitment: the Front

[See also Recruitment  Page HERE...coming soon]

Like most cultlike organizations, the group doesn't come out and say what it's up to to newbies, because it's hard to get new helping hands saying "we're a collection of right-wing wolves in Democratic clothing here to push a Nazi friendly agenda". The first scam is presenting themselves as a left leaning, pro-progressive group in the first place:

From the main Yahoo group founded by Glen Owen, with a hint of love-bombing:

Important also is the camaraderie felt working together exposing the official story for the myth it really is.

Individuals may post what they will on our website but officially we reject racism, sexism and homophobia.
From the administration list Ginny Ross, Petros Evdokas and Glen Owen we members of:

We regard ourselves as the "liberal" group.
Since most would be members are not Eurofags or Britfags, and the group is based in the USA, "liberal" is understood to have left-wing, Democratic party sympathies.

From description of front list founded by Sara Lamadrid:

We reject all forms of disrespect for the dignity of all human beings, including racism, sexism, and homophobia.
From description of front list founded by Ginny Ross:

The detractors have taken a few unfortunate interpersonal disagreements among members and amplified them into sweeping, unfounded claims and attacks toward the entire group, such as that we are a "hate" group. This is patently absurd.

They're all leftist liberal hippies, got it? New recruits unusually are only exposed to one front at a time, will believe whichever one they're exposed to is the "real progressive Portland 911group", and be manipulated by the following shell game, readily believing "warnings" about the "other" group. There's one obvious clue they are the same group with identical agenda's: both front listserves have the same non privacy policy:

Lamadrid group:

Members are urged to post under their real names, because building community and trust must trump paranoia.

When applying for membership, please include your real name, your location, and a little about what you hope to receive from this group and what you can contribute.
Ross Group:

To join our list, please come to a meeting or click the link below, and also list your REAL NAME and a contact number for verification.
From the beginning the group is demanding personal information from potential members while at the same time reassuring them they are a "progressive group", and can be trusted to use that information responsibly. Nowhere would anyone suspect registering would mean sharing personal information with Holocaust Deniers or Nazi sympathizers known to the people running the listserves. This is a lie of omission and FRAUDULENT REPRESENTATION. Browsing through any of the profiles of members and associates on this blog will show what a massive fib this is and how stunningly arrogant the group leaders are. Because the first thing they will do is share the new recruit's information with fellow Nazi friendly scammers.

Cat and Mouse Love bombing

The front will appeal to a these people:

1-those already part of the scam who will ignore the "real name rules" because they list owner "portland911truth", cause you know that's what her mother called her...

2-the naive and trusting who would never imagine a self identified left group working with Nazi wannbes, much less lying about being leftists

3- those who truly believe the "cause" is a matter of "life and death" and will handwave the slightly creepy requirements as small potatoes compared to "saving the planet", at least until they learn the group is running a scam.
The new recruit will be someone who has come to a couple of meetings and has not been scared off by the kooky trappings or someone invited by a member. They will be assigned a "friend" to "handle" them and get to know them personally. Unbeknowest to the recruit, their "friend" is sharing this information privately with the group and will be using to manipulate the member during arguments and conflicts in meetings. Using the information the "friend" has gathered, members will try to attack the recruit's personal weaknesses to induce anxiety or confusion at meetings; the "friend" will defend or support the recruit, trying to make an artificial trust bond. These are basic cult techniques.

But first the group will lull the recruit into a false sense of security for a couple of meetings with "love bombing" type behavior: flattery and other ego stroking. The "handler" may even warn the recruit that the group can turn nasty, so when they do, the recruit is more likely to accept "friend" as an authority, at least as far as the group is concerned. This way the group can rely on the fake friend to "handle" the recruit if they start asking the wrong questions or digging into the group's history. Once the "handler" confirms the recruit is controllable, they're slowly exposed to more of the group's inner workings and watched to see how they react. Eventually the goal is to manipulate the member to take on a public role and donate money and resources to give the group the appearance of a grassroots organization.

Most new "members" leave after a month or two when they see no real activism at work. They may stay longer if the group is in "Event Mode" where they're organizing a guest speaker visit. This gives the illusion the group is "doing something". But the event is always a choir preaching gig, featuring a conspiracy loon no one outside the cult will take seriously. Unless it's David "Bait" Griffin. Two things tend to happen to members: either they stay and become so brainwashed they accept anything(UFO's, Chemtrails, Holocaust Denial, NWO reptilians), or they leave and think it's all a waste of time and are never heard from again. The group has prepared for both these contingencies.

