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Petros Evdokas

Petros EvdokasStatus: ACTIVE MEMBER

Network lists: Pdx 911 Truth(moderator), 911 truth Portland (moderator), Ten Years of September Elevens(list owner; recommended by Fetzer via 911 Scholars Ning Group), Cyprus Indymedia

Other Networks: STRATFOR

An odious whining troll infesting anarchist groups for almost 20 years. Brags about being a street medic, probably his cover for informing since almost everyone who gets involved with him eventually has a close encounter of the Nazi or police kind. Long time associates include Mike Schultz, Richard Frager and Frank Morales as the header of an email published on one list shows:

Subject: NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009

From: Frank Morales

To: petros at
CC: mikes0727 at, science at

Dear Petros, Mike and Richard,

In 2006 he supposedly rejoined the group after a Mediterranean hiatus:

Greetings / a (re)-introduction to the pdx911truth group / WedWed May 24, 2006
Petros Evdokas
Greetings to all at the pdx911truth group.
Some of you may know me from other shared paths, or might remember me
from the few meetings I attended in the past and from volunteering at
the Mike Ruppert event that we did together at the Northwest
Neighborhood Cultural Center.
In these last two years I had to do some shuttling between Portland and
the Middle East (Cyprus) due to various political and legal situations
(plus personal reasons), so my participation in this group has been
For more about me and my background, please feel free to explore this
source of materials as a personal introduction:
I saw the 911 banner held up by Glen at the large March 19th Peace
March and Rally downtown, from a distance. Good to see you there.
And glad to see that Laughing Horse has a new space!
I would like to come to the meeting tonight, Wednesday, to let you know
that I'm planning to attend the 911 conference being planned in Chicago
for the weekend of June 2-4, 2006: ,
and to ask for your suggestions about it, or to consult with you about
I would like my participation at the Conference to contribute to the
enrichment of the 911 Truth movement, here locally and more broadly, so
if you have suggestions or advice on how to make the best of it, they'd
be well appreciated.
See you tonight,
* ps:
I'll be sending a copy of this to the expanded (broader) contact list,
my apologies if you receive multiple copies.
By September of 2006 he was working with Ginny Ross and Glen Owen to get the group's websites up:

pdx911truth website/ domain names - internet addresses
Wed Sep 27, 2006
Petros Evdokas

--- Ginny Ross wrote:
> Glen got the address
>Also, I want to pass along an offer from Emanuel Sferios. He is
> selling his domain names. He owns
> and one other that I forgot. He is asking
> for $500 each.


We also have a free offer from the Belly of the Beast collective to use
any subdomain related to our work on 911Truth, within the domain

An example is this:

Please try the link above and see how it works. It can be redirected

We have an invitation to create any 911-related address we like (it's
called a subdomain) that ends with "" and it can be
redirected to any website we want.

Or, we can build and host a free homepage there, and have links from it
to any other websites we want.

But not before he secured his persecuted activist cred with a tearjerker about how "the Man" was after him:

Weds Jun 7th meeting , Chicago Conference
Wed Jun 7, 2006 1:02 pm
Petros Evdokas

After returning to Portland from the 9/11 Conference in Chicago I ended up having to go unexpectedly to New York to meet with our lawyer (for the organization) about our legal/political case vs. the US Dept. of State and the Police in Cyprus regarding an illegal investigation against us.

I won't make it back in time for the weekly 9/11 meeting in Portland.
I'd love to hear how the event at the Library went during the weekend.

I've prepared a few pages of notes for a presentation about the Chicago
Conference, based on my experiences and contacts there. I'd be happy
to share this material with anyone who's interested in attending a
meeting/ presentation/ discussion on it.

Please let me know if you're interested in something like that, and
I'll try to put together a few possible times for a meeting on it.

This lolsuit was never heard from again, no matter how much he bawled about being attacked online, irl and in videos, supposedly from members of his own group. You'd think that was the kinda thing he'd want to tell his lawyer about, but it might have invaded his Nazi loving buddies' "safe space".

Evdokas pimped another lolsuit in Sept 2006, and his emails with the lawyer Phil Berg, who just happens to be Larouchie fanboi :

911 lawsuit/ update

Thu Sep 7, 2006 9:59 am
Petros Evdokas


Below is an update about the 9-11 lawsuit against against Bush, Cheney
et al in connection to their criminal role in the events.

Seems to be an urgent need - if you have any suggestions on how to
help, please contact the legal office directly (with a copy to me

Here's the letter from the lawyer plus a short response from me.

From: PJBLAW@...
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006

Subject: Re: 911
To: petros@...

Phil Berg here.

Urgent - By now, most of you are aware that William "Willie" Rodriguez
recently has asked for his name and therefore, our RICO law suit
against Bush, Cheney and 54 other defendants to be withdrawn.

There is a 5 year statute of limitations on RICO [9/11/06], although I
believe we can argue that since there is no statute of limitations on
murder, there should be no limitation on our RICO case re 911.

I need a plaintiff to file a new law suit on Monday, 9/11/06.

I am speaking with several people.

Do you know someone - the ideal person for RICO is a person or family
member that lost a loved one, that was also lost their business.
Second, I am looking for one that was injured and lost their job.

If you know of someone, please call me immediately:

free office # (800) 993-PHIL [7445]

Thank you.


Philip J. Berg, Esquire
706 Ridge Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-1711


Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006
From: Petros Evdokas <petros@...>

To: PJBLAW@...
Subject: Re: 911


Thanks for writing, and for the update.

I can't think of anyone right now, but I'll definitely keep it in mind.

I will also ask in our wider network of contacts.

Is there something we can read about the decision by Willie Ridriquez

As you probably know, everyone within the 911 Truth movement who hears
about this legal case becomes excited with its potential. But given the

"bumpy" and controversial nature of our movement, we need to be able to

build up more trust among our people to support the case.

In that context, it would be helpful if there are some materials from
your office that we can read (or distribute) to address some of the
critiques that have been published of the way the case is being
presented to Court. One example of those critiques is here:

If you have materials, links, etc. of this type I'd be very happy to
study them and to give them to the right people.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Makes anyone wonder about those later "attacks" from Larouchies...  This email was reposted at 911blogger by "casseia", also  blaze about promoting a Larouchie:

 Withdraws from RICO suit?
I just got a forwarded email from Phil Berg indicating that Rodriguez has withdrawn from his RICO suit against Bush, Cheney, et al. This is clearly his personal business, however, due to statute of limitations issues, Berg now has until MONDAY to find another plaintiff.
Letter reads:

 Submitted by casseia on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 1:33pm.
Phil Berg's support of LaRouche  referenced here :

 Something I'm noticing a lot of late is the alliance between the birtherstani and racist anti-Semite Lyndon LaRouche and his followers. Dr. Kate, the Pest and eFail, and Philip Berg have all cited LaRouche or supported speakers and demagogues associated with LaRouche.

What are the odds?  Is it time to consider the Portland 9/11 conspiracy group a front for LaRouche PAC?

Evdokas became a mod under friendly circumstances, contrary to stories the group has spread since:

moderator list
Thu Sep 21, 2006
"Glen Owen"

Christie 'Blanco Diablo' blanco_diablo17@..., Jeff Love
jeff_love057@..., and Petros Evdokas ttetpos@... are
moderators of this yahoogroup who can do everything that in their
opinion is needed to keep this blog from becoming an appliance for
disinformationists and smear campaigners.

The blog's contributor list is the same as before. Bigtime
appreciation for those who have made a still
teeny weeny little blog with blockbuster powered content that anybody
in the world could be really proud of.

In late 2007 Evdokas supposedly split with his group after being "attacked" in stalking videos made by a guy called "Ozzybinoswald", a friend of group member Craig Lazo. These videos had personal information obviously taken from the group's lists mixed with equally obvious lies and gibberish.

Members like Sara Lamadrid knew about the videos before anyone else did and stupidly didn't hide this fact. The videos also had pics of girls in them, doing sexy dances or stills of men feeling up little girls. Most of these videos are gone, but a few of the tame ones remain on abandoned Youtube accounts. None of the members were bothered by the video messages of intimidation or the pedophilia friendly content; in fact some members promoted them on list serves or emailed links to equally deranged conspiracy buffs.

