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Adam Syed aka Kameelyun


Group Contacts: Sara Lamadrid, Craig Lazo,

Networks: CIT constellation, WTC Demolition Harvard Task Force

 Also viewing "Jew Toaster" Barrett's page...


 Barrett surfaces from his Red Pill Rehab to endorse America Third Position White Supremacy faggot Merlin Miller:

 Why vote for sell-outs, traitors, and creeps...when people like Bob Fitrakis and Merlin Miller are running? .......
Gotta be hard..they only take 'PURE' white people:


Mediocre violinist and compulsive liar in the Cleveland Ohio area eager to push any conspiracy scam for his budding UFO cultists. Holocaust Denier and amateur con artist. Will push any scam for something. It's not clear what he gets out of helping the group and their friends can people, but he gets something. Maybe hookers and cocaine.

[Scroll down to end for link to Syed's so called rebuttal or read it now]

Lamadrid's Erand Boy

Syed was probably sent by Sara Lamadrid to pump people at conspiracy forums for information. One email Syed sent started out:

How are you? Thanks for keeping up the good fight. I was chatting with
Rep about "Real Truther" and the WTC Demolition crew.
Later is was obvious Syed was part of this "crew":

Have you been banned at 911blogger or Truth Action?
Adam Syed's picture
Submitted by Adam Syed on Tue, 2009-10-13 00:12.

Sheila Casey, a blogger and journalist for the truth-telling Rock Creek Free Press, is working on an article about infiltration and censorship in the 9/11 truth movement and is interested in hearing from people who have been banned at 911blogger and/or Truth Action. She asked me to post this request.

Please contact her at -- there is an "email me" link in the upper right hand corner of any page on her blog. Please include why you were banned (if you were given a reason) or why you think you were banned (if you were not told). If you are willing to be interviewed by phone, please include your phone number.
BAAAWWWL CENSORSHIP. And to escape it Syed sends people to a website run by another disciple of Larouchie Webster Tarpley:

"Feature Stories this month include: Peeling the Onion of 9/11 from Jim Fetzer, The Drills of 9/11 by Webster Tarpley"

"We also have another article from Webster Tarpley. This time an interview from Press TV. Dr. Tarpley has been to Libya to assess the situation on the ground, and as you can imagine, his take is dramatically different from what you get from the lame-stream media. "
Syed would go on to push more elaborate scams, when he wasn't helping Craig Lazo spread gossip on Facebook. Syed was a long supporter of the Flyover Conspiracy scam, which Lazo was connected to through a guy called Domenic CIT.

Amazon NewFag Reviews Book, Bawls to Mods

Tl;dr; scroll down to Sunstein Did It

Cognitive Infiltration of the 9/11 Truth Movement,
October 5, 2010

This review is from: Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory (Paperback)
This work by David Ray Griffin is an engaging and captivating read, my personal favorite since "Debunking 9/11 Debunking," which was such a joy to read as I watched Popular Mechanics become exposed as the propagandists they really are when it comes to this issue.

A member of President Obama's cabinet, Cass Sunstein, in 2008 wrote an essay in which he purportedly made the case in favor of having a program in which government agents, mostly anonymous bloggers, would "infiltrate" "conspiracy groups" in an attempt to muddy the groups' research, in addition to derailing their unity, activism and overall effectiveness. The "conspiracy theorists" to which he most often refers are the members of the 9/11 Truth Movement, the growing number of world citizens who realize that the official account of 9/11 is false.

One serious problem with Sunstein's proposal is that it is Constitutionally illegal, a gross violation of the First Amendment. However, Sunstein's essay suffers from many other shortcomings as well.

To understand the significance (including the wit and irony) of Griffin's analysis, one first needs to understand that the term "conspiracy theory/ists" is virtually always used in a one-sided manner, usually as a pejorative term to dismiss instantly any person who questions the orthodox historical narrative of a major event. However, the true objective definition of conspiracy theory is simply this: a theory of who committed a conspiracy. A conspiracy is when two or more people agree in secret to perform an illegal and/or immoral act. When understood objectively, we can understand that the Bush Administration's official story is itself a "conspiracy theory," namely a theory in which Osama bin Laden and 19 al Qaeda hijackers conspired to attack America with the motive that they hate our freedoms (or in an alternative interpretation still consistent with the official account, that the attacks were "blowback" for decades of cruel US foreign policy in the Middle East).

Dr. Griffin's subtitle to this book is: "An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory." The question is, which conspiracy theory is Sunstein trying to undermine? The Bush Administration's official theory? Or the 9/11 Truth Movement's theory, the "inside job" theory?

