Friday, March 2, 2012

Jaye Powers aka Unsecured Coins, Glue Cowlix


Group Contacts: Jennifer Wynhausen, Craig Lazo

Networks: James Randi Educational Forums, Myspace, Facebook, Kansas City Bastards, Screw Loose Change blogspot comments

Gullible army fag from Killeen Texas. In late 2007, with Jennifer Wynhausen, started Tinfoil Wars stalker blog under the nick Glue Cowlix, obviously swiping the nick of an obscure band, barely known out side of MySpace.

When the Tinfoilwars stalker gig was too obvious, they deleted fucking everything; in 2008 Powers moved on to wasting tax dollars trolling for Craig Lazo.

Powers is one of Wynhausen's pussy whipped personal Internet army. With the exception of one bitchy article using information from Wynhausen about her new dupe Jon Gold, has mostly been quiet on the conspiracy scene since Lazo's docs dropped. Rumored to work closely with Youtube friend/subscriber  Ozzybinoswald:

Nothing says support like help and approval from pedo tolerant creeps.

See also: the SPs.

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While well known as Lazo's buttmonkey, it's possible Powers was responsible for Lazo's doxing, even if accidentally.   According to comments at "John Friend"'s Holocaust denier conspiracy blog:

And Craig Lazo is... who exactly? Killtown's real name?

R You for real to ask that question? Why do you think Blakeney and Fetzer have not asked "real" truth seekers to join them? Any idea at all? Those cowards are purposely shooting arrows, but never pointing at the target. They are both pathetic jokes of the real truth. You gotta come outta your trance John Friend. Also, you may want to print rather than have a little kid draw your next 911 poster. It would have a better effect. Don't ya think?

LOL- obviously I disagree with you. Fetzer and Blakeney have both exposed Israel's central role in 9/11. Both of them are pretty weak when it comes to the Holohoax though, I'll give you that.

I have a question for you: do you actually read Fetzer's writings? Or listen to his podcasts? If you did, I'm sure you would understand that this man is a truth teller and a true scholar.

Haha, what's wrong with the poster? I thought it was pretty appropriate for this post.

Years ago JREF found out Killtown's name was Craig Lazo. Probably because his gf told "Unsecured Coins" and he told everyone else. But somehow Lazo's ID was kept secret from truthers for a couple more years until 2010 when everyone knew:

It's part of the reason Lazo had to move back to California.
Mmmm....  Did Powers have a crisis of conscience  and outed the Lazo-weasle?   Or was Powers was bragging loudly in the JREF locker room:  "Hey guys!  This Jennifer chick I'm's Killtown's squeeze!  He's Craig Lazo...but don't tell anyone!!!!"

More to come....

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