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Tim Titrud

Tim Titrud
Detail from hilarious ANTIFA poster, see links below

Networks: Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, Pdx 911 Truth,
Pdx911truth Ning (owner), Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth


One of the group's more spectacular failures, Tim Titrud has been juggling the Holocaust denial ball behind people's back for years before drawing the righteous wrath of some Upstanding Citizens. From then it was downhill as one after another of his racist and fraudulent positions were exposed:

Tim Titrud stops hiding 03.Aug.2010 12:57
Tim Titrud has completely come out of the closet with his Nazism on his new website:

"I suppose owning most of the media gives Jewish people, from their perspective, the right to print and say whatever they wish and to fire whomever gets out of line, but, by the same token, does that mean we should forever live in their fabricated matrix with closed eyes?"

"The networks of the House of Rothschild were behind Hitler and the rise of the Nazi Party in the Rothschild heartland of Germany where they had changed their name from Bauer in 18th century Frankfurt and launched the dynasty that was to control global finance."

This is the usual ZIONIST OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT crap from the Neo-Nazi movement.
Titrud bawled to his local newpaper that the nasty Anitfa were out to get him, a story gullible so called journalist James Pitkin swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Titrud's other hits include working with Ginny Ross and Jennifer Wynhausen to spread lies that former members were stalking them:

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
From: Ginny Ross
Subject: Re: [911] Does anyone know this guy?
To:, OR 9/11 Activist Leaders

Tim thinks that "Casey" is the witch Jo who has been harrassing Jennifer.
If anyone does know Craig (who is pictured) you might want to warn him
that he might be in the sites as a new target for that succubus.
Safe travels all,

When not feeding moronic lawyers lies, Titrud was freely publishing his ideas about Jews, gays and the Holocaust on Facebook, the new last refuge of scoundrels:

Tim Titrud Holocaust Denier
"Very good videos showing the Holocaust is a lie."

Tim Titrud gay zionist agenda"I found the following video very thought provoking. The Rose City Antifa follows the example in the video. Very much for Gay Rights and also quick to call one antisemetic."

Tim Titrud Homophobe
"To stir up hate and division the lie that Matthew Shepard was murdered because he was gay was created. the myth still lives on and at Jesuit High the fairy tale is being pushed in the drama class."

Jesuits have drama class?

Tim Titrud Holohoax
"Some stories about the Holohoax are just too weird."

Reportedly Petros Evdokas would warn members privately that Tim Titrud had alliances with racists in wishy washy vague milquetoast bullshit language a la his usual PC spam:

to participate within the 9/11 Truth movement in ways that allow us to confront, expose, oppose and hopefully neutralize Right-wing influences such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and their "evil sisters": applications that take the form of Jew-hating, Zionism, anti-Islam Crusade mongering, gay-bashing, male supremacy. -Petros

Nowhere in the list does the Cyprian troll come out and say "Holocaust denial". Titrud has apparently avoided stating his Holocaust denial at meetings, or showing any other indications of "alliances with racists", making it mysterious Evdokas would think or assume such a thing. All mystery was removed when Antifa released this screen capture image, proving Petros and Tim are on the same Team Scam:

Tim Titrud Petros Evdokas

Two Hit, Three Down, By Lynn Margulis Petros Evdokas petros_evdokas
Prof. Lynn Margulis is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, and Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the...
Jul 1, 2011 2:22 pm

Re: The 9/11 Commission Campaign - rollout July 4th letter Tim Titrud timtitrud
Mark: I did talk with Mike Gravel a couple of days ago. He will be in Portland next week and the Portland 911 Truth Alliance will meet with him to assist in...
Jul 1, 2011 1:33 pm

The 9/11 Commission Campaign - rollout July 4th letter Jonathan Mark noflyby
This following includes information about our joining a citizens campaign for a real 9/11 investigation. Watch for our official letter on this on July 4th....
Jul 1, 2011 7:23 am

These posts are from July 2011, long after the Rose City Antifa dustup in 2009 , and the David Irving event Titrud promoted, also in 2009, and the Anelauskas event Titrud helped organize, also in 2009. 2009 was a special year in the White Power calender.

Titrud's love note to David Irving:

Subj: Portland
Date: Sunday, July 19, 2009 12:33:53 a.m
From: Oregontt
To: Focalp

Dear David Irving:

I am very much looking forward to hearing you on Sunday. I belong to a 911 Truth Group in Portland and about 5-6 of us will be attending your event. Once I know where the event will be I will inform the other members in our group.

I hope I am properly registered for an update on the location.


Tim Titrud 503-701-3481
Titrud 86'd from Unitarian Church premises in 2010 for being a White Power organizer:

I was in attendance at the event, and saw Tim Titrud ejected for the first time. The person ejecting him told him clearly why he had to leave--for organizing with and financially supporting members of the white power movement, Valdas Anelauskas and David Irving. I saw him attempt to re-enter with Crystal Elinsky after being asked to leave, after the event already started. I saw, and heard, Crystal get in the faces of the security team and make a scene in the hallway directly outside the event, within view of the crowd inside. The audio that she, herself, provides shows how calm and respectful the event's security was. Not only that, there were already FOUR KBOO reporters attending the event, recording audio. Rose City Antifa sure didn't seem like they were trying to hide anything from the media. At all.

I saw the security team follow to make sure that Elinsky and Titrud truly left the event, then I saw Elinsky start shouting about being pushed, which is a total lie. Nobody pushed her. I saw. She started shouting about it to other folks at the Unitarian Church, and generally harassing the security team and disrupting other events happening at the church that night. She behaved atrociously, and the event organizers had every reason to ask her to leave.
Whoever Crystal Elinsky is (probably another White Power whore scrapped off the floor of a rundown rehab clinic), she's obviously brainwashed by whatever charms a 50 plus year old lying Nazi troll has. More interesting is the location, a branch of the Unitarian Church in Portland Oregon, where two of the ministers happen to the the parents of fellow 'truther' and group member Sara Lamadrid.

So many coincidences, so little time. Anyway, it's really nice of Petros Evdokas to continue letting Tim Titrud post on the group's main Yahoo listserve, even after Titrud was outed as a Nazi lover. It just goes to show how tolerant people in this group can be. 

A note on gal pal Crystal Elinski

Elinski seems to have moved on from hobnobbing with crypto fascists and holocaust deniers to infesting OWS and related protest faggotry.