One of the hallmark traits of "disinformation" is to accuse others of what you yourself are guilty. In "Debunking 9/11 Debunking," Griffin showed the deplorable depths to which the journalistic ethics of the Popular Mechanics senior editors had sunk in their hollow attempt to defend the official theory. Not only did the PM editors accuse "9/11 conspiracy theorists" of basically being unstable mental nut jobs who believe what they want to believe and disregard any information that doesn't fit their views, but the PM editors, all throughout their book, were guilty of these very sins themselves, as DRG so thoroughly illuminated!

Cass Sunstein's paper tries to put the "mental nut jobs who believe what they want to believe and disregard any information that doesn't fit their views" portrayal of 9/11 Truth activists into lofty academic-speak. He doesn't claim that 9/11 truthers are "mental nut jobs," just that we suffer from "crippled epistemologies" and "informational isolationism." However, as Griffin shows, it is the people who believe the official 9/11 conspiracy theory who actually suffer from this informational isolationism; most of these people only rely on the corporate mass media for their world view. Also, the website lists over 400 professors, some of whom, Griffin notes, have taught at institutions in the same league as Sunstein's own (Harvard and University of Chicago). "Could Sunstein with a straight face tell these professors that the reason they disagree with him about 9/11 is because they have been 'informationally isolated?'" Griffin rhetorically asks. He goes on to list a veritable gold mine of names of people in the relevant professions of architecture, engineering, piloting, intelligence officers, journalists, political leaders and more, who have gone on the record to reject the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.

So the "exoteric" (surface) interpretation of Sunstein's essay is that Sunstein wants his agents to undermine the 9/11 truth movement's conspiracy theory. The "esoteric" (deeper) interpretation of Sunstein's essay is that Sunstein knows that it's the official conspiracy that holds no water and needs to be undermined. Might the best way to gradually introduce the public to the truth of 9/11 be to let truths slip out gradually over much time, so that it's not TOO much of a shock to the American people once the truth finally gets out? Damage control, in other words, so that when the public finds out en masse, they will simply accept it, as opposed to actually rising up and demanding serious change?

One reason that Griffin is tempted to take this esoteric interpretation is because he knows that Sunstein, being a graduate of Harvard among other places, is not a dim bulb. He has to be a very smart man, and must PRIVATELY KNOW that the official 9/11 theory is without merit. Griffin points out that Sunstein leaves many "clues" to the fact that he knows the Truth Movement is on the right track by way of the footnotes he provides in his essay. If a person is thorough and follows up, going to Sunstein's sources for which he cites one quote, one will find that the very source itself completely contradicts the very claim Sunstein makes!

It is interesting that Sunstein writes about his plan to "cognitively infiltrate" the truth movement in the future tense, as if such a thing hasn't been happening with groups going back to at least the JFK Assassination (and indeed Sunstein himself goes on to acknowledge the existence of COINTELPRO). It has definitely been happening for years in the 9/11 movement. For one thing, there is the Popular Mechanics literature and the sites like ScrewLooseChange and 911myths, which claim to oppose the truth movement in its entirety. Indeed, Griffin sharply points out that in a preliminary draft of his paper, Sunstein included a reference to Popular Mechanics, which he deleted for his final draft. Sunstein's original words were: "One may see the game [of neutralizing the 9/11 movement] as involving four players: government officials, conspiracy theorists, mass audiences, and independent experts --- such as mainstream scientists or the editors of Popular Mechanics --- whom government attempts to enlist to give credibility to its rebuttal efforts." In the final version, the words "or the editors of Popular Mechanics" have been deleted, presumably because Sunstein realized that he had accidentally revealed that the government had "enlisted" the PM editors to wear the mask of "independent experts." Great catch, Dr. Griffin, or should that be "great cache?"

Then there are also the people who I suspect of being gatekeepers within the truth movement, pretending to be activists but whose real goal is to stem the tide against certain damning evidence more quickly getting accepted more widely. These people blend their way into the 9/11 truth community and earn its respect by posting lots of genuinely good material on the World Trade Center collapse. But then they expend their "credibility capital" by staunchly defending the official line on many other aspects of the official theory, particularly to do with the dubious phone calls from the planes, the existence of "real" Islamic hijackers, Israeli involvement, and of course, the biggie: what really happened at the Pentagon.

Now on that last point, let me relate my own thoughts on observations and experiences I've had within the 9/11 Truth Movement over the past year and how they tie in with Dr. Griffin's work.

