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Mike Tabor aka "Joe Anybody"


Networks: Portland 9/11 Truth alliance, Pdx911 Truth Alliance, Portland Indymedia(worker bee in 2011, ?)

One of the group's volunteer video recorders/stalkers. Has spent the last decade building his cred as the go to alternative media video master in anarchist circles and will probably turn out to be an informant Nazi cunt like Tim Calvert. Believes he can do anything he wants with his camera, with or without consent, with anyone. He is not wrong, but he's not right either. The short version for people on the short bus: using footage of people without consent is asking for trouble or serious blowback . This reckless attitude to privacy makes Tabor the prime suspect in the Peace March/Pedo Mashup/Video Stalking-Gate. Ozzy may have made the videos, but "Joe Anybody" probably took the photos of Lamadrid and Evdokas, with their knowledge.

Tabor claims to be a citizen journalist, but acts strangely ignorant of the history of the group he claims membership in. For instance, he's the only one besides the organizers to leap to the defense of the latest scam promoted at Indymedia, and he didn't even show up:

I wanted to go 21.Feb.2012 13:01Joe Anybody
Hi David

This was the only place that I seen the information being posted here in the Portland area

I think using Indymedia is a good outlet for information sharing events like this

I was trying to attend but due to a very hectic schedule I was not able to do so ;-(

If anyone filmed the Gage 911 presentation I hope the link is posted here on Portland Indymedia

The information posted here regarding Richard Gage has been diluted with lots of un-needed tirades.

None the less I was able to sift through the piles of it get the information that pertains to Richards 911 Truth event.
Tabor has been cozy with the group for years:

July 4th videos of 911 Truth March in Portland
Alex Ansary bullhorns 911 TRUTH in downtown Portland on July 4th
Twelve to twenty 911 Truth Tellers walked along with him spreading the news
Two videos capture the informative afternoon of 911 Truth Activism in Portland.

Well July 4th I walked along with 911 Truth Activists and filmed them as they handed out information and bull-horned messages of "911 was an Inside job" and "police state information" and giving a heads up of the Portland Terror Drills coming to us here in metro pdx this October.

We were met on the streets, with lots of 911 interested people, and of course some angry people, and leave it to the big city ... ..some with messages of their own.
We were stopped by the Police twice, once for not leaving a clear walk way for pedestrians ... . The second time for being louder than over 100 feet ... we were told that distance was about a 1/3 of a city block (note to self!)
Both times, it was a friendly conversation and the noise issue did result in a "warning"
Latter when we just about finished with our march, a police car drove by slow and waved at us. At one point I think they read some of our info.

My camera was almost grabbed... . once, by an angry guy on a bike ... ..and we had a few angry comments from a couple other citizens by the blues fest beer garden ... . but over all it was a pretty good informative march and actually enjoyable.
The activist in this group were great people!

Every one in the group brought their dedicated activism to the street. We had no leader, yet we were like a well rehearsed activist group. We had DVD's (free) we had mass fliers, we had web links, cameras rolling, loud speaker message, sidewalk chalking, and the constitution in our pockets, we were informed and dedicated.
We hit the streets and I was impressed.
Thanks from me, go out to all involved!

As we went by the fountains at Waterfront Park, I heard one real young kid ask his dad as we went by "Dad what does 911 was an Inside job mean? You never told me about that?" (its in video 2)

Two videos contain all the 911 march, and are both on Google, each is around an hour long.
I also made one short excerpt video which is a ten-minute long, it is on YouTube.


Volume One::

Volume Two::

This short excerpt is a 10 min YouTube Video taken from Volume One::

All will be archived on my home page video link::

Visit my hompage for 911 Truth:: homepage: homepage:
Tabor also enjoys the endorsement and approval of the supposed "enemies" of the group:

Po-Po Wrecks the Stop the War Dance Party in Portland

In addition to the "parade" on Saturday, yesterday some of Portland's friskier war opponents staged a dance party in the street in front of war profiteer Wells Fargo. The Portland Police (Po-Po) were in fine form -- check out this video from Joe Anybody. Starting at 2:30, he documents the way the demonstrators are surrounded, bullied with horses and bicycles, and then pepper-sprayed.
Sounds like someone set protesters up, a la Russ Hallberg's World Can't Wait fiasco. How many of Tabor's 'scoops' are staged?

For a guy calling himself a "citizen journalist" and who brags about being a member of the group, Tabor is oddly blaze about evidence the group has been scamming people. He's got links to a couple of their fronts on his psychedelic eyescorching amateurish 911 conspiracy webpage. He admits to being on one of the groups email lists and links to a group blog:

From Scholars for 9/11 Truth October 23, 2006:
"[Fox News Channel commentators] have maliciously compared the 9/11
scholars to terrorists and suggested that the FBI follow their
members 24 hours a day, thereby contradicting the network's motto of
being "fair and balanced".

"The Fox News Network has gone to war with Scholars for 9/11 Truth,"
founder and co-chair James Fetzer said. "FOX has used `The O'Reilly
Factor' and `Hannity & Colmes' as attack dogs against 9/11 truth-
seekers. These broadcasters charge that we have supplied `material
support' for terrorists, which paves the way for us to be classified
as 'enemy combatants.' That means that our members can be arrested
and held indefinitely with no charges simply for questioning the
government. That smacks of unAmericanism."[...]

Fetzer charged that on October 12-13, Fox broadcasters launched "a
prolonged and vindictive assault upon me, Kevin Barrett and all the
members of the 9/11 truth movement." Rich Lowry, sitting in for the
absent Sean Hannity, hosted a `terrorism expert' who said that the
9/11 scholars were serving as "recruiting instruments" and providing
terrorists with "material support." Fetzer found it stunning.

"This is a chillingly obvious tactic by Fox to lay the groundwork for
having the 9/11 scholars and anyone labeled `an unlawful enemy
combatant,'" Fetzer said, "because that's one of the new technical
definitions under The Military Commissions Act. " Other critics of
the government's account of 9/11, including syndicated talk show host
Alex Jones, have been outraged by Fox's effort to identify 9/11
critics with terrorists. In his latest column, Jones observed that
they are following the lead of the President himself, who suggested
that 9/11 critics are "terrorist recruiters" in a recent speech

911PDXTruth website - yahoo group email letter I recieved

OTOH Tabor filmed this speech by Jim Fetzer hosted by the group, so either Tabor is a brainwashed drone or he's part of the group's scam(s).

Mole at Indymedia Confirmed

For years the group tried to impress dupes with insinuations that they had a "guy inside" on the Portland IMC website.  Since half the group are habitual liars, delusional Teafags or both, it was hard to take these "tough guy" rumors seriously. 

But thanks to the open IMC lists that footbulleted Lazo, "Joe Anybody" outed himself as an "indy bee" in 2011:

05/11/2011 02:23 - joeanybody at wrote:
> > 
> >> Hello I'm a worker-bee at portland
> >> We lost this email list a couple months ago:
> >> imc-portland-requests at
> >> 
> >> 
> >> It was by oversight we lost this, for we do need (want) to use that email.
> >> 
> >> I am one of the moderators for the imc-portland-requests and it was only
> >> when I seen that we were not getting any mail that I checked into this.
> >> 
> >> Can you help me get this staightened out?
> >> I was hoping we could reactivate this one email account.
> >> 
> >> I also apologize for the extra work this is now causing, I didnt quite
> >> understand the scope of the email list 'house cleaning' that happened in
> >> March. And therefore didnt chime in when this discussion was going on.
> >> 
> >> imc-portland-requests at
> >> 
> >> Thanks
> >> Joe Anybody
> >> joeanybody at
> >>
> >> 
IMC is supposed to be able to manage these modfags  according to an indy bee at the conspiracy forum "Truthaction" replying to "Sparks" pseudo-conspiracy" spam:

 PDX Workerbee
Joined: 27 Aug 2007
Posts: 3

 Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:26 pm    Post subject: Bollocks
 Your post wasn't censored. Due to a series of technical problems that cropped up around the time you posted, your post was temporarily unavailable for the public to see. It basically just sort of sat in posting limbo until a volunteer with access to admin had a chance to go in and manually fix the problem. There was absolutely no malicious intent on anyone's part.