One clues remains that part of helping her Nazifag friends was pretending to support Antifa, possibly to make Antifascists more trusting of her: her stolen bike report posted here.

white ?Trek? ? ?

Posted by Jonathan "J.R" Reed on September 25th, 2010 at 9:01 pm
Year: ?
Brand: ?Trek?
Model: ?
Stolen in Portland, OR 97232
Stolen From: between Rose Garden Arena and Memorial Coliseum, next to ticket office, locked to barricades under the big basketball player billboard. The security firm first told me they don't keep video for more than 24hours, then that they looked up to 2 weeks prior and they don't see my bike. hmmm...
Neighborhood: Lloyd
Owner: Crystal Elinski
Reward: 200.00
Description: 'nondescript white mountain bike' with all this:
21” frame
21 speed
Shimano derailleur
26” wheels, one (the front?) has a skinnier tire on it
Dyno hub generator on the front wheel for the LED front lamp
Metal two-sided basket on the back wheel
Indian bells tied to the basket
Plastic snake tied to the front plastic mud fender
Wide Vetta saddle
Seat pouch under the saddle with a repair kit, extra tube and 50cents
for a phone call
Copper wire around the seat stem
Straight handlebars with bar-ends pointed up
White grip tape around handlebars
Child’s pink and purple bell and neon pink Purell hand sanitizer on
right side of handlebars
Round convex mirror on left handlebar
Two kickstands
Water bottle holder on frame

Although it’s white, stickers cover the frame, stems and fenders:
Nader-Gonzales ’08, My Other Car is a Broom, Grow Your Own, KBOO,
Citybikes, Oregon Tradeswomen, Stop the Border Wars, Laughing Horse
Books, Antifa, Portland Copwatch, Filmed by Bike, Free Geek, 0$
gasoline (you’ve seen it), One Less Fixie, Kakistokracy, Freedom of
Speech for Those Who Can Afford It
Police record with: Portland
Police reference#: 10-79826
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike

  Posted on September 25th, 2010 at 9:01 pm.

 Quote: "Although it’s white, stickers cover the frame, stems and fenders:
Nader-Gonzales ’08, My Other Car is a Broom, Grow Your Own, KBOO,
Citybikes, Oregon Tradeswomen, Stop the Border Wars, Laughing Horse
Books, Antifa, Portland Copwatch,"

What is a supposed supporter of Antifa  doing being friends with Holocaust Denier Titrud? The only answer that makes sense is it would make Antifa think she was one of them and share information they otherwise wouldn't.  

Her KBOO page has been abandoned since Dec 2007:

Audio by producer crystal_elinski

Portland Tea Party at Willamette River

Evening News
program date: 
Tue, 12/18/2007
This past Sunday, December 17th, was the two hundred and thirty-fourth anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.
Just as the colonists revolted against King George, Code Pink staged their own revolt against President George W. Bush in Portland.
Hundreds gathered as protestors dumped their own organic tea into the Willamette River.

 Time will tell if Elinski's a Nazi whore infiltrating peacenicks for the cult, or if she really has gotten a clue and bailed from the conspiracy freakshow.

Hear Elinski try to out ARA members, and call Antifa Zionist Mossad Cointelpro:

Download mp3 HERE.

Rediscover Blaming Jews,  er, 9/11

For an all new low of Nazis friendly failure, in July of 2010 Titrud helped start a website called[ See HERE for associate Jim Fetzer's involvement ]:

Development Group

Dr. Ed Kendrick
Zan Overall
Dr. Tom Tvedten
Wendy Campbell
Judy Kemecsei
Jerry Mazza
Stephen Lendman
Adrian Salbuchi
T. Mark Hightower
Tim Titrud

The pages are lulzy:


  • Introduction: Israel & 9/11
  • The Real Reasons Nation States Institute “False-Flag” Attacks and the Context of Principles by which they Occur
  • Who did 9/11?
  • Cui bono (Who benefits?)
  • Authorities Speak Out
  • Zionist Elephant in the Room
  • Complicit MSM
  • Is 9/11 research ‘anti-Semitic’?
 as are the articles:

  • Sayanim–Israeli Operatives in the U.S.
  • The roots of Israeli exceptionalism
  • How World Jewry Pushed America Into WWII
  • Hero Of Gaza Flotilla Goes Head To Head With Biased BBC “Israeli Firster”
  • What if Israel is behind the terrorists?
  • Conspiracies and conspiracism
  • Implausible Bangs vs. Absurd Fizzles: GWOT Attacks Too Big, Then Too Small
  • Review: Israeli Exceptionalism – The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism
  • The Hijacked Democracy and the Zionist Media
If there's any doubt who's to blame for the 9/11 attacks, or anything else bad that ever happened in the world, this image should make it clear:

And to help spread that message they have an activist page!

ReDiscover 9/11


 Your telephone answering machine message might begin with:
  - “9/11 was an inside job”
  - “Israel and treasonous gentiles did 9/11″
  -“The official story of 9/11 is a big lie”
  - “Israel–no Islam–did 9/11″


Using Avery Business Card stock you can print and distribute this:
(Click the above file to receive a PDF document that is compatible with Avery 8870 business card stock. Print on both sides and distribute.
Web references and documentaries are on the back of the cards.
 And for those who aren’t into the cute monkeys there is the more direct approach with this business card design–on the reverse are links, including IsraelDid911-Avery8870.pdf

This Avery return address label sticker introduces the website. Stick on letters, packages, ??? Click image to download.

Wow! Titrud sure was busy!  It's like kindergarden craft class for Jew Haters!

Hard to say what's more sad: that Titrud and his friends would spend time building a site, or that they are delusional enough to believe anyone outside thier Nazi wannabe cult is going to use this shit for "activism".  Yet, LaWACjobs did bite:

I presented them with two placards. One read:


The second read:
COULD DO 9/11 !
*DEIR YASSIN–Site of an atrocious 1948 Jewish terrorist slaughter of Palestinians,
perpetrated to panic Palestinians and cause them to flee their ancient homeland.

