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Julie Blattenbauer aka Miranda Priestly


Group Contacts: Craig Lazo

Networks:, 911 Inside Jobbers, Beyond Politics and 911, Let's Roll forums

Another brainwashed conspiracy mental patient who will swallow any red pill. Believes all victims of the September 11th attacks are fake criminals for which hanging is too good. One of the dwindling handful of semi loyal Killtown/Lazo acolytes who will do or say anything for him.

911insidejobbers  and Planehuggers_anonymous

Yahoo group listserves Blattenbauer was an active participant on since the early 2006 where she might have met some of the more extreme conspiracy batshit.

911insidejobbers was rumored to be hacked and deleted by an anonymous(Anonymous?) attack, but evidence of Blattenbauer's time is recorded on this obscure blog:

> > --- In, Rosalee Grable <
> > wrote:
> >
> >> This is the best second hit cartoon I've ever seen.
> >> I first saw it as as an alleged "preview clip" from 911eyewitness,
> >> downloaded from Blue Star Productions in June 2005.
> >> Perhaps Jullie Blattenbauer can give more details of the source as she
> >> knows it.
> >>
> >> This second hit IS NOT part of the 911eyewitness footage on the DVD,
> >>
> > and
> >
> >> Rick Siegel says he didn't see any planes and didn't know anybody
> >>
> > who did.
> >
> >> Larger version:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Scott Loughrey wrote:
> >>
> >>> this is a much smoother version of the flight 175
> >>> animation. This time the movement seems less
> >>> skittish. Still, it continues to displays the same
> >>> perspective problem that Webfairy has noticed.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> --- Julie Blattenbauer <> wrote:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>> Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 00:00:42 -0800
> >>>> From: "Julie Blattenbauer" <>
> >>>> To: ScottL44@
> >>>> Subject: Regarding your hoax pictures from CNN
> >>>>
> >>>>

Side note, group member Roy McCoy was also a 911insidejobbers alumni:

Message: 4
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 13:24:42 -0000
From: "perpetualynquisitive" <>
Subject: Re: Scanned copy of Maxim's 9/11 article
Dr. Rice Does D.C.?
Rumsfeld's Reaming Rapture?
USAma Finds The G.Z.-Spot?
Bluescreen Velvet?
--- In, Roy McCoy <roy@...> wrote:
> Total Information wrote:
> > On your desktop, you can take foreign uncopyrighted porn,
> > dub it with 9/11 dialogue, and intercut it with video research.
> >
> > I can't think of a title yet, though...
> "Inside Job"?
> "Deep 9/11"?
> "Cheney Throat"?
> "The Devil in Mr. Rumsfeld"?
> Roy McCoy

Blattenbauer's posts in "Planehuggers" archives still exist"

The Getaway.

Mon May 8, 2006 1:12 am


Re: [planehuggers] The Getaway.

where is this picture from? Sorry I missed the other posts.
----- Original Message -----
From: ron_winn
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 4:59 AM
Subject: [planehuggers] The Getaway.

Have you guys found what the building is this guy is so eager to get off at the expense of getting lung falls of fall out dust cloud? Although he might have not known it yet. Must be one desparate or misguided cookie?
The mad rush at researching this is overwhelming.
Total silence. What is over looked is more telling than what is followed up vigourously.
Don't let this guy get away. He is the only witness we got.

Re: [planehuggers] Re: The Getaway.
Tue May 9, 2006 7:10 pm


Re: [planehuggers] Re: The Getaway.

I promise I will research it and tell you as soon as I find out (I'm pretty good at that) if you tell me  if the picture is from 9-11 and where it came from, etc... (Actually if it's not from 9-11 i don't really care)
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 5:34 AM
Subject: [planehuggers] Re: The Getaway.

I'll tell you on condition you tell me what that building is.
--- In, "Julie Blattenbauer"
<jblattenbauer@...> wrote:
> where is this picture from? Sorry I missed the other posts.
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Stalking survivors of Carol Demitz

Second only to spreading Thomson and Lazo's "Harley Guy" scam, was Blattenbauer's email stalking of Demitz's survivors, contacting Demitz's ex under false, and possibly actionable, pretenses:

I emailed one of his colleges to ask if Prof. Brewer taught this semester to see what he would say.  I pretended I didn't have the email for Brewer.  The response was: "Who are you and why do you want to know?"    
I emailed a woman who has written a comment on the 911 legacy site saying she had gone to high school with Carol Demitz.  I asked if she could tell me anything because my daughter was doing a project for school.  Her response was "she didn't feel comfortable saying anything!!  She writes a comment on the internet that anyone can see, but she "doesn't feel comfortable" telling someone something for her kid's school assignment?  I think she didn't feel comfortable making something up, because she didn't really know her. 
Published at Lazo's defunct, archived as a screen capture by this blog:

screen found at KSA

 In Blattenbauer's head this is all proof of a conspiracy.  Actually indicates other survivors might have been getting weird conspiracy cult spam after posting memorial comments, ergo the wariness.  Blattenbauer earns extra creep points for using her kid in her lies. Julie B is one screwed up bitch.