They are less prepared for the true believer who decides the group is Doing It Wrong. These people terrify the group because they live in pants shitting fear anyone they can't control will learn it's a scam. Often all the person would have done is go off to Do Their Own Thing, but of course, being control freak fucktards, the group can't let that happen. The "friend" will be called on to "handle" this member, either to convince them they're wrong and aren't smart enough to understand the group knows what it's doing, or as an extreme measure the "friend" will suddenly agree even more strongly, act as if it is their "final straw" and start their own group, which the disillusioned member will join.

This group is just another front and can be used to redirect people who has similar concerns about the main group, while keeping them under group control. To facilitate this fake split, some drama will be initiated, someone will take offense at something stupid on a listserve and a back and forth will ensue where members will take sides. This will be referenced in future if anyone asks what happened to so and such. If situations change, this will be ignored. Just remember, "we've always been at war with Eurasia..."

When It Goes Bad

The real problem comes when a member decides even this front group isn't working for them, but they still believe in The Cause. The group can't risk anyone out there they don't control representing their Bullshit and sucking the money and free labor they could be getting pushing the Bullshit. They've also invested a significant amount of energy convincing brainwashed members anyone doing things different is a government COINTELPRO agent(caps courtesy of Richard Frager), so to save face with their own brainwashed goons they have to "Do Something". And there is the fear a former member talking about the group's activities will inadvertently expose one of the groups many frauds and scams.

The first step will be trying to appease the member, usually through the "friend", but other group members can be pressed into it. They will talk up the group, spin events, make excuses for members weird behavior. Some will claim to be leaving the group, but this is a lie; they're actually watching how the member will react. The "friend" might try to handle the member by making them doubt their perceptions or even try to project the groups actions onto the member; this is a control technique to see how obedient the member will be. The group may even stage attacks on the "friend(s)" to encourage a sympathy bond with the member, so even if the member leaves, the group will still have someone informing them about the members actions.

If all this fails, or worse confirms the member's worst fears and they make a complete split from the group with no one to "handle" them, the now ex-member will be treated like The Enemy and the group will go into Attack Mode.

Let the Fair Games Begin

Now the former member is an enemy, their ex-friend who handled them will be treated like an expert on them. All confidential and personal information previously released in private will be made publicly available with a nasty twist: lies will be mixed in and assumed to be facts since the handler is an expert. If the former member tries to refute the lies, they risk confirming the actual facts. Any information about the ex-member will considered fair-game and used to defend the group and its activities from the "government COINTELPRO shill they have OMG exposed!"

The group will use its extended network of associates to spread lies and personal information about the "shills" as far as they can online; they hope the cult echo chamber they create will drown out facts and logic. Members with anonymous online identities will feel the most secure in spreading bullshit, thinking, incorrectly, they will never be caught. The group may try to intimidate former members at their houses or in public places. They may try to hunt down relatives of "enemy" ex-members.

At the same time the group is stalking the ex-member, they will try to frame the ex-member for the stalking the group is actually doing, claiming members are victims of privacy invasion even if they were interviewed on television or are well known as public figures. Unlike Scientology and other cults, the group will avoid litigation; for all their butthurt victimhood the last thing they want is real cops and lawyers digging into their business. [Note: in light of recent events, this analysis may need to be modified]

 Instead they hope to lure members into legal action that will do two things:

1: tie up the victims time, money and resources
2: give the group access to public records they can use in further harassment.

They will never remove or retract anything by request. They will never respond to emails. Proofs the group is scamming will be hand-waved as "craziness"(another common cult tactic; includes labeling critics as "mentally ill"). The only results anyone has ever been able to get is through abuse complaints. The only reaction to complaints the group has demonstrated is renewing their efforts to hide their connections and scams, and inventing new lies to explain their bad fortune to their brainwashed drones.

People attacked by these clowns shouldn't waste time trying to talk it out; that just gives the group more information to use against them. Take any evidence, go straight to law enforcement, or make an abuse complaint with the relevant website, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just KILL IT WITH FIRE.

 And nothing of value will be lost.

