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Russ Hallberg aka "Benjamin Franklin", aayers


Networks: Portland 911 truth Alliance, 911 truth Portland, Oregon Truth Alliance

Contacts: Sara Lamadrid, Barbara Ellis, Ginny Ross, Craig Lazo

Best known in anarchist circles as a police sympathizer and snitch, Russ Hallberg, amateur exhibitionist, is also known for his creepy obsession with the so called Yogurt Shop murders, that he started pushing on the Internet in late 2007.

Oddly Sara Lamadrid is said to know about this murder obsession and would blab about it to anyone who mentioned Hallberg however casually:
"And you know he's like totally into this true crime/rape/murder drama; isn't that omg weird?"
This obscure interest of Hallberg's was unknown to anyone not close to him; he resurrected it in Oct of 2007 and has been spamming it intermittently since. Lamadrid shouldn't know about his obsession, unless they worked together privately. It's possible Lamadrid became aware of it from an old article dating 2005, but if she was, it didn't bother her as much as she pretended because Hallberg was a member from the beginning of the yahoo group front she owned and managed:

Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:39 pm
"Russ Hallberg"

Photo help for new 911 publicity technique?
Could someone bring a digital camera or video phone to the meeting
Wednesday? I would like to show how 911 banners and stickers can be
placed on metal poles. Covering them with clear plastic tape makes a
waterproof seal. They will last for weeks this way.

I will arrive early and place some on poles near Laughing Horse.
There are a few already placed in downtown.

More proof Lamadrid was a lying hobag.

Hallberg would remain a member of Lamadrid's front until around late July of 2007 when Evdokas announces their new front groups, er, that is, Russ going off to do his own thing:

- There is a group forming in Oregon City. This one is also being put
together by an experienced activist whose intention is primarily to
keep it free from disruptions and provocations.
If you're interested in this group, please contact
But how did Petros know? ESP?

World Can't Wait, 2006

Hallberg worked with Lamadrid before, during the world can't wait protests in Portland Or, when huddled liberal melting pot masses actually believed for one shining moment they could kick Bush's ass out of office and bring freedom and stuff back. Alas it was not to be. It didn't help the World Can't wait turned out to be a front for a fascist cult organization called the Revolutionary Communist Party:
Here's your attacker's version of the story. I know that this person is out of control. I don't believe it's a liberal thing, however. I think we can reach liberals. These people are Revolutionary Communist Party organizers. The guy, Rik, used an interview technique on you that they're taught to use. It's like scientology. I found him to be just as authoritarian as she when push came to shove. Google "world can't wait" "front group".
Whether Hallberg and his gal Friday of the moment knew this at the time is unclear, but looks more probable considering how many connections the group and members have to other cults: Larouche, SOTT, Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers. The known facts:

1-Hallberg, as well as Lamadrid, went to the WCW planning meetings.

2-Hallberg bought a domain and set up a listserve supposedly representing the Portland Branch of WCW, but obviously run by him.

October 5: There is a day, there is a way to drive out the Bush Regime!
California has an impeachment resolution on the November ballot. Portland, "Little Beruit", City Council hasn't passed a simple impeachment resolution!

October 5 is the day to BEGIN standing up to unresponsive politicians!

link to
Local organizer contact:,
3-Hallberg (and Lamadrid) promoted the website that was started by a friend of Hallberg's

2005 Real ID Act: An Instrument of Dictatorship or Uniting Issue?
Russ Hallberg, June 2006

Reccomendations of This Writer
Continue with impeachment efforts by groups like Democracy for
America, and www.Impeachfor Impeach for Peace program allows you to directly file for
Bush's impeachment!

Mass public, nonviolent demonstrations resulted in regime change in
Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and Argentina. Peace demonstrations can
morph into "Remove Bush" demonstrations. Other direct action includes
a general strike on Oct 5, 2006.

Anyone aware of these facts can discuss them with the uninformed at
every opportunity.

