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Sara Lamadrid aka casseia


Networks: Pdx 911 Truth, 911Portland Truth, WTC demolition blog,

Contacts: Ginny Ross, Petros Evdokas, Richard Frager, Jennifer Wynhausen, Mr. Thomas Potter

Pathological compulsive lying narcissist who plays the group's butt monkey to get sympathy. Will try to arrange "dates" so the group can use sex to control members. Will also attempt to acquire passwords not realizing tampering with an account is recorded by the email host. Needs to be seen as smart and knowledgeable making her stupidly reveal how much she knows about the group's slimy members, begging the question of how she came by the knowledge and why she stayed so long with these creeps.

Lamadrid will react with outraged butt hurt when her participation in any of the group's scams are exposed. Webster Tarpley is a particularly volatile berserk button; Lamadrid is known to retaliate by spamming pics of ex members at former group events like the David "Bait" Griffin event she sucked people into:

Being dumber than a box of rocks, Lamadrid doesn't see all she's doing is spreading proof she DID invited people under false pretenses to expose them to Nazi friendly cultists. It doesn't help that Craig Lazo almost always has the drop on these online tantrums, making the facade that Lamadrid doesn't work with Lazo or Jennifer Wynhausen all that harder to maintain to their dwindling followers.

One lie Lamadrid spread around was that someone in 2007 dropped her docs. Total bullshit; in 2006 she doxxed herself at the conspiracy website 911blogger:
I posted at Amazon under my real name, a month ago, when this book was first mentioned.
Please note that people are invited to VOTE on the helpfulness of forum comments. (So far, 0 of 1 people have found my post helpful. I'm sad.)
Sara Lamadrid
PS I assume "they" know who I am already.
Submitted by casseia (not verified) on Sun, 07/23/2006 - 6:11am.
But cultists habitually accuse others of doing what they're doing or planning to do, so it makes sense Lamadrid wanted to paint herself the victim. Before the shit hit the fan she was pumping all kinds of dupes in conspiracy circles:

Supposedly Lamadrid battled to keep Holocaust Denial out of a conspiracy event:

Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference Removes Williams

Lamadrid's meetup profile still has a comment left by on David Farrar:

Hi Sara,
Please don't forget, there are two important candidates that must appear on the ballot of Nov 4, 2008: Dr. Paul's and your own. That's right, as a duly registered member of a political party you qualify to enter your name on your local election ballot as a candidate for an "executive committee" member of your local political party.

For further details, please go to my website listed below or to your local Board of Elections.
ex animo
Dec 07, 2007 12:02 PM
The blog he links to was titled many things, a couple of them in 2010 being


The National Online 2012 Tea Party Convention

To bring together fiscal conservatives who want smaller, better government, less taxation and our personal liberty protected.

The Unemployed Voice
Making readers wonder exactly how many titles it went through; Farrar looks like a typical Paultard conman, changing positions with the changing political weather. One post gives a clue to the motivation behind recruitment:

If you are not already a member of one or even if you are and your SNS is not paying you for your participation, why not join one that has all the features of your present SNS and will not only pay you when you participate, but will also pay you when your friends participate!
The point is, Farrar is one of Lamadrid's contacts, is friendly and obviously inviting her to a libertarian, teafag event in December of 2007. This strongly indicates Lamadrid is a teafag at heart and her radical progressive feminist chick persona was an act to lure progressives.

Also posts as Anaphora or Zero Anaphora on flicker

and ebay, where she's trying to pass as Australian:

eBay My World: zero.anaphora ( 7 )

Member since: Jun-04-10
Location: Australia

At health nut website, pretending to be a fitness expert:

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Buy new clothes. Seriously, I can't wear petite sizes on top anymore because my shoulders are too big and I love it. Makes my waist look smaller, too.

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