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Greg "Ozzy" Thomson aka Ozzybinoswald

ozzybinoswald Neil Edward George ThomsonStatus: ASSOCIATE

Networks:, Clues Forum/Reality Shack(banned), Lets Roll Forums(May 2012), Yahoo group list serves, STRATFOR

Group contacts: Craig Lazo, Jennifer Wynhausen, Captain May

Other contacts: Jim Fetzer, ning group member

Pedo friendly bullshit artist from Victoria, British Columbia with delusions of grandeur. Pastimes include seeing things in smoke and stalking people's children. The exception to the rule about nice Canadians.

The Threats



If someone threatens, attacks and lies enough, people start wondering who the Internet Tough guy is.

"Ozzybinoswald" was outed as Neil Edward Thomson in March 2009, based on a shared mailing address, IP address and co ownership with his sister of the yacht Sula Bassana:

The story turned out to be murkier; Neil Edward Thomson is probably Ozzy's uncle or dad. Ozzy was doxxed again in 2010 as Greg Thomson at the Social Service Reality Shack forums:

Posted: Oct 12 2010, 09:33 PM

I didn't really wish to spend much time on this matter - but I probably owe it to the newer members of this forum (who might wonder what the deal was with Ozzy and could feel confused) to write a few lines - including some historical background - about this last 'drama'. I will just assume, for lack of any better evidence, that the "Ozzy Bin Oswald" (a.k.a. Greg Thompson - I presume) which I first heard about in 2007 is the same as the current "OzzybanOswald" and his various YT aliases.
This appears to be confirmed by Thomson's Mylife profile, which shares his email addy prefix(

Sooke, BC
Greg Thomson was born in 1962. Greg currently lives in Sooke, British Columbia.
A rumor Thomson's name is "George Thomson" probably got started with typing failure or dyslexia.

The Harley Guy Fail

Sometime in early 2009 Thomson invented and started promoting the "Mark Humphrey is the 9/11 Harley Guy" hoax at Lazo's defunct forum:
21 Feb 2009, 07:48 PM
Mystery WTC eye witness identified. -->
The guy in the Harley T shirt who allegedly witnessed one of theplanes hitting the towers, has been identified as Mark Humphrey ajourneyman B grade actor.
--> Three gullible cranks immediately are impressed:
yeah looks to be confirmed:

Lin Kuei
Wow... i've always wondered who that guy was... we always knew he was acting - now we know he's an actor by trade.

arrr yes how can you forget that academy award winning performance....
It was revisited a couple months later by Lazo's old pals at Loose Change forums:

LinKuei Apr 16 2009, 11:40 AM
No it wasn't sarcasm. Who knows who that mystery witness was... there was a thread on Killtown's forum a while back discussing that it was Mark Humphrey (a B grade actor who had even appeared in a movie featuring airplane hijacking) - and to be honest the evidence was very compelling. The thread seems to have been removed because the link to it, which was on this forum no longer works.
The thread continues in this vein, with various conspiracy lunatics making wild speculations based on Thomson's image "anal-ysis".
Moron Lazo's forum:
22205 Apr 182009, 12:12 AM

i've seen it over at the movement (kt's forum), and im pretty sure the original guy posting the whole series of pics (including the fallon one) and this whole humphrey connection was ozzybanozwald (or something like that - sorry i dont know his exact screen name but im sure you guys know who im talking about).

i never clicked on his accompanying links in the original (now removed) thread where he posted this humphrey is the harley guy "evidence'. i had assumed at the time however, that he had found the pics, including what is now proven to be fallon, on humphrey's site or somewhere that officially claimed them to be humphrey...
And: -->
LinKuei Apr 21 2009, 12:49 AM
I'll just add that some people over at KT's forum found Mark Humphrey while going through people affiliated with Ace 'Faker' Baker.
check this pic for more details on Humphrey et al:
That link goes to Thomson's Myspace album, which is gone:
Ozzy bin Oswald

This photo cannot be viewed because it has either been deleted or marked as private by the user.


It get's better. Paranoia explodes in major butthurt by page 3:
22205 Apr 212009, 06:40 PM

man are u feakin retarded?


please go back and read my oirginal post, but i will try and spell it out:

someone (ozzybanozwald or fred) started this mark humphrey is the harley guy theory. in his theory he used a pic that was claimed to be mark humphrey (the canadian actor). but having recognized fallon's face in one of the pics attached to this theory, i did some research and found the specific fallon pic and its original source. as it turns out (props to noeffects for figuring it out) that pic of jimmy fallon was taken by a photographer whose name is "mark humphrey". so the originator of the "m.h. is the harleyguy" theory, that person (ozzybanoz or fred) did NOT properly vet the info that his mark humphrey image search turned up, and he mistakenly identified a pic of jimmy fallon as being of mark humphrey.