Within the truth movement blogosphere, there's been some extremely damning evidence, proving an inside job, that's been the target of much maligning among supposed truth activists. Readers of this review should watch the presentation "National Security Alert," by Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), link provided at the end of this review. Basically, the official story claims that Flight 77 knocked down five light poles before crashing at an angle into the west wing of the Pentagon. However, the downed light poles all follow a flight trajectory that must be SOUTH of the CITGO gas station at all times (see image):


However, when you watch NSA, you will see and hear witness after witness after witness (times thirteen) interviewed, most of whom are standing where they were on 9/11. Without exception, each witness puts the plane NORTH of the Citgo gas station, which is absolutely irreconcilable with the evidence. It is indeed the simplest smoking gun of 9/11 proving a staged deception: plane north of gas station = inside job, staged light poles, pre-planted explosives in the Pentagon, and a flyover of a remote-controlled jet to produce the illusion that AA77 crashed there. (Though if you watch NSA you will indeed find two people who saw the plane flying away. These people still reconciled what they saw with the official story by convincing themselves they'd seen a *second* plane, when in reality it could ONLY be the original PentaPlane which the observers to the approach place on the North of Citgo path.)

[...] is the truth movement's most heavily visited 9/11-only site (no discussion of chemtrails, forced vaccinations, global warming hoax, etc.). As it is a highly visible site, common logic dictates that it would be one of the prime targets of Sunstein-style cognitive infiltration. One of the content moderators goes by "loose nuke." He is one of the individuals responsible for disseminating the "work" of those alleged truthers who claim to "debunk" the CIT evidence, and at the time when he banned myself and at least three other commenters at the site from posting any more, we had been backing him into a corner and pointing out some glaringly serious errors with the blog he was promoting, entitled "The South Path Impact: Documented, by Adam Larson" (google it). This blog tries to make the spurious, Popular Mechanics -style claim that the thirteen North of Citgo eyewitnesses (who were confirmed and corroborated first hand by CIT) are somehow outnumbered by "dozens" of "South of Citgo impact witnesses," the implication being that all of the North Path witnesses are either lying or somehow all mistaken in the exact same way. What Larson offers up are nothing more than snippets of third hand, printed media quotes, virtually all of which don't mention the gas station at all, just that the witnesses saw an "impact." (Of course, even the NORTH path witnesses BELIEVE the plane hit; it was a military deception intended to fool, just like the demolition of the WTC and how most of us were fooled into believing the planes and fires were responsible. But when a witness provides mutually exclusive claims [north path, impact] a true skeptic must choose which claim is correct. And the NoC witnesses corroborate each other over and over, proving they were deceived about the impact.)

Tying Adam Larson's "South Path Impact Documented" essay in with Griffin's current book: as Griffin says, the esoteric interpretation of Sunstein's essay is reached if a person actually bothers to check the footnotes and the claims (or if the person is already a well versed 9/11 researcher), rather than take the author on faith. And as we know, the esoteric interpretation is that Sunstein knows the official conspiracy theory is false. LIKEWISE: if a person bothers to check the claims made in Larson's blog, one comes across some "errors" that are SO serious that in a few cases they can only be interpreted as deliberate. They are SO glaring that one can't help but wonder if "loose nuke" promotes this material on the ONE hand because he's perhaps receiving a check from someone higher up, his assignment being to muddy the waters, but on the OTHER hand, knows that if a person does the digging themselves, will realize that the "arguments" defending the South of Citgo flight path are, to quote Barrie Zwicker, "tricky and unreliable, in fact, as flimsy as the official story they try and defend."

This review is getting long so in the interests of space, I will cite what I consider to be the most blatant deception in Larson's blog: Larson listed a particular person as a "light pole witness," meaning that the person watched the plane hit the light poles on the South of Citgo path. Upon actually doing some simple checking, however, it turns out that this "witness" was IN NORTH CAROLINA and arrived in Arlington in the afternoon, and happened to see the downed light poles! Yet he was cited as a flight path witness to support the official flight path!!! This was one of MANY such deceptions in the blog.

I will say of "loose nuke" what Griffin says of Sunstein: "Loose nuke" can not possibly be this stupid or incompetent, even though we don't know his academic pedigree. The proof is that he's written some good essays on the WTC collapse. Not being stupid, he must know that those supporting the official damage path at the Pentagon being caused by AA77 don't have a leg to stand on, and like Sunstein, he leaves (not-so-)subtle clues for those that have the time and energy to check.

Well Dr. Griffin, given what I've seen and experienced in the truth movement this past year or so, this is an extremely timely work indeed! Bravo, once again! The truth movement thanks you!