I passed out a 4 page handout, attached to this email.  I hope you will read it.
Two people in the crowd, surprisingly, said they agreed with me. Some passersby
did as well.  I did not expect to convert any of the crowd by my bare assertions.
Those who took my handout might, at least, be challenged in their views and learn

My purpose in presenting a crowd of “true believers” with an outrageous truth is to
get the idea in their heads.  The image I like to think of is that when I do that I open
a new “file” or “folder” in the computers of their minds.  It will always be there and
future information on this subject will have a place to be filed.  The angrier they get,
the more deeply imbedded is the “crazy” idea that “Israel did 9/11.”  The idea can
get spread even by them telling someone at work today that there was “some crazy
old man there saying that Israel did 9/11! Can you believe that!”

Most passed by smilingly. Some of the Jews in the crowd got very angry, calling me
a “Nazi,” a “pig” of some kind.
We're shocked, SHOCKED, that anyone passing out Nazi friendly literature would be called a NAZI!  SHOCKED!

Portland Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Before David Fura, Pena, Waldron, and Goldman, Titrud was the representative for Portland AE 911Truth.   There was a press conference in 2010:
 9/11 Truthers Taking Action Today
9:34 AM September 9th, 2010 by James Pitkin

As the nine-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks approaches, local 9/11 Truthers are taking action.

According to a news release, Clackamas County resident Tim Titrud of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is holding a press conference at the Portland office of U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) today at at 1:30 p.m.

Titrud will present findings “by more than 1,270 architects and engineers” that “all three of the skyscrapers that fell on September 11, 2001, in New York City were destroyed by controlled demolitions,” the news release says.

(Recall that the 7 World Trade Center building also collapsed around 5:20 p.m. that day.)

Titrud’s event coincides with another press conference today with former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) and Richard Gage of the American Institute of Architects at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the news release says.

Blumenauer’s office is at 830 NE Holladay St., suite 105.
Comments are painfully as always with the conspiracy crowd:

18 Responses to “9/11 Truthers Taking Action Today”

1.    Mike Quigley says:
    September 9, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Hmmmm…. Who gained the most from 911? The (the failing) Bush administration, America’s military-industrial complex, and Osama bin Laden (who shorted al Qaeda’s portfolio of insurance stocks immediately before the attack). AS in any war, follow the money.
  2.  Andy from Beaverton says:
    September 9, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Mike, the tinfoil you wear on your head to block the government’s radio waves must be getting thin. Time to buy more.
    I don’t waste time writing history that conflicts with your fantasies. But try doing a little bit of research on your abused “military-industrial complex” mantra. The term Ike had planned on using up to his penultimate draft of his farewell address was “military-industrial-congressional complex”. His point being that all spending must take place through the congress and congressmen only have interest in bring government spending to their district or state. Over time, the finger has been pointed at the military spending abuse from government without paying any attention to wasted industrial spending.
  3.  Meet Your Mayor in the City Hall Men's Room says:
    September 9, 2010 at 10:50 am

    “tinfoil hat” = “people I disagree with”.

    “I don’t waste time writing history that conflicts with your fantasies.”

    No, but you do waste time writing prolific comments ridiculing other readers, especially by focusing on withering critiques of terminology. Ooh. How’s that book coming?

    Oh–+1 for use of the word “penultimate”.
  4.  john says:
    September 9, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    talk about conspiracy theories? hello? the blind leading the foolish following the retarded………really? they must not have access to tv, video, dvd, internet, any form of video….what a waste of even minor intellect.
       - Human Bein says:
        September 10, 2010 at 10:46 am

        “the blind leading the foolish following the retarded………”

        If this sort of bigotry represents those who swallow the government’s story, which we know is not comletely true, then I’m definitely with the conspiracy nuts!

        But what do we expect from a state that would torture blind people to protective a gang of wealthy PEDOPHILES, including a few well-known politicians and judges…
          -  john collette says:
            September 11, 2010 at 8:49 pm

            time to renew your prescriptions…seems you are off your meds again or still??!! i find this whole discussion so absurd. what a waste of time and energy…leave it to portland to run such shit up a flag pole and salute it…
   5. Rocky says:
    September 9, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    This is good news. We have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by looking into, questioning 9/11.
   6. Hg says:
    September 9, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Titrud’s not a real Truther. He’s a plant, a phoney, a CIA stooge trying to lure those in the movement out into the open to disclose what they know and how they know it. He’s part of the cover-up and not to be trusted.
  7.  profoie says:
    September 9, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Oh Lord, I thought we were done with that ridiculousness! Maybe they can get together with the “birthers” who think Obama isn’t a citizen! Hahaha.
    8.eco2geek says:
    September 9, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Yet more proof that having intelligence and education don’t keep people from believing in crazy shit, and don’t keep them from trying to convince others that the crazy shit they believe is really true.
   9. cj says:
    September 10, 2010 at 4:06 am

    Funny that NONE of the people working in the WTC mentioned a word about the weeks (months?) they had to step over workers setting charges for the “controlled demolition.” I can only imagine the conversations over those months, “excuse me can you move your blasting caps so I can get past and to my office.”
    My goodness, not only have we lost our common sense as a nation, we’ve lost the ability to see with our own eyes.
    For the most inept, mentally challenged, intellectually void person in American history who only sat his last cabinet member days before, GW. Bush sure fooled the world by hatching the greatest conspiracy in human history.
    10.DK says:
    September 10, 2010 at 7:54 am

    Actually, CJ – Do your research. There are explosive liquid materials that can be painted on a wall that looks like regular paint. So painters could have been “painting” throughout the weeks leading up (which some former maintenance employees have confirmed seeing) and nobody would have noticed. You don’t think the Military and the Gov. have this technology? Also, if you really want to find out the facts about what happened – read and listen to the first responders who heard the explosions on the first floors before the buildings “collapsed.” The first responders and the victims’ families are the core of the truth movement. If people who watch the footage over and over, and still think there was no demolition, than I ask you – What happened to WTC 7? Oh yea, the property owner stated on national television…”we decided to pull the plug.” Just watch all the real news footage from that day……Too many naive people out there.
       - Michael says:
        September 10, 2010 at 11:32 am

        Explosions before the collapse? Do you have any idea how much stress the structures of those buildings were under? You not only had a very heavy aircraft (Boeing 767s weighing ~350K pounds each)lodged in each one, but a blazing hot fire taking it’s toll on crossbeams integral to the overall rigidity of the building. Additionally, think about how concentrated the weights of the aircraft were, surely the towers were not designed for a centralized load like that. When very large, very heavy, extremely stressed buildings start to go, it’s a noisy affair. Large pieces of iron weighing several tons each will snap, crack, shear, and bend. They don’t go quietly.
           - just1more says:
            September 13, 2010 at 6:35 pm

            The Twin Towers, as well as a third tower (Building 7) fell at freefall speed on September 11, 2001. They fell as if there was nothing underneath them to slow the fall. How is this possible? Watch any controlled demolition and you will see it is possible by charges placed in the building. Why did Building 7 collapse like a house of cards when it was not hit by a plane? It is an example of a perfect controlled demolition.
   11. NoGodJustUs says:
    September 10, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Maybe Mr. Jones has changed his mind about burning the “Islamic holy book”, but we haven’t changed our mind about holding the real culprits responsible by burning the F.B.I. training manual on September 11th.