does that make it clearer now?
But they make up..sorta:

my bad - dom and funwo. i didnt catch the joking part, i thought i was being lumped into guilt by association and labled a kook (by funwo) for seeing things that are not there (like fallon being hg). maybe not u guys, but some people (a certain ozzybanoz) took what i mentioned about jimmy fallon, but got it second-hand thru weezula's "reloaded" video and now he (oz) thinks that someone (who is me - tho im not sure he has seen this thread) is intentionally claiming fallon might be harleyguy in order to muddy up the trail to mark humphrey:

-instead of oz realizing or owning up to his error, now jimmy fallon has somehow become part of the potential harleyguys. so im sorry about the vehement denial and need to make sure there's no misunderstanding, but i felt it necessary to get things back on track so i wouldnt be wrongly accused of trying to inject (instead of subtract) fallon from this drama.
Then Thomson shows up:
ozzybinoswaldJun 20 2009, 01:08 PM
Craig Ranke CIT Apr 18 2009, 12:03 AM
22205 Apr 18 2009, 12:00 AM
does anyone know how that pic came to be associated with this harley guy / humphrey drama?
I got a forwarded email with that pic mixed in with the Humprey IMDB pics.

Who created the emailthat was forwarded to you with the mixed identifications?

Itwould be very productive if you would upload a screencap of thatmessage here. This is the sort of trail that will lead us to thecenter of this disinformation cover-up operation and from there allthings are possible.

Thanks in advance.



Why won't you divulge the source of the disinformation?

I think it was you yourself. I always did.

So whose employ are you in? Who hired you?
Too many "Craigs".

But the best thread was this, by "DoYouEverWonder" pimping Thomson's hoax:
New pics of Harley Guy
Topic Started:May 17 2009, 08:27 PM (1,008 Views) DoYouEverWonderMay 17 2009, 08:27 PM

Someone over on KT's forum has found some new pics that I haven't seen before, comparing actor Mark Humphrey with the Harley guy in the 9/11 video. I have to say the resemblance is very strong.

Doyoueverwonder is being a faggot. He/she/it knows it was Ozzy Thomson who "found" pics if they visited the blog.

This doyouever wonder person continues to imply this information is zeitgiest, instead of a hoax based on the fevered imaginings on Thomson:
DoYouEverWonderMay 19 2009, 06:49 AM

The Mark Humphrey info came out months ago. Since then MH and/or his agency have made a great effort to remove his images and film clips from forums hosted by Invision for copyright violations. You would think a movie actor wouldn't mind the publicity, especially if he could prove it wasn't true. Since in all this time, MH has done nothing else to clear his name only makes me even more suspicious.
Humphrey doesn't want to waste time talking to conspiracy cult creeps, so of course that means he's GUILT. What a clown. Then this Lin Kuei guy LIES:

LinKuei May 20 2009, 06:14 PM

When I first saw this stuff about Mark Humphrey, even though the physical characteristics were very similiar, I was still skeptical.

No, he wasn't! He said:
"there was a thread on Killtown's forum a while back discussing that it was Mark Humphrey (a B grade actor who had even appeared in a movie featuring airplane hijacking) - and to be honest the evidence was very compelling."
LOL. LK continues:
When you factor in the connections with Ace Faker Baker, Humphrey's previous military propaganda movies and his very obvious efforts to clean the internet of photos, information and questions being asked, then it certainly does get very suspicious.
Orrrrrrrr....a boring case of COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT. Mmmm...isn't that Lazo's speciality?
Comments get moar strange until sanity visits the thread:

dylanavery May 21 2009, 11:07 AM

SPreston May 21 2009, 09:19 AM
Apparently the original interviewee was removed and replaced by Harley Guy and the other persons. The video was faked and played on the networks on 9-11 to sell the 9-11 OFFICIAL STORY.
Sorry, but ...

That's absolutely ridiculous.

This thread makes us look absolutely insane.
Too true. Moar:

AldoMarquis CIT May 21 2009, 05:46 PM

Spreston, come on dude.

This madness has to stop.

First, Mark Humphrey went on Killtown's shit ass spook disinfo board and politelyproclaimed it is not him, of course he was banned immediately.

Second, Mark has brown eyes, the Harley guy has blue/light eyes.

Third, who the F cares, what does it prove? What if after all this he is just some idiot who genuinely thought this how the building collapsed? What does it prove? If he is a spook HOW are you all going to prove it?

Seriously people, do something productive with your time.
Interesting sauce: "First, Mark Humphrey went on Killtown's shit ass spook disinfo board and politelyproclaimed it is not him, of course he was banned immediately."

Lazo-man the modfag strikes again! But DoucheYouEverWonder isn't letting it go:
DoYouEverWonderMay 22 2009, 09:39 AM

There's always two sides to every story.