I can tell you as a person who has worked with PDX Indy for a long time that there aren't any "moles" with access to admin sitting there reading comment after comment. For a number of reasons, that wouldn't ever be possible, mainly because anyone who does anything in admin has their name attached to what they have done, so if someone with ill will DID infiltrate PDX Indy, they would be found out as soon as they committed an act of sabotage.
Nice to know.  In less than 10 minutes, Lamadrid pipes up:

 Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:37 pm 
Hi Workerbee,

Thanks for the info about indymedia. I have a question for you if you happen by looking for responses: under what circumstances, if any, are newswire items neither posted nor composted (ie made to disappear into the void)? Thanks for your work at indymedia.

Workerbee replies:

There are a number of technical errors that could cause a newswire article not to post. For site security reasons, I can't really go into details. If this happens to you, send an email to with EDITORIAL in the subject line. In the email, make sure to include the title of the article, and the time and date you posted it. That way it's easier to locate and fix.

The only way a post would be intentionally disappeared would be if making it publicly available would be a liability to the site, for example if someone posted an article advocating breaking the law, indicating a specific time and place.
Aaaaand they know Glen Owen of KBOO infamy:

I know Glen, sort of. That is to say, I've met him a few times and spoken with him. I think a couple of other volunteers might have met him before or even know him somewhat. But he's not a site volunteer, outside of occasionally posting articles/comments.

If he or anyone else who doesn't ACTUALLY have admin access to the site is trying to imply that they have even an ounce of control over what gets composted and what stays visible on PDXIMC, then it's a baldfaced lie. Not only that, anyone who GOT access to the site with an ulterior motive and started breaking rules would be found out in a New York minute and tossed out on their ass.

Basically, unless you are an active volunteer with the site, then you have no influence other than to post content. (Which isn't to belittle content providers: what they do is more important than what site volunteers do.) Sometimes tech problems happen and shit gets lost in the cracks. It sucks, but that's the way it goes when you have a site that gets thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of hits in a month running on a zero budget. We're not talking about maintaining a discussion forum with only 375 active members after all.
Informative in bold:
If he or anyone else who doesn't ACTUALLY have admin access to the site is trying to imply that they have even an ounce of control over what gets composted and what stays visible on PDXIMC, then it's a baldfaced lie. Not only that, anyone who GOT access to the site with an ulterior motive and started breaking rules would be found out in a New York minute and tossed out on their ass.
The question:  is "Joe Anybody" STILL an indy bee?  Cause if he is, that "New York minute" has been going on for over a year....

Tabor continued to go to Indymedia meetings up through October of 2012:

I'm at the Red and Black Cafe for the Portland Indymedia Meeting. Every 3rd Sat.
 A previous tweet implies no one listens to him:

I'm at the monthly meeting for collective at the Red and Black cafe. ((( i ))) - having a cool discussion with myself.
No more tweets about IMC meetings; either he's stopped going or he's stopped tweeting.

Staged Video Stalking and Harassment

Fact: Joe Anybody filmed the Peace March Sara Lamadrid and Petros Evdokas attended.
Fact: images of Lamadrid and Evdokas were taken at the march that were used in videos and blogs attacking them
Fact: these videos, many made or remixed by "Ozzy", were only distributed among group members and associates.
Fact: none of these images used can be found on the internet outside of the group, implying the group manufactured them
Fact: Neither Evdokas or Lamadrid took serious action against the "attacks", instead used them to bawl up a storm online to boost their sympathy vote.
Fact: Sara Lamadrid implies she saw the party responsible:
"I have a vague recollection of someone taking it, but I can't remember who or whether it was someone I recognized"
Sounds like the bitch is hedging her bets because she knew who it was. Given Tabor acts like a creepy freak entitled to record anyone anywhere public, of the group members Tabor would be most comfortable doing it. Tabor is also a low key member and wouldn't be considered a suspect immediately. It's not a stretch to assume Tabor was responsible for providing the images of Lamadrid and Evdokas...whoever took the pics had to know them and know what they looked like:

The one question remains: did Tabor know his material was going to be used by pedo friendly freaks in videos to stage "attacks" as part of a group confidence scam, including this blog set up by Jennifer Wynhausen and Jaye Powers?

If we're way off base, "Joe" can use the email to explain himself. If it's not tl;dr horseshit lies, we'll publish it as a counter point. Fuck, if he didn't do it and can prove who did, we'll retract and apologize. It still makes Tabor an accomplice to the scam, but his participation is minor compared to Ozzy, Lamadrid, Evdokas and Wynhausen.

Who wants to make a deal?