This turned out to be another elaborate scam to get members to trust Evdokas while he pretended to split with the group. But when it was obvious Evdokas was more interested in feeding information privately to the stalkers than pursuing legal remedies(where is his lawyer now?), Evdokas dropped the facade. It's rumored that profession activist and indymedia attention whore Joe Anybody and his camera might have been involved.

Persecuted by  lowcloudhighsun@ from an email with  AOL IP address;  "lowcloud" will probably turn out to be Evdokas's usual  "dance partner", Tim Titrud .

Evdokas' latest exposure was at Portland indymedia, where he was caught with his pants down trying to scam yet another recruit with his usual tl;dr PC laundry list, so mind numbingly banal it's guaranteed to make the hardest lefty run screaming into the arms of Newt Gingrich:

- to participate within the 9/11 Truth movement in ways that allow us to confront, expose, oppose and hopefully neutralize Right-wing influences such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and their "evil sisters": applications that take the form of Jew-hating, Zionism, anti-Islam Crusade mongering, gay-bashing, male supremacy.
It sounds good, especially when we learn perennial Holocaust denier Tim Titrud has warned the would be dupe about Petros:

Petros is an left wing PC intolerant jerk. Most likely he is getting paid by the government to disrupt our effort. It is so obvious that it is almost comical. -Tim
It gets more comical when Petros starts foaming at the mouth, just short of calling in the Cyprian Mob:

Please reconsider. I prefer to have friends than enemies. But when you insult me for no reason, what must I do?
Clearly it was time for another order of cement shoes. Fortunately for the would be dupe, the demands of Real Life rescued him from further involvement in the group. Years later he would be shocked to learn Antifa had exposed the PDX911Truth Alliance sham and gotten hold of this capture proving that Petros and Tim working together on the same list 2 years after trying to scam the newcomer into believing they were on different teams:

Petros Evdokas Tim Titrud
The text:

Two Hit, Three Down, By Lynn Margulis Petros Evdokas petros_evdokas
Prof. Lynn Margulis is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, and Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the...
Jul 1, 2011 2:22 pm

Re: The 9/11 Commission Campaign - rollout July 4th letter Tim Titrud timtitrud
Mark: I did talk with Mike Gravel a couple of days ago. He will be in Portland next week and the Portland 911 Truth Alliance will meet with him to assist in...
Jul 1, 2011 1:33 pm

The 9/11 Commission Campaign - rollout July 4th letter Jonathan Mark noflyby
This following includes information about our joining a citizens campaign for a real 9/11 investigation. Watch for our official letter on this on July 4th....
Jul 1, 2011 7:23 am

Now with the new batch of half baked cracked eggs known as PortlandAE911Truth run by Evdokas' friend Glenn Goldman, all the chickens are coming home to roost, some of them flying as far as Cyprus, where Evdokas is as butthurt as ever:

Thu Mar 1, 2012
Petros Evdokas
Who Ordered this Material to be Published?
Sometimes I feel it's all just a bad dream and I want to wake up screaming:

Who Ordered this Material to be Published?

The gist of the article called "ATTENTION PETROS EVDOKAS" is for him and his conspiracy clowns to clean their shit up and not lie about it or spam it everywhere. So it's no surprise that lying about it and spamming it everywhere is exactly what Evdokas did. Of course this is just more "poor me" bullshit he's spreading before diligently getting back to business as usual. Sadly there's not enough fertilizer on the planet for him or his group to hide anymore. That they keep trying is a testament to the depths of denial only conspiracy loons can embrace.


From the Editorial Collective:

Who Ordered this Material to be Published?

Many of our people are not aware that this comes directly from the US White House. The person who is now Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs named Cass Sunstein, is one of the "geniuses" responsible for giving officially sanctioned direction to the various intelligence agencies on how to deal with the September 11 Truth Movement.

Intelligence agencies have been spearheading various campaigns of disinformation targeting selected activists specifically with rumours, intrigues, harrassment, psychological violence and intimidation, in order to stir up infighting among members of the movement. To a large degree, they have been successful. This is witnessed by the tremendous splintering of the Truth Movement, and also by the fact that within most of its local chapters in the US it is right-wingers, neo-nazi sympathizers, male chauvinists, gay-bashers, Jew-haters and white christian supremacists who most often have the upper hand, turning people away and preventing the movement from uniting with the larger progressive and radical Peace and anti-war movement.