Someone named "act1" did sign up on KT's forum the other day. "act1" claimed he is Mark Humphrey but to date has not provided any evidence to KT that he is indeed who he claims he is and not an impostor. He did not lose his posting privilages, his status is 'suspended' and he can still post responses in the appropriate forum, until he verifies his ID.
This clown is full of shit. Members...maybe not conspiracytards...say so:

CitizenPawn May 22 2009, 01:56 PM
I read the thread over at I guess Mark Humphrey verified his identity by posting a link on his own page, which only the real Mark Humphrey could do. And, looking further at the photos, his face doesn't quite match up now that I look. VERY close though, but eyebrows , brow ridge, nose, jawline, height don't add up.

MuminMay 22 2009, 05:02 PM
I don't see any resemblance, whatsoever.
weezulaMay 23 2009, 12:54 AM
I'm not about to register myself to your board. If anyone wants to have a discussion, go to the pumpitout link I provided where actor Mark Humphrey made his presence known. If you read through the entire post, Lord T claimed him to be a liar. Subsequently, Mark had his website updated (look at bottom)....

He had to update his site because Ozzy/Fred/KT were running rough-shot over him while keeping him from replying in his defense. Killtown may want him back after being convinced about Mark's identity but I have advised Mark to stay away from internet wasn't a hard sell.

Lord T looked absolutely foolish on that one and I am now aware that people are jumping ship from the 911movement disinfo wagon. As far as I'm concerned, I was censored without provocation. If Killtown doesn't want my comments on his board, I won't offer them. My words have value and the 911Movement site is worthless. People that value their time will eventually find that their time was squandered at that site. Research is my thing - not propaganda.

Want to talk to Mark Humphrey.....go to PumpItOut.
Moar modfagging by Lazo? Whoda thought? Then Thomson makes an appearance:

ozzybinoswald Jun 17 2009, 01:23 AM
Weezula May 21 2009, 11:33 PM
Hi Dylan....This whole comparison stuff was started by OzzybinOswald.He just randomly picked a guy (in this case Mark Humphrey) out ofIMDB who looked like the Harley Guy and let his imagination do therest. He then Googled the name "Mark Humphrey" andaccidentally got photo's taken by a completely different MarkHumphrey (an AP photographer). In one of the photo's taken by the APphotographer, Ozzy mistakenly thought Jimmy Fallon was Mark Humphreythe actor - he flogged that as his proof. He then made the samemistake again with Chris Tomlin the musician.....LOL. I pointed outthe error at the 911movement board and lost my posting privileges.Mark tried to defend himself (under pseudonym "act1") andalso lost his posting privileges!

My, my...that's quite a threadbare yarn Weezula is scrambling to knit together.

We've grown so accustomed to tossing around accusations of "shill" and freely dismissing variant paradigms as "disinfo" during the past few years, each according to his own inclination, that when an actual and genuine disinformation agent appears it might hardly cause notice.

However, the disinformer calling itself 'weezula' in this forum is so blatant and easily exposed that even the most jaded amongst us can't help but discern the simple fact.

Weezula speaks as if he were sitting on my shoulder as I blundered through the complexities of Google.

I assure all and sundry that this was not the case. Every statement he made is a complete fabrication and purposeful falsehood. It's his job. Is it in any way even credible to claim that the persons identifying the Harley Guy as being actor Mark Adrian Humphrey would then confuse Humphrey with not only comedian Jimmy Fallon but with some musician named Chris Tomlin? Hardly. I had never even heard of nor laid eyes on Chris Tomlin before Weezula made his fake attribution and dumped him at my door. Who next will be trotted out to join in this cast of diversionary characters? Tony Danza?

For what possible reason would he do this? To obscure the evidence trail and mislead the casual observer. Weezula himself, behind the guise of a variety of sockpuppets, posted all the stupid misidentifications and then he makes a video in which he indicates these misidentifications and knowingly lies saying it was I myself who created the foolishness. It's a misdirection and smear campaign. Again why? Why would he need to do it? It's because the Mark Humphrey identification is deadly accurate, everyone can see it, and so slander and disinfo is the only weapon the perp pups can rummage up from their arsenal. They're like vampires disintegrating under the sanitizing glare of full daylight who yet sneer and snap even as they fall apart. Pathetic.

We published the Harley/Humphrey ID on Dec. 29, 2008 as seen here:

Weezula didn't make his false claims video until Feb 22 of the following year. His main YouTube sock puppet account, falcon6073 - through which he regularly engages himself in mock conversation, ROFLing and LMFAOing back and forth like a witless buffoon - was only created March 05, 2009 and just to mirror weezula. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand that since we clearly ID'ed Mark Humphrey much earlier his later confabulations have zero possibility of merit.

And, in fact, this entire disinformation operation by agents running cover for actor Mark Adrian Humphrey is just further confirmation of his guilt. Innocent people neither need to fabricate false evidence nor is it their very first response. Rather that's precisely what the knowingly guilty mind conceives and executes.

