Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nico Haupt aka ewing2001


Group Contacts: Craig Lazo, Ginny Ross, Jennifer Wynhausen

Networks:, Oregon Truth Alliance, numerous others

German born transgressed performance artist and cult victim. Sucked into the conspiracy scene soon after the 9/11 attacks. Forced to play butt monkey for the 911 conspiracy movement. Used by the group and associate as a conduit to pass information with plausible deniabilty. Close ties to at least two cults. Will heckle for free food and/or drugs.

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Mellebelle Pr Dept

Another cultist set up this page, as a "PR" department, giving a new meaning to the term black PR:

Select the page and you can see text, minus missing media:

The PR Department for Ewing2001

Let the race begin

By Request, for Nico Haupt

Nico is my greatest inspiration, I am most happy doing graphics for him. I am appreciative that he uses them!

Audio is by ewing2001
Tribute to Killtown (Honeywell Mix)

Or you could.  Now it's a big 404:

Not Found

The requested URL / was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache Server at Port 80

 As is this link with something called "Haupt Couture":

 Someone was trying to make the poor dupe into their posterboy.
Why would she delete "her greatest inspiration"?  She was proud of it at Lazo's forum:

It could have something to do with stalking survivor Ellen Mariani, after signing an online petition:

 Melle Belle Karakawa
  • City, State or Country
  • Los Angeles

which might be what has put Mellebelle in DELETE FUCKING EVERTHING mode:
 from image

Back in 2004, I attended the Int'l Inquiry in 9/11 in SF.   I was asked by Ellen to scan photos of hers, so she could use them in her presentation at the Herbst Auditorium.  
I have them here for your consideration.
IMO the expressions on the faces in the flag photo are odd.
The fonts used on the certificates also jump out at me as weird.

What do you think?
Why, it's a CONSPIRACY of course!  if the link goes to her website, it's deader that disco.  But it could also be this link
Which is live, but with dead images.  Derp.
We wish Melle Belle luck, even though she's failed already.  The record of her exploiting a cult victim to hawking conspiracy merchandise was at this website:

TV Fakery / Watch September Clues

High-Quality Two-Sided Screen-Printed T-Shirts made in California.

TV Fakery / Watch September Clues
American Apparel
Men's Fine Jersey 
Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt

  • The softest, smoothest, best-looking 9/11 T-Shirt available
  • 100% Fine Jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort

Item 0911M
Only $30

TV Fakery / Watch September Clues
American Apparel
Women's Baby Rib 
Basic Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 100% Baby Rib cotton, combed for softness and comfort 
  • 100% Baby Rib cotton stretchable collar and armholes for comfort and durability
  • Contoured to flatter women’s curves
  • Reinforced shoulder construction to maintain shape through 911 washings
  • Durable double-stitched bottom hem
Item 0911W
Only $30

30 bucks a T-shirt?  Whoah doggies!  These faggots never heard of cafepress?  No wonder they're 404'd!
Need moar conspiracy PR and stalking services? Contact Melle Belle at Strikeout Studios:

Melle Belle Karakawa

Art Director at Strikeout Studios, LLC

Greater Los Angeles Area
Graphic Design
Person website link to  

And her graphics suck:

 I think you all are loosers and the album is good but the albumcover is piece of shit. Hard to fail better. Shame on you Melle Belle Karakawa!!!!

She's also thought highly of by "Ozzy" Thomson:

He dedicates a video to her:

Delete fucking everything probably won't work, fyi.

And sure way to annoy her is with an Ice Cream jingle serenade:

The New York Times recently ran a story about a backlash against ice cream carts and trucks, with parents complaining about the endless jingles and ringing bells that send kids into a sugar-crazed frenzy. Lincoln Heights resident Melle Belle Karakawa can sympathize since she and her neighbors are subjected to the sounds of dueling ice cream trucks seeking to attract the attention of neighborhood kids:
“T he hilly canyon affords me the cacophony of eight ice cream trucks in an hour! Every day! Velez has two trucks it operates with the ‘music box’ song. It is the worst offender, with repeat trips around and around the block. Alarcon operates the truck with the Christmas carols. When I come home from work Friday, while driving up 28th, I encountered THREE trucks on ONE BLOCK! What I wonder is, is my neighborhood the ONLY one that Ice Cream trucks can drive in?”
Haupt dropped out of the conspiracy scene, soon after this apparel adventure. Hopefully that meas, with the 404 of her websites, this bitch's cult manipulation days are over.

Help buy this guy a ticket back to Germany so he can escape the crazies who fucked him over.

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