    Another conspiracy nut” you say? Why not, it only takes two people to plan to do anything to be a ‘conspiracy’.

    According to the F.B.I.’s own training manual, it is their responsibility to protect and secure the evidence at any crime scene, let alone one of the most horrific crimes committed against Americans since Pearl Harbor. Yet, the F.B.I. allowed the evidence to be quickly loaded aboard ships and taken to China, where it was promptly destroyed. This is a serious crime committed by hundreds of F.B.I. agents who participated in the cover up. Of course, any true investigation would not only have, found the residue from nano-thermite explosives that were used to bring down all three World Trade Center buildings, but would have also eventually led F.B.I. agents back to their own agency…

    We know the F.B.I. was closely monitoring several of the alleged terrorists, listening to their phone calls and following them around. Apparently, they took the day off on September 11th, like a lot of government people did. I simply ask, how is it they didn’t know what was being planned? Maybe the alleged terrorists used telepathy to carry out such a wide-spread conspiracy, using four different airplanes, organizing nineteen individuals, and allegedly striking, or attempting to strike four different building. Although were expected to believe that Building 7 was a bonus strike – a result of collateral damage.
    Since we know that the F.B.I. helped Robert Hermann and Susan Upton persecute Ted Kulongoski and John Kitzhaber’s political enemies in 2004 and 2005, and we know they attempted to blow up environmentalist Judi Bari,

    then it’s not hard for many of us to believe that the F.B.I., as like George W. Bush did, allowed the nineteen stooges go forward with their plan to murder over 3,000 Americans for a “greater good”!

    And this is how the powers that rule the world always conduct themselves, destroying human lives for a greater good…
       - Bah! says:
        September 10, 2010 at 10:59 am

        And they killed JFK! And are building camps for American citizens who ask too many questions! And are arranging a UN takeover of the nation! And implanted a chip in my head!
 12.   James Dewey says:
    September 10, 2010 at 10:47 am

    On August 6, 2001 the CIA flew a young briefer all the way to Crawford, Texas to give W the Presidential Daily Briefing titled “Osama Bin Laden Determined To Strike US” and it had new details of planes and targets in NYC and DC. When the sweaty young briefer was done, W said “OK, you covered your ass” and went back to his long, sleepy vacation. You can’t fix dumb, gear heads. Sorry.
   13. Sir Real says:
    September 10, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Don’t be silly. the US government has never lied, orchestrated cover ups, used propoganda, or invented excuses to go to war. If you believe it did, you wear a tinfoil hat. It only happens in Hollywood.

    Isn’t it strange that people are ready to believe there are dishonest, corrupt politicians, but that there can’t be dishonest, corrupt governments?
This press conference seems to have gone down the memory whole, archived only on Indymedia:

Edit:  Not quite down the memory hole.  Just moved:
ANTIFA poster with Titrud holding Swastika sign, from

 Apparent source of Titrud detail uploaded to indymedia in May 2012:

Titrud with close friend and UFO nut Richard Frager:

Tim Titrud Richard FragerTitrud heroically 'victimized' by Antifa in another of his group's pathetic scams:

Tim Titrud AntifaTitrud using his kid as a prop for his so called "9/11" peace activism.

Particularly disturbing in light of "Ozzy" Thomson's stalking videos mixed with under-aged sexed up minors; "Ozzy" worked closely with Titrud's friend's Craig Lazo and Jennifer Wynhausen. It's bad enough being a lying, Holocaust denying, Nazi apologist freak working with friends of pedos. Exposing his kid to this group proves Titrud is bottom feeding slime, with morals that would shock your average assassin who would never use their own kids as props or bait.

Java Nation

Former group meeting place advertisedin 2008 by Titrud at a small town rag that shares elements of the group's name:

Wed. July 9
Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, at Java Nation, EVERY 2nd Wednesday, 7 pm., 4130 SW 117th. Meetings include folks from Scappose, Hillsboro, Vancouver, Tigard and Portland. Always something interesting to see or listen to in the continuing search for answers to what really happened on, and leading up to 9/11. We are attaining a consistent committed group of truthers who not only want to talk the talk, but walk the walk. More info at
Similarities are probably coincidental considering this paper was around long before the group existed:

Type Monthly newspaper
Editor Tim Flanagan
Founded 1981

Another possibility is the ubiquitous occurrence of "Alliance" in conspiracy org names is a deliberate strategy by teafag types to "blend" or fool liberal potential members.

Constitution Party [formerly the US Tax Payers Party]

 Militia friendly cuddly wuddly group who hides its racist agenda under screeds about the CONSTITUTION.  But not well enough.   Titrud's support and involvement through their front group "Belivers Against the War" was anaylized by Antifa:
Starrett has also talked before the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, an activist group which
considers the September 11, 2001 attacks to be an “inside job.” When talking to the group on
February 28, 2007, Starrett confirmed their beliefs: “I guess if I had to go on record, I would say,
yeah, it was an inside job.” Starrett also promoted other conspiracy theories about 9/11: “The
Israeli company that knew that there was… something was going to happen.” The Portland 9/11
Truth Alliance has itself become increasingly explicit in its Jew‐hatred and conspiracy talk about
Jewish people. The Portland 9/11 Alliance has built links to Eugene, Oregon’s Pacifica Forum—
another anti‐Semitic group—and on June 10, 2009 it hosted a Portland event for Valdas
Anelauskas, a self‐described “racialist” and “separatist” affiliated with Pacifica Forum. The
Alliance followed this up by sending several of its members to a talk by notorious Holocaustdenier
David Irving when Irving passed through Portland on July 19, 2009. After all this
excitement—including opposition from militant anti‐fascists—the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance
hosted a return visit of Mary Starrett on August 12, 2009, according to an announcement from
9/11 Truth Alliance leader Tim Titrud. It should also be noted that Titrud is active in Believers
Against the War—the Constitution Party of Oregon’s front in the anti‐war movement—and has
given a speech denouncing the “mostly Jewish” Neo‐Conservatives who “hate God” and “love
death” at a Believers Against the War event on October 18, 2007 where Starrett also spoke.
the time of writing, Titrud’s speech is available on Youtube.)

The Constitution Party's link to violent Militia groups is covered at Dkos:

Constitution Party (formerly dba US Taxpayer's Party)
The Constitution Party--under both its present identity and its past name as the US Taxpayer's Party--has long been a darling of "Christian Militia" groups, Klan groups, Christian Identity practitioners, and similar racist rogues.
 Just how linked is the Constitution Party with militia groups?  They've happily sold antisemitic militia tracts and militia manuals at their state conventions:

To understand how fucked up this is, readers should see what happened to the so called "militia" movement when deranged racist loons decided defending the borders meant murdering a 9 year old kid:

[under construction]

Table Tennis Politics

Who knew Table Tennis was a dog eat dog sport?

Major Announcements
"A Chronicle of Shame"

For the past several months, USATT has been methodically torn apart.  All of its money has been frivolously wasted, its talented people insulted, abused and abandoned.  Why?  For the personal 'glory' of a tiny few?  Please take a moment to find out about this pattern of abuse:

September 23, 2000
USATT News -  Major Announcement
Sad news to report.

   Y.C. Lee, fresh off of running the best tournament in the history of USA Table Tennis (the 2000 U.S. Open), has been pressured into resigning his committee chairmanships by USATT President Sheri Pittman in her continued political maneuvers.

   For those of you unaware, YC almost single handedly brought about the positive  turnaround the USATT experienced over the last 5 years. YC ran the US Open, US Closed, and US Team World and Olympic Trials for the last 5 years.  He did this on a purely volunteer basis, with all of the profits of these events going directly to USATT.  Prior to YC's efforts, these events had consistantly lost money.  The direct result of his work is hundreds of thousands dollars of revenue for USATT.  Recently, many have claimed success on his coattails, while doing virtually nothing except watching him work and occasionally getting in the way, making his work even harder.

   YC is a tremendous manager and motivator. Under his watch, USATT brought its officiating level up to among the best in the world. Respect for USATT in general world wide soared because of this effort. While American players have continued to struggle with mediocre levels of performance, USATT has recently commanded a great deal of power in the sport internationally based on the efforts of YC and the Officials that have blossomed under his tutelage.

   His loss is an incredible blow to the sport of table tennis in the United States. The negative results of this, and other political maneuverings by glory and power hungry people will be felt for years to come. This selfless man worked tirelessly and vigorously (for no reward other than the knowledge that he had improved the sport) for the last 6 years.  Rarely, if ever, was he given credit for his incredible work. He was frequently targeted in personal attacks propagated with grossly unfair accusations by political foes who had personal agendas. Still after suffering unbelievable indignities, he kept working in the background.

   Finally, despite political pressure to the contrary, he was inducted into the USATT Hall of Fame. However, what he saw happening to our organization recently was simply more than he chose to handle. This loss will be one that USATT may not recover from for decades.

   Thank you for all of your work YC. We will miss you.

September 24, 2000
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report.

Today, Shonie Aki, 2000 US National's Tournament Director and 2000 US Open Tournament Director also resigned under political pressure applied by USATT President Sheri Pittman.  Shonie is a California Table Tennis Hall of Famer and former Vice President of USATT.

Ms. Pittman is systematically eliminating all of those that oppose her on the destruction of USATT's tournament system which includes the US Open, US Nationals and US Team Trials.  Her viewpoint is that these tournaments should not be run by USATT, but should be doled out as financial political favors to her supporters.  One of her first political pay-offs as President was to pay her largest political supporter with a $25,000+ a year stipend from USATT funds for work that was previously done internally by USATT staff.

Next was to purge all of those that stood in her way on her goal of seizing USATT funding for her own use and political dissemination.  This includes demanding resignations of duly elected USATT Board Members and then restructuring the USATT by-laws to allow her to pack the new board with political cronies, and altering USATT elections so that she can stay in office.

Ms. Pittman is currently in Sydney, Australia, paid for by USATT funds, on a private trip for her own pleasure.
November 12, 2000
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report.

Bob Fox, USATT National Team Leader and Olympic Manager has resigned.  Pittman appoints completely inappropriate political crony as replacement.  Ms. Pittman has returned from her two week, political photo op/vacation (paid for by USATT funds) in China.  President Pittman has extended her term in office by 6 months, USATT membership not consulted, nor told.  This means Ms. Pittman will run another US Open, and, get yet another two week vacation in Japan (paid for by USATT funds).  This is an extremely liberal definition of "Election Reform", just eliminate them!
November 21, 2000
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report.
USATT Executive Director Ben Nisbet, Sheri Pittman's hand picked man, resigned today after it was revealed that USATT lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2000.  One wonders when Sheri's reign of incompetence will finally be over?  Here is a link to his resignation letter.
January, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report.
Jimmy McClure, possibly the most famous and well respected member of USATT world wide, has resigned his Committee Chairmanship in protest of President Sheri Pittman's ongoing actions that are contrary to the basic bylaws of USATT itself.  McClure, who heads the independent Table Tennis Foundation and The US Table Tennis Hall of Fame, is a key member of the USATT Board of Directors.  He is a FIVE time World Champion, a voting member of the US Olympic Committee, and an advisor to ITTF President Adham Sharar.  Jimmy McClure is one of only 2 men to have his name inscribed on both the Swaythling and Corbillion World Championship Cups.  (The other is the famous Ogimura, former ITTF President, from Japan)

He had, until his resignation, chaired the Selection Committee of USATT.  This committee was perhaps the most independent and well run committee of any in recent USATT history.  It is charged with making sure that representatives of USATT, requested by foreign associations to serve at ITTF events, meet exacting standards.  It also chooses the Referees and Umpires for the US Open, US ITTF Pro Tour, US Olympic and National Team Trials, and US Closed National Championships.

