Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eric May, Captain


Network: Ghost Troop, Portland Nuclear Inquest

Group Contacts: Ginny Ross, "Ozzy" Thomson

A conartist with Larouche cult ties, May is a Texas fear mongering fanatic given to predict the end of the world on the flimsiest of pretexts, or whatever the cult leader of the day is saying. Claims to be an Army Intelligence Officer and has his own person army of brainwashed cultists called Ghost Troop. May also had/has a publication called the Lonestar Iconaclast for those who want to pay to get brainwashed.
May is a staff writer at Veteran's Today, a fraudulent online journal claiming to help veterans, but is just another front for conspiracy cult bullshit. One of his articles is about the Jewish Terror Alert, because, you know, Jews.

The group started working with May after some plans about a nuke effects on Portland or were released and they decided that OMG the nukes were coming and Something Must Be Done. Of course there were no nukes and the whole facade was just an excuse to suck in more dupes and demonize exmembers who were blamed for stopping them from Saving the World. The Yahoo group Portland Nuclear Inquest was started by May to spam this conspiracy nuke hoax; it was moderated by Patti Woodard.

Eric May was eventually shown to be an anti-Semitic Nazifag, but this didn't bother Ginny Ross who continued to help May get media exposure. Her excuse? See above "Saving the World". This was exploited by on Lamadrid's 911portlandtruth front list as proof Ginny Ross was not on their team. The effect of outrage was ruined when Evdokas continued to allow Ross to post unmoderated on the main listserve. Ross also used May listserve to spread lies about ex group members.

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