Weezula/falcon6073/expectusagain/22205 (and hiding behind many other fictitious accounts) is a bonafide agent propagating disinformation in an all-out effort to protect the actor who first was broadcasting what was to become the Official Conspiracy Theory. And that makes him a criminal complicit in treason and genocide.

So who pays him and where does the money come from? It could very likely be connected to the Franchise Pictures case - the production company which employed both Ace Baker and Mark Humphrey (which was how we came across Humphrey, while investigating Ace) and produced Scientology movies like Battlefield Earth. Franchise was convicted in a case brought by the FBI in 2004 (from activity originating pre-2000) for defrauding investors and fined over $120,000,000 dollars. Follow the thread here: http://viewmorepics.myspa...3018&imageID=62361805

Weezula can never produce any link pointing to my claiming any Harley Guy identification other than that of Mark Humphrey. It doesn't exist. As people who have followed this research know full well. And as does "weezula" - the disinfo shill.

Edited by ozzybinoswald, Jun 17 2009, 01:56 AM.
Thomson bites off more than he can chew as is called out:
Domenick DiMaggio Jun 17 2009, 02:18 AM
ozzybinoswald Jun 17 2009, 01:23 AM
Weezula/falcon6073/expectusagain/22205 (and hiding behind many other fictitious accounts) is a bonafide agent propagating disinformation in an all-out effort to protect the actor who first was broadcasting what was to become the Official Conspiracy Theory. And that makes him a criminal complicit in treason and genocide.
hats a pretty daring accusation claiming this person(s) to be 22205.

sorry but i call bullshits on it.

do you have proof or is this just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks?
NAILED IT. Describes pretty much all the group and associate scams.
These threads prove the Harley Guy = Humphrey Hoax started on Craig Lazo's forum.

Thomson spammed his hoax everywhere, and Lazo's group helped spread it on the Ross/Frager list where pudgy troll Frager aka falseflagusa posted linking to Thomson's blog:

Wed May 20, 2009 5:08 pm

9/11 Eye-Witness TV Interviewee: an Actor
The supposed eyewitness who appeared shortly on national TV shortly after the first jet smashed into the World Trade Center spouting what was to become the official version of 9/11 events has been identified – as a professional actor
Of course the only way Frager could have heard about this was through Lazo. To make matters worse, cult victim Darris suggests members hassle Humphrey on his facebook page and website:

Wed May 20, 2009 6:49 pm

Re: [Portland911Truth] 9/11 Eye-Witness TV Interviewee: an Actor

Out of all the eyewitnesses this putz has bothered me the most; I'm
sure many feel the same. Anyway, here's his Facebook page so you can
send him a thank you letter for his possible performance that day.

Re: [Portland911Truth] 9/11 Eye-Witness TV Interviewee: an Actor

Sorry - here's where you can contact him:
Important note: at the time these emails were sent, Ginny Ross probably was still the list owner. Not something a lawyer should be encouraging. Especially with no evidence, and when, not surprisingly, they turned out to be WRONG:

FOX News - Rick Leventhal interviews 9/11 WTC witness, Mark "Harley Guy" Walsh

Uploaded by on Nov 23, 2010
Known throughout the 9/11 Truth Movement as "Harley Guy", here is the entire interview from FOX News who identifies the man as Mark Walsh, a Fox freelancer. He describes what would eventually become the official story of how the World Trade Center collapsed. This interview occured roughly around 11:55 the morning of 9/11, only an hour and a half after both towers had collapsed.

So this "Harley Guy" is Mark Walsh, not Mark Humphrey. It was a scam from the start, and Thomson still pushes it, with Jim Fetzer's help, at Fetzer's 9/11 Scholar's Ning Group:

Harley Shirt Guy Logic Devil

Original Harley/Humphrey comparison

Thomson engages comments with typical Ozzy charm:

Comment by Whathappened Tothewtc on April 13, 2010 at 10:45am
You've got a really strong "EVERYTHING IS FAKE" vibe about you that I think is destabilizing to weak researchers. Why do you do this? Are you a liar yourself? If you presume that all those videos are real, then 9/11 makes sense. If you think everything is fake, then you are lost lost lost with nothing to hold onto except a huge conspiracy.
Comment by Ozzy bin Oswald on April 13, 2010 at 2:56pm
Take your shill talk back to Perp Central and tell them the mission was a failure you fraud.

9/11 videos are entirely digital simulations from start to end with fictional victim identities supported by actors and scripting.

Oh boy! Go light on the Kool-Aid, Thomson! Last Harley Guy "research" gets a gullible convert:

Mark Humphrey b/w with Harley Guy eye inset
The fake 911 witness known as the Harley Shirt Guy, the first to be televised mouthing what was to become the official conspiracy script, is a 3rd rate actor whose name is Mark Adrian Humphrey.

Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on November 29, 2010 at 4:04pm
If this is true, you have provided an excellent piece of evidence of the contrived nature of the Government's Fantasy-Land Fairy-Tale.