Link to the presentation National Security Alert (NSA) by Citizen Investigation Team (CIT):


-Adam Syed
The Short Version: SUNSTEIN DID IT! Did you scroll down? Good, you're doing it right. It's worth reading part of Syed's comment to his yawn worthy review:

Okay. Now I understand that URLs are considered inappropriate material. But I would think it's different it the URL is broken, so that a person can not click on it (which makes it clear that the URLs are not promoted by Amazon). However, in this case, the specific sites are extremely relevant to the discussion of Dr. Griffin's book. Griffin speaks of "infiltration" in the 9/11 Truth Movement, which is a very heavily internet-based movement. It's one thing in order to spam Amazon in an attempt to push one's own product, et cetera, but this is different. The sites discussed have everything to do with Griffin's book.

I've been able to leave URLs on comments in the past, so let's try that here. The first [...], after "see image," should read:

jabbajoo (dot) typepad (dot) com/.a/6a00d8341c0ac653ef01156fb40f3f970b


The beginning of two paragraphs later, should be "911blogger (dot) com"

At the end, the link to National Security Alert is youtube (dot) com/watch?v=j5FhQc-LJ-o

If there is an Amazon team member reading this, please let me know what the justification is for hiding my URLs.
We're sure the Amazon team got right on that. Syed shares the hobby of trolling mods with group member Craig Lazo.

Now we know where the Sunstein conspiracy paranoia comes from, a vehicle to pay for David Ray Griffin's rest home. As it's dismiss any criticism of the group's scams... the book is probably a scam itself. Technically buying a book isn't buying information; it's buying pulped dead trees sprinkled with ink, so this scam is legal.

Why would Sunstein or Obama need more informants and plants among conspiracy crazies? You're think STRATOR had enough people involved. The book is a hoax to push paranoia so conspiracy groups can sell more conspiracy shit.


Andrew Bernstein/Cosmos Scam

After a truth overdose from watching too many Alex Jones reruns, Syed started halucinating fer real seriously. Soon everyone started to look like everyone else. Based on his infowar acid trip, Syed wrote a blog at the WTC Demolition Harvard website that 911 survivor Andrew Bernstein was conspiracy founder "Cosmos":

Is Cosmos Living Out a Double Identity, as an OCT Supporter As Well As A Truther?

Submitted by Adam Syed on Mon, 2010-08-30 06:44.
by Adam Syed

One character who was portrayed on the film United 93 was Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg. A wealthy salesman, he was allegedly en route to Taiwan via San Francisco on business. According to the official story, as endorsed by the United 93 film, Rothenberg was stabbed to death early on in the hijacking, and this event serves to support the boxcutter narrative.
Interestingly, the person who goes by Cosmos, aka YT, and founder of, has for the longest time claimed to be the nephew of "Uncle Mickey." We can hear it straight from the horse's mouth on this video at 6:30:
And on this video at 0:49:
There are plenty of other youtube examples, and also it is in print here:

Now, after doing a little citizen investigating, we find that Mickey Rothenberg also has another nephew who is quite the official story supporter. His name is Andrew Bernstein, and we can find an online interview with him here:
Excerpts from the article:
Mickey Rothenberg died on United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

Andrew Bernstein, Mickey’s nephew, was kind enough to speak with Sheldrake about September 11, his reactions to UNITED 93, and touched on the coverage/Talkbacks swirling around the film here on AICN

AICN would like to offer out sincerest thanks to Andrew for sharing his time and thoughts, and to Sheldrake for his overtime coverage of both Tribeca and The Howard Stern Film Festival.
Andrew’s a Creative Executive at Paul Schiff Productions, a production company in Culver City with a term deal at Sony. [Cosmos is an "artist and musician."]
SHELDRAKE: Ok. Let’s start at the day this all happened. Were you in California on September 11th? [Cosmos is a Bay Area person.]

ANDREW: I was actually a senior at Penn State... Oddly enough, it’s about an hour’s drive from the Shanksville field, where the flight hit the ground. And, you know, it was a devastating morning. I remember waking up and getting phone calls, then I turn on the TV and there are the Trade Center towers, on fire, and I spent most of the morning with friends. We were in tears, crying, no one was going to class, the whole campus was shut down. And I remember hitting kind of a wall, where I was accepting it all. And just at that moment, I got a phone call from my mother, saying, we’ve got some terrible news, and I said, I know! I’ve been watching the news! And she said, well, it’s worse. You’re uncle was on one of the flights.