Experience of would be group cult dupe: CLICK HERE

Hailarious comments about group from far right propagandist Marsha McCleland:
Re: [911ZionistOp] Re: [pdx911truth] Hate speech at pdx911truth 
 Posted By: marshamcclel...Fri Sep 1, 2006 9:39 pm  
Yes...They aren't open and are quick to stifle the serious activist, I've noticed...I can't post there any more either, Dick...My trying to hook up Cindy Sheehan's activists with 911 truthers was the reason
There's so much resistance coming out in the groups right now with many of the same people working the forums against the true patriots 
I won't name names of the individuals or the groups most affected yet but they stick out like sore thumbs
It is the sorting of the good from the bad as true patriots are standing up and speaking out...Individuals as well as groups are exposing their true nature so keep your eyes open and you'll see and recognize them easily...They are consistently on the attack of others so it's very easy to spot them...And group owners who continue to allow this are questionable in character and motive, too
pdx911truth is a very disappointing group so far, for sure...Everyone should know it...Maybe someone else can try to reason with them so we can all be somewhat on the same page?
I'm not sure what the owner's stance is there so we can't count that whole group out, just yet...The main players may just be void facts and still somewhat in the box
We have to be careful not to be hasty in judgment of others until we know for sure so as not to lose one potential activist...I usually don't participate in pre-judgment as a rule and I believe I have been miss judging someone, myself...I don't know for sure but I regret anything I said of negativity about this person in the past...We shall see and I'll let you know who it is soon
Concerning pdx911truth, sometimes for whatever reason, what a mean spirited member of a group may say, doesn't actually reflect the owner's view...The group may be in moderator's hands and for whatever reason may not know what's going on
Maybe they're still learning and letting the members sort of run things?
Maybe they just don't, yet, understand the need for us to agree to disagree and still unite efforts enough to make the needed differences
It just doesn't look good so far, though...If anyone finds out for sure what their deal is...Please let me know
A bad seed for sure is 911issues and they're having a hay day with deception, too...That group is controlled by the enemy, for sure
You should hear the way jacob roginsky, the owner and Russian former scientist talks about 911 truth seekers and researchers...It's not pretty
The truth warriors there are few but holding their own as the enemy resorts to name calling and such...jacob's main tactic has been an ongoing accusation of the patriot as being>>>"mentally ill"
If you saw the 911 debate on the internet, you saw jacob in action and know what I mean...He desperately tried to label Dick Eastman mentally ill, in a very low handed and slanderous manner
Don't let those being lured to Jacob's mock 911 group seeking truth, be deceived as the liars drown out the truth tellers...There are more bad guys working together than those in truth and sincerity, for our well being, there...So they could use re-enforcements
An old foe of mine and our Patriot/Truth Movement says "we don't have they enemy on the run"...This said, especially, in mock of  911 truth activists...But I'm hear to tell you we do, actually
This same foe states there is no movement in the so called "Truth Movement"...I say that's a lie, too
Please forward this as I won't be able to post at all the groups at this time
PS...Coming soon>>>Who is and what is jacob roginsky really up to?
Google a "a matter of justice coalition"...jacob is the founder

"We The People United Movement"
We are many Political and Patriot Groups joining together, to help right the wrongs in America..."United We Will Stand"

To find our page on the net, go to:

If you are receiving this communication in a private mailing it can't be considered spam not being intended for profit and as long as it includes contact information and a method to opt out. To be removed or to subscribe please put unsub or sub in the in subject box and send to mofmars3@...

The group's domains have revolved as much as its membership; ownership revolving between Glen Owen, Ginny Ross and Tim Titrud.  Currently Holohoax Titrud owns a new one, started in 2012:

Domain Name: PDX911TRUTH.COM
Created on: 13-Oct-12
Expires on: 13-Oct-13
Last Updated on: 13-Oct-12

Timothy Titrud
7551 SE Thompson Ct
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222
United States

Administrative Contact:
Titrud, Timothy
7551 SE Thompson Ct
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222
United States
(503) 653-6629

Technical Contact:
Titrud, Timothy
7551 SE Thompson Ct
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222
United States
(503) 653-6629

Domain servers in listed order:
NS44.DOMAINCONTROL.COM Archives showing Ginny Ross as owner found here:

Ginny Ross
8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97225
United States

Registered though: GoDaddy. com, Inc.(
Created on: 15-Sep-07
Expires on: 15-Sep-08
Last Updated on:15-Sep-07

Administrative Contact:
Ross, Ginny
8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97225
United States
(503) 292-7674

Technical Contact:
Ross, Ginny
8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97225
United States
(503) 292-7674

Domain servers in listed order:
NS50.DOMAINCONTROL.COM  Also owned by Ross:

Domain ID:D149139377-LROR
Created On: 15-Sep-2007 14:44:39 UTC
Last Updated On:15-Nov-2007 03:47:35 UTC
Expiration Date:15-Sep-2008 14:44:39 UTC
Sponsoring, Inc.(R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:GODA-037466582
Registrant Street1:8830 SW Woodside Dr.
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Registrant City:Portland
Registrant State/Province:Oregon
Registrant Postal Code:97225
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5032927674
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:GODA-237466582
Admin Name:Ginny Ross
Admin Street1:8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Portland
Admin State/Province:Oregon
Admin Postal Code:97225
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.5032927674
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:GODA-137466582
Tech Name:Ginny Ross
Tech Street1:8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Portland
Tech State/Province:Oregon
Tech Postal Code:97225
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.5032927674
Tech Phone Ext.: owned by Ginny Ross:
Ginny Ross
8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97225
United States

Registered though: GoDaddy. com, Inc.(
Created on: 02-Aug-07
Expires on: 02-Aug-08
Last Updated on:03-Aug-07

Administrative Contact:
Ross, Ginny
8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97225
United States
(503) 292-7674

Technical Contact:
Ross, Ginny
8830 SW Woodside Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97225
United States
(503) 292-7674

Domain servers in listed order:

[under construction]

Other cult connections of note


This indy article calls attention to the well known cult org Natlfed or National Labor Federation organizing at local colleges:

Authoritarian 'cult' organizing at portland universities
an authoritarian 'cult' is organizing in portland universities. These days have seen the rebirth of authoritarian left organizations infultrating leadership roles in the labor, anti-globalization, and anti-war movements. As lovers of freedom, our lives, and justice I think this problem needs to be addressed. Diversity of tactics, but not when it allows these psychos to get power of others to rape abuse & exploit.
In the Reed cafeteria during lunch a group called the Friends of Seasonal and ServiceWorkers has been attempting to organize students. I have spoken with
reedies who have volunteered and they have complained that the group tried
to push them into fairly intense covert activity to subvert the government
via a groundlevel organization. They required extremely high hours and
utilize pyschological pressure.
In the comments Mitchel "it's not that bad" Cohen butts in to dismiss worries:

I too was a member of Natlfed (Eastern Farmworkers) 27.Nov.2004 00:13

Mitchel Cohen

One cannot dismiss the appeal of the so-called "National Labor Federation" by simply saying it was a "cult."

I met Gino Perente in 1972 when he, and Polly Gardner, and Mary Seeber (all dead now), and Elizabeth Logan (where is she?) came by one of the Red Balloon Collective suites in the dorms at SUNY Stony Brook, and we'd have all-night sessions.

I went with Mary and Polly (who was 16 at the time!) to organize farmworkers in the migrant shacks in the East end of Long Island, New York. We got shot at by the crew chiefs and their hirelings; we moved evicted farmworker back into their "homes" with all their meager belongings. And, yes, we built a free medical clinic in the town of Riverhead NY.

So there were indeed stalinist and cult-like aspects to this organization. But unlike other cults, it did solid (if nerve-wracking, and unnecessarily authoritarian) work.

As to its alleged ties with LaRouche, this is one of the funniest parts of the history. I was there for all of that. I remember going with Gino, Mary, Polly and several others to a talk by the LaRouchies at Columbia University around 1975. This was when LaRouche (aka "Lyn Marcus") was in his "Women as Vampire" phase (his wife had run off with another member to England -- that was the basis for years and years of political psychobabble from LaRouche), and everything was being blamed on "the Mother" for sucking the energy and politics out of kids.

The LaRouchies used this as a way to bypass sticky arguments.

Anyway, we were in a first-floor classroom jammed with 50 or 60 people, the EFWA (Eastern Farmworkers Association) organizers including me standing in the back, and Gino, in his black leather jacket, says to the speaker from US Labor Party (LaRouche): "Punk, you don't say anything about what you're going to actually DO to make the revolution."

The guy prattles about something, Gino cuts him off with some witty reparte, and the guy shoots back: "You're only saying that because you, like all of us, had an unnatural attachment to your mother."

Gino, a master at cutting through academic bullshit, rips his own jacket off as he climbs over people to get to the front, hissing, "Dat's my mudder your tawkin' about!" and flattens the guy. And the room full of Larouchies and potential recruits goes flying out the windows (first floor). I never saw a room clear out so fast, as Gino, Mary, Polly and I laughed and laughed.

There's a lot more, a lot to hate too, but we'll never understand the DRAW if we try to pigeon-hole the organization and its leader into a typified psych-study, the way Chip Berlet and others do. They miss the things that were so powerful about being there, that made you WANT TO stay up all night round the clock, do stupid paperwork all day long, to be IMMEDIATELY RELEVANT, to work under an actual longterm strategy (however delusional it may have turned out).

My friend Van and I had long been out of the group by the time Gino died in 1995, but we felt the need to go together to his funeral in Staten Island (of all places) to see old comrades (some enemies), and basically to MAKE SURE GINO WAS ACTUALLY DEAD, and this wasn't yet another trick he was pulling on us!

