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Steve Keller aka Styve


Networks: PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance, Oregon Truth Alliance

Group Contacts: Sara Lamadrid, Ginny Ross, Russ Hallberg

Toss up between Uber dupe or Uber Creep.   Possibly a closet Larouchie.  Started out "handled" by Lamadrid, then passed off to Ross in late 2007.  Wannabe pedo "Ozzy" Thomson refers to Steve Keller in a video during the wq2rx video scam.

from Ozzy's stalking video

Last seen on Conspiracy Emporium 9/11 blogger where, seized by a paranoid frenzy, Keller threw a fellow Larouchie under the bus while defending Tarpley:

Who is this disinfo twerp who sent a note to Tarpley...?!

I swear the Portland disinfo/disruptor crowd certainly likes to spin its wheels. Check out this garbage I was copied on, where a known disruptor obviously has nothing better to do in the 911 Activism world than create some friction/controversy...

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Thanks for all you've done!
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 03:46:40 +0000
From: Jerry Jordan
To: tarpley@
CC: Styve, Marsh

Hi, Mr. Tarpley! Thank you for all you've done to help expose 911 truth.
I read your book Synthetic Terror. I know it helped me get into 911Truth and learn everything I wouldn't have from the MSM.
I was wondering if you could get someone to help us out here in Portland. No one will take the Kennebunkport Warning with the seriousness that it deserves because of all the disruptors spreading their disinfo.

As you can see eveyone's all "Hoax! Hoax! Hoax!". I'm very concerned about an imminent false flag event and I don't think these people realize how much danger we're in until it's too late! And these brave people who signed the warning shouldn't be slandered by the liars.
At 911Blogger a local activist Styve has been working hard but to no avail;
911blogger seems to be firmly on the side of the pro hoaxers.:(
Maybe you could talk to the local Oregon Truth Alliance? They could have you come and speak or something. Anything to stop another 9/11!
I think Styve is a member of the OTA and can help you out. Hope I got the right one! He's done so much out on the streets to promote the Truth, writing on Indy Media and stuff. Hope I'm not being too forward but this is so important I think it's worth the risk!
In case you might be too busy(you must get hundreds of emails a day!) I'm also sending this to Bruce Marshall. I know he's been trying to help too.
Thank you again for everything!
What a load of insincere shit, and to what end, I do not know! JJordan...keep fighting your fight online, and leave us alone, please.

Other members of the Portland 911 Truth community have received harassing, or disruptive bullshit from this person, and Indymedia has indicated that he has been kicked out of every activist group that they know of, for disruptive antics.
Bottom line...the GOP is getting desperate to put down the 911 Truth Movement, and I wouldn't doubt they would use Martial Law to do so. Casseia had some inane shit to say about my improper use of BushCo and GOP, so she can explain if she feels it is pertinent.
It's the Chris White thang all over again.

On the Streets doing Stuff for the Cadre, um, Cause

Mid Sept of 2006 Keller hit the streets with his message to impeach Bush:

AUDIO FILE: Portland Call To Impeach Bush

This is a twelve minute interview with Styve, who has been diligently on the streets of Portland for many months now with signs encouraging the Impeachment of George W. Bush.
This appealed beyond the tinfoil crowd since most pieces of dandruff lint were more qualified for the presidency than George W. Bush.  But this is just cult bait, swiped from established lefty talking points, a la most of the political plagiarism Larouchie fellow travelers engage in.

Keller was interviewed by Jim Lockart> audio file here.  The significance of this email on the Sp page is clear:  Keller was inviting the group to this protest:

Come join us at the Hawthorne Bridge this morning~~
 Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:57 am
"Steve Keller" <svbk61@...>

Hey pdx911Truthers,

We are going to have some other new people join Kathy and I at the

Grand/Madison mouth of the Hawthorne Bridge this morning at 9a, and
since I am sporting some new 911Truth signs, I thought I should invite
you all, as well.

It's only 2 boards, with signs on each side...

9-11 - the First of Many Lies

9 -11 - Bush's Gulf of Tonkin
9-11 - False Flag, Impeach
Bush says, "Boo!"

It does seem that people are asking more, "why aren't people in the

streets?", to which we respond, "WE ARE, join us!" You should see the
positive responses I get to the 911 signs, and a motorcycle rider
almost fell off his bike laughing to the "BOO" sign.

Gotta get out there a bit early, to hopefully chat with this guy about

his cable public access show.

Seeya there!!


 Kathy of "Sneaky Jew" infamy showed up:

So did a chick who looks a lot like Sara Lamadrid:


we say same fag-hag

 This is important because the date, September 15, is 2 weeks from the receipt on an email both Keller and Lamadrid received displaying Kathy's open anti-Semitism:

Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 9:27 AM
Subject: Re: [pdx911truth] Hate speech at pdx911truth

Yes, I understand about all those bastards connected to Mossad, the state of Israel, AIPAC, etc... although many of the actors in the 9/11 debacle profess to be born-again Christians.  The bottom line for me, though, is getting the public at large to understand that this event did not happen the way they said it did, and focusing on the religion of a portion (granted a large and powerful portion) of the people and throwing around the "Zionist Jew" thing is NOT going to win people over, in fact it's going to get people to call you a NUT.

Then KATHY goes on spouting about SNEAKY JEWS (apparently like me) who INFILTRATE the lists!  Babe, you just showed your true colors.  Brown shirt, my guess.

You guys can blame 9/11 on a Jewish-Bilderberger-Masonic-Illuminati-Skull&Bones-Reptilian Alien cabal from Planet Xenon for all I care, I am out of this discussion.

 Wut Kathy said:

From: Richard P

To: olfriend@...

Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 8:28 PM

Subject: [911TruthAction] Re: Petros Evdokas: answering Dick Eastman's hatred against the Jews

Anybody with a brain should be able to see that because of zionist Israel, it's several lobby groups and the many zionists in high positions of power in the US govt (many with dual Israeli/US citizenship,) the US is engaged in a phony war on terror in the middle east.  False flag ops is Israel's specialty and the mussad was just as much involved in 911 as the criminals in the US govt.  Anybody that tries to stifle such discussion is probably a govt shill or worse, a zionist shill.   

From: "Larry
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 8:35 PM
Subject: Re: Petros Evdokas: answering Dick Eastman's hatred against the Jews

This Petros guy spouts shit about racism and doesn't say a word about
Israel being one of the most racially discriminatory places in
existence, as you say Wayne, the usual bullshit to cover their asses.

Kathy writes:
 If I could stick my two cents in?   If you want to find out if
your group is infiltrated by sneaky jews, just criticize them or israel and
their fangs and claws come out, they can't help themselves.

I was actually on the mailing list for that group and since I know how they
infiltrate, whether it's the Sierra Club or a 9/11 Truth Movement, they
infiltrate everything.   To test the waters I brought up the fraud of Anne Frank and
her diary being written in ball-point pen, despite the fact it had just been
invented and only available to American generals.   I watched all the zionist
spies come out of hiding.  I don't know if Mr. Eastman remembers this incident
about a year ago.   I quickly unsubscribed.  It's a waste of time if they've
infiltrated.   They have infested the antiwar movement, steering it away from
israel and this crock of matzo, "no war for oil".   This Petros character is
involved in this group for one reason, to steer it away from jews and israel.


----- Original Message -----
From: casseia
Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 7:10 PM
Subject: [pdx911truth] Hate speech at pdx911truth

Dick, you are no longer able to post here.

Petros, as I have indicated in the past, I agree with you. However, I
am very disturbed by your suggestion that you have not YET brought
attention to hate speech at pdx911truth. I check this site several
times daily and still did not notice this email from Dick before you
did. Although he is now prohibited from posting (and thus dealt with)
the policy at this group has always favored free speech up until that
privilege (ie, the privilege to exercise that right HERE at our
group's site) is abused. Therefore, people may write objectionable
posts that must be dealt with after the fact. The idea that a group
member would make this process public (ie, publically announcing that
the group engages in hate speech)is itself offensive.


 Great.  Dick's gone.  BUT WHAT ABOUT KELLER'S BUD KATHY?  Lamadrid's future objections to antisemitism are an act if, after this exchange, Lamadrid had no problem protesting next to the Nazi hag. 

Kathy was Lamadrid's protest buddy, that's why Kathy wasn't deleted from the main group list. [<move to lamadrid pg?]

Keller would continue to spam conspiracy sites, trolling for new protest partners and other stuff:

I need current info on Jeff. Manual matters...

By Styve - Posted on 13 October 2006
Here in Portland, OR, the World Can't Wait event last week was supposed to include a stop at City Hall, to show support for the Resolution of Impeachment that City Council has sat on for five months. It didn't happen, due to interference by a bloc of protesters with a different agenda. We may still do something, and I would like to poll the ADS readership on what the newest info is on the progress of various state and city Jefferson's Manual initiatives regarding impeachment of these crooks.
Please send me a direct email at, and/or post here, and I will check back.
Mmmm...sounds like the World Can't Wait fiasco Keller's friend and informant Russ Hallberg fucked up....

Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 10:58 pm    Post subject: Hey you have other info than locations?

Thanks for the note, and I dislike the pm function, so I thought I would just post something and say hey back. All info on these camps seems very piecemeal, and you never hear of a construction schedule, staff levels, what the towns where they are being prepared believe them to be, or if there is any activism about them. That might be useful, as it was for the Blackwater construction protest in San Diego, where I believe that locals were pissed when they heard about the construction of a massive campus for mercenary fuckheads to play war.

Re- the lawyer thing, let me think, but I do know one up here who is probably already on it. Give me an email at, and we'll go from there. I am going to be incommunicado for the long weekend, so we'll talk next week.

Styve said...

I have been trying to find out if there is any activism planned for this weekend in SF because I am visiting my old hometown for a few days. I posted on Craigslist, but will be incommunicado, email-wise, after about 11a this morning. Thinking about hitting the Embarcadero at the Ferry Building for an hour during Friday rush hour, signs a-blazing. Shoot me a note at if there is stuff going on.

Both Keller and Hallberg would go on to sign up on Lamadrid's front list 911truthportland.

911 Truth Portland

Keller signed up on his protest buddy Lamadrid's list, posting tinfoil like crazy:

Hey...let's keep an eye out for... ...articles that address the psychological issue pertaining to
(!!Truth acceptance, the topic that was brought up in the Alliance
meeting at LH Books last night.

I hear people's initial efforts to convey the truth to those in denial
generally focus on WTC 7, 3 bldgs down at freefall speed, the
implausibility of a 767 having made the "hole" in the Pentagon, no
remains at either the Pentagon or Shankstown sites, etc. I am
envisioning a similar hierarchy of the "walls of resistance" people
erect for security purposes, and beyond that...who knows?! I think
that if the Truth Movement can begin to show the frailty of the
psychological defense strategies in the face of truth/facts, we might
start to see a dismantling of the strategic fog the GOP is dependent
on for its power-retention.

I have to look more closely at the article about the 5 year goal of
info suppression that the GOP employed, but I am sure that in these
past 5 years, there are many pieces to this "mindfuck puzzle" that we
all have missed, and that might be useful for 9-11 Truth awareness.

Evdokas replies with links to Wilhelm Reich's Orgonon psych research con for some reason.  Maybe he's giving a hint the group pushes scams.

Moar messages from Keller:

And in February 2007 from the sekrit list:

 [pdx911truth] Fwd: Styve wants 9/11 Questions Meetups too! (+Ginny w/ Howard Dean pic)
Monday, February 26, 2007 5:20 PM
"yahoogroup pdx911truth" <

 Hey ... it looks like there are 35 people knock - knock - knocking at our door ...  Is Ginny? Sara? Bruce C? already keeping up with this?

Discuss @ Mar 7th meetup?