[Cosmos, on the other hand, claims to have found out about Mickey a full two days after the event.]
Anyway, some other online articles which talk about Rothenberg's nephew Andrew Bernstein include the Guardian:
Andrew Bernstein
Nephew of Mickey Rothenberg

As the one family member who works in entertainment, I like to consider myself someone who can step back and look at United 93 objectively. As a piece of cinema it is extraordinary, truly a work of art. It doesn't fall into the conventions of the typical Hollywood movie and tastefully memorialises a crucial event in American history.
Of course, when you are actually watching the film you can't help but respond to it on an emotional level. My uncle is believed to be the first passenger who was stabbed and killed on that flight, so that was clearly an issue in terms of how my family reacted to the way he was portrayed on screen. Fortunately [director] Paul Greengrass was careful to show that what occurred on the plane was part of a collective effort. This was not just a small group of people who stood up and did something amazing. This was everybody. So my family now accept that my uncle's early death was his own unique role in the crisis. He was the catalyst for the other people to stand up and do something. That is his legacy.
And finally Variety:
Andrew Bernstein, whose uncle died on flight 93, said, "Some people say,'How can you do this? It's too soon.' And we say 'It's not soon enough.'"
Now, with the information presented thus far, one might ask: Could it be that one nephew of Rothenberg is a well known truther and founder of the "Eleventh Day of Every Month Until Justice" campaign, while another nephew of the same person is a wholehearted supporter of the OCT and was even treated to a private screening of United 93? Or could it be that Andrew Bernstein IS Cosmos? Could the same person be living a double identity, that of OCT supporter Andrew Bernstein and of 9/11 Truther as Cosmos?
It gets stranger, though.
Quite recently, Cosmos has begun to claim that Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg was not actually an uncle at all, merely a family friend. It is not clear exactly where he first claimed this, but it was talked about in July at the site
Cosmos apparently said "Mickey" was his uncle but then admitted he wasn't actually even a relative--just "like" an uncle.

However, there may not be an online posting of this admission by Cosmos, but it doesn't matter, given irrefutable evidence from his own new web site, presented below.
Cosmos is one of the "editors" at the new website The site went public on August 18, but a GoogleCache snapshot exists of what the site looked like on August 11:
Cosmos is an artist and musician whose uncle was murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

(Screenshot for when the cache eventually changes:)


It seems that Cosmos has fairly recently decided, for whatever reason, to change his relationship to Rothenberg. The question is, Why? Is it possible that he realized he hadn't covered his tracks thoroughly enough, and that people might question his identity?

More than any other 9/11 truther of whom I'm aware, Cosmos sure doesn't want most 9/11 truthers to know his real name.

Incidentally, given that Andrew Bernstein was used as fodder to sell the hijacker/hero/boxcutter story online, it is quite interesting to note that Cosmos, when inside the Ground Zero Memorial store with Jon Gold, went out of his way to condemn the United 93 movie and the official story of what happened, dismissing it as propaganda:

However, Cosmos has not gone on the record to question specifically what happened to Mickey, and exactly how he died.

At the very least, ladies and gentlemen, the credibility of Cosmos is now in serious doubt. For many years he claimed family member status of a 9/11 victim, and is now unequivocally on the record as changing his story.

Why would a person lie about being a 9/11 family member?

More tl;dr schizo conspiracy spam: first this guy is a faking being a conspiracy nut, then he isn't. Syed thinks there's something strange about anyone have more than one nephew. Lets see how this story "proving" Berstein is this Cosmos guy stands up to "a little citizen investigating":


This explains why Syed wears glasses. Proving optometrists won't run out of business soon, his friends spammed this scam like the conspiracy scoop of the century:

The Progressive Mind:

At a place called Pilots for 911 Truth:

At, from the comments populated by people who've gone Over the Rainbow one way or the other:

At a fake PAC called Citizen's Investigation team:

One user dissents, the only conspiracytard to disagree besides the target:

Andrew Bernstein and Cosmos are likely not the same person. According to the AICN writeup linked to above, Andrew Bernstein is a Creative Executive at Paul Schiff Productions, a film production company in Culver City, which is near Los Angeles. Cosmos, on the other hand, has apparently lived in the San Francisco Bay area during the last 9 years since 9/11, and is credited with starting the Northern California Truth Alliance. As Culver City is at least 450 miles, or a 7 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, it would appear highly unlikely that Andrew Bernstein and Cosmos are the same person
At Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad :

Monday, August 30, 2010
So Much for “Uncle Mickey”: “Cosmos” Outed as a Liar…or Worse

Some self-styled 9/11 truth activist who hides behind the pseudonym “Cosmos” apparently has enough time on his hands to devote himself to sabotaging my speaking events. A few years back, I was on the short list for a speaking tour of Australia, but got passed over because John Bursill of 911truthOz, who says he’s a friend of “Cosmos,” believed “Cosmos”’s lies about me.

Others who have invited me to speak in New York, California, and elsewhere have also been inundated with scurrilous emails from “Cosmos” and his friends. For example, Sander Hicks, organizer of last year’s We Demand Transparency conference, told me last year that he had been deluged by emails from the usual suspects. Sander added that Cosmos buddy Jon Gold had ranted, raved, and threatened him, saying “If he (Kevin Barrett) attends your little shindig, then I will never trust you again. It’s really that simple.”

