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Kurt Liebezeit

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Networks: Portland(PDX) 9/11 truth Alliance(founder)

Kurt Liebezeit is the mysteriously absent founder of the Portland branch of the 9/11 Truth Alliance. A user at KBOO community radio where the braintrusts running the site have his account hidden even though his contact page isn't. They don't call it "community radio" for nothing.

When he was still with the group he was making posters, he was uniting skeptics, drawing all sorts of loons out of the woodwork:

Portland 9-11 Truth Alliance

The Portland 9-11 Truth Alliance, around Kurt Liebezeit, resumed its seven week presentation series last Thursday at the Multnomah Friends Meeting Hall, with the film, "The Oil Factor", which "examines the hidden-yet-obvious motive behind the second Gulf War: control of the oil resource in the last swing state producer".

The film was followed with a presentation based on chapters 2, 3, and 4 of David Ray Griffin's book, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush administration and 9/11."
Chapter 2 of Griffin's book is about the Pentagon crash of Flight 77, while chapter 3 examines the Shanksville, PA crash of Flight 93.
Chapter 4 looks at the curious unconcern of George W. Bush as the attacks unfolded.

This thursday, they will continue with "The End of Suburbia/New Pearl Harbor lecture 4"
This page was published by raving German immigrant conspiracy nut Nico Haupt, a good friend of the group and one example of why America should build a titanium fence not just around it's borders, but down the center of the Atlantic ocean. The webpage is hosted by Webfairy, a long associate of Craig Lazo. It's obvious Liebezeit's group was already being set up for shenagins even if he wasn't part of it.

One of the last times Liebezeit is mentioned was in 2006 when the group was joined by Ginny Ross and Sara Lamadrid, and, if we are to believe his story, rejoined by Petros Evdokas:

'9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH' Randi Rhodes AIR AMERICA interviews TERROR TIMELINE's Paul Thompson
author: PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance and DemocracyForAmerica:Oregon e-mail:e-mail:
9/11 Truth pioneer and co-founder of will speak at Portland premier of '9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH' the afternoon of Sunday September 10th at CINEMAGIC 2021 SE Hawthorne Blvd. doors 12:30pm, event 1-5pm, premier screening of main feature about 1:30pm, 3:30-5pm national, regional and local researchers share insights and field questions about what you can do here and now to expose the truth about 9/11, its context, coverup and consequences--and a reminder that election fraud is as integral to 9/11 atrocities as controlled demolition and war games

This post was probably by Ginny since it refers to DFO and has an image of Kurt in happier, Nazi freer times:

KBOO's Kurt Liebezeit: three sets NEW PEARL HARBOR+PEAK OIL 2003-2005

"Ginny Hall" is listed as event organizer; this is obviously a typo for Ginny Ross because she identifies herself in the audio introduction Glen Owen uploaded to radio4all, by confirming herself as DFO representative before bossing him around. It's also possible "hall" is the first speaker Amanda's last name and there was confusion because her college group worked closely with DFO, assuming the college group wasn't yet another Portland Truth Alliance front.

Kurt is clearly out of the picture by this time. He was last seen for sure in late 2005, where the group already referred to him as an off and on member:
Although Per Fagering is not formally part of
the wtc7 production group, we will draw on material/
interviews etc generated by him—such as the
interview with JFK/911 expert Don Paul coming up
next week. Per is a semi-regular member of the
pdx911truthalliance, as is Kurt Liebezeit.
More lulz to come from that document.

While for a years it was thought Liebezeit had a bad accident with a couple tons of cement and a deep body of water, a month ago Liebezeit, or someone using his name, joined the Portland Occupy general assembly website but has not been otherwise active. Lurking for lulz or profit? Time will tell, but maybe it's time someone tell Kurt the group he founded has been over run with freaks. Assuming he cares anymore.

Other conspiracy events by Kurt:

“9/11 and the Politics of Peak Oil”
a lecture by best-selling author and political investigator
Michael C. Ruppert

7:30pm Thursday June 2nd 2005
Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center, 1819 NW Everett St

Sponsored by the Portland 9-11 Truth Alliance and

$10 admission at door, advance tickets at Laughing Horse, 3652 SE Division
For more information, phone Kurt Liebezeit, (503) 887-4532
or Laughing Horse Books (503) 236-2893, or visit

Workshops by Kurt:

Questioning 9-11 workshops in July In the coming weeks, the Portland 9-11 Truth Alliance will be holding a series of free teach-in's and showing video presentations focused on 9-11 at the Multnomah Friends Meeting Hall, 4312 SE Stark, Portland. Much of the series is built upon David Ray Griffin's newly released book, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About The Bush Administration and 9/11." The schedule of events and topics are shown below:
Tuesday, July 6th, 7pm
Questioning 9-11: Introduction, Flight 11, and Flight 175
Join us for an introduction to 9-11 skepticism and an examination of the events in New York City. Why were the planes not intercepted? Why did World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7 collapse? Excerpts from Barry Zwicker's Canadian TV series, "The Great Deception," will be shown.

Tuesday, July 13th, 7pm

Questioning 9-11: Flight 77, Flight 93, and the Pentagon
Did a jetliner crash into the Pentagon? What else is troubling about Flight 77? Was Flight 93 shot down? What actions did officials like President Bush take on 9/11? More questions about the Official Story.

Tuesday, July 20th, 7pm

Questioning 9-11: Obstructions, Warnings, and Motives
This evening will review the FBI investigations that were blocked, the many warnings from foreign sources, and a look at why U.S. officials might have wanted "a new Pearl Harbor." Background on the Project For A New American Century, and a brief look at Peak Oil.

Tuesday, July 27th, 7pm

Questioning 9-11: Aftermath and Coverup
A review of the events following the attacks: the anthrax incidents, two wars, and a commission very unlikely to support anything other than Incompetence and the Official Story.

All events are FREE and take place upstairs at the Multnomah Friends Meeting Hall, 43rd and SE Stark, 7 pm, and last for about 90 to 120 minutes. For more information, send an email to homepage: homepage:

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Sadly, in the modern world, the money system has a large role in most of our lives. Credit, in particular, plays a part in that we often don't recognize: credit enables farmers to grow food, enables citizens to buy houses, and is often used at the garden center when we buy seeds or tools. Yet few people realize how seriously damaged our credit system is at present. Our government has run a well-coordinated media campaign over the past six months to convince the public that the economy is showing signs of "green shoots." In fact, nearly all of the so-called green shoots are the result of focusing on fudged statistics, bad indicators that aren't quite as bad as expected, and massive credit injection into the economy. In this talk Stoneleigh, editor of the popular financial blog The Automatic Earth, will explain clearly why the green shoot economy will not prove durable going forward into the future, how the concepts of peak oil, empire and credit bubbles intersect, and show how we as individuals can prepare for a very different financial future than we may have originally envisioned.

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