Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Corsair: LaRouchies Burst Into Classrooms

Larouchies with megaphones bust into classes at Santa Monica College:

September 11, 2002

LaRouchies Burst Into Classrooms

The relative calm of Santa Monica College was disrupted when three male activists from the Lyndon LaRouche political organization rushed into two different classrooms and attempted to control the class.

The class, Sociology 34, taught by Professor Teresa Williams- Leon, was caught by surprise as the three men barged in as she was conducting a lecture.

Professor Leon attempted to reason with the intruders, but one of the men insisted that he had the right to address her class. One of the men, who carried a megaphone, told her that she ought to be grateful he did not use the device.

“Their approach was fascistic,” Williams-Leon said. “They used physical force and intimidation. I felt I could not respond in the same manner they were behaving.”

As Williams–Leon tried to reason with the intruder, the other two men walked up and down the rows of desks distributing political fliers and pamphlets. One older student was verbally taunted after initially refusing then crumpling up a flier.

The other class, History 12, taught by Professor Luciano, was disrupted in a similar manner.

The campus police were called and the men were escorted off campus without any further incident.

The Lyndon LaRouche political organization, often criticized for their extreme views, use the internet and college campuses to spread their political philosophy.

The remaining members of the LaRouche political organization, who had an information table set up in the free speech area, refused to comment on the disruption. The activists only passed on brochures, explaining why LaRouche has been persecuted politically, when questioned about the incident.

Mmmm...on the first anniversary of the September 11th attacks? Coincidence? Or Conspiracy?