This summer, Ken O’Keefe told me that “Cosmos,” Brian Good, and the rest of the tribe had deluged him with emails about what a terrible guy I was and how Ken shouldn’t share a stage with me in London. Fortunately, Ken was willing to devote several hours to looking into their allegations, which, he concluded, were false and/or misleading. “Why are these people harassing you, Kevin?” he asked me over Thai food at a West London restaurant not far from his home. I told him the truth: I really don’t know.

I added that if I were a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I would suspect that the whole wrecking crew–”Arabesque,” “Col. Sparks,” “Cosmos,” Brian Good, Jon Gold, Michael Woolsey, and Victoria Ashley — were agents of influence. That’s basically what Webster Tarpley said at the 9/11 truth conference in New York in 2007. Barrie Zwicker, who like Tarpley (and unlike the members of the wrecking crew) is a brilliant, accomplished voice of 9/11 truth, also suspects foul play. According to Barrie Zwicker “(the 9/11) perpetrators have assigned disinformation specialists to attack the honest citizen detectives of CIT.” The suspected “disinformation specialists” he is referring to are essentially the same people and anonymous entities listed above…the same people who devote enormous amounts of time to sabotaging my speaking events, asking bookstores not to carry my books, and in some cases physically stalking my wife and me.

Now, Adam Syed has discovered evidence to back these suspicions. In his new article “Is Cosmos Living Out a Double Identity, as an OCT Supporter As Well As A Truther?” Syed shows that “Cosmos” repeatedly claimed to be the nephew of 9/11 victim Mickey Rothenberg, before changing his story and saying that Rothenberg was just a family friend. Is “Cosmos” really Andrew Bernstein, an OCT supporter who also claims to be a nephew of Rothenberg? Maybe, maybe not. But any way you slice it, “Cosmos” has hidden his true identity and lied about being a family member, while devoting his time to sabotaging other 9/11 truth activists and events.

Why anyone would trust this character an inch is beyond me.
Posted by Kevin Barrett at 11:25 AM

Labels: 9/11 truth, Adam Syed, Cosmos, disinformation, Ken O’Keefe, Kevin Barrett, Sander Hicks, Tarpley, Zwicker
Screw Loose Change links to Syed peice: Cosmos Been Lyin'?
And flog it in comments for months, starting with a blog owner who claims not to be a conspiracytard:

At 19 November, 2010 22:11, Blogger Pat said...

Hey Cosmos, still lying about Uncle Mickey?

At 23 December, 2010 13:15, GuitarBill said...
Yo Cosmos (aka "Pat Cowardly", Andrew Bernstein)! Did you manage to shave that unsightly cat from your chin?

Inquiring minds want to know.

At 24 February, 2011 11:41, Richard Gage's Testicles said...
"What is the source, Pat?" -- Cosmos, angry at the world for failing to notice him

"What is the source, Pat?" -- Cosmos, angry at himself for alienating his family

"What is the source, Pat?" -- Cosmos, humiliated at his shattered credibility

"What is the source, Pat?" -- Cosmos, jealous that Jon gets more attention

"What is the source, Pat?" -- Cosmos, resentful that some people really do have dead relatives

"Please, son. Come home. Your mother misses you." -- Steven Bernstein, worried that his son is spiraling out of control

Last comment at a blog post ironically titled: Yes, You Are Wrong

Herp. And Syed was a sleazy lying cuntbag pushing the scam in the first place...and leaving it online for almost two years.

The REAL Andrew Bernstein:

Andrew Bernstein's Overview

  • Head (Development & Production) at The Walt Becker Company
  • Head (Development & Production) at Sparkler Entertainment
  • Creative Executive at Paul Schiff Productions
  • Assistant to Executive VP of Production at Spyglass Entertainment
  • Assistant to Feature Lit Agent at The Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann Agency
  • Penn State University

Not hard to find with a little "citizen investigation". Syed is either too stupid to tie his shoeslaces, much less play a violin, or Syed everyone who helped him spread this horseshit... he was inventing a sick scam, dragging Andrew Bernstein and his family into the sleazy conspiracy quagmire. 911NewCentral 911discussion 911 ??
By early 2011 Syed was burning through domains like Imelda Marcos at Shoeshack. Too bad the Browser of Life doesn't have spellcheck. Or Undo. The first couple of domains were a project he started with a clown called something Italian:

I do regret to inform everyone......that things have not gone exactly as I would have thought they would have gone, and I have to take some of the responsibility.