Benefactors of activist groups should be informed of the urgency of
the two year window.

Urgent programs could be implemented to break the grip of mainstream
media propaganda. This might include advertising and purchased media time. Massive volunteer distribution of literature is another option.

The programs would inform the public of the truth of 911, vote fraud,
the dangers and need to rescind of the Real ID Act and the necessity
of removing George W Bush from office.

Present activist programs could be reevaluated in terms of the two
year window for the removal of the Bush dynasty.
Note his spam includes links to DFA, an org promoted by the group lawyer Ginny Ross. By November of 2006 redirected to owned by Bryson Lafferty:

Domain name:

Administrative Contact:
Webatory Inc.
Bryson Lafferty ()
PO Box 28132
Portland, OR 97228

Technical Contact:
Webatory Inc.
Bryson Lafferty ()
PO Box 28132
Portland, OR 97228

Registrant Contact:
Webatory Inc.
Bryson Lafferty ()

PO Box 28132
Portland, OR 97228

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00
Expiration date: 03 Jul 2012 04:00:00

The phone contact matches the cached webatory redirect in Nov 2006, only a month after the Oct 5th march:

Office 503.524.9156 • SALES@WEBATORY.COM
Our primary offices are located in Portland, Oregon with local representation available in
Seattle, Phoenix, and San Francisco.

Employment Opportunities Available!
We are currently seeing to hire freelance web developers, .NET programmers, graphic designers, and FLASH developers. If you are interested in being hired for a project, please submit your resume and portfolio to

This person is running a commercial website; whether Hallberg has a vested interest in the business is unknown.

4-Hallberg misinformed activists of the nature of the protest which led to arrests
and Hallberg added fuel to the fire with his now famous "they can rot in jail" comments:

Russ Hallberg. I know this is you. Mr. "They can rot in jail."

Be warned, comrades. These people brought us the O5 fiasco, and with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Anyone who would actually promise to testify against fellow activists is no comrade. He is an enemy.

5-Both Hallberg and Lamadrid attempted to spin the situation as a misunderstanding, though they used different tactics. Lamadrid actually invited anarchists to email her; anyone who did must expect Hallberg to have their information.

Only a braindead person in a coma could miss Hallberg's involment with the World Can't Wait protest in Portland had an agenda to sabotage the march and trick anarchists into signing up on his list, and give him their information, either directly or through Lamadrid. Less than a month later they would share the new listserve Lamadrid set up, so any objections about his yogurt rape death obsessions were phonier than a 3 dollar bill.

Last word on the WCW fiasco goes to "CatWoman":

The Appropriate Way to Deal With These Things 01.Jan.2007 16:50

"It was a horrible mistake to post an announcement of the Human Chain event on Portland Indymedia. It will not happen again. That is the appropriate way to deal with these issues." - Russ Hallberg
The appropriate way to deal with these things is NEVER to collaborate with the police state. Never. Now that you have, the appropriate thing for you to do would be to acknowledge the betrayal your own actions have caused, to learn from your horrendous mistake, and to never, ever repeat it. Never. You might also consider actually listening to, and learning from, some of the many truly committed activists who have tried to reach you. Believe it or not, many of them have given you the benefit of the doubt, thinking as I initially did, that your betrayal was merely a stupid blunder, and not an intentional one. I no longer believe that, but if there is any truth to it, it's time for you to pull your head out of your ass and apologize to this community, and at the very least, to commit to NEVER doing anything so absolutely abhorrent and disgraceful again. Barring that, I doubt if there will be many people who will ever work with you again. Aside from the little handful of dolts who also believe that turning people in to the police state is acceptable. What a dangerous little mob you will be. yourselves.
How prophetic CatWoman's words were and are.

