Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Patti Woodard

Status: ASSOCIATE (deceased?)

Networks: Ghosttroop, Portland Nuclear Inquest

Group Contacts: Ginny Ross, Richard Frager

Other Contacts: Eric May

Ex-hippy brainwashed drone suckered into Eric May's online delusions of importance. Woodward is proof the Milgram Experiment was right, even a bleeding heart champion of abused children can be manipulated into spreading dangerous lies about people for a cultlike organization. If it's true Woodard kicked the bucket, that's sad but doesn't give her a pass on actions when she was breathing. Maybe hubby should have staged an intervention when he learned Woodard was helping raging anti-semite Eric May spread his scam and demands to stalk people on the list Woodard moderated. Death is not an excuse.

Portland Nuclear Inquest

Woodard was "second in command" and moderator of May's OMG THE NUKES ARE COMING conspiracy email list until she was "relieved of command" in 2011:

 XO, I am home now, with a clean bill of health. The claim that I was irrational was so transparently bogus that the hospital produced another reason for detaining me: kidney infection. This should relieve your concerns, but mine remain.

You made an egregious error in publishing an erroneous account of your commander's capacities, which I corrected as well as I could with a hurried article, Cops and Docs Collaborate to Send Iconoclast Editor to VA Bedlam,, dutifully published by the unit PAO, Major Fox.

Rather than support your CO, you used the power I entrusted to you to delete my article from all my Ghost Troop Yahoo! Groups. Then you tried to coerce Major Fox, a brave and loyal officer, into doing the same at America First Books, and threatened him with expulsion from Ghost Troop if he refused..

It takes a captain to lead the Holy Horde, not a capo. You are reduced in rank from 1LT to GT, and relieved of all duties and membership except for moderator of the Portland Nuclear Inquest, and member of the Apocalyptanalysis group.

Captain Eric H. May
CO, Ghost Troop
Others on the list object and finally notice something's weird:

Ghost Troop commander relieves executive officer.

Captain May and Group Members:

It’s good to hear that you’re recuperating at home.

Personally, I’m not at all convinced that I’m corresponding with Captain May, or that he has even written the below message to Patti- his trusted, tried and true assistant for several years.  The spirit of the message is nothing of the known Captain May, so, that leads me to wonder who the author of the message is in actuality.

So, whomever you are, please be advised that I will now be leaving these groups- which were developed by Captain May, and which were diligently monitored by Patti Woodard.

Captain May is obviously no longer an active member and I find the new ‘leadership’ questionable, and worse: unknown.  I therefore will distance myself and my name and my future endeavors from all GhostTroop activities effective immediately.

My thanks and support will remain with Patti Woodard and Captain May, and I pray protection and wisdom upon both.


-Lisa Nerone
"I find the new ‘leadership’ questionable, and worse: unknown."

Lisa might be referring to the rumor Richard Frager was given her moderator duties.  Though it's strange she couldn't figure out who owned or mods the group; the listserve is set up for members to access the list:

Portland-Nuclear-Inquest · Portland Nuclear Inquest

Group Information

  • Members: 74
  • Category: Intelligence
  • Founded: Jul 27, 2007
  • Language: English

But Woodard is mellow about the whole thing:
Thanks Larry- I have certainly put my years in and they have been hard.  I did it out of loyalty and friendship to Captain May and many of you.  Thanks so much for your kind words.  You have to know that Bill Fox had control of Captain May's computer so you can't be sure this is from Captain May.
    The second note that was written which seemed lucid for the most part and then sounded like a crazy person at the end- I thought I was protecting Captain May because he might have really lost it and his wife didn't deserve to be smeared all over the internet about an emerald.  Turns out that racist bigot pig Bill Fox wrote that!  He will forever now be called Billy Joe Bob Fux in my address book! 
    He had password and access to Captain May's pc before when Captain May was in the hospital last year and used it to promote his own work.  He said maybe people would take it more seriously coming from Captain's e-mail. 
    I've been the best friend and GT to Captain May that anyone could be and now it's obviously time to go unless Captain May really didn't write this e-mail.  We'll never now, will we?  Thanks, Patti
----- Original Message -----
From: "LARRY W BRYANT" <overtci@...>
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011 8:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: [ghosttroop] Ghost Troop commander relieves executive officer.

> DEAR PATTI:  knowing how much effort and focus you've put into keeping
> the Group productive, I'm certainly disheartened by this development
> (and by what led up to it).  I can't imagine that you had any ulterior
> motive in all this, so I remain sorrow-ridden about it.  I hope you'll
> find some comfort in accepting my thanks for your hard work. -- OO
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------

> From: Captain May <captainmay@...>
> Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 19:49:02 -0800 (PST)
> Subject: [ghosttroop] Ghost Troop commander relieves executive officer.
> To: 1LT Patti Woodard <ghosttroop@...>
> Cc: "Major William B. Fox" <wthefox-americafirstinstitute@...>

Woodard is not heard from again.

There's not even a comment about her death.

That's what hardworking cult followers have to look forward to for all the time they put into propping the cult up:  a big NOTHING.

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