After Jeff Jacobucci (the owner and webmaster) and I worked fairly closely for several months, he sent me a letter about a week ago, telling me that he thanks me for all my insight and help, but that from this point he can "take it from here." He asked myself and Paul Getty to resign from his "advisory board."

I definitely do not think he's an op (he's a school teacher in rural PA) and, honestly, I simply think he felt I was upstaging him, and he wants to feel 100% in control.

This is unfortunate because, assuming he is well intentioned, he could definitely continue to benefit from my experience and insight.

Guess as long as Syed doesn't need to
ID someone from a police line up.
Less funny: school teachers sucked into these conspiracy scams.

More from Syed:

This is unfortunate because, assuming he is well intentioned, he could definitely continue to benefit from my experience and insight.

At this point I might as well lay out the history of the domain, I purchased it in the middle of 2010, shortly after the summer purge of CIT/P4T supporters at 911blogger. However, procrastination being my life's biggest enemy, I never got the site off the ground. Then, in the wake of the Creek Article about 911blogger, Jeff purchased and several others. He and I got in touch and decided to join forces. I sold him the domain, knowing full well he'd have control and that he might ask me to go my own way. That's exactly what happened.
Other tinfoil hat wearers think Syed moving had less to do with a difference of opinion and more to do with a hostile takeover or fraud Syed was trying to run from. Pancakes appear to be involved:

Just so everyone knows...

There's a new site started by LV911Truth of this site called

Jonathan Mark, pfgetty, posters from here, are contributors to that site.

It is a site meant to be an site. It promotes everything that has been used against this cause. At least, from a quick glance, that's what it looks like to me.

Just more "divide and conquer." Like the terms LIHOP and MIHOP have been used, and were probably meant to do.
Submitted by Jon Gold on Fri, 11/05/2010 - 9:01am.
Syed went on to found 911discussion:
adam syed
190 dogwood drive
loveland, Ohio 45140
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Domain Name: 911DISCUSSION.COM
Created on: 07-Feb-11
Expires on: 07-Feb-13
Last Updated on: 07-Feb-11

Administrative Contact:
syed, adam
190 dogwood drive
loveland, Ohio 45140
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This was praised by Kevin "Jew Toaster" Barrett:

Second hour: Adam Syed, coordinator of the new website . looks like a promising alternative to, where sensible and balanced moderation, and free and open discussion, have been conspicuous by their absence. Adam Syed, a professional violinist, is also a member of Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth.
Syed's website 911discussion was never heard from again.


Or maybe he is.  Definitely a retard, number 9 on the drool scale.   On getting a link to his profile, as per custom, Syed claims this is a "hit piece":

 Read Syed's Bawl Here

Rebuttal score:  1/10


Faggot Returns, Takes Back Lies, Makes New Ones

On May 16th, 2012, Syed returns like a lost circus monkey to the conspiracy organ grinder, telling fellow conspiritards maybe he was wrong about Bernstein, but not before smoking some long truther cult dong:

 Hello everyone,

Remember the whole deal awhile back about the true identity of truthaction founder YT/Cosmos? He had for the longest time claimed to be a family member of a 9/11 victim, UA93 victim Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg.



No one would have ever questioned this if Cosmos didn't engage in behavior consistent with that of an
agent provocateur, but Cosmos has attacked many of the finest activists and researchers in the movement, including Kevin Barrett, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Citizen Investigation Team, and even David Ray Griffin. He claims to do this because he sees himself as a "responsible" truther and he declares the above people/groups to be "irresponsible" truthers who in some way are "hurting the movement." You know the old saying, when a person points the finger too much, it's time to start looking at the person who's doing the pointing.

In addition to his suspicious behavior, there were a couple of other anomalies. Cosmos' story fluctuated, sometimes referring to Mickey as an "uncle," and later, a "family friend." And also, I publicly speculated that "Cosmos" might be one in the same with a person called Andrew Bernstein, an official story supporter who also publicly identified himself as a nephew of Rothenberg.
 Then Syed gets to the point and tries to take credit for finding the real Andrew Bernstein:
It appears that I was incorrect in this particular speculation, because I did find the actual Andrew Bernstein, with a different face from "Cosmos" and whose description matches how he is introduced in an online article from 2006.
One, it wasn't presented as speculation; it was spammed by Syed's  cronies across the Internet as fact.

Two, Syed didn't "find" Bernstein by himself; Syed found him lurking on this blog April 21, 2012, when he downloaded this image:

--> Host 
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21 Apr21:53:23

Then Syed swiped Bernstein's linked-in profile FROM THIS PAGE.

Two lies don't make a truth, asswipe.  Or change the FACT either Syed can't research his way out of a wet paper bag or he's been lying for two years.  The only reason he's back tracking now is because of serious  butthurt.