Good Research job to find and post this!!!

I wonder how much he got paid for his few minits script?

And who was the "scripted" reporter?

Looks like Chuck got lost down a rabbit hole... It's not research, it's not a's another scam. And it was supported by Craig Lazo(scroll down to Let's Roll Conspiracy Forum Return), when Lazo said "Well done, Ozzy!", 5 days before his group started spamming it.

But, unlike Syed's Cosmos/Bernstein scam, Thomson refuses to retract, no matter how ridiculous he sounds(using his SigurdSnakeEyes channel)

Not an actor, he's an internet radio jock called "Psycho Mark". Google it.
James Porter 1 week ago
There was no such entity as "Psycho Mark" at all until years after Harley Guy was IDed as Humphrey. He was created and introduced (by a neocon shill radio program) to take the heat off the real actor. Psycho Mark has no actual substance. He even pretends like he wasn't aware of any controversy - as if he never checked out his own 9/11 scene. It's apparently very important to shills like you that he not be identified. Ultimately the shills require one to trust "the Harley Guy."
SigurdSnakeEyes in reply to James Porter 1 week ago
Um...WRONG, again:

"Psycho Mark" Media Highlights

Published on Jun 27, 2012 by
Career highlights of radio personality "Psycho Mark" Walsh formerly of The Opie and Anthony Show and "Psycho and Sparks".

For more on "Psycho Mark" check out these videos:


Mark Walsh on Opie & Anthony Show 9/12/2001

"Psycho Mark" Walsh calls in to the Opie and Anthony Show on 9/12/2001 from nearby Ground Zero with the Fox News crew. Walsh gives his account of what he saw on 9/11.


Here's the full clip of Mark Walsh's interview on Fox and Friends in 2002


On May 5, 2011 Mark Walsh discussed 9/11 on his radio show "Psycho and Sparks". He worked for Fox News as a freelance cameraman in 2001. Walsh talks about his interview with Rick Leventhal and what he saw that day.

What the rest of the Internets have to say about Thomson's "research":

reply posted on 20-6-2012 @ 07:44 PM by waypastvne

[under construction]


Like a couple of the fake and gay clowns shouting COINTELPRO rabidly, Thomson doesn't mind sharing his well known conspiracy email addy with STRATFOR, the corporate intelligence firm that took over much of the CIA's intelligence gathering in the mid 2000's... do a search:

ID Email / Username Password
152542 ***

Ozzy bin Oswald Ozzybinoswald thomson STRATFORGo wild. Just another corporate informant like Evdokas and Waldron. Makes people wonder what an intelligence firm has to do with a bunch of conspiracy cultists...the group's a STRATFOR front?

Why not? It's all a CONSPIRACY! And more interesting than the "joos did it" horseshit.
Interesting for all the conspiracy butt hurt going on after the STRATFOR dumpp, the truth is these conspiracy faggots shared STRATFOR spam on their listserves:


According to Stratfor Intelligence, Israel plans not only to launch ¡°a major, sustained assault into southern Lebanon to eliminate the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah,¡± up to the Litani River, of course, but also plans to ¡°make a pre-emptive strike against the Syrian air defense network, which Israeli planes successfully penetrated in June, buzzing Syrian President Bashar al Assad's private residence,¡± a sort of warning of things to come, as I noted the other day. Stratfor has more confidence in Syria's air force than I do, but then I'm not an ¡°intelligence expert,¡± as Strafor claims to be:

Despite the political stunt flyby, Syria's air defense network is still amply equipped and its air force boasts, among other aircraft, 80 MiG-29 and 10 Su-27 fighters. Operationally, Syria has always crumbled when it faced the IDF, and its air defense and pilot training regimens are certainly below par. But nevertheless, Syria's air defense network extends over much of southern Lebanon and poses a very real danger to IAF operations over Lebanon. Israel successfully devastated this air force in 1982 in a pre-emptive strike. If the Israelis decide that Syria might resist their efforts in Lebanon, Israel will not hesitate to take the network out. A devastating pre-emptive strike is preferable to a protracted engagement with the whole air defense network at full alert¡ª
a much more complex endeavor that would detract from operations in Lebanon. As long as the Israelis leave Syrian assets intact, they fight with an exposed right flank.