Whoever was complaining was sent by the White House, got it? Paranoia goes with tinfoil like mustard and ketchup. One lollerz moment stands out: Evdokas defending himself, Lamadrid and Goldman:

So, does it matter that the claims against Petros Evdokas, Glenn Goldman and Sara Lamadrid published above do not make sense, given their impeccable record as community activists and their political and personal history?
Evdokas is right about it "not making sense"; they were extremely stupid to lure people into scams, but they still did it (Pushing scams is not part of an "impeccable record", unless by "record" Evdokas means "whitewashed cult propaganda").

No one said what they did was smart or intelligent by non-cult standards. Evdokas has his share of foot bullets, once caught lying about his knowledge of Craig Lazo and his forum. Acting stupidly is not proof of innocence. Evdokas isn't even trying; he's hoping people won't look too closely at any links or images.

Rebuttal Score: 2/10

There's more but it's tl;dr; if anyone really wants to read it, go to this page.

Since Evdokas owns one of Cyprus Indymedia's domains, his bawling about "ordered material" is another pathetic ruse to pretend he has no connection to the organization or its operation:

Domain ID:D104582311-LROR
Created On:30-Jun-2004 06:17:46 UTC
Last Updated On:02-May-2011 15:45:12 UTC
Expiration Date:30-Jun-2012 06:17:46 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:eNom, Inc. (R39-LROR)
Registrant ID:1DEB52B3EE6A2419
Registrant Name:Endo Media
Registrant Organization:Cyprus IndyMedia
Registrant Street1:Sofouli 16 / Ap.207
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Portland
Registrant State/Province:Oregon
Registrant Postal Code:1096
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5032884470
Registrant Phone Ext.:
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Registrant Email:
Admin ID:1DEB52B3EE6A2419
Admin Name:Endo Media
Admin Organization:Cyprus IndyMedia
Admin Street1:Sofouli 16 / Ap.207
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Admin City:Portland
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Admin Postal Code:1096
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Tech ID:1DEB52B3EE6A2419
Tech Name:Endo Media
Tech Organization:Cyprus IndyMedia
Tech Street1:Sofouli 16 / Ap.207
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Tech City:Portland
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Tech Postal Code:1096
Tech Country:US
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Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:
Tech Email:

He acts as if he just found the article, but he would have known about it 4 days ago unless he had no Internet connection.

As anyone knows, on most Indymedia orgs, anyone can publish at anytime, unless Evdokas is confirming there is a coordination to released material about group members, and his latest tantrum is because no one told him what the new game was.

Petros Evdokas is also an associate of STRATFOR, Petros Evdokas STRATFOR
something he shares with other group alumni like Jack Waldron and more. SEE IMAGE>

STRATFOR, or Strategic Forecasting Inc. , is private intelligence agency, based in Austin, Texas. STRATFOR's work, including intelligence firms and CIA contracts, was exposed over the last 3 months by the combined awesome might of Wikileaks and the Internet Hate Machine.

We're sure there's a perfectly logical explanation why one of Petros Evdokas' easily identifiable emails is in STRATFOR's data base as a contact: like he's a paid corporate intelligence informant. Looks like Tim Titrud was right. Problem for Titrud is, by their association, Tim Titrud would also be a paid corporate intelligence informant.

LinkSome people might object and say Petros was just trying to get a subscription and stay informed. If that was his goal he would have used an email unconnected to him. STRATFOR is obviously one of the last places an anarchist warrior fighting the system is going to pass out his personal email(s).

Final score for Evdokas trolling the peace movement for whatever reason: 3/10

Have nothing to do? Surrounded by creepy fake fucks pretending to be peacniks or anarchists but caught hobnobbing with cross burners? Search their email by Dazzelpod:

Out those outers before they have a chance to out YOU!

Evdokas also networks with Lori Price through Facebook:
Petros Evdokas Lori PriceBecause too much fail is never enough fail.  And yet there is moar: a spelling challenged anonymous IMC article claims the FBI is offering awards for anarchists:

Seeking the path of lease resistance

H. Mills, 17.02.2011 06:16

Seeking the path of lease resistance

We need your help

we would like it circulate this article through out the IMC collective and beyond. the writer has given his OK
to repost this article any where on the IMC blogs and to any other Blogs around the world. please help us
carry the torch into the new century, and leave the old corrupt ideologies behind. Our theme for the next century is
"No More Hate Groups Here" Thank you for your interest - Catherine Carey

You read indymedia, chances are you know some protesters who are wanted by the police and the FBI.
The good news is that now you can recieve a big cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction
of crimanals. It's easy just a quick call. and if you know more that one person you can get multiple REWARDS up to $2000 for each . for information leading to the arrest of known criminals and subversive group activity.

do you have connections with any groups like -

Organizers of the G-8 protest,war resisters league, Earth First,Democracy Now, Anarcist book fair,
CIMC RadioCollective,International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement,Workers Action,animal liberation press office, socialist labor party,,Red Cell 5 , Earth Liberation Front,break the chains, SqueakyWheelProductions,anarchist black cross,cascadia forest defenders NETWORK X,Muwekma Tree Siters, socialist party of oregon,Animal Liberation Front, Brown Berets, ANSWER Coalition, Northeast L.A. Radical Neighbors,Animal Liberation Front,Action for our Planet, (AFOP),,Black Liberation Army,axles of evil, Gay Liberation Network ,Alpha 66 and Omega 7,Socialist Party USA,Palestine Solidarity Group,The Ruckus Society Black Panther Party,Rainforest Action Network, Counter-Intelligence Insurgency,Code Pink,Workers Action Party, wild rockies earth first,Arab Resource and Organizing Center.Eco Advocates,americans united for palestinian human rights,cascadia rising ecodefense,Olympia Rising Tide, Freedom for Animals,Cridical Mass,supporters of WikiLeaks

-do you know any of these persons?
It goes on to list names, including Evdokas:

Tim Ortley
Cllr Gino Kenny
Ross Wolf
Brian Dolinar
Wendy Snyder
Brent Adams
Ofelia Rivas
Robert Norse
Petros Evdokas    <<<
Wes Modes
Robinson Block
Amy L. Dalton
Eric Xodik
Steven Argue
Shawn Man
John Thielking
Nathan Pitts
Larry Duncan
Ali Winston, AKA "The Informant"
Craig Rosebraugh
Abby Zimet
Mark Fuller ........APPREHENDED
Since we know Evdokas' link to STRATFOR, it makes us wonder how many other persons listed are with STRATFOR.   Looks like the Bull Moose Winner of Bluff/ Double Bluff honey pots, played out thusly:

anarchist snitch: "Hi, I'm calling about the reward."
fed:   "Okay kid, waddaya got?"
anarchist snitch:  "Well, Nathan Pitts is crashing at my crib--"
fed: "you're part of the anarchist group?"
anarchist snitch: "Um yeah.  So about the dough--"
fed: "How long have you been part of the group?  And don't think about running, we already have the house surrounded."
Was anyone dumb enough to reply?

Cyprus Indymedia

Evdokas claims to be a founding member.  If Athen's Indymedia is right that Cyprus org is basically a click of friends surrounding Evdokas, this may be the most obvious example of a corporate intelligence firm(STRATFOR) infiltrating and hijacking the anarchist community newswire.

This introduction is littered with links to Universal Life Church faggotry and quackery that appeals to starry eyed hippy wannabees.  Throw is some sex and it's a tailor made mix of propaganda to dupe naive anarchists into believing Evdokas is "one of us":

Petros is my real name.
My physical location is on the island of Cyprus. I'm one of a small group of  volunteers who  work  together in   providing Natural Therapy to persons in need who are struggling with all sorts of health conditions and personal situations. 
We are also politically active in the radical section of the green movement, especially in its anti-war, anti-racist, feminist and gay-positive dimensions.

For us, this is a way of service to the Divine, a way to serve our community, and a path to our own personal and spiritual growth.


Here's a silly photo of me, if you'd like to see it; it captures the essence of much of who I am and what I do.
And here is  photographic evidence of how the years have preserved my big nose, bald spot, and armoured sternocleidomastoid, gathered at the GreenMonday 2001 Rainbow Gathering of the Kalikantzaroi, one of the last remaining Pantheist/Pagan celebrations still honored in Cyprus.


The links below will transfer you to spaces where some of my work is more readily accessible. Most  of the material is in the english language, and some in the hellenic (greek) language. 
I'd be more than happy to hear from you!

"Howmuch do you charge?"
"Whatkind of methods do you use?"
"Whatqualifies you to do this?"

Erotica / Polyamory

This old email address,, was used posting a message to the Entheogens listserve:

Twin Towers/ Pentagon disaster

Thu Sep 13, 2001 7:01 am
Petros Evdokas <petrosarbee@...>

Twin Towers/ Pentagon disaster
"Please, no revenge"...


A mixture of news and intelligence items, plus some
very interesting short readings.

Not all of our people are accounted for, from among
our extended networks of families, but we're hearing
from more, as communications are being restored. Many
Thanks! to all of you who wrote and phoned to share
news and concern over loved ones, friends, and
contacts - some are still missing, and we're eager to
hear from everyone.


From: "Karmena Burana" <an…>
To: petrosarbee@...

Subject: Re: Three Letters
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 09:37:18 -0400

Hi Petros. Just checking in to say that I'm alive and

well, but T.'s
brother & pregnant sister in law have not been
accounted for, and it's very
depressing & anxious for him.

More as soon as I know.



T., mentioned above by Karmena, is a Green activist,
and a member of the New York ULC spiritually active
polyamory community.

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 09:32:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Not-George <harris…>

Subject: Re: Three Letters
To: Petros Evdokas <petrosarbee@...>

Just wanted to let you know that I'm okay.


not-george@... still works too!


Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:24:04 +0200
From: KLegbuster <k…..>

Subject: Re: "Our foreign policy has been insane
for decades" Harry Browne

Hi Petros,

thanks for the Harry Browne article.
It says much of the things I tried to express to the
people I am talking to
about the terrible events and the possible reasons and
consequences since yesterday afternoon.
In der Center of Berlin there where hundreds of people
in front of the american
embassy bringing flowers and candles, expressing there
feelings. And many said,
and there was a transparent (don´t know if this the
right word in English- a
huge sheet) that said: "Please no revenge. No World
war 3."

I was shocked (or not shocked) by the first reaction
of President Bush. Even
Arafat seemed more moved than him. NO feelings. Just
this "we will find them
and kill them and anyone who helps them" - thing.




Before you go to the links below, please read the rest
of this letter. It will help put into perspective how
it is that our minds, unfree and blinded by
propaganda, can look at something happening right in
front of our eyes and yet not *see* it. And if you
have ever observed building demolitions, or have any
engineering knowledge or military experience, you'll
see immediately the relevance of this article; how,
once our mind is shaken clear of authoritarianism we
may start to *see*.

Why is it that many radical and progressive people
place certain "shadowy quarters" of the US government
at the top of the list of suspects for the Twin Tower
/Pentagon incident? Why is it that many radical and
progressive people place the political responsibilty
for this entire event squarely on the shoulders of the
US government and its policies? The readings will help
impart to this question a historical depth which can
be applied to understand the current situation.

(Many thanks to "Paul" < webmaster@...>
for some of the links below)

A quick note from Noam Chomsky:

Who Saw It Coming?
By Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair

Subject: Engineering experts say WTC towers brought
down by explosives: Gov't source

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:48:55 +1200 (NZST)
From: <nicola@...>

Forwarded From: TOP_VIEW < top_viewer@...>

Engineering experts say WTC towers brought down by
explosives: Gov't source

-- Source claims BushMob instigated/abetted attacks
to initiate global 'Oil War'

Professional structural engineers and architects who
analyzed video
footage of the World Trade Center towers collapse
nearly TWO HOURS
AFTER jets were deliberately crashed into the upper
levels of the two
buildings, maintain that the total collapse of the
structures was the
result of explosives previously placed within them,
according to a
highly-placed and well-informed government source.

Our contact was present as engineers viewed footage
of the WTC towers
collapsing, and heard first-hand as these experts
stated without any
uncertainty that ONLY internally-placed explosives
could be responsible
for the two buildings giving way as they did.

The fact that explosives planted in the lower levels
of the
MASSIVELY-guarded World Trade Center towers -- where
they would do the
MOST structural damage -- brought the buildings to
the ground long AFTER
the hijacked jets crashed into the upper levels, AND
even MORE so the
fact that this information is being DELIBERATELY
from the public, completely undermines the
"official" story about the
devastation wrought both in New York City AND in
Washington D.C. today.
This proves conclusively that to a shockingly great
extent, what took
place today was very much an "INSIDE JOB."

According to our source, the BushMob was very much
involved in the
terrifying atrocities carried out today, primarily
in furtherance of one
specific agenda. He says that this how the ruling
elite has decided to
initiate the "Oil War"; and that the tens of
thousands killed in the
destruction of the World Trade Center will by the
rallying point and
battle cry; by which the understandable desire of
the American people to
avenge those deaths will be manipulated and directed
into support for
military actions against certain Arab nations which
control a large
percentage of the world's oil reserves.

This source also feels it's certain that bona fide
Moslem extremists were
utilized in carrying out the actual attacks.

What happened to airport security?
What happened to Air Traffic Control?
Why weren't the hijacked aircraft intercepted?
HOW did a hijacked plane EVER manage to penetrate
PENTAGON airspace?

And also: WHAT would even the most crazed, fanatical
terrorists hope to
accomplish by inflicting such massive and severe
destruction against the
world's strongest military power, other than calling
down utter and
complete devastation upon their countrymen's'

What exactly would these terrorists achieve by such


Does ANYBODY believe the horrid lies our government
is propagating
regarding this horrendous tragedy?



And, before retiring for the night children, please
think of this pleasant fairy -tale: the Pentagon is
protected from air-attack by AUTOMATIC systems which
are layed out in concentric circles at various
distances form the building. The defenses do not
require human activation, and they are on all the
time. They consist of many types of weapons (rockets,
high-speed machine guns and electromagnetic pulse
-type weapons), which are all controlled
electronically. Similar automatic anti- air-attack
defenses are installed for the White House and other
important targets.

These automatic defenses are so sensitive, they are
designed to respond to even model (toy -sized)
remote-controlled aircraft which enter the immediate

Who has the codes for turning off the computers at a
pre-selected time for a tiny interval, long enough for
plane to come crashing through?



Interesting the "INSIDE JOB" tinfoil was already being spread.  OTOH it's not an uncommon phrase.
Note: Harry Browne was a libertarian candidate Craig Lazo was a fan of.

Speaking of Lazo, in recent months Lazo contacted Evdokas about removing stuff from Cyprus IMC.  The results are truly entertaining.


Evdokas has used his street medic credentials as an anarchist press pass, getting him instant trust in protests and obfuscating the curious coincidence of police violence when he's around.  Mike Tabor has a similar schtick as a "full time activist" and mirrors Evdokas' street medic scam at Tabor's "Joe Anybody" website:

Eyewitness: Police Brutality at the RNC - Street Medics

"... the pair of Portland Medics came across a man running backwards, wrapping a woman's cut open and bleeding hand while they both yelled for a medic. The medics took over the patient and the man disappeared into the crowd. The 20-second pause to attempt an evaluation of the patient's hand resulted in the police behind gaining ground and having a chance to deploy more chemical weapons. The medics began running again, patient in tow, one medic guiding her while the other finished the wrapping job on her hand. While doing this, the medics came upon a young man limping and yelling for help, 'I can't run! Help!'"
Original posted at Portland indymedia, where Evdokas whined it wasn't perfect:

[Imc-communication] New York City IndyMedia Editors - please correct this!

Petros Evdokas petros at
Sat Sep 6 09:12:16 PDT 2008

New York City IndyMedia Editors - please correct this!


I'm one of the Portland Street Medic volunteers, and one of the 
co-founders of Cyprus IndyMedia.
Please communicate with me if needed via:
street.medix at
petros at
ttetpos at

I'm the person who wrote the introduction to R. Westlund's statement and 
published this news item on Portland Indymedia's site last night 
(Friday), here:

The intention was to enter it on several other relevat imc sites today 
(Saturday). But I see that someone has created a *fraudulent* version of 
our article and Press Release on your pages, replete with an ad for a 
porno site! A sexual spoof of our statement right now is the worst kind 
of publicity when people are still being tormented in the jails of 
Minneapolis-ST. Paul, especially while some of those torments include 
sexual humiliation and basic violations of dignity.

This entry was not posted by any of our members, and certainly NOT R. 
Westlund, author of the Press Release!

Please delete the photo - it ridicules everything we are trying to do 
within the Movement. The rest of the text seems to be intact; it can 
stay if you like, or be edited according to your own standards and 
editorial policy requirements.

Thanks very much,
~~~~~~~~~~  Who mixes porn with conspiracy politics?  Oh yeah, friends of Evdokas', Lazo and Lamadrid!   Looks like another "Inside Job", LOL!

Fake Marriage?

 In 1993, Evdokas found a bride in New Mexico:

Name: Petros Evdokas
Birth Place: Albuquerque, NM
Spouse: Susan Scandale
Marriage Date: Abt 1993
Marriage Place: Bernalillo, New Mexico, United States

Source Information:
Web: Bernalillo County, New Mexico, Marriage Index, 1888-2011 [database on-line]. Bernalillo County.

Problem:  Evdokas is single. Though the faggot makes claims to Polyamory. But one look at his mug and this is laughable.   Unless he's dating blind depressed lobotomized women:

hot poly informant looking for frisky ladies

On Facebook, neither Evdokas or the blushing bride mention their "relationship" beyond Facebook friends:

Maybe they're really really private people.  So private this "marriage" was a secret to anyone they tried to dupe.    Or maybe this "marriage" was a scam to get Evdokas American citizenship.

Wonder if that can be revoked?

Fake Cypriot?

Not exactly fake, but he pimps himself as a born native.   The truth is Evdokas is an American with dual citizenship, since he was born in New York:

Petros Evdokas (b. February 1958)

Petros Evdokas (son of Takis Evdokas Dr and Irene Zavoyianis) was born February 1958 in Brooklyn, N.Y.. He married Sue Scandale.
 This was a fact referenced by an IMC member during the BMW fiasco:

(He did everything except offer to help or take on the project despite his
 position of privilege. A number of resources was offered. He wouldn't
have  even had to part with his money. He would have just had to do
footwork and  paperwork. Even that he was offered help for. Petros hides
behind his  citizenship in Cyprus(not his place of birth)
but don't be
fooled he is  certainly more privileged than I and most of the others. I
hate to throw  around the label lazy classist but if the shoe fits...)

 Evdokas' daddy has a history in politics:

 President Makarios distanced himself from his earlier enosis convictions in his 1968 presidential campaign and argued for the independence of Cyprus. He declared that Enosis was wishable but independence was possible. His opponent was the psychiatrist Takis Evdokas who was campaigning for Enosis. Makarios won the election. Turkish Cypriots were not participating in the government (see Cyprus dispute) but they had separate elections were Fazil Küçük was reelected as vice president.
 This puts a different spin on the idea of Enosis and who might be exploiting it in Cyprus politics.

Moron daddy:

Takis Evdokas (Greek Τάκης Ευδόκας) is a Cypriot psychiatrist, author and former politician.
Evdokas was born in 1928 in Pachna, Lemesos province, Cyprus. He founded the National Democratic Party and opposed Archbishop Makarios III in the 1968 presidential elections as a die-hard proponent of Enosis (union of the island with Greece. The campaign was marked by abuse with yogurt and other objects hurled at Evdokas. He received just 3.71% of the vote.
Evdokas has authored 16 books on the subject of psychiatry. He has two sons, both resident in the USA.
Lol at yogurt abuse.   Wonder if he knows one of his sons is a con artist?

And here:
Ημερομηνία: 17.02.2013 | 09:50Τάκης Ευδόκας: Γιατί αμφισβήτησα τον Αρχιεπίσκοπο Μακάριο<
who's yo daddy?


Evdokas, Takis

Takis Evdokas, auf Zypern geboren, ging nach dem Studium der Medizin in
Athen für die Facharztausbildung in Neurologie und Psychiatrie nach New York. Heute lebt der Autor als niedergelassener Psychiater und Psychotherapeut in Nicosia, Zypern.

Maybe daddy Evdokas can talk sense into his moronic son.
Unless it's genetic.

Evdokas' mom wrote a play called "We are all Americans":

We Are All Americans: a One Act Play
Also at Amazon.

Gotta wonder what Evdokas' parents would say about his love affair organizing with US based Nazi lovers, racists and conspiracy loons, and running scams.    If they care to share, just email.