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Virginia "Ginny" Ross aka "Ginny Hall"


Networks: Portland Truth Alliance(domain owner 2007-2008), PDX 911 Truth Alliance, PDX admin group, Oregon Truth Alliance, Democracy for Oregon

Contacts: Jennifer Wynhausen, Sara Lamadrid, Petros Evdokas, Tim Titrud, Richard Frager, David Morrison

Slimey failed corporate lawyer and political operative. Like many group members, a raging hypocrite and cold blooded liar. Broke into the political con scene with the Howard Dean campaign and championing election fraud. Currently in semi-retirement running an estate planning CONsultaion business out of her kitchen.

Democracy for Oregon

Company Name

Democracy For Oregon
Company Contact
+1 503 292 7674
Fax: +1 503 292 7474

Excerpted from the website:

Democracy for Oregon is a coalition of concern citizen activists inspired by the Dean for America campaign to take our country back from the radical right. Our mission is to help end corporate dominance of government and to restore and foster citizen ownership of and involvement in our democracy. We seek to inspire, inform and connect progressive Oregonians to further these goals.

8830 SW Woodside Dr
Portland OR 97225 US
Defunct website started by Ross but spun as grass roots, even though at most its active members were barely more than 20. DFO was a spinoff of Howard Dean's Democracy for America network, proving exactly how gullible the extreme left could be by letting anyone join to exploit DFA. Her first and arguably successful attempt to build a cult army gang; it appears to be where Ross started working with Richard Frager. It was hosted by what sounds like a marketing firm:

© 2004-5 Democracy for Oregon
Democracy for Oregon is not affiliated with any candidate or campaign.
Hosting and development by Siprelle & Associates
Ross is careful to distance herself from any candidate or campaign; she's not so careful to admit she owns it as a business when she gets around to claiming to be "grassroots". Ross also pushes a progressive facade, something she'd continue in her 911 "truth" phase:
Our Mission

We seek to restore citizen ownership of democracy by inspiring, informing, and connecting progressive Oregonians.
DFO E-News
Stay Informed!
Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for
progressive news,
events, and inspiration.
In 2006 DFO held a training summit at Portland State University:

DFO Summit & DFA Training Academy
Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 05/02/2006 - 3:19pm.


About the Summit:
The 2006 DFO Progressive Leadership Summit is a two day progressive grassroots activism training conference featuring the Democracy for America (DFA) Training Academy. The Summit will take place at Portland State University on May 20 & 21and we encourage activists of all levels to attend. The theme is the idea that "We are the ones" we have been waiting for. It is up to us to restore our Democracy.
This event might have been where Sara Lamadrid really hooked-up with Ross, though Lamadrid has her own 911 conspiracy origin story. But how could she afford the registration? Oh yeah, $25 dollars for students; Lamadrid was known to be a student at the time:

First please go to our DFA Link registration site to log in to DFA Link. There you will be able to RSVP. Then you will need to complete your reservation by going to the DFA Contribution page.
$60 for general attendees (prepaid online or by mail)
$70 pay at door / $25 for students
$25 for attendees on a low income

The low tuition is a donation to Democracy for America, a federal PAC working to elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot through their innovative and powerful DFA-List campaign. Your tuition dollars will go to support outstanding people-powered candidates across the country such as Lew Frederick and Sal Peralta who are this year's Oregon DFA List winners.
Wow. $70 at the door: democracy isn't cheap. We only have Ross' word this money is being donated to Democracy for America and not just pocketed, in part or whole, by herself; this could be yet another place Craig Lazo got the idea for accusing Val McClatchey of running a fraudulent charity: it's something Lazo's friends tend to get up to.

Later on Ross, er the "webmaster", gets around to pimping her 911 conspiracy group:

9/11 Truth Event:
After the Peak Party, come on up to SMU 328 & 9 to see an intriguing presentation on the fraud and coverup surrounding 9/11 and the "official" story. Learn some undeniable truths and how our government has sought to avoid them. It's a good opportunity to connect with the PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance and also support DFO and the PSU College Democrats all at the same time. Click here for details. Bring a suggested donation of $5 to $10 but most of all bring yourself and gain some insight into the extent of the 9/11 coverup in progress. The funds you contribute will help us keep our DFO blog fires burning througout the year at our progressive community blogspaces,, and If you can't attend but you wish to contribute anyway, just to make the statement that, hey, you are wildly in favor of building an Oregon progressive infrastructure just like we are, then click here.Thanks!
There was at least one other "summit" in 2005:

But it had less tinfoil and was cheaper:

WHO: Democracy for Oregon Progressive Leadership Summit
WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 9 am - 3 pm
WHERE: Portland State University, Cramer Hall
COST: Advance registration: $20 general/$15 student; optional lunch $8
MORE INFO: Visit for further details and to register online.
Whodda thought the cost of democracy rose 350% in one year!

One plus in Ross' cargo container of minus': she appears to be the only group member who registers her business ventures:

Is this because Ross is careful not to use them to money launder? Or because, as a lawyer, she's more confident about her book cooking? It's a toss up.

Election Fraud

Active protesting election fraud after the election/reelection of Bush or so she says. Virtually none of the goals of the so called election fraud "movement" were achieved, but we bet Ross and others like her made a quick buck promising people she'd "do something".

One of the groups Ross appears involved with  is  the Alliance for Democracy
Portland Chapter, which she promoted on anti-Semite Captain Eric May's yahoo list serve:

Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:01 pm


Denied! Lost! Altered!
2 million votes were not counted in 2006.
Was one of them yours?UNCOUNTED
A film by David Earnhardt
See the trailer at!

Bernie Ellis, Organizer, National Election Reform Conference
"One of the most important and comprehensive pictures of the threats to our democracy." - Mark Karlin, Publisher
"UNCOUNTED succeeds by making a lucid and compelling case that democracy is at risk..."
Tuesday, March 18th, at 7 PM (doors open at 6:30PM)
First Unitarian Church, Eliot Chapel
SW 12th and Salmon, Portland
Admission: $5-10 sliding scale; no one turned away
For further information, contact:
David e. Delk, Co-chair Alliance for Democracy
Portland Chapter

Sponsored by
* Alliance for Demcracy (
* Democracy Action Group of the 1st Unitarian Church

Endorsed by:
* Oregon Voter Rights Coalition (
* Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

 A strange place to promote her insincere crap, but not any stranger than Kathy "sneaky jews" Bushman being part of this so called leftwing election fraud protest group:
On 3/27/2010 12:17 AM, Kathy Leonard-Bushman wrote:

This came to me from The Portland Alliance for Democracy Chapter.  Great read from the Nation as well as an insightful introduction by David Delk, president of our AfD group.

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 10:37 PM, David Delk <davidafd1@...> wrote:
Those sneaky brownshirts are everywhere.

911 truth and other scams

Ross was involved in the 911 Inside Job conspiracy movement at least from mid 2006.  Ross tried and failed to drum up support for the cause among Liberal Democrats in September of 2006.

 She was an active member of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance(sometimes called the PDX 911 Truth Alliance), attended meetup groups regularly and might have briefly been the owner of the meetup group, before Sara Lamadrid took over. All was smooth sailing until around mid 2007 when the group "split"; in other words some members discovered something the group wanted to keep secret and so they staged a "split" to pretend to respond to concerns, when the controlling members were in fact still working together and sharing information privately.

By the end of 2007 Ross would be running a private 911leaders list, were she kept up the scam of pretending to be concerned about "Sara and Petros" and warning people about them,

Have a good meeting --- you are welcome to invite people to join this
list, just send me the email address of any new leaders you meet who
would like to participate. The only way in which I filter the
membership is to make sure we do not have Petros, Sarah or Jo or their
followers to regale us with their bizarre lectures.

Thanks and have a good day,


while, much like Tim Titrud, continued to share information on their main listserve that Petros supposedly "took over":

1769 Impeach * Sonar Dust Deceit * UFO * SITCHA
Jonathan Mark noflyby Jan 18, 2008 1:31 am
Flyby News Notes - Editor - Jonathan Mark - January 17, 2008 - ...

1768 SCOTT RITTER in Portland - American Iranian Friendship Council anti-
Petros Evdokas ttetpos Jan 14, 2008 12:04 am
"The important thing to know about Scott Ritter is that he was right." - Seymour Hersh US Tour of Duty - Public Policy Events Across America ________________ ...

1767 Sofia Smallstorm of 9/11 Mysteries to Speak in Portland on Jan. 20th
Ginny Ross ginnypdx Jan 12, 2008 11:09 pm
Sofia Smallstorm of 9/11 Mysteries to Speak in Portland on Jan. 20th *911 TRUTH GROUPS OF PORTLAND PRESENTS:...

1766 Re: MODERATE -- findtruth911@... posted to pdx911truth
Petros Evdokas ttetpos Jan 9, 2008 11:24 pm
... Hello, As you know, I'm one of the group moderators, charged with the responsibility of monitoring the volume and quality of emails sent to the pdx911truth...

1765 9/11 Truth Cynics Step Aside!! ANY DOUBTS About The Shell Game
findtruth911 Jan 8, 2008 10:30 pm
9/11 Truth Cynics Step Aside!! ANY DOUBTS About "The Shell Game" Are Dashed!! ***************** N.Y. Times best selling author, unleashes a new force of 9/11...

1764 Gage Integrity * WTC dust * Paulson * Liberty
Jonathan Mark noflyby Jan 7, 2008 6:12 am
Flyby News Notes - Editor - Jonathan Mark - January 3, 2008 - ...
Still on list with Evdokas and Goldman in April of 2008:

1821 Re: Good job, Portland Truther < /sarcasm>
Sheila Casey sheila.casey21 Apr 1, 2008 11:01 pm
reading Rovic's blog post on this, I am glad I never bought any of his records. He's pathetic, and it's obvious that no approach -- whether red-faced or calm...

1822 Re: [9/11 Truth Portland] Good job, Portland Truther < /sarcasm>
Petros Evdokas ttetpos Apr 2, 2008 5:01 am
... You're right, Sara. This type of incident is something about which we must always be constantly vigilant. We must keep criticizing, denouncing and...

1823 Re: [9/11 Truth Portland] Good job, Portland Truther < /sarcasm>
Ben Noyes banoyes2 Apr 2, 2008 11:52 pm
As I am leaving this group ( censored) I will say you are wrong 100% wrong what you and we need is more assholes we need civil disobenence MLK was not some...

1824 Michael Ruppert - Retrospective 2008
Ginny Ross ginnypdx Apr 2, 2008 11:54 pm
Michael C. Ruppert: Retrospective 2008 RETROSPECTIVE - 2008 March 24, 2008 - I have owed you this...

1825 Re: Good job, Portland Truther -NOT- < /sarcasm>
banoyes2 Apr 2, 2008 11:55 pm
I say you are wrong 100% wrong what you and we need is more assholes we need civil disobenence MLK was not some quiet man handing out leafletts he was a rabble...

1826 assholes vs truth warrios
turboglo@... turboglo Apr 4, 2008 1:39 am
This is ridiculous. I don't hear anyone suggesting that truthers should never be "rude", or badly behaved. There have been many examples of courageous people...
Ross doesn't mind Evdokas' "bizzare lectures" here; his email implies Sara(Lamadrid) is part of the convo. Neither Evdokas or Lamadrid ask Ross her opinion or try to provoke Ross. Showing Ross' warning on her listserve was more bullshit games.

Ross would also be working with raging anti semite Captain "OMG we're gunna be nuked" Eric May and pimping a scam by cult leader Webster Tarpley. Ross would also use her list to encourage attacks and lies on former members, for instance promoting Jennifer's blog Tinfoilwars and continuing to spread lies that ex members were "stalking" the group:

Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 16:26:57 -0700
From: Ginny Ross
Subject: [911] Humor Break re J0 Cressy
To: Oregon Truth Alliance
Click for a gender bender....

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
From: Ginny Ross
Subject: Re: [911] Does anyone know this guy?
To:, OR 9/11 Activist Leaders

Tim thinks that "Casey" is the witch Jo who has been harrassing Jennifer.
If anyone does know Craig (who is pictured) you might want to warn him
that he might be in the sites as a new target for that succubus.
Safe travels all,
Mmmm...if these listserve posts have any relation this partial email:

To: P----, M---
Subject: City of Portland TrackIT Submission: PPB Service Request Item -------

.... in 2007, after a couple of bizarre emails, sent after I left the group list on good terms, the leader of this anti war group, an attorney Virginia L. Ross, was told explicitly that no one from the group was to contact me in any way, shape or form. She was also told she and her members were not to use my name in connection to her group or her members.(While I assisted as a volunteer at some events, I was never a public figure.)
...then lawyer girrrl Ross is giving her group, which she was legally responsible for, bad advice; Ross registered the domain personally in 2007,. The obvious clue Ross is full of shit: if she really believed her friends were stalked, as a lawyer, she would do something more than bawwing on her private email list.

It was also used to communicate with cult leader Tarpley and give him questionable information on exmembers, that would end up in pedo Thomson's videos:

From: Ginny Ross
Subject: Re: [911] Col Jenny Sparks is Joe
Date: Fri 09/28/07 12:10 PM

Titrud wrote: On Webster Tarpley's show yesterday on
the second hour a great deal of time was spent on
Col Jenny Sparks. The question he had was who is
she. If Genny Ross has contact with Tarpley could
you inform him that she is Joe and part of the
insane Petros group in Portland that is disrupting
our efforts to save the world.

Tim Titrud

Hi Tim,

Why do you think WT is so focused on her and her
twisted rants and such? I haven't been tracking all
she's been doing in the blogosphere so it's hard to
gauge. Is she staging a meltdown of some sort?
Seems to me WT is giving her stature by spending
time and energy on her. Also, I think CJS is Jo but
I have no proof of it "luv" :-) Her last comments
to us after signing off as "Jo" was she will
immediately "sue" for harassment anyone who attempts
to contact her, etc. Blah, blah, blah.... She's a
certifiable loon!!!! --- I told WT I thought she was too juvenile to be Cointelpro.... :-) That's why I
didn't want to go on his show to talk about her, but
I would gladly go on and talk about TO & VS. By the
way, does he cover those issues too (I hope? :-))

Go Ducks!


That most of this so called information is pushed by people who can't even agree on spelling; par for the course for paranoid deranged cultists imagining COINTELPRO is after them. The real question is why Ross is on speaking terms with a Larouchie cultist...

Moar bad advice...or negligence...rumored to come from Ross:

endorsing vandalism to support the cult cause
discussions to jam 911 emergency services

Sounds exactly like another cult lawyer.

With the end of the world failing to come, Ross' Oregon Truth Alliance fizzled out, and she returned to this yahoo group list she'd set up in 2007:

 Thursday, 9 April 2009 - 7:49 PM UTC
 This invitation expires in 30 days. has invited you to join the Portland911Truth group!

At some point she transferred the group to Richard Frager, probably trying to avoid the fallout of online complaints. Her last major act was a wild spin and whitewash effort after inquiries were made about Craig Lazo. It was a feeble and sad attempt, but the best she could do under the circumstances, since by this time it was common knowledge Craig Lazo was living in Portland, lived with Jennifer Wynhausen and was known personally to Ginny Ross. But obviously, since Lazo was using information about former members, it would put Ross in a tough spot, since equally obviously, Ross knew what Lazo was doing as "Killtown". So, including moving Lazo back to California ASAP, they fell back on the old standby of destroy all evidence they knew each other.

It didn't work. But 5/10 for trying.

Arthur Anderson

Yes, that faggot; comment on Sticking Point:


So when're you giving the Powerpoint presentation at the City Club to help explain how an asset deal could happen? :-) I want to go to it. I bet you can find a way. Besides I really miss your classes.

I can see from your Rose Festival float pic that you are keeping in great shape though!


Ginny Ross

PS The ethics case on my former employers went to the state Supremes. One of them Form B'd out and the other got 3 years suspension. :-0 Sheesh, first Arthur Anderson then this. My career has been like a John Grisham novel! :-)

Posted by Ginny Ross | June 10, 2005 5:37 AM

We assume Ross meant "Andersen". Obviously Ross learned from her previous partners' mistakes, and mastered the art of being a slimey lawyer and staying out of jail.

Fishy Gill-nets

In 2010, Ross took her act on the road and tried the old cult charm on some fishery activists, claiming to be a wild fish advocate. Wild fish advocates were not impressed:

The author for this is a lawyer hack for a group called the CCA. Their mission is get rid of all commercial fishing by claiming that this will save fish. But the reality is that it is just an allocation grab by rich sport fishing groups.

Clearly this is written by an attorney, which is person highly trained in law, but with no specific training in fisheries.

First, the greatest threat to successful rebuilding on the Columbia is not a specific gear type, but is the continuous struggle to reallocate fish between user groups. When the groups have a final allocation to depend on, they will refocus on enhancing and recovering these stocks.

Too often arguments like these can be a reallocation argument, in disguise.

Now on to how to harvest, and rebuild these stocks successfully.

I give this writer credit for trying, but she misses the most selective gear type in the world. This is the fishwheel, which harvests fish with less harm than either gillnets or recreational hook and line fishermen.

The fish are harvested alive and can be sorted alive, and returned to the water alive. Fisheries biologists worldwide use fishwheels for this exact purpose, and fishwheels were one of the first effective harvest methods on the Columbia.
Fishwheel caught salmon are worth more money which reduces the economic strain to simply catch more fish.

The CCA looks like a Big Oil Astro Turf scam. Missionary zeal and incompetence are a bad mix:

Even the ifeesh member and CCA afiliated attorney Ginny Ross was referring to the spring chinook tangle net fishery as non selective for a long time till I finally dug out documentation stating it is a selective fishery and has been since 2001.
But Ross let the cult mask slip the most here, where she almost loses it when her org CCA is outed for hiring a lawyer Kevin Mannix:


You have got to be kidding. CCA's announcement of it's Protect Our Salmon Act came out WEEKS ago and a special thread called "CCA Petition" quickly followed in this forum. You then recently WROTE about the CCA having spearheaded a new initiative petition to ban gillnetting in last Sunday's Oregonian. Now you are spreading a rumor with no foundation that Mannix is CCA's attorney and faking ignorance about CCA's leadership in the petition effort, wondering out loud if CCA's Oregon Chairman is acting on his own to carry out one of the most critical efforts of the organization he leads? C'mon man.

Kevin Mannix is a Republican faggot. And turns out Mannix was representing CCA; after much butt hurt, Ross even admits it:


When Bill Monroe reported the involvement of KM as attorney for the sponsors I found it deeply disturbing, so much so that I hoped it was not true. I made what now has proven to be an unfairly disparaging post toward Bill questioning his claim. Though I have deleted the post it is copied in a couple of following posts. I am posting again on this issue to clarify that Bill was correct. I am very sorry, Bill, and fellow iFishers for my comment.
Whoah doggies!! She apologized! It's a start. Wonder if she'll ever apologize for the endless stream of lies she helped spread on her listserve(s). Probably not; apologies are for people the group is trying to impress and only if a group member is caught in the convo. IOW moar self serving bullshit.

Or maybe is self preservation.  Mannix was exposed in Ross' local paper in a Department of Justice probe:

Oregon Department of Justice Closing In On Mannix

Handling of charitable gifts for veterans is under investigation

Mannix has enough problems without being connected to a dimwittig lawyer who works with Holocaust deniers, lol.

The ifish front isn't any better for Ross, a user's reply implying Ross's conspiracy history is out of the bag:
 02-10-2013, 07:35 AM
Join Date: Sep 2006
Posts: 745

Originally Posted by Ginny Ross
You successfully predicted a sunset and sunrise. You must be so proud.

Yes, I did use the best availible science to do what you claimed was impossible and absurd. I took scientific evidence and predicted a future event and situation.

The same was done to preform the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969. Nasa used scientific evidence to predict and construct what would be required to land men on the moon and return them safely to earth.

We put a man on the moon but somehow cannot even come up with a rough timetable for recovery of ESA listed salmon under this new plan. But, there are some people who believe the moon landing was faked - they say it was impossible and absurd. And there are also some people who believe 9/11 was an inside job.

A Lady Vanishes

Soon after Ross vanished from her conspiracy list and was last seen with an estate planning business :

Trust Your Estate Plan
Estate Planning Legal Services by Ginny Ross – Your source for Affordable Living Trust Estate Plans and Administration in Portland, Oregon
Estate Planning Resolution 2012: A Precious Gift for Your FamilyGetting started with an estate plan seems hard because we don’t want to think about our own demise. But there is joy in the process depending on your perspective. In reality, we can not know and experience life without the fact of death. By embracing the fact you put away the struggle of denying or fearing it and planning becomes an endeavor like any part of your day or week into which you apply energy and get a sense of accomplishment, calm, preparedness and peace of mind when you have completed it. My goal is to help you reach that result; to help you gain more freedom and enjoyment of your life by creating an excellent, affordable estate plan that will resolve without complication, simply as part of a celebration of your life, rather than an interruption and a costly burden of administration for your loved ones. Feel free to download one of my Estate Planning questionnaires below to help you get started! Make 2012 the year you give your family this precious gift: a well planned estate after a life well lived. I look forward to the opportunity to help you.

Individual Questionnaire

Joint Questionnaire


Ginny Ross, Attorney (

"I look forward to the opportunity to help you."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! No one could make this shit up.

We're confident Ross' business will in no way be used as another cult front for extracting information from people.


Moar info at

(Currently listed in Estate Planning )
Virginia L Ross Attorney

8803 SW 57th Avenue
Portland, OR 97219 Phone: (503) 292-7674

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