Write to me if you want to discuss this further .... It's been a long time since I've thought much about it.

Mitchel Cohen
Brooklyn Greens / Green Party of NY

Brooklyn, NY
Mitch is saying his cult leader attacked their cult leader, and they do a collective barrelroll after first degree assault on a Larouche rep and nothing bad happens to them after that? No fair game? No legal threats? Really? Is this the same Larouche org that kills people trying to leave? Something's missing from Mitch's story, like what's the horse he has in this race.... Oh and he's a friend of Holocaust Denial enabler Petros Evdokas:

Moron Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers:

College Outreach:

Since the end of
the spring term „09, PSU
has made significant
strides in waste reduction
and recycling through education,
outreach, data collection,
improved signage
and enhanced partnerships
with dining services
and student groups.
At the end of each
term, and especially at the
end of the school year,
students are encouraged
to Chuck-It-For-
Charity. Gently used
clothes and household
goods are collected from
residence hall drop sites
by recycling specialists
from PSU Recycles! This
year over one ton of blankets,
clothing, shoes and
non-perishable food items
were donated directly to
Friends of Seasonal and
Service Workers
(FSSW). FSSW is an all
volunteer-run non-profit
providing support for lowincome
workers striving for
self-sufficiency in Washington
County. Remaining
items were sold to incoming
students at the First
Annual PSU Recycles!
Rummage Sale during September's
new student
week. The sale yielded
over $600 with all proceeds
going to FSSW.

Christel Eichner, Resource Management Coordinator, PSU Recycles!
Daniel Schmidt, Crew Leader, PSU Recycles!
Leecia Anderson, Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers
Photo Credit: Portland State University


Domain Name: IP Address:
Google PageRank: 0

WHOIS Lookup For Domain Name

Domain ID:D163643520-LROR
Domain Name:FSSW.ORG
Created On:19-Oct-2011 18:31:24 UTC
Last Updated On:19-Dec-2011 03:48:12 UTC
Expiration Date:19-Oct-2012 18:31:24 UTC
Sponsoring, LLC (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:CR95849700
Registrant Name:Leecia Anderson
Registrant Organization:Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers
Registrant Street1:1400 E. Burnside
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Portland
Registrant State/Province:Oregon
Registrant Postal Code:97214
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5032314826
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:CR95849702
Admin Name:Leecia Anderson
Admin Organization:Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers
Admin Street1:1400 E. Burnside
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Portland
Admin State/Province:Oregon
Admin Postal Code:97214
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.5032314826
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:CR95849701
Tech Name:Leecia Anderson
Tech Organization:Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers
Tech Street1:1400 E. Burnside
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Portland
Tech State/Province:Oregon
Tech Postal Code:97214
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.5032314826
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:

Friday, February 28, 2020

911 Truth Alliance

A conspiracy AstroTurf franchise email list founded in 2003 by Lori Price for the primary purpose of spreading tinfoil rich fertilizer across the Interwebs. The secondary purpose was a giant scam to transfer liberal dollars into the pockets of closet racists in the form of donations under the guise of 'social activism'.

In the bad old days of the neo-con years there were 911 truth Alliance chapters from sea to shining sea, and even over seas, filled will disillusioned liberals wondering how the hell Bush could stay in office and be rewarded for ignoring intelligence that Bin Laden might attack the USA. Over time the groups and email lists became filled with OMG New World Order conspiracy spam and a social networking hive for Nazis wannabes, cultists, Ron Paul worshipers and other internet bottom feeders.

Now ten years after the September 11th attacks most of the lists-serves are dead or on life-support, anyone with higher brain functions having long since bailed.

This would explain why the remaining active members of the Portland 911 truth Alliance all demonstrate the collective intelligence of moldy toast.


Main Yahoo group:


This discussion group will focus on the 'oddities' surrounding the 9-11 terrorist attacks, originally titled '911truthalliance'. We will attempt to find and expose the truth regarding who was actually responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks.

The Israeli/Palestinian debate is not permitted on this board.

Petition to Senate - Investigate Oddities of 9/11:

CLG 9/11 Investigation and "Oddities" Information Zone:

9-11 Oddities petition is hosted by Citizens for Legitimate Government:
About page at

What is 9/11 Truth Alliance?

9/11 Truth Alliance brings together people in the United States and elsewhere to demand transparency and disclosure about the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

The organizer contact list implies that "alliance" may not be in all group names or there has been a mass re-branding.

Other active branches:

The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance

The Upper Valley 9/11 Truth Alliance

Monadnock 9/11 Truth Alliance

9/11 Massachusetts Truth Alliance