Under his leadership, ability was the primary factor in any selection.  The best man for the job, got the job.  All who know him hail him as fair, diligent, and honest.  His resignation comes after great injustices were heaped on him.  Without his approval, all of the members of his committee were illegally removed and replaced.  (This does not speak badly of those that chosen as replacements, the act itself is simply blatantly against USATT bylaws).

On top of this, Ms. Pittman began holding quasi "Board Meetings" where significant decisions regarding USATT's future and personnel were made without his input or vote and in several instances, without a legal quorum!  This resignation is among the most devastating we have seen to date.
January 11, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report.
In "USA Table Tennis" magazine's January issue, transformed from a table tennis news source into blatant political mouthpiece, , USATT announced unprecedented increases across the board for individual, family and club membership dues.  USATT Treasurer Tong Lee (Sheri Pittman's strongest political ally), was given the task of spinning this decision to the general USATT membership.

Tong talks about how this increase is like gas prices, postage and other inflation based increases.  He makes the argument that these are necessary to cover increased costs to USATT.  He talks about the cost of putting out Pittman political campaign propaganda, err, I mean publishing the magazine.  How the increased cost of (outsourced editorial?) staff and production are not covered by the revenue generated by the magazine, therefore, we all have to pay more.  (if only we could figure out who outsourced the magazine as a political payoff in the first place....)

USA Table Tennis Magazine's Editor has vehemently disputed USATT Treasurer Tong Lee's claims, here is his quoted response to those claims: "This is factually untrue. I make ***less*** than my predecessors. Before, we had two people doing the job (an editor and a designer); I make considerably less than their combined salaries, but do both of their jobs. So the [magazine] has ***decreased costs***.

"We broke every advertising record last year by quite a bit, with 4 of the 6 issues having the 4 highest revenues ever, including breaking $10,000 in advertising three times, which we've never done. So the cost of the magazine is at its lowest in history, due to lowered editoral costs and increased advertising.

"the above items about "increased cost," .... are objectively incorrect."

UPDATE: Since this article was originally written, the Editor has publically claimed that he is misquoted here.  Rest assured, I have his original email disputing USATT's claims of the magazine being a prime cause of the increase in all dues.  His words are accurately reflected here.  It is only after political fallout from this article that he has since attempted to "modify his meaning".  I believe that his financial facts, as he stated above, are correct.  If he has since 'discovered' undisclosed magazine expenses that he has not previously admitted, that in turn would make the Treasurer's claims legitimate, he should be forthcoming to the entire membership.  If he wishes to detail these additional unknown magazine overexpenditures, I will gladly publish them here.

Including the magazine, Tong lists 5 reasons for this increase, the first, increased expenses at headquarters, is particularly humorous.  This, considering USATT headquarters was just kicked out of the US Olympic Training Center. (a legacy I hope the Pittman team will hold high over the coming years).  In a side note, paid staff at headquarters is the smallest it has been in several years.  Odd, all those "increased expenditures", makes one wonder what various expenditures are actually being laundered in this category.

The third reason given is postage.  I mean COME ON!  If the magazine costs more to mail, let Sheri, Tong, et al, pay for their free multi-page political campaign ads they disguise as columns every month!

The fourth is not only insulting, it is bogus bookkeeping!  It claims that stipends given to officials and volunteers at the US Open and Nationals are responsible.  The truth is, these expenses are taken directly out of the profits of running the specific tournament itself and HAVE NEVER come out of general USATT funds paid for by members dues.

The fifth finally touches on some reality "AIRFARES FOR BOARD MEMBERS" (read 'free vacations for Pittman and her political cronies')  Later in the magazine, Ms. Pittman goes on to explain how her taking yet another extended USATT funded vacation in Colorado will help get costs under control.....)

When Pittman's crew blitzkrieged their way into office, they had a war chest of almost $357,000.00 in the bank and incoming, built up painstakingly over years by her predecessors.  This money was earmarked, prior to her arrival, for things like Regional Training Centers, Athlete Development, and other grass roots efforts.  Now, in just over a year of her regime, like Sherman marching through Georgia, USATT is on the verge of collapse.

We, the members, pay for this incompetence.

February, 2001
USATT Treasurer (and Pittman puppet) Tong Lee posts an Official USATT response to Canupnet's expose'

Google now makes this post available for all to read.  There are several very notable statements in his post that you should watch for when you are reading it.

It makes very interesting reading.  Highlights include his statements that it is normal for Executive Directors of major successful corporations to resign at alarming rates, calmly stating that, "This certainly does not mean that these companies are badly run.  Far from it."  This is an amazing statement, indicating that USATT elected management actually thinks things are going just fine.  Get to know the people that are bankrupting your association, and ask yourself, 'How the heck did they get where they are and what can we do to fix this obvious problem?'  An educated voter can help make sure this will never, ever, happen again. (that is, if Ms. Pittman ever allows us to vote again)
February 11, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report.
USATT fields weakest Men's World Team in history.  The US World Team Trials, just finished in San Diego, show the current state of the game in America.  Coming off of the worst ever performance by a U.S. Team at the Worlds in Maylasia, USATT prepares to send an even weaker team to the Worlds in Japan this Spring.

Most notable was the staggerring number of top players and officials who boycotted the trials themselves, followed by the pittiful physical condition of those that did compete.  Featured were an enormous number of injuries directly related to pathetic physical conditioning.  The injuries, typically, are common to athletes who fail to properly prepare for top level competition. Read USATT account here.

The one bright spot in an otherwise shameful situation is the performance of 15 year old superstar Mark Hazinski (USATT rating 2409), who is personally trained by the world famous Danny Seemiller.
Men's Team:
1) David Zhuang WR #110
2) Mark Hazinski No Ranking (2409)
3) Eric Owens WR #251
4) Barney Reed WR #402
5) Ashu Jain No Ranking (2429)

With the resignation of Bob Fox as head of USATT's National Team and his replacement with an embarrasingly  inexperienced politician, Ms. Pittman has done her best to assure USATT of yet another international humiliation.  News Flash 4/27/01 She succeeded!  US men finish 40th, their worst finish at the World Championships in history.  Typically lame excuses were made instead of admitting the reality.

March, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
What Pittman hasn't told you about the 2001 US Open/ITTF Pro Tour
Suffering horrible financial devastation after last year's US Open, Pittman has approved contracts with the ITTF to spend $21,000 MORE for this year's event!!!  Tong Lee, USATT Puppet Treasurer, rubber stamps deal.

