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Way Back:Captain May, Ginny Ross and the Oregon Truth Alliance

Defunct website run by Ross that she'd like to forget where she worked with raging Jew hater Eric May, pretending to play opposite Evdokas' fake leftist anarchist camp....all the while sharing the same super sekrit list.

It all started late Aug of 2007, when Lamadrid's pal Hallberg spammed a Harvard study no one heard of, that the gubmint was going to nuke Chicago.  Or Huston.  Or maybe Portland.  If they could find it on a map.

For a woman claiming to be a liberal and Democrat, she made a website full of every teabagger's conspiracy wet dreams. Here's an archived page of content and links:


Noble Resolve [Helping The Oregonian Catch Up]

Captain Eric May, the Internet intellegence writer, offers an insightful geopolitical summary, giving full consideration to the prospect of a summer 2007 World War Three. He continues his investigative work on "Noble Resolve," the nuclear excercise centered on Portland.
Noble Resolve [Helping The Oregonian Catch Up]
Dear Mr. Rose,
I'm sorry your cell phone was giving out after half an hour of conversation this evening. I look forward to your call tomorrow at 11:30 (Pacific Time). I'm glad that The Oregonian is finally taking an interest in Noble Resolve, and that you spent this afternoon speaking about the exercise with officials in you state capitol, Salem. As I mentioned, my home paper (The Lone Star Iconoclast) had a military correspondent there yesterday in the person of former USMC Major William Fox, and we shall continue to report events to the public.
Now that we have spoken, I hope you will read the five articles I have published in the last five weeks on Operation Noble Resolve. As you say, my writing has caused concern in the Portland area, and led to innumerable calls to your local, state and national political and military leaders. As I said (when you asked me how I felt about causing such alarm) the people of Portland and Oregon are right to be concerned about the nature of Noble Resolve, especially since their political and military officials have been so evasive and at times contradictory on the particulars of the exercise. As I learned from your own news room a week ago, The Oregonian has yet to do any reporting on Noble Resolve, although your editorial board has told the public -- despite the absence of reporting -- that all is in order.
To reiterate the main points that I made in our conversation earlier this evening, to NOT be concerned about so dubious and unreported an event as Noble Resolve seems negligent at best. I hope that you and The Oregonian will publish a story during the course of this exercise, and before the next exercise, TOPOFF, which will run in October. The more facts the public has in advance, the less cause they will have to mistrust their political, military and media leaders.
Had it not been for the efforts of The Iconoclast, Major Fox and myself, I believe that the story you are now assigned to follow would have remained unreported. We have investigated and ascertained such basic facts as the exercise dates: Noble Resolve, August 20-24; TOPOFF, October 15-20. Candidly, it is shocking to us at The Iconoclast that such information, so important to your public, had to be explored and discovered from our base in Crawford, Texas, rather than in Portland, Oregon.
I hope before our conversation tomorrow you will find the time to read my articles. There is nothing I have said in them that I revise or retract now. I leave them below in chronological order, and believe that you and The Oregonian will learn much about the story you are now working on from what we have been publishing since mid-July.
Best regards,
Captain Eric H. May
Military Correspondent
[article links below]
Next 9/11, Summer, 2007?
Peter DeFazio and the Portland Nuke
A Dawning Dictatorship? (911-2B & NSPD-51)
Staging the Portland Nuke (A Comedy of Terrors)
911-2B: American Nightmare & Neocon Fantasy

Portland to Host Terrorism Drill “NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2” Aug. 20 to 24

August 13, 2007 — Portland, Oregon
Portland to Host Terrorism Drill “NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2” Aug. 20 to 24
Citizens Warn of Established Pattern for Such Drills to go “live”
Contact: Info [at] OregonTruthAlliance dot org

Click here for a printable version of this release (PDF)
This is an urgent advisory notice from concerned citizens of Oregon and Washington about an upcoming U.S. Joint Forces Command emergency management exercise known as NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 that will simulate terrorism or disaster scenarios in the Lower Columbia River Basin between Aug. 20th and Aug 24th, 2007.
NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 was designed and will be directed by U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) and the Department of Homeland Security. We are aware of no public notice concerning this exercise, but preliminary investigation has revealed that Oregon National Guard officials and federal officials will conduct the drill. Details from official sources are minimal.
This advisory is to document our concerns, raise public awareness and urge citizen action based on the following facts:
1. NOBLE RESOLVE is a computer-based simulation of a large-scale emergency situation (e.g. earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, or terrorist attack with nuclear weapon) in order to train for managing all aspects of the emergency response through comprehensive software.
2. Military exercises such as NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 have a recent history of coinciding with lethal “live” events. This occurred both at the start of Desert Storm in 1