503 287 3473
Keller was also on the other sekrit group list:
From:Steve Keller
To:Oregon Truth Alliance 
Subject[911leaders] 9-11-01 
Call to Action Tue 09/11/07 07:37 AM

Call to Action on 9-11 - updated a bit

Let 9-11 be a date to remember in your life, not because of the dark day the world suffered 6 years ago, or because of the Bush Administration's reliance on memory of 9-11 to make Americans fearful enough to give up civil liberties to fight the bullsh*t "War on Terror". Make it the day and date that you said that you are going to fight for your country!!

Join the impeachment, anti-war, 911Truth or other progressive movements and make your voice heard demanding redress/remedy of all this corrupt Administration's actions and cover-ups regarding 9-11, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Katrina, the NSA wiretapping, the 1200 Signing statements, the Medicare fraud, the fraud against our Veterans, the US Attorney scandals...the list goes on and on!!

Fight back, and we can take back the country we had before Bush stole the 2000 election and launched the GWOT (Global War on the Truth).

last year's post, with updated "One Man Parade"

The "One Man Parade" link confirms "sassykathy" is kathy leonard "sneaky jews" bushman [think she needs her own page yet? -4dam ] :

fighting in the propaganda war 12.Sep.2006 09:02


I love what Steve does and I join him on many mornings on the Hawthorne Bridge. I also post signs on telephone posts - that like steve's signs are meant to make people think. I try to counter the GWOT [Global War on Truth] in my own AND with Steve; my signs are aimed at pedestrians with a little time - often near bus stops - so they can be a 'little' wordier, but not too wordy. I also like to hit high schools where our children are so apt to be pestered by recruiters. I hope that other readers and activists are inspired to find their own way to fight back in this propaganda war.

If you want to find out if
your group is infiltrated by sneaky jews, just criticize them or israel and
their fangs and claws come out, they can't help themselves.

I was actually on the mailing list for that group and since I know how they
infiltrate, whether it's the Sierra Club or a 9/11 Truth Movement, they
infiltrate everything.   To test the waters I brought up the fraud of Anne Frank and
her diary being written in ball-point pen, despite the fact it had just been
invented and only available to American generals.   I watched all the zionist
spies come out of hiding.

Making Lamadrid a Nazi hag too...or maybe Lamadrid just likes standing on street corners with Nazi hags.    Keller sure can pick em.   

Lamadrid says of Keller in late 2007:
 casseia wrote: Styve is an acolyte of aayers and I don't know WHAT they're up to,

Stupid lying bitch just needs to check her front group archives where Evdokas tells everyone:

- There is a group forming in Oregon City. This one is also being put
together by an experienced activist whose intention is primarily to
keep it free from disruptions and provocations.
If you're interested in this group, please contact

 like7new@comcast. net  = Russ Hallberg = aayers = probable police informant
confirmation of email id

There is no public evidence available on-line that Keller and Hallberg  had any special relationship with each other, apart from both being members of the same creepy cult conspiracy group.  But there is evidence both Keller and Hallberg had a closer relationship to Lamadrid and Evdokas than any of them admit to.    Keller posts have been linked; here are Hallberg's:

Also see Hallberg's profile.

Sometime in mid 2007 it was decided Keller and Hallberg were to publicly split from Lamadrid and Evdokas.  But there's still nothing connecting Keller to Hallberg specifically.  Instead it was Ginny Ross that became Keller's "manager".  It's highly unlikely Lamadrid didn't know this, begging the question of why she wanted people to believe Keller was working closely with Hallberg.  Maybe Lamadrid felt sad her protest buddies Keller, Bushman and Hallberg were invited to Ross' list and she wasn't:

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 06:07:28 -0500
From: "Kathy Leonard-Bushman"
Subject: Re: [911] Portland Indymedia.. what the f_____!
To: "OR 9/11 Activist Leaders"

I know and they wouldn't let me post my article on the health care issue -
or anything about Kucinich.  I think it's been taken over by the corporatist
Democrats or by Homeland Security moles - we progressives may need to form a
Craig's list group.

On Jan 18, 2008 6:02 AM, Russ Hallberg wrote:

>  Portland Indymedia appears to have followed the path of political
> correctness.  It is very difficult to get articles published there now
> concerning 9/11 and election fraud.  "Conspiracy theories" are associated
> with the "racists" Alex Jones and Ron Paul.  "Conspircay theorists" have
> little in common with police confrontation demonstration tactics.  Changing
> the system by exposing the lies at its foundation is effective.
> Provocateurs that influence the radical community do not want effective
> actions.

Keller can tell Lamadrid not to be sad.  We'll always remember Lamadrid as one of Keller's pro-Nazi propaganda hos:

Is Keller the classic dupe, bounced from one fake front to another, swallowing any tasty koolaid?  Or is he really a closet Nazi?  Is he "eyes open" or "eyes closed"?  We may never know.  Keller dropped out of the conspiracy scene around 2009.  

Bridge City Legal 

 A company Keller appears to be connected to:

Hire litigation staff directly - Save agency fees!

Posting ID : #1007709045
Date Posted : 2012-02-23
Group : Legal Services

Is your office or firm overloaded with discovery-related work, such that attorneys that normally bill over $150+ hourly are slogging through boxes, or giga-bytes of discovery, rather than attending to new clients, writing briefs, or preparing winning strategic motions? Have you considered bringing in temporary workers, preferably with some experience in the law, only to find that the agencies in Portland seem to charge much more than you remeber similar litigation support gigs used to pay? Have you considered skipping the middle-man, and posting an ad for project staffing, but opted not to do it, because you didn't want the HR hassle of sorting through resumes, interviewing, etc.? Why not tap the labor pool that is available through PandaHi, save time and money, and perhaps more smoothly address your staffing needs fluctuations?!

For $20 - $35 an hour, you could hire a seasoned litigation support professional (me) with experience ranging form litigation paralegal, to document review/coding manager, to e-discovery product analyst!!

With several years of corporate and litigation paralegal experience and an MBA form the University of Michigan, my interest in improving litigation discovery efficiency led me to explore the field of electronic discovery. I have worked as a member of several document review teams and in some, have assumed leadership roles, due to my organizational and analytical acumen. I strive for efficiency in my written and verbal presentation, and in the acheivement of various project objectives.

I have strong references form local employers, as well as form partners/associates at several firms with whom I have worked in legal research, writing and the improvement of evidence-harvesting capabilities using various databases.

My rates for full-time, or contract work are reasonable and flexible. I would be glad to send a MS Word version of my resume and I have a variety of writing samples and other introductory materials. Please reply to the CL email address and I will send directly.

My resume summary follows...


Steve Keller

Portland, OR

Litigation Paralegal / Document Management Consultant............2000 - present
Portland, OR / San Francisco, CA
* Wise & Associates; Discovery analysis/organization and deposition preparation research for employment discrimination/retaliation matter.
* Standard ISG Legal Group: Prepared comprehensive index for 9000 page discovery, after streamlining the project through collaboration with a local discovery vendor.
* StanCorp Investment Advisors, Inc.: Designed and implemented comprehensive audit of mutual fund service and dealer agreements, to update method for tracking and efficiently retrieving revenue sharing terms for 4500 mutual funds offered through Standard's retirement plan platform.
* McCullough Research: Discovery research for motion preparation on an energy market manipulation matter on remand form the US Supreme Court.
* PGE Legal Department: Litigation document management support, reviewed electronic data and documents for relevance and privilege, created a privilege log.
* Epiq Systems: Streamlined class-action claims administration, refined verification procedures manual .
* Lane Powell: Several multi-week contract discovery projects - loaded, reviewed and analyzed Summation databases, with significant responsibility and IT contact.
* Bridge City Legal: Project Manager of start-up document coding department, managed team of 8 coders using Concordance on projects of 4k - 96k pages.
* Schubert & Reed: Developed and implemented efficient methodology for 8-attorney document review team to search 6 million page Summation database, in large telecom shareholder derivative action.
* Weisberg & Miller: Analyzed, organized evidence for prosecution of breach of contract / corporate fraud case. Deposition binders and summaries preparation.
* Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein: Analyzed large volume of evidence using Summation and Access, and custom-designed detailed charts/databases for evidence presentation in large FLSA class-action claim for unpaid overtime wages. Worked closely with IT department to improve efficiency.