As Strafor views it, Israel will launch a ground offensive as soon as July 16 ¡°when the reservists of the Israeli Northern Command who were just activated will have had 72 hours to spin up. However, since rockets fired from Lebanon hit Israel's port city of Haifa on July 13, Israel's 7th Armored, Golani and Barak Brigades¡ª
Uh huh. And a page search for Ozzy will show this

"Ozzy bin Oswald"
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 05:10:10 -0000
Subject: [catapult] "TERROR STORM" - Alex Jones
Followed by links to Alex Jones, Webfairy and a couple of Thomson's listserves. If Thomson isn't an informant, he's spreading some weird propaganda. For more lulz see how the view of STRATFOR changes on the list:

Reliable source in 2004:

""A Russian general's statement about Iran's nukes fails to register with media. Sometime a slip of the tongue is so incredible that no amount of doctoring can explain it. And sometimes a slip of the tongue is as intentional as could be. Take an appearance by Russian Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky. He gave a briefing on Friday in Moscow during the Bush-Putin summit and was asked about whether Iran actually fired the Shihab-3 intermediate-range missile in a successful test earlier this month. The second question was whether Iran can threaten Israel, Russia or the United States with its nuclear and missile programs.
Then the Russian general takes a surprise turn: 'Now, as to whether or not Iran has tested something like that. Iran does have nuclear weapons,' Baluyevsky said. 'Of course, these are non-strategic nuclear weapons. I mean these are not ICBMs with a range of more than 5,500 kilometers and more."
Now this is shocking news, indeed! This Russian general has just confirmed that Iran has nuclear warheads and theater missiles with which to deliver them!
To slightly sinister in 2012; from quote:

The emails were allegedly obtained by the hacker group Anonymous from Stratfor, an organisation dealing with analysis of intelligence and geopolitical analysis.

It's also known as the 'Shadow CIA'.
Can't wait for the explanation why group members and associates are subscribers/contributors of the "Shadow CIA"....

Let's Roll Forums: Conspiracy Resurrection?

In the midst of new tinfoil drama over the fake lead of the fake band Social Service and his conspiracy master piece September Clues...... DURRRRRRRRRR

JUST IN!!! Social Service CEO bawls "NOT FAKE":

The Social Service is my very real five-piece band and, although we never made it big, we are certainly not fake - and neither am I, for that matter!
A little moar Googling, this seems to check out:

General Info

  • Genre: Electro / New Wave / Other
    Location frascati, Roma, IT
    Profile Views: 1832
    Last Login: 10/6/2008
    Member Since 1/31/2006
    Record Label Compagnia Nuove Indye / Tomato
    Type of Label Indie

Assuming every band with a Myspace profile is real, lol.

As we were saying before rudely email-interupted:

In the midst of new tinfoil drama over the outraged lead of the obscure band Social Service and his conspiracy master piece September Clues, Thomson returns online with a new ally in Lazo's old friend Phil Jayhan, and implies Simon Shack has mafia connections:

Join Date: 8 May 2012
Re: Simon Shacks brother, Mario Hytten - One person Removed Bin Ladin
Is this Loop genius for real? What part of 'his brother was personally backed financially by Osama's brother/manager' do you find irrelevant? Do you not comprehend that the bin Ladens were key 9/11 insiders? That this plan has been formulated over many years?

Simon conveniently claims that both his brothers just wound up as human refuse but, magically, he turned out so pure. But you don't get sweet and brackish water arising from a single font. This is a family operation. Generational. Simon is nothing but a misdirection agent who showed up out of the blue, well after the no plane thesis was being analyzed, with no development phase whatsoever, no presence at all. He came packing his slick product, designed to lull you asleep, which added nothing of value to what was already understood - all his own innovations were designed to mislead. In the original September Clues (and maybe still there for all I know) he pretends that he can't recognize a car windshield in the Park Foreman scene, which he then even suggests is some kind of monitor. His "clues" are nothing of the sort. Simon showed up at that crucial point and derailed the research but his powdered wig posturing apparently still impresses some witless follower types.

Simon's dad was not some UN do-gooder (which are a rare enough breed) but he was used to infiltrate and disrupt the work of anti-mafia crusader Danilo Dolci. It's a family tradition.

"In 1967, Dolci accused at a press conference prominent members of the government, by name, of collusion with the Mafia." And so they sent in Eyvind Hytten. Controlled opposition.

"The smears certainly succeeded in pushing Dolci out of the limelight in Italy - for the last 20 years of his life he disappeared from public view."

Thomson's second post makes an interesting aside in reference to Lazo's dead 911movement forum:

If anybody remembers, the first time we heard that Hoi was "in Rome" visiting Simon came as a result of Hoi responding to a question at their old forum - but he accidentally responded through Simon's account. So suddenly Simon's on the spot saying, "Oh, by the way, yes, that's right, Hoi came over to visit and is here now." Utterly ridiculous and transparent. But I said nothing, except to Fred, and instead I just blinked at that and many otherwise suspicious oddities along the way, because I assumed he/they were "on our side" and if they wanted to hide their ID or real location, that was their business. Now I know that's not the case at all.
Things might get awkward between Jayhan, Lazo and Thomson at Let's Roll if anyone remembers Lazo's comments about Thomson on the forum:

17 Jul 2011 , 22:40 PM #45
Join Date: 30 Dec 2005
Location: America, fuck yeah!

Re: PART 2: Jim Fetzer Radio Show - The Hollow Towers & Fake Victims of 911
They did accuse this no-planer "Ozzy" of being a pedo because Ozzy used to make some "sexy" no-planes mashup videos on youtube with clips of scantily clad girls he got off youtube in them and the blackmailers thought in at least one of his mashup videos he used clips of girls who they thought "looked" underage (I never really watched his videos, so I have no idea). After that they started accusing Ozzy of being a pedo and even accused me of that too, even though I had no association with Ozzy! (Hey, insane people make insane claims.)

