Thursday, March 15, 2012

David Morrison aka jailbush etc

Status: ACTIVE

Networks: Pdx911truth Alliance, Portland Truth Alliance, Oregon Truth Alliance, DFA

Contacts: Ginny Ross, Glen Owen, Michael Schultz, Brian Mcmanus

Failed bookstore owner with no means of visible support given to spamming the Indymedia collective with conspiracy articles authored by "jailbush", sometimes "jailbushcheney", sometimes "jail+name*x" , you get the idea. Obsessed with chemtrails. When he's not lurking in the background monitoring group events, he's trying to raise money through charity fronts supposedly for sick kids. No relation to Doors singer Jim Morrison.


David Morrison is the owner of something called Morrison Books, an on or offline, on again, off again, so called business of antique and rare books:

david morrison books

1985 – Present (27 years)

An online book business based on the chaos theory. Activism with a small "a"
david morrison morrison's Education
Los Angeles City College
BA, Film, Photography, Psychology

david morrison morrison's Additional Information



Environmental topics, Education, Books, Relationships, Biological weapons testing, Wireless technology and environmental impacts, Art, Architecture, Photography books, health and survival.
Groups and Associations:

Honors and Awards:

Golden Mike Award KPFK Radio, Los Angeles
1st Place Photography City Colleges of Los Angeles
Gold Medal " ditto.

Morrison books used to have a physical location:

David Morrison Books
530 NW 12th Ave, Portland, Or. 97209, phone: (503) 295-6882, email:
Problem is, for a business that's been around since 1985, it isn't registered with the state corporation division. Strange thing to over look for someone using a common last name. Anyone could register Morrison's business name and steal rights to use it in his own State. That would be awful. But his so called book business isn't the only thing not registered; neither is the nonprofit shop supposedly raising money for sick kids.

Fake Charity?

The Needle is a thrift-store Morrison claims to have started to raise money and awareness for children's diabetes according to an article by Morrison (ex?) wife,

The Needle
The Needle isn't listed in the State Corporate Register either. Worse, it's not helping raise money for kids according to this 1 star review:

 Marc R.

Portland, OR
I usually refrain from panning a small business, but this one is really poorly run and ill conceived....Lousy, moldy stuff! Books are common and in poor condition, HIGHLY overpriced as are the albums. Embarrassing! There are much better choices for thrift and vintage stores in Portland. Her buttons are a focus, so if your search is for vintage (clothing) buttons you'll do well here - otherwise I'll pass.

As a testament to Morrison's butthurt, this review is now "filtered" as spam.  View this user's other reviews HERE; he's not being biased.  Even so his 5 star review of an entirely different vintage store has been marked as spam by retaliating cultists:

Marc R. 
Portland, OR
Very friendly owner, easy to deal with, good clean interesting stuff and willing to be reasonable - so much better than any mainstream thrift store. Fun searching through the bins and boxes, never know what you'll find!
 "The Needle" owners must hate "Vintage by the Pound"; they only went after the 5 star review.  It's a dog eat dog world in the cultist run vintage business.

Back to The Needle:a  new 5 STAR review is in place, totally not put up by a friend of Morrison:

 Tree M.

Portland, OR
 I stumbled upon this place a couple years ago with a friend as we came out of Buffalo Exchange next door. We found it to be charming, my friend with me was from Europe and to her it felt like something she would have come across int he streets of Spain. I have been back many times. Although I will say that the hours are minimal I think mainly afternoons and possibly not regular. I still go back.

And correction the number listed 503-234-7662 is for a different Vintage Shop,

The correct number is (503) 234-0585.
Guise, it might have been believable at 3 or 4, but no one goes from 1 star to 5 stars in less than 2 months without a change in management.  Fyi extreme irregular hours automatically keep any small shop out of the 5 star category.  But nice try.  2/10

The Needle sounds less like a charity and more like a front for money laundering. It's exactly what criminals use: a store front that looks like a legitimate business. Being run down is a bonus; the less customers, the less chance of suspicion spreading. And a perfect way to hide "anonymous donations".

This could also be one place Craig Lazo got the idea to accuse Val McClatchey of running a fraudulent charity: Lazo knew his group was running a con and cultists love to project.

Ironically Morrison is rumored to react with violent butthurt if the one legitimate business Morrison is linked to through his ex-wife is mentioned:

An award-winning screenwriter and recipient of the 2005 Oregon Book Award for drama, Louanne Moldovan is the founder and artistic director of Cygnet Productions, a literary cabaret theater company in Portland, Oregon. Currently, she works as a writer, actor, and director for several production companies in Portland.

Cygnet Productions
Artistic Director

Critically, popularly-acclaimed literary cabaret theatre company founded in David Morrison Books in 1993

If Morrsion didn't want his past dug up, he shouldn't have gotten involved with pedo friendly stalkers.

The Wife:

How did this dumpy prick end up with that?

Portland "Truth" Alliance

Morrison is known to offer his residence, a church cum residence cum surveillance performance art piece, as a meeting space:

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our Meeting This Wednesday June 28th

There will be a meeting at David's Church this Wednesday. Please note the time is at 6:30 p.m. LinkDave Morrison and Mike Shultz will present their findings from the just concluded 9/11 conference in Los Angeles.
Occasionally Morrison would give lectures:

noon-5:30pm Sat Nov 4th : Central Library downtown Portland 801 SW 10th Ave - pdx911truth alliance member David Morrison hosts a Forum on potential risks of aerosol and other weather experimentation by government agencies
No one knows what this has to do with "911" but in anything Morrison did , "they are spraying us with chemtrails" was not far behind.  "David's Church" is Morrison's residence, a converted church rumored to be loaded with surveillance equipment and used to lure dupes to be recorded without their knowledge, hopefully to get something the group could use for blackmail.   That anything garnered by deceit is far more damaging to the group than their targets, is lost on the conspiracy cult.

[under construction]

Complicity in "Tinfoilwars" blog?

Morrison was one of the many group members who knew about and contributed to the stalking blog "Tinfoilwars" resurrected HERE.  Set up by member Jennifer Wynhausen and her associate Jaye Powers, was meant to be an anonymous vehicle to intimidate ex group members into silence. It failed miserably.    Morrison knew about the project and did nothing to warn anyone or report the slimey activity to authorities.  In fact Morrison participated, before the group, realizing just how fucking dumb it was, DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHINGOr so they thought.

The problem was the photos, information and links at tINFOilWars originated with the group or it's associates; ergo the group was the source of them, "anonymous" faggotry aside. The further  problem came when this manufactured material appeared in videos with death threats and other insinuations made by Greg Thomson.  Thomson would take these psycho videos to a new level, mixing images of underage girls apparently engaged in erotic poses.  Why Thomson did this isn't known.  It's possible the group was trying to smear critics with porn, which proves they're experts in Doing It Wrong.   All it did was make it look like the group is comfortable working with pedophiles.  Thomson bragging about it didn't help:
 Ozzy bin Oswald 2/3/09
Youtube rules for child porn!
My only concern is that you'll find out I eat gingerbread men.
That's right, I'm a cannibal too.

Most of these videos are gone. Go to Thomson's page for more.

Morrison, knowing about these blogs and videos, and supporting them to attack their "enemies" shows he's as deranged as the rest of the cult group. 

Stealing from widows and orphans?

Not quite; just teachers and students with his Wi-Fi LolSuit:

Moar Lolsuit links: