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The SP's

In Scientology cult jargon an SP, short for "Suppressive Person", is a label used to demonize anyone critical of the cult's practices:

Note how well his comment also fits Hubbard's 'Suppressive Person' doctrine, in that any person that is perceived to impede — directly or indirectly — the expansion of Scientology is seen as 'criminal,' with no regard of how honorable are their motivations. If someone criticize some intrinsically harmful Scientology practices, this person becomes a 'Suppressive Person' in Scientologists' worldview, regardless of how substantiated is their criticism.
Hubbard had clear instructions on how to deal with SP's:

«A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind as Scientologists and actions taken against them are not punishable under Scientology Ethics Codes.» — L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL of 23 December 1965, "Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists"
«SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.» — L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL of 18 October 1967, "PENALTIES FOR LOWER CONDITIONS"
The Portland conspiracy group didn't write this, nor are they Scientologists to anyone's knowledge, but their treatment of former members or people who have stumbled on their scam matches Hubbard's Fairgame order so closely the leaders must be soul brothers. The group mainly lies and tricks people, lies more to spin, but are much less effective that Scientology since most of their scams backfire. That's the strongest circumstantial evidence the group is not connected to Scientology: their incompetence.

Incompetent though they may be, they still could be a cult and the circumstances around people who run afoul them have all the marks of a cult.

Note worthy group "enemies":

ANTIFA aka Rose City Antifa : Possibly considered the group's greatest organized "enemy" from 2009 to at least 2012.     Group members attracted the antention of Anifascists when it was leaked Tim Titrud was bringing select group members on a field trip to hear Holocaust denier David Irving speak.    Since then Antifa has dodged the group's heels whenever members have organized Nazi/racist friendly events.   For this Antifa has been accused of being a Zionist Jew funded black op.  In other words, the usual conspiracy crap.

"Chimpanzen": former member, bass player and a JEW. Not just any Jew, but a SNEAKY JEW. And did readers get the part where she's a JEW? Cuz group members had a problem with that:

Sat Sep 9, 2006 8:22 pm
Attention Petros

"sneaky Jews?" yours truly!

What some of you may not know is that the same folks who make ignorant
generalizations about Jews on the openly read posts send very direct
anti-semitic emails to people in person afterwards. Where there's
smoke, there is indeed fire.

As soon as I cried foul and said, "hey man, I'm a Jew, and I stand up
against the neo-cons and support palestine, so I don't appreciate your
generalizations," I got a launch of ranting emails about "sneaky Jews
infiltrating the list" in my own personal email box. A certain
someone called me a Zionist propagandist for calling him out. I'm
just a bass player who is concerned about stuff enough to post my
opinion on line, but now some people think I work for Mossad. Maybe
if I DID work for Mossad I'd be able to afford to shop somewhere other
than Goodwill.
Proof of email harassment red highlighted. Never fear..."casseia" is on the case to slap wrists:


Sat Sep 9, 2006 9:11 pm

I think a few of us received that flurry of emails. Frankly, I think
that should be grounds for being banned -- that "member" of the group
posted our email addresses somewhere else and evidently invited people
to send us a bunch of crap. Not cool at all.
And that is all. No one is banned from the listserve. The person sharing email addresses without permission is not called out. (Could be Dick Eastman) This doesn't make "casseia" unsubscribe or stop her from inviting new dupes. Just virtual finger wagging...that showed those Jew haters!

Chimpanzen is never heard on the list again.

"Kathy" appears to be the source of "sneaky jews" accusations:

Kathy writes:

 If I could stick my two cents in?   If you want to find out if
your group is infiltrated by sneaky jews, just criticize them or israel and
their fangs and claws come out, they can't help themselves.
I was actually on the mailing list for that group and since I know how they
infiltrate, whether it's the Sierra Club or a 9/11 Truth Movement, they
infiltrate everything.   To test the waters I brought up the fraud of Anne Frank and
her diary being written in ball-point pen, despite the fact it had just been
invented and only available to American generals.   I watched all the zionist
spies come out of hiding.  I don't know if Mr. Eastman remembers this incident
about a year ago.   I quickly unsubscribed.  It's a waste of time if they've
infiltrated.   They have infested the antiwar movement, steering it away from
israel and this crock of matzo, "no war for oil".   This Petros character is
involved in this group for one reason, to steer it away from jews and israel.

 Dick Eastman is banned from the listserve by casseia while she bawls about information on the list being made public, ironic in that one of the list's  purposes is to feed cultists information to be made public:

----- Original Message -----

From: casseia

Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 7:10 PM

Subject: [pdx911truth] Hate speech at pdx911truth

Dick, you are no longer able to post here.

Petros, as I have indicated in the past, I agree with you. However, I
am very disturbed by your suggestion that you have not YET brought
attention to hate speech at pdx911truth. I check this site several
times daily and still did not notice this email from Dick before you
did. Although he is now prohibited from posting (and thus dealt with)
the policy at this group has always favored free speech up until that
privilege (ie, the privilege to exercise that right HERE at our
group's site) is abused. Therefore, people may write objectionable
posts that must be dealt with after the fact. The idea that a group
member would make this process public (ie, publically announcing that
the group engages in hate speech)is itself offensive.

If she didn't like the hate speech she should have left.  Everyone knows nazifag cultists have no impulse control. Chimpanzen's last email, apparently from a private exchange that...surprise, surprise..was made public:

----- Original Message -----


Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 9:27 AM

Subject: Re: [pdx911truth] Hate speech at pdx911truth

Yes, I understand about all those bastards connected to Mossad, the state of Israel, AIPAC, etc... although many of the actors in the 9/11 debacle profess to be born-again Christians.  The bottom line for me, though, is getting the public at large to understand that this event did not happen the way they said it did, and focusing on the religion of a portion (granted a large and powerful portion) of the people and throwing around the "Zionist Jew" thing is NOT going to win people over, in fact it's going to get people to call you a NUT.

Then KATHY goes on spouting about SNEAKY JEWS (apparently like me) who INFILTRATE the lists!  Babe, you just showed your true colors.  Brown shirt, my guess.

You guys can blame 9/11 on a Jewish-Bilderberger-Masonic-Illuminati-Skull&Bones-Reptilian Alien cabal from Planet Xenon for all I care, I am out of this discussion.
That's "Xenu", not "Xenon", darlin.  Otherwise, epic.

Note: in all  this drama(cuz bet chimpanzen was cc on these emails because the group wanted her out and they knew she'd be offended...easy win) the person who is the most offensive in this NOT banned from the listserve.  In fact she's going to be waving conspiracy signs at motorists two weeks later according to Steve's invitation to the group:

Come join us at the Hawthorne Bridge this morning~~
 Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:57 am
"Steve Keller" <svbk61@...>

Hey pdx911Truthers,

We are going to have some other new people join Kathy and I at the

Grand/Madison mouth of the Hawthorne Bridge this morning at 9a, and
since I am sporting some new 911Truth signs, I thought I should invite
you all, as well.

It's only 2 boards, with signs on each side...

9-11 - the First of Many Lies

9 -11 - Bush's Gulf of Tonkin
9-11 - False Flag, Impeach
Bush says, "Boo!"

It does seem that people are asking more, "why aren't people in the

streets?", to which we respond, "WE ARE, join us!" You should see the
positive responses I get to the 911 signs, and a motorcycle rider
almost fell off his bike laughing to the "BOO" sign.

Gotta get out there a bit early, to hopefully chat with this guy about

his cable public access show.

Seeya there!!

"Kathy" is probably Kathy Leonard-Bushman aka sassykathy.  Despite calling listserve members "sneaky jews"  and suggesting Evdokas is a "character", she's allowed to continue posting months later; Evdokas even helps fix her email message:

 Obscure Company Is Behind 9/11 Demolition Work
 Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:37 am
"ttetpos" <ttetpos@...>

Re: Obscure Company Is Behind 9/11 Demolition Work
--- In, "Kathy" <sassykathy464@...> wrote:
> Obscure Company Is Behind 9/11 Demolition Work
Here is the text that was lost from Kathy's letter, below.
Apparently some of the emails that are being sent as entire webpages
(sent "as html") are being chewed up.
This is an appeal to all our members, please send your letters as
"text only"; that way all browsers can read them, and it saves on
everyone's bandwidth and mailbox space.
I'll send another note on this later.
Obscure Company Is Behind 9/11 Demolition Work
posted Thursday, 23 August 2007
*hat tip ~ Oom*

It's nice of Evdokas to take pity on those sneaky brownshirts.  And moar proof the group's "fight" with Evdokas is fake.  Interesting denial made by Steve:
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007
From: Steve Keller
Subject: [911] Tim...Kathy has nothing to do with Petros!!

To: OR 9/11 Activist Leaders
Smells like someone "doth protest too much".

Bruce Charles: former member; briefly acted as MC, whereabouts unknown.

Mark Humphrey: Canadian actor incorrectly identified as the "911 Harley Guy" by Ozzybinoswald; from all appearances Humphrey was picked at random from a phone book. Craig Lazo used 911movement forum as a platform for Ozzy's lies; Richard Frager spammed the lies on a Yahoo listserve, as did Glen Owen on the group's Myspace account. Years later the "911 Harley Guy" would be revealed as Mark Walsh. Possibly the most blatant example of group members JUST MAKING SHIT UP DERP!

"genghis6199": Former online associate of Jennifer Wynhausen; Australian truther conned through Craig Lazo's 911movement forum. Proof the group will go halfway around the globe to find dupes when they've run out of fresh local meat.

"John Langley":   According to Fegel's spam at the webzine Mercury, Langley is behind ANTIFA and anything else the group is scared. Fegel spreads his spam at IMC, calling for readers to " move the fascist antifa out of Portland!"  You can't make this shit up.   This recent group photo is enough to disprove Antifa is one guy called John.  Unless all 20ish people are named John Langley.    Common cult tactic: attribute at critism to a known or suspected "enemy".

JMCRESSY: Former email listserve member; targeted as enemy by Larouchie fans Ginny Ross and Tim Titrud. From a blog attributed to the same person:

This blog is reserved for updates and information about the author's projects.


All national and international copyright laws apply

Any valid information, images or other material attributed to JMCressy can be identified by the attribution "JMCressy". Any other material, person or source publishing materials alleging to be connected to JMCressy, should be considered doubtful and possibly in violation of copyright.
Oops. We said too much already.

Patrick Phillips: Former member. Blogged the group copiously for a brief while:

Portland in Peril (Patti Woodard comments!)
Are there too many Alpha wolves to get Fidel Castro to join? (Evdokas comments!)
War Games in Portland next week

Supposedly switched sides twice; currently members pretend he never existed. His self description implies otherwise:

My name is Patrick Phillips. I am thirty-two years old. I have a lot of interests and this website is an attempt to reach a wider audience and raise consiousness. This way, too, I will not have to overly promote my ideas with my friends and aquaintenecs because the website will be there for anyone who wants to view it. It is also an opportunity to record and share the many interesting things I will be learning this quarter at PSU in my linguistics class and my ongoing political activities on a local level. I welcome comments from everyone and hope that this website can also be a forum for interaction. My email is
Might have been sucked into the group through Lamadrid's linguistic classes, proving the halls of higher education are infested with cultists. Could be a con or victim. Shows signs of brainwashing damage with his lol soy causes homosexuality blog, but seems harmless. Whereabouts unknown.

"Col. Jenny Sparks": If Craig "Killtown" Lazo is to be believed, this person is responsible for everything bad that ever happened to Lazo since the Beginning of Time. Ironically, all of Lazo's blog scribblings about "Sparks" link to Spark's blog...which Lazo has obviously not read for awhile:

Additional[June 2, 2011]: If you have been directed to this blog by Craig Lazo, before you help spread his lies, you should be aware his facebook account was suspended for this sort of rubbish. This could happen anyone helping him, fyi
LULZ. Expect links to "disappear" as soon as Lazo is told.

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