I can't remember if their accusation about Ozzy was before or after they blackmailed 911m to close. I'm thinking they were before. Ozzy would better be able to tell you if he still posts. I think he posts on facebook last place I saw.
Problem with Lazo's strange story about how he never "associated" with's a pile of horse manure:

Lazo pushing Thomson's Harley Guy scam:
thread: Harley Shirt is Mark Adrian Humphrey, actor?, All knowing 911 witness fraud ?

Posted May15 2009, 12:30 AM
He's a splitting image! Well done Ozzy.

Lazo defending Thomson against pedo accusations:

Starts thread titled: The claim Ozzy is a 'pedophile' at pumpitout conspiracy forum

April 2009
I've been hearing this lately. OK, where's the evidence?

Strangly enough Thomson links to this video himself in comments on Lazo's video(unrelated):
This goes nowhere now. If it's the mirror of the video blogged here, then no wonder it's gone:
This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service.

Sorry about that.
And Lazo admits he's watched the clips of scantily clad girls and doesn't see a problem:

Posted Nov 6 2008, 11:59 PM
ER, I'm not a big fan at all of using porn to get more hit for TV Fakery, but where is your evidence that it is/has discredited the movement?

These kinds of insinuations are what's leading to all the infighting.

He'd only know what was in them if he's watched them.

One of the scantily clad girls...can't be more than 12 years old.

If that's a guy feeling up a girl in a crib, messed up is just the beginning.
Wacky tinfoil hijinks ahead at Let's Roll for Thomson and Lazo!

At a defunct conspiracy site called Vlogging the Apocalypse, Thomson was Lazo's only friend listed on Lazo's profile:

 KT Killtown

Male,33, Swinger, United States
107  Profile Views
All the Stats
Age 33
Gender Male
Country United States
Relationship Status Swinger
Personal Web
My Vlogging The Apocalypse URL
Vital Info
About Me Conspiracy investigator and part-time Shepard.
Member Since 30th Jan 08
Last Updated 5th Feb 10

Killtown's Friends Shelf

Thomson's profile links to his well known Facebook page:

Contact Info

Home Page
This Page

The final nail in the "we never associated" coffin is Lazo and Thomson where facebook friends, when Lazo had a Facebook account:

Also, Lazo isn't just Thomson's MySpace friend; Lazo is one of Thomson's TOP MySpace friends...

So much for Lazo "not associating" with "Ozzy", lol. Regarding the posting of pedo material, what someone else has to say:

03-03-2012, 08:23 PM #54
Quote by l4zarus
To be fair, from what I've read, this Lazo aka Killtown is probably not a child pornographer; just his buddy "Ozzy".
Back to the 'challenge', from the blog link in the video:
Didn't we do this already? Multiple times?
Yet he allowed it to be posted on his site.

Mutual friends with Lazo's webmaster Brad Mayheux?
As readers saw recently on Craig Lazo's page from the recent hack of his killtown website, the webmaster Brad is quite a fan.  In 2003 Brad was spamming all sorts of conspiracy links at a place called Democratic underground, apparently unaware Lazo and company were righty libertarians:
Imaginejohn (1 posts) Sat Aug-23-03 01:32 AM
Response to Reply #341
348. bld 7

buildings normally fall straight down under their own weight.
I was with the owner of an achetech and engineering co. on 911, we were in a building in N.O. L.A.
i thought they would topple over, he said it was normal for them to fall down. i did though see an experession on his face in disbelief when they actaully came down, and when i asked him ( later) if the "smoke/dust" should spew up, he gave me the impression that it should not. what got me was the amout of dust, going UPWARD, not the dust itself.


looking at the WTC 7 vid, it did twist a bit before falling, it acted as though 1 coener was taken out, or it had lost its legs.
i have seen 3 vids, and 3-4 pics of 7 before it went down and there was not that much fire damage, at least not grom the veiw point that all the vids were taken.
all of the pics. vidds, were taken from behind the bld, looking toward the WTC's, we do not know what extent damage was done to the front of the building, or from what.