Even with "pilots" sucking his dick, Syed's stalking video has only 1 like after over 80 views.   But the single comment from an OWS supporter is pure lulz:
WOW! You're a fucking idiot! Get your facts straight you insensitive moron, and stop pretending to represent the "9/11 Truth Movement" (which is comprised of some credible people with some credible questions) if you are going to prey on 9/11 widows with your delusions. I'm embarrassed for you, whomever you are. Apologies to Meredith Rothenberg for continuing being attacked by these crackpots who are obviously just trying to publically discredit the movement.
Crackpots true.  Discredit movement?  Too late to stop that.
Of course the so called pilots high fiving Syed don't care; anything to keep the Conspiracy Kool-Aid flowing:


Syed seems to  have a hardon for "Cosmos".  Syed's Youtube feed shows him spreading anti Cosmos spam in comments across the Youtubes:

"Cosmos" does not spread any love at all. To the contrary, from behind his computer he spews much hate towards genuine 9/11 truth activists like Kevin Barrett, the Citizen Investigation Team, Pilots for 911 Truth and others. His supposed "credibility" comes from his having lost an uncle on 9/11. For more info google "Is Cosmos living out a double identity as an OCT supporter as well as a truther" for the investigative report.
Kameelyun 9 months ago
Truthstorm911 is absolutely right. Cosmos' "credibility" stems entirely from his supposedly having lost a family member on 9/11. For years he claimed to be Mark Rothenberg's nephew, before changing his story and admitting he wasn't.
wtcdemolition com slash blog slash node slash 2963
Kameelyun 9 months ago

Cosmos, aka YT, and founder of truthaction, is a fraud. He claimed for many years to be the nephew of Mark Rothenberg (a passenger on United 93) until several people noticed various holes in his story; then he came semi-clean and admitted he wasn't a relative at all, just a family friend who was "like" an uncle. Truthstorm is correct that Cosmos spreads lies and slander against genuine 911 truth activists like Citizen Investigation Team and Pilots for 911 Truth, and also Kevin Barrett.
Kameelyun 9 months ago
Google "Is Cosmos living out a double identity as an OCT supporter as well as a truther?" and read my article at wtcdemolition exposing Cosmos as a fraud.
Kameelyun 9 months ago

Syed also seems to be in love with Kevin Barrett.  Syed obviously needs take a break from conspiracies and get laid.

Fan of "Ozzy" Thomson?

Among Syed's likes is a video by Thomson on his SigurdSnakeEyes channel:
This story about a fake 9/11 survivor being busted as a fraud inspired me to contact the family of another person I long suspected to be a fraud. Within the 9/11 truth movement, there is an individul who goes by "Cosmos" who presented himself as having lost a family member, "Uncle Mickey" Rothenberg (from Flight 93). She had never heard of "Cosmos," much like the family of the alleged fiance had never heard of Tania Head.
Kameelyun 4 months ago
Maybe Syed needs to read wannabe pedo Thomson's page.


Syed has become a lurkerfag, compulsively hitting refresh, hoping his page tops Waldron's for  popular post. Then Syed can bawl to fellow conspiratards he's the most "attacked" and that's proof Cass Sunstein is out to get him.

Stalking Jon Gold?

Career on the rocks and still failing to get laid, Syed seems to have nothing better to do than stalk Lamadrid's former dupe, Jon Gold:

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 29, 2012 8:39:24 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 29, 2012 8:40:01 PM PDT
J. Gold says:
Would you mind not stalking me? I am really trying to avoid you because I think you are also mentally ill, and need to seek some help. I wouldn't be surprised if you showed up at my door with an axe. Aidan's posts about phone calls had nothing to do with my statement. It was his VERY FIRST post that said, "Gold's Envy & Ego Driven 9/11 Researcher Bashing... One can insert into Gold's "conspiracy industry dimwit" term, the name of any of the many figures within the so called "9/11 Truth" movement who have figured more prominently than Jon Gold. "Conspiracy theorist" is mainstream code for the skeptical researcher. And "dimwitted" are those who believe that simply declaring America was lied to about 9/11 will yield truth and justice." You knew that, but because you are either mentally ill, or a shit poor liar, you said otherwise just to misrepresent my statement about him. Please, stop stalking me. As I posted on Facebook, "some people in the "9/11 Truth Movement" don't like this review. They think I have a huge ego. They think I want to be famous. They didn't address any of the behavior mentioned by Nafeez. They just gave perfect examples of it." Again, please stop stalking me Adam Syed.
Looks like Wonder Boy isn't the only one who OD'd on red pills!!