"Benjamin Franklin"

When he's not busy giving cops info on anarchists or taking all his cloths off on Myspace, Hallberg is dressing up as his favorite dead white male hero, Benjamin Franklin.
They only thing sadder than a grown man dressed up as Benjamin Franklin, is a grown man dress up as Benjamin Franklin expecting to be taken seriously. Unsurprisingly most of the prostesters ignore him with the exception of another dressed up loon Ferne "Ms V" Abbot and her husband UFO hunter Bill Coones, who is recording the proceedings for posterity in the post New World Order libertarian Randroid Ubermenchen paradise. But since the conspiracy randroids have failed to take over, no one else actually cares except for the group's sleazy lawyer.

Ginny Ross encouraged Hallberg in his historical schizophrenia, though this was may have been her way of convincing Hallberg to keep his clothes on, so it's understandable:
 From:      Ginny Ross  
Subject:      Re: [911] The futility of incivility  
Date:      Mon 09/24/07
Russ wrote:

 Although well aware of Zionist influences, Eric May is no Jew hater or racist.  Zionist elements certainly had a hand in 9/11, as most researchers agree.  The shaved head is merely a way of coping with a receding hairline, not a skinhead mark.  I prefer coping with my receding hairline by dressing up as Ben Franklin!

Good'un Russ -- and a fine Franklin you are.  Thanks for the laugh!   Ginny

Hallberg's estranged sister was less impressed:
Hello there,
I sincerely hope you are happy and doing well. However, I have to take you to task yet again for posting threats against us on the internet. In your latest posts regarding insurance claim money laundering you have included threatening material.
I realize you have believed this disgusting BS about your own family being somehow involved with murders in Texas, attempts to include you on some vast worldwide scheme, and 9/11 for such a long time that you have brainwashed yourself to accept it as fact. I don't even try to make you see reality anymore. Just know that no one in your family has ever done any of the things you accuse us of. We are not wealthy and we don't want to run your life.
Kurt, really, I know you have been happy and active in the Portland OR area for a long time. I have always made a point of googling you or looking you up on other search engines since we parted ways. It's easy to find you and your activities on the web and learn all about the Ben Franklin persona, the "They can rot in jail" fiasco, and your fear-mongering during August of last year, among other stuff. I keep up with your blogs and am a member of the same web groups as you. I don't care what you do, actually, but you can't make threats to harm people without being willing to accept the consequences, including my calling an attorney and even the police if you continue to threaten us.
I am real sorry to burst whatever illusion you may have had about being incognito there.
Your sister,

Hallberg was a member on Craig Lazo's ill fated forum, posting under the name aayers.

September Clues Fanboi

 Hallberg registered at realityshack/ replacement for Lazo Lazo initially pimped it, but then bailed):

Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

by afreeman on January 19th, 2012, 8:44 am
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Profession: Low level
Status: Happily divorced
Born: Yes (North Carolina, USA)
Residence: Oregon, USA
Research: Worked with Dr Barbara Ellis on the only draft of a bill to re investigate 9/11 by comparing ALL demolition theories. Member of Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance since 2004.
Religion: Intelligent Design is the best theory. Creationism and inter-species Evolution are divide and conquer dichotomies. Humans were not put on this Earth to kill each other. The rest is negotiable.

I refused to join a network of Illuminati wannabes (my conjecture). My story is here:

The faked Building 7 videos are very important. Building 7 may have been demolished in a fashion similar to WTC 1 & 2. I support Dr Ed Ward's demolition theory.

 Another member asks for moar info:

Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

by upstream on January 19th, 2012, 2:39 pm
afreeman wrote:I refused to join a network of Illuminati wannabes (my conjecture).

Can you expand on this? I've noticed you've mentioned this on another profile you've written.

What is a "hereditary crime organization"?

Also, what is your opinion on Alex Jones? Do you find him to be a good source for news?

What is your view on 9/11 video fakery? What is your view on 9/11 victim fakery ("vicsim")?

Above screen implies he's a teafag, as well as a creationist.  Probably  a Paultard too...Paul doesn't believe in evolution either.

Hallberg isn't heard from again.
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