If you want more facts before speculating see my site
( it has limited bandwidth, so try tomorrow if it goes down)
hey, its free...

i read a few posts here and i made a web page just for u guys
+( gals?) for Bld. 7

2 good articles on 7


my group... /


new, unseen and computer enhanced pics of 911 /
( photos section)

Readers should examine this quote:
"my group... /"

Brad identifies this yahoo group as his and cache confirms this:

 King_George · King George - End the Coup ! 
 This group is for people to share comments and ideas about George Bush, his administration, policies, and the anti-war movement.
Feel free to post latest news, anti-war material, Green Party news, leftist links, political satire etc...
The links section includes many links on the 911 coverup, petitions, email and contact info for the press, congress and other ways YOU can make a difference.

Learn the truth of what happened on 911 !!!

my site ( brad )

Disclaimer and Terms of Service The so-called "Patriot Act" may place important restrictions on freedom of speech in the United States. Nothing on this web site is intended to coercively influence any person or persons or any government, nor should any such construal be encouraged.
Under the Patriot Act, individuals may be placed under electronic surveillance without their knowledge or consent, and without any court order. We have no way of knowing whether this is in fact taking place, and if we did, we would be violating the Patriot Act to specifically notify our readers. We recommend that all our readers assume that they may be under surveillance while surfing the Web or using any form of electronic communication.
And to all, please help WAGE PEACE not war

New Orleans Green Party Web Site

In Solidarity
Brad M
The King George group no longer exists.  If this blog is an indication, it was hacked and vandalized the same time as the 911 Inside Jobbers group:
same vandal = same fag haxors?
 But this turns to be part of a string of hacks, of which Thomson was also a target:

 Posted By: ozzy_bin_osw...Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:38 pm
Webfairy, I can hardly believe what you have done you filthy retard. You
made yourself a devoted lifetime enemy you stupid worthless old nothing.

I allowed you a place, I gave you co-moderator status, I defended you

before I was even a no planer...and you out-of-the-blue delete the group
out of your ass-sucking petty pig's spite. It's not the same as hissing a
nasty word FUCKHEAD!!! That was MY PERSONAL RECORD OF 911! ! !

I created the Yahoo group wtcconspiracy in October 2001 which I later

neglected and moved on. Two days ago, in considering the value of the
group's name, I decided to revamp and redirect towards TV Fakery. I
changed the look and featured icon links to 'September Clues'.

But I forgot that I'd granted Webfairy co-owner status around 2004. She

added maybe 10 messages and that was the end.

It must have been the same day I updated wtcconspiracy that she took it

upon herself to delete the group. All my personal 911 history, my files,
my early research gone.

Why? Well she's a raving fucking lunatic. She somehow justifies to

herself the total censorship of 'September Clues', enough to destroy my
important and irretrievable property. Even though she had no problem with
the daily planehugger content the site was awash in all these years.

You fucked up big you bloated douchebag. Should I have your site

destroyed now? Do you think that's not possible for me? Idiot.

And there's no such person as Edna Cintron. Webfairy made her up.



Anyway, what a fucking low cunt. You can still see it on google cache.

This is more a pointless Paula Gloria "tribute", another mental case,
than September Clues censorship alone.

She's changed my status to member right before she deleted everything. I

suppose her lust for the the backstab wasn't satisfied. Concurrently she
stripped my mod status at catapultthepropaganda, which, however, I never
asked for nor performed in any case.

Subject: Membership change for wtcconspiracy
Date: 24 Sep 2008 07:35:17 -0000

the_webfairy has changed your membership status for the

group wtcconspiracy from Moderator to Member.

You can access the group's web features using the link below.


I don't know how I could have left her with access to the button. I

suppose it was set that way because I had my original ozzy_bin_oswald
taken out by Yahoo in 2001 and couldn't change it since I'd used the
yahoo email which then no longer existed. I did not make that mistake
with QuotesoftheImperium group and she's now banned. But I am surprised,
amazed, hurt and very pissed off.

Shun the Webfairy. She's garbage. And if I ever see you in person Rosalee

I will punch your yellow dentures right through your spine. Don't have
any doubts. I'll cut a motherfucker. Die alone and lonely.
Oh the butt hurt.
Webfairy denies this, and think's there's a conspiracy to wack her:
Apparently it was worth enough that Ryan no longer expects me to support
It was an attempt to savage my reputation, which is much easier than
refuting my evidence that is being roundly ignored.
It was my own fault for having such an easy to figure out password, and
using it in so many places.
I think there was a larger plot to disappear me and take over my identity.
They changed the password for my account, and moved the
response emails over to my yahoo account, but didn't post in my name.
There may be more damages I don't know about yet.

The "diversion" against us was actually meeting, and discovering you

were as outlined in previous messages.
It doesn't take much searching to figure  whoever did this to Thomson's group, was probably connected to the same upstanding citizens who had it out for Lazo: The KSA blog posted the vandalized group page:
Same fag, same vandal. 

What are the chances that three people Lazo knows.....Rosalee Grable, Greg Thomson and Brad ....all got hacked the same week and they don't know each other?

Round about 0.   That "never associating with each other" thing Lazo's trying to pull?  D.O.A.

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