After squandering ALL of USATT's cash reserves and virtually bankrupting the organization last year, Pittman & Lee mandate sweeping increases in USATT fees for all members and clubs, siting everything but the truth as the reason.

March 23, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
Cash strapped and on the virge of bankruptcy, USATT goes spend crazy!  Sending a virtual herd to World Championships in Japan (one of the most expensive countries in the world) all expenses paid.  USATT has to foot the total bill for 6 of these, and we have to pay, in full, upfront, in US dollars.  Of course, Sheri gets a free vacation as well (as previously reported). Amazingly, the "Pittman Political Troica" of Sheri, Tong and Dennis Taylor, will be there .... The 2 working umpires and the deputy referee selected to represent USATT, by the way, DO NOT have all their expenses paid ..... (can't afford it, Tong says as he packs for his trip).
USATT hires yet another revolving door Executive Director (the third, or fourth depending on how you count, of brief Pittman regime').  The "new meat" comes to us after retiring from the military.  We wish him great good fortune (speaking of fortunes, that is what USATT is paying him as well.  Gosh, where is all this money coming from?  I guess they really DID have to raise our dues.....)  Our new employee starts next week.
Speaking of frivolous wastes of money (well after all, it IS Sheri Pittman we are talking about), Sheri agreed to pay her ex-stooge (and fall guy) Ben Nisbet an additional $15,000+ of USATT funds this year.  WAIT didn't he resign and receive his final paycheck LAST year?   Sheri has also entered USATT into a secret contract with him that may result in additional USATT funds flowing his way...

I guess Pittman feels he can still swing some votes her way (if she ever lets us have an election that is... deep rumour has it she is considering cancelling elections altogether because they would be an inconvenience to her and take away from her personal spending money, err I mean, USATT funds.  After all, she knows what is best for us anyway.)
Anybody seen a membership accounting recently?  Hmmmm......

Post Worlds Update:  It seems that the Pittman regime', in an apparent attempt to save political face, rehired Bob Fox at the last minute (for this event only) and sent him in Dennis Taylor's place.  Too little, too late, as the damage to the National Team (which Taylor still chairs) had already been done.

April 10, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
Wondering why the US Open entry form isn't in you mailbox yet?  Normally, the entry forms are in your greedy little hands at the end of March.  This year though, Sheri decided that it was time for a change.  A Pittman style change.

What is that you ask?  Well if you have read any of this articles other announcements, you already know.  For those of you uninitiated, it is Sheri choosing what is best for her, whether it is what is best for USATT or not.  In this case, it is yet another money matter.  Big surprise.

Each year, USATT has an equipment/table sponsor for the US Open.  Entry forms cannot go out until this sponsor is chosen.  Past events saw the sponsor selected months or years ahead of time.  Sheri, in her finest management and leadership style, decided to wait until after the deadline for mailing the entry forms had passed (crisis management, by creating a crisis that did not actually exist) before making her decision.  For the past several years, this sponsor has been Stiga.  Stiga is part of Escalade Sports, a $50 million dollar a year company.  A company so committed to table tennis in the US that they even bought the "Ping Pong" brand name from Parker Brothers.  It has a dedicated team of workers and major tournament specialists who deliver, set up and tear down the entire event.  They are professionals, experienced, and experts at their job.

In addition, Stiga is the clothing sponsor for the US National Team.  Their sponsorship contract is a six figure one.  Despite this, Sheri picked a bid from Martin Kilpatrick, importer of Butterfly into the US for this year's Open.  Martin Kilpatrick is an excellent company, Butterfly is an excellent product, but they are only 1/10th the size of Escalade and Stiga in the US, about a $5 million dollar a year company.  They do not have the staff nor capabilities of the largest sponsor USATT has ever had, Stiga.  In the real world, a major sponsor is always given the first right of refusal on any upcoming sponsorship.  Not in the Sheri world.  No wonder we can't get new sponsors or keep employees!

Congratulations to Bowie Martin Jr. Butterfly, and Martin Kilpatrick.  Over the last 20 years, I have had the pleasure of working on USATT international tournaments where both Stiga and Butterfly were the table sponsors.  There has been in the past, a huge difference in methodology involved in implementation between the two.  Good luck to Tournament Director Wayne Johnson, and Referees Allen Barth and Aly Salam as they deal with this transition in Ft. Lauderdale.  By the way, this delay in the entry form completion creates the real possibility of significantly reduced entries and more importantly, entry fees for our cash strapped organization.  The entry deadline is literally just a few days away, the 7th of May.

The next administration will have to take an inordinate amount of their time just trying to recover from Sheri's incompetence!!!
May 21, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report
For the last several years, Dr. David Marcus has been maintaining ratings histories for all USATT members on a tournament by tournament, match by match basis.  Dr. Marcus has done this extraordinary work 'pro bono'.  This is no small value to the association as Dr. Marcus is one of the most respected mathematicians in the United States.  He currently is associated with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  As of today, he will no longer be updating these histories as he has been denied access to USATT tournament data.

So the question begs to be asked; Why would USATT do this?  Now comes the interesting part.  It also seems that Dr. Marcus has run for USATT political office in the last two national elections.  He has had the audacity to question decisions made by USATT hierarchy (read Sheri Pittman).

I think all of you who have read any of this ongoing expose' of political misdeeds and incompetence can figure out the answer for yourselves.  For those of you still in the dark, go back and read/reread the other sections.

May 31, 2000 UPDATE!  Your voice counts!  USATT has reversed their decision and has now decided to "support continued updates of the Rating Histories".  Good work to those of you that voiced your displeasure at the glaringly obvious, errant decision that USATT made.

June, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
In a truly unprecedented landslide vote, Sheri Pittman is elected as North American VP to the ITTF!  The holder of this position speaks for all of the North American associations.  In an incredible display of political strength and knowledge of just what her voters wanted, Pittman demolished all of the other candidates in an overwhelming victory that is sure to bode her well in the upcoming presidential elections (if she decides to even bother with them).

The position is one of great international power and prestige.  It gives the holder of the position full voting rights on all ITTF issues.  The previous US representative was Tim Boggan.  As with previous US ITTF reps, Tim was elected by the USATT Board of Directors.  Unlike previous elections of this kind, Sheri won a unanimous victory!  In case you missed the election for Sheri's new position, it took place immediately before the World Championships, thus giving her critical international exposure and power within the ITTF.  Somehow, there was an oversite by her political spokesman on the USATT website detailing this exceptional accomplishment.

Now a quick recap of how the final vote total went:
Sheri Pittman - 1
All other contenders - 0


(In case you haven't figured it out, Sheri voided the election process and instead, picked herself; and there was nothing anyone else could do to stop it in time!  What a leader, selfless to a fault!)

June 29, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
As Sheri Pittman's term (theoretically) comes to an end, she has started trying to make her decisions impact the next administrations.  Most of these decisions are financial and are designed to, in part, place huge burdens on the next president.

Financially strapped USATT once again is being committed to spending significant dollars, approximately $100,000.00, to supporting political cronies of Sheri Pittman.  Eliminating the ability of the next Board of Directors to decide events within their term, the Pittman Regime has signed yet another financial contract benefiting one of her most vocal spokespersons.  This contract runs well into 2004.

Regardless of who it is that Pittman is financing and what benefits they may, or may not, bring to the association, Pittman has clearly overstepped her authority again.  As a consequence, once again, USATT is placed in ever greater financial difficulty.

As the huge financial commitment of the ITTF Pro Tour & US Open looms directly on the horizon, one can only wonder and worry as we look past this continuing debacle of an administration.
July 12, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report
USATT wastes huge sums of money flying Board members into Ft. Lauderdale for Board meetings that Sheri Pittman then capriciously cancels.  Airfare, hotel accommodations, food expenses amounting to thousands of dollars were simply tossed into the waste bin that is the Pittman Regime'.

The Board meetings are supposed to take place in May.  For the second year in a row, Pittman decided that she would "postpone" those meetings.  Declaring the meetings to be in July, she decided to use this as an excuse to finance her and her political cronies way to the US Open instead.

Standard USATT Board meetings are 3 day affairs scheduled to take place twice a year.  Once in the Spring, and once in the Fall.  By manipulating the elections till Fall and postponing/cancelling the Spring meetings, Pittman has effectively eliminated all USATT Board meetings this year, thus clearing the way for her to do whatever she wants with virtually no checks and balances.

Add to this the huge, huge losses the association will suffer from the her running of the US Open event itself (prior to the Pittman administration this had been a profit making venture for the association) and all looks very bleak for the sport in the US.

Incompetence, ineptitude, and dastardly financial mismanagement pointing directly to the President and Treasurer of the association are the hallmarks, and how history will remember, this regime'.

I should give credit where it is due, on Sunday, there was a quasi get together for a free lunch (well, actually, you paid for it, USATT members).  At this luncheon, the word "Acting" was removed from Dwight Johnson's title.  He is now officially our Executive Director.  I guess that was worth $10-15,000 of our dollars to send everyone there to do that..... (question, why was the word even there in the first place?????)  Also, the Board moved one step closer to forcing Sheri into answering for her misdeeds, by way of the ballot box.  It approved a list of nominees for office, should we actually have an election this year.  (it is interesting that the Board has complete control over who will run against them, isn't it?)

July 19, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
More sad news to report
Official USATT IRS Form 990 confirms huge losses for USATT in 2000.  Losses totaled in excess of $175,000.  Canupnet reported this 9 months ago.  This is (finally) Sheri Pittman and Tong Lee's admission of fact.

USATT Treasurer Tong Lee had previously written regarding Canupnet postings here and I quote:
"From: Tong Lee (
 Subject: Re: Canup writings....
 Date: 2001-01-19 10:51:40 PST

I am compelled to respond to a series of so-called major announcements at Canupnet entitled Chronicle of  Shame.  I think the announcements should more appropriately be called Chronicle of Lies."

Today, Canupnet was, once again, vindicated.

August 6, 2001
USATT News -  Major Announcement
USATT finally sets elections that were supposed to be held last Spring.  They have also announced the candidates that we members will be allowed to vote for.  USATT has a unique method of choosing candidates.

First, the President appoints someone to head a committee that will select the candidates to run against her and her team.  Then the Board does a political check to make sure they have covered their political butts, in other words, make sure that a glaring omission of an opponent will not raise too many eyebrows.

Next, individual USATT members can collect hundreds of signatures of current USATT members to force their way onto the ballot.  Then we have our candidate pool and we have an election.

Let's examine this years process.  First, the elections were needlessly postponed (don't be fooled by rhetoric, the postponement was needless), giving incumbents an extra 6 months in office.  Next the election committee selected their candidates for the President's approval.

Here were their selections:
President: Sean O'Neill; Sheri Pittman
Vice President:  Dr. Azmy Ibrahim; Rong Li Lillieroos; Dr. David Marcus; Dr. Jiing Wang
Secretary: Timothy Titrud

Anyone notice that one of Sheri's main opponents on the Board was not selected by the Election Committee?  Current USATT Vice President (and Sheri's opponent in her last coronation by the Board), Bob Tretheway was mysteriously left out.... (Sheri, was NOT elected to the Presidency by a vote of the USATT membership, she was chosen by the Board, Tretheway was her opponent is this selection process.  These upcoming elections are the first time Sheri has had to face the membership and account for her actions) Well, having such a powerful and well known member of the Board not nominated was going to cause huge waves, so the Board wisely stuck him in at the last moment.

Also not included was staunch Pittman opponent Lily Yip.  Lily was sharp enough to collect signatures to force her way on the ballot despite the Board.  Additionally, the Board added Pitman ally, Tim Boggan to oppose Tim Titrud for Secretary (Both Sean and Tim had covered themselves by getting hundreds of members to sign the ballot forcing petitions), and Robert Mayer was added as a VP candidate.

Here are the final nominees for whom you can vote in the USATT election:
for President:
2 time Olympian, Webmaster, Sean O'Neill
Career Politician, Sheri Pittman (our current "leader")

for Vice President:  (2 to be elected)
2 time Olympian,USATT Activist, Lily Yip
ITTF International Referee, Dr. Azmy Ibrahim
USATT National Coach, Rong Li Lillieroos
USATT Ratings Expert, National Umpire, Dr.David Marcus
Regional Tournament Coordinator, Robert Mayer
Bob Tretheway (incumbant)
Dr. Jiing Wang (Sheri's financial campaign coordinator)

for Secretary:
USATT Regional Coach, Timothy Titrud
USATT Historian, Tim Boggan (a Pittman ally)

Your ballots MUST BE in to USATT headquarters by October 15th!!!!