Carmen Taylor
According to Lazo's goons, Carmen Taylor was yet another peice of the conspiracy puzzle.  To this day Lazo has a video inventing insinuations about her and her presence in NYC during the 9/11 attacks:

Uploaded by on Jun 26, 2008
Only two tourists at Battery Park on 9/11?
See also:
Michael Hezarkhani video -
Carmen Taylor photos -




Standard YouTube License

 Readers can go HERE to troll comments.
On Lazo's say so, Blattenbauer assumes Carmen Taylor is guilty of something and this is a good enough excuse to dig up everything about Taylor to "prove" she a black op agent from ZOG, including posting a satellite photo of Taylor's house:

screen from KSA
KSA delivered Karma almost instantly:

screen from KSA

The Mark Humphrey/Harley Guy scam

[under construction]

Trolling for "Killtown" and Killtown's Secret Archive

Allegedly, Lazo, in the midst of a mental breakdown of raging modfaggotry, forced new members to sign pseudo legal contracts before registering at in 2009.  Lazo's said he was fighting spam, trolls and socks, but this was probably an excuse to shut anyone up who wouldn't suck his dick.   In Lazo's most blatant example of favoritism, he allowed Blattenbauer to register a sock called Avnet, who to no one' surprise started pimping Anti Semitic conspiracy bullshit:

But that wasn't the only point of "Avnet".  Using "Avnet", JulieB contacted the KSA blog, much like she contacted Carol Demitz's friends, under pretenses and she did it with Lazo's blessing:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hi, I found out Killtown and the other people KT impersonates on a private forum a few years ago by accident. I will tell you if you promise not to post this message or reveal how I found out because they would be able to figure it out and they have my personal info. Can you write me at the below address (I'm using a computer at work that I don't usually use, with only one email system)
And Blattenbauer emailed twice, just to be sure KSA got it:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I know who Killtown and the other identities are, I found out through a fluke from a private message board a few years ago. I will tell you, in hopes that their behavior is curtailed, but you must promise not to reveal the circumstances or they will retaliate. Also, please don't post this on your board. I 'm mailing from work and everything gets filtered through a weird system so this might show up in spam.
After they replied, her follow up failmail:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

it's not "craig"
LOL  If it's "not" Craig, she would have said who it was.    In the rest of the exchange it's obvious "Avnet" was lying and really trolling for the person(s) behind KSA.   Even KSA get's tl;dr before the sauce: Blattenbauer, like Wynhausen, is outed because she fails at proxies:

Now Lazo's forum is gone, Julie B's braindead 911 alumni will start bawling about how unfair this page is to the delusional headcase.  Bawlling will likely include Lazo's usual lies about SP's.

Second thoughts?

According to this thread Blattenbauer seems to have second thoughts about helping Internet conspiracy psychos stalking 9/11 attack survivors:

 Post subject: Re: Does anyone care what we post?
Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:26 pm

What has happened to me has been like a horror movie that won't end. It seems like there is a parallel universe that I didn't really see before. That is more what it is like. It did start with a "real life" threat that I didn't take seriously. I think that there are ways of isolating/herding on the internet, they don't really sift through every post . Not very many people looked up the names and addresses and public records of the 911 victims, then posted it. In retrospect, it was not a very good idea.

But turns out Blattenbauer isn't sorry for spreading lies about people.  She's just butthurt she got caught and using her delusions as an excuse to avoid admitting she was wrong:

 Post subject: Re: Does anyone care what we post?
Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:56 am
Right, when you get into sensitive topics and start looking for what I call primary sources you might find trouble or interference of some sort. Also, I think if you publish sensitive information you might set off some kind of unwanted negative response. The reaction is in my opinion often proportional and sophisticated, tending to resolve problems at the lowest threshold, like getting fired and blacklisted. Before I say anything about an individual I have to determine if they are a public figure or not. If not you're treading on treacherous ground, legally and otherwise If you talk to the mainstream press or Congress your going to draw repercussions, if its critical.
 well, a lot of them weren't real people so it kinds of defies categorization....although they tended to be eventually connected to someone/something real which was the source of their existence- the perps if you will.
These so called "perps" only exist is Blattenbauer's mind.  Nonetheless the FBI was not amused:

According to Blattenbauer herself(archived at KSA) :

I just got a visit from the FBI 

May 14 2009

From some nice guys telling me not to post pictures or personal information about anyone anymore.  My daughter was scared. So I guess the can track you down from your isp, but a couple of people a while ago kept asking me to send them private emails. which I did like a fool.  A couple of members here. Then they never responsed to my emails.  So they must have figured it out from my email address.  It was a "tip from New York".  I kinda knew it was coming....What'll I do with the Lewin stuff? It's good.  Damn, I wish they waitied til after that.
They weren't to receptive to my "no planes hit the targets" information.
Thank JulieB for confirming the feds are not bug fuck crazy.
Blattenbauer drama whores the incident, embellishing with each fucking post. JulieB should give it a rest.  She screwed the pooch and was caught.

On the plus side, Blattenbauer now has more attention than she knows what to do with: