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Jennifer Wynhausen aka The911Stalker

Other AKAs: Jennifer Wynhausen the911stalker xenawarriorprincess, peaceinpdx, pandora, Jennifer Glitter, "queen of the world", theepee

Status: ACTIVE

Networks: PDX 911truth alliance, Portland 911 Truth Alliance, Oregon Truth Alliance

Group Contacts: Ginny Ross, Sara Lamadrid, Craig Lazo, Glen Owen, Richard Frager, Tim Titrud, Brian Mcmanus

Other contacts: "Ozzy" Thomson, Jaye Powers, Andrew "Spiney" Kelly

 Blogger profile:  Jennifer/Jen
 Pinterest: Jennifer Wynhausen/Juicy Jenz

Whiny Libertarian attention whore with signs of a Border Line personality disorder, Jennifer Wynhausen is best known as Craig Lazo's now ex-girlfriend. Specializes in grooming men for her personal Internet army. A cold blooded liar and backstabber, she works in the Oregon State Department of Human Resources where her skills have probably helped her advance over harder working but less vicious rivals. Can be contacted through her office in Salem:

District 3 Office Phone# 378-3402 Fax…..378-3403
3420 Cherry Ave NE Suite 110, Salem OR 97303
Denise Venini.Business Integrity 373-1762
Judy Satrum Q & A Data Co-ord 373-1759
Gayle Hooper Admin Specialist 2 373-1417
Rene DuBoise SDA3 Manager 373-1422
SS Program Mgrs Unit Ground floor 373-7073
Jennifer Bell CRC 37198
Melany Hammang Program Office Support(SS) 37487
Natalie Seney Program Office Support(SS) 37376
Sam Osborn Program Manager 37199
Sandy Olivas Program Manager 37156
SS Program Mgrs/Volunteer Unit. Main Phone 373-3073…FAX 7843
Tom Shores Disability Specialist 37654
Toni Jones Disability Specialist Asst 37664
Maureen O’Berry Hearings Rep/Salem/Woodburn 37706
Shelby Koning Hearings Rep/rest of SDA 3 37708
Jennifer Wynhausen ICC 37634
Raquel Huggins ICC 37637
Dave Resinger OIS 37891
Glenda Kohler OIS 37351
Greg Russo OIS . 37588
Kim Lopez Targetted Reviews 37666
Dave Van Wormer Training SS 31181
Supposedly works with abused children...Please God, tell us it isn't so.

But it would make sense if she was abusing her position to groom minors for online shenanigans. There's already a rumor Wynhausen tried to set up her daughter's boyfriend to take the fall for Craig Lazo; her daughter was a minor at the time, and as this pixelized image from her Myspace account shows, Wynhausen had no problem exposing her kid to internet creeps:
Or exposing her kid (pixelized)to real life creeps for that matter:
Keep in mind Wynhausen was friends with Ozzy Thomson of wannabe pedo stalking video fame. That she would include her kid in her slimy activities is sick and deranged, but not surprising as one of the frequently visiting family friends, Olivia "Libby" Bunn
Olivia Jocelyn Bunn libby
was a violent crazy bitch jailed for hiring some fellow losers to beat up her exboyfriend:

Officers with Tualatin Police arrested 20-year old Olivia Jocelyn Bunn during the early morning hours of June 25th 2009, for Stalking and Solicitation to Commit Burglary, Assault and Robbery.
Tualatin Police say they learned from an anonymous source on June 24th 2009, that Ms. Bunn "ordered a hit" on her ex-boyfriend and father of her two month old baby.
With these values, "Libby" fit right into the Wynhuasen/Lazo household; rumor is Wynhausen took some of the group around to the house of an ex member to intimidate them one night. It also gives some insight into Wynhausen's probable parenting style.

On Ginny Ross's list, Wynhausen pimped Craig Lazo's forum:

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007
From: Jennifer Wynhausen
Subject: Re: [911] Seattle
To: OR 9/11 Activist Leaders
I'm still considering driving up. Are you going to be at the meeting tomorrow? And how come you didn't register at 911movement?

> Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [911] Seattle
> Is anyone here tripping up Saturday for the Seattle rally; if so can I
> catch a ride?
> - Darris
> 503.490.1785
Other sources indicate Darris was ready and willing but hadn't gotten around to it yet:

The forum idea is a good one - Craig mentioned that to me; it'd also cut down on mass emails here.
Maybe if Wynhausen wasn't a pushy bitch, there wouldn't be ample evidence everyone on Ginny Ross' list knew Craig Lazo was "killtown".

911 is a Fucking Lie and I hate Dylan "Golden Boy" Avery

In mid 2007 Wynhausen's work in the conspiracy scene began in earnest: attending meetings, passing out leaflets, trolling for guys she could dupe with her boney assed charms.

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This culminated in the stalker blog Wynhausen co owned with Jaye Powers called Tinfoil Wars; where she posted under the nick Pandora, wrongly thinking no one would ever know.

This was probably the same mentality Wynhausen was operating under when she helped Lazo spread lies about Val McClatchey and called McClatchey a "skank at Loose Change Forums:

Let's Publicly Comdemn This Harrassment

Jennifer - September 15, 2007 02:21 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Oliver @ Sep 14 2007, 03:17 PM)
Killtown accused her of being involved in the cover-up.
But all she did was to take a photo of the plume. That's all.

And if I would know you a little bit better - I probably wouldn't
think that you already sound like Killtown himself... :P [/kidding]

That's all... really? And what cover up are you referring to?

Clearly this photo is falsified, which at the very least indicates that she was complicit in a crime. So, I would expect her to be involved in the cover up of that crime, so how is that harassment? Is it harassment, questioning whether or not the photo is real? Or is questioning her motives, financial or otherwise harassment? This woman has clearly profited off of 911. Look at the skank, the evolution of her appearance (the photo on the right is the more recent photo):

user posted image

And I don't quite understand what you mean... I sound like Killtown? Because I question this photo as well? Or because I stand up for other truthers, are you going to call me Terrorcell next?

Maybe I should ask you what you are trying to cover up. Do you think the photo is real?

For moar on Wynhausen's part in enabling Lazo's harassment of McClatchey, click HERE.

The 911 Stalker

Then it went bad. A dumb flake by the name of Webfairy leaked Wynhausen was "Killtown"s girlfriend. And since everyone knew Craig Lazo was Wynhausen's boyfriend, it snowballed from there to a foregone conclusion. It didn't help they had a habit of necking in public:

Jennifer Wynhausen Craig Lazo kissing
People Wynhausen had been manipulating at Lazo's forum had a big WTF moment. Wynhausen freaked, first confessing she had kinda sorta been a moderator, then accused people of stalking her, then Deleted Fucking Everything before denying she'd ever said anyone was stalking her:

Re: Problem With Webfairy -- Your Thoughts (Shure)
Post by jennifer on Jan 26, 2008, 2:18am

Jan 25, 2008, 5:54pm, genghis6199 wrote:
you guys are so interested in TRUTH...


is that it....
cos i'm confused princess.

i don't know when u made this stroke of genius,
but it's pretty funny reading for my part as u can imagine.

I didn't make it... I borrowed it, and I stand by it.
Again... I never called you a stalker. Whoever told you that fucking lied.

A couple months later Wynhausen decided she was being stalked after all. Wynhausen thought the best way to deal with her imaginary threat was to set up new profiles called the911stalker, at Youtube, Myspace and Livevideo, Blogspot / blogger, Photobucket, using the email accounts and, then try to frame one of her conspiracy dupes as a stalker by being anonymous. Then she got caught because she fails at proxies. Everyone laughed.

Protip: Life is less complicated if you don't con people in the first place.

A New Leaf?

Jennifer Wynhausen Craig Lazo boringSomehow Wynhausen's convinced people she's changed and has foresworn her old ways. This would be believable if all the bs she and Lazo published about people and 911stalker profiles were deleted. Instead its business as usual, pretending she can escape her past with the Power of Denial, heavily backed up with the Promise of Pussy. Wynhausen's new bff is truther Jon Gold, previously fucked over by her associate Sara Lamadrid:
Jennifer Wynhausen Jon Gold
And you are my favorite Truther ever:)
Bet she told Lazo that too. She goes on to say:

I've been known to take a while...sometimes years. :)
Wynhausen's implying she's become a more credible truther, if there is such a thing. And that she's not hanging out with her old crowd. This is more horseshit as her birthday greeting to Jim Fetzer shows:

Jennifer Wynhausen glitter Jim Fetzer

Happy Birthday from the Portland Crew :)
Or her continuing friendship with fellow TinfoilWars blog owner, Jaye "Unsecured Coins" Powers:
Jennifer Wynhausen glitter Jaye PowersWho just happens to write nasty articles about this Jon Gold guy:

The WBOD – Jon Gold (1 post)
Started 1 year ago by Jaye
I’m probably going to the well a tad more than I should be, but this was too good not to get a mention. I’d file this one under “Delusions of Adequacy”

Yes, we have another member of the 9/11 Truth Squad who is a proud recipient of the Golden Nozzle this week. Let me just point out that I do not give these out just because you believe 9/11 was an inside job – your beliefs do not warrant your name on this award because if it did every single religious minded person in existence would get one and my columns would suck even more than they do now. No sir, you have to EARN your Bag, and Jon Gold here has done just that.
It's just another day, and another scam for Wynhausen, picking up where Lamadrid left off, this time at Facebook.

Holocaust Denier?

Her ex bf is, but is she?  Or she just like to hang with the Hilter loving homies?

This image was apparently submitted by Wynhausen to the online conspiracy shop shirtswithballs:

It can bee seen at this link with other conspiratards facefagging themselves:

But a copy of this picture is also on the merchandise page of the virulent anti-Semitic website,, where Wynhausen's mug sits between a "Holohoax" T-shirt and a global warming denial T-shirt:

Can't have too many conspiracies.

Considering a spate of videos mocking her relationship with Lazo have disappeared, apparently from Wynhausen going into flag overdrive, a reader must interpret her lack of diligence at removing these images from a pro Nazi websites as implicit approval of anti-Semitic content.  At the very least Wynhausen appears to have given her image, to use with approval, even though it's obvious the website is a Jew hater's paradise.  She's not so blond she wouldn't know better.  It's starting to look like Wynhausen's is a Nazi like her friend Titrud. 

[Some archives indicate the site started out anti Bush and became anti-Semitic later, under different management.  HOWEVER, that change was  before the merchandise page existed.]

Rumor of Wynhausen's Nazi sympathies go back as far as 2008, when it was noted she had a close relationship with the rabid anti-Semite Mike Delaney aka Prothink on Myspace.  This ongoing relationship has been confirmed; a search of Wynhausen's Myspace name "peaceinpdx" is still among Delaney's friends:

 Even Wynhausen's blondness can't explain her continued association with someone that has "FUCK JEWS!" on the front of his profile page:

To understand exactly how extreme and open Delaney's views are, the reader needs to see two images he shared on Facebook:

These are exactly the same beliefs held by Wynhausen's friends Brian McManus and Tim Titrud.  Ergo Wynhausen must also believe the Holocaust didn't happen and , of course, the Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks.

Because no one else beside a Holocaust denying Nazi would have friends who believe this shit.

Ex Hubby Hypocritical Republican Faggot?

Rumored to be the ex-wife of Deputy District Attorney Michael Wynhausen,  who made a career prosecuting child abusers:
Tuesday, February 6, 2007 12:00 am
 Man pleads no contest prior to trial for 2005 child abuse case
Two others still scheduled to appear in Linn court beginning Feb. 27
A man charged with criminal mistreatment in a child abuse case pleaded no contest Monday, two weeks prior to his scheduled trial.
Two other co-defendants are still scheduled to appear for the trial, which begins Feb. 27 in Linn County Circuit Court.
Mark Renfro, 32, of Albany pleaded no contest to two counts of criminal mistreatment, one a misdemeanor and one a felony. Also, he pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor criminal mistreatment.
Renfro, Christina Cowart, 29, of Albany and Lisa Smart, 21, of Corvallis were charged in 2005 with multiple counts of criminal mistreatment. Albany police said at the time that food had been withheld from children in their care and that a young girl had been bound and locked in a closet.
In court on Monday, Prosecutor Michael Wynhausen said that Renfro was not the primary person behind the abuse.
"It's the state's belief that (Renfro) was largely unaware of the incidents," Wynhausen said.
Renfro's sentencing was set for March 16. He faces up to 60 days in jail and 36 months probation. He is represented by defense attorney Janet Boytano.

Michael Wynhausen maybe unaware of his ex's association with pedo loving Greg Thomson.  Or maybe he's the kinda guy who only cares about abused children when it advances his career.  

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Or maybe Wynhausen can donate her reimbursement to a charity. $686.81 would be appreciated by people against cruelty to animals

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