Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Robert Guernsey aka robulusx


Networks: PDX911 Truth Alliance, Portland 911 Truth Alliance, Oregon Truth Alliance,

Contacts: Alex Ansary, Jennifer Wynhausen, Craig Lazo, "Ozzy" Thomson, Richard Frager, Glen Owen

Robert Guernsey- , | MyLife™

 Hippy/spaceman/shaman wannabe with Amerindian leanings.   Yet was unable to hear his spirit animals telling him to run as far from these conspiracy lunatics as possible.   Was a member of Lazo's forum, but never posted:

 Ran "longest running Portland 9/11 truth blog" according to one of the group's old websites:
"Roblux on Myspace">

It's a dead profile but the URL was
and a screen can be found in cache:

Making it the same myspace blog pushing pedo Thomson's Harley Guy Scam:

Screen of link to Craig Lazo's old forum from same blog:

Looks like "Rob" was in this shit up to his eyeballs with Lazo and Thomson.  It's the kind of thing that puts a smile on conspiracy lying stalker thug's face:

Rob with Jennifer and Alex

Apart from pimping the Harley Guy scam, Guernsey appears to be low key.  If more info surfaces indicating otherwise, it'll be posted here.