E-DISCOVERY PRODUCT ANALYST......................11/2005 - 6/2006
Discover-e Legal, Inc..................................Portland, OR
* Formalized and implemented the company's project management process. Initiated and conducted a post-analysis of a major project and developed a standard "work process" flowchart.
* Reviewed company's website/white papers, performed thorough revamp of site-content in all areas.
* Edited users' manual for new software release.
* Worked with programming team to develop software-testing protocol and testing documentation.
* Self-initiated research of several topics pertaining to company responsibilities under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS PARALEGAL..................................1985 - 1987
Sullivan & Cromwell..............................................New York, NY
* Acted as a resource base for the nation's leading Mergers and Acquisitions group.
* Prepared and circulated written analyses of M & A issues and documents.
* Conducted research using Disclosure, Dow Jones, and Lexis/Nexis.
* Prepared Articles of Incorporation and corporate minutes for shell corporations.
* Created and maintained surveys of acquisition defense vehicles and State takeover laws.

RETAIL AND MARKETING MANAGER ....................................1991 - 1999
Rainbo Sport Shop .........................................Chicago, IL
Conducted consultative sales of ice figure skating equipment, and did professional blade mounting and sharpening. Managed a crew of 5-8 sales staff to optimize sales and labor dollar generation for top store in chain. Developed integrated marketing plan for three-store ice- and inline skating buisness. Wrote advertising copy for publication in local and national magazines. Maintained "NO ROAD RASH" inline instruction buisness, founded in 1991, through promotional and direct-marketing efforts.

FIELD ACCOUNT eexcutive .........................................1989 - 1990
D'arcy Masius Benton & Bowles ........................Chicago, IL / New York, NY
Using a $10 million budget, managed American Dairy Association Advertising/Promotion campaign for the New York and New England markets. Presented and sold Media Plans / New Creative to ADA Dairy Boards monthly. Co-wrote Ad Age award-winning New York City Milk "Top Ten List" radio spots.

Elders in Action, Portland, OR, 2011
Trained as a Personal Advocate, to prepare myself for helping elderly Portland residents navigate the bureaucratic, legal, and otherwise traumatic events / situations that arise in their daily lives. Plan to also get involved with the EiA lobbying effort in Salem, on behalf of elderly clients.

Election Protection /, San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR, 2004 - 2008
Phone banking in San Francisco during 2004 campaign and election and Portland, for 2008.

Paralegal-Legal Editor, San Francisco, CA, 2002 - 2003
Conducted online legal research for various attorneys and public interest organizations using Westlaw, Lexis, and public records to revise articles for submission to various publications covering legal matters arising under FLSA and FELA.

MBA, 1989 - University of Michigan buisness School...............Ann Arbor, MI
Concentration in Marketing, General Management
Internship: Johnson & Higgins, Chicago, Illinois - International Sales Analyst

BA, 1984 - Hampshire College.......................................Amherst, MA
Concentration in Law & Public Policy
independant Study / Thesis: "The Politics of Immigration Reform"
Internships: Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy(1982), Boston, MA
FAIR(1983), Washington, DC

ENGLISH DIPLOMA, 1979 - Phillips Exeter Academy...................Exeter, NH

Computer Skills~~
Summation, Concordance, Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw;
Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Outlook;
Access, ACT! 2000, File Maker Pro, PeachTree;
Disclosure, Dow Jones, Dun & Bradstreet
Maybe this is how the group recruited him; legal eagle turkey Ross picked him up at a jobs conference.

Keller posted this resume February of 2012.  We strongly advise potential employers to check if Keller has left the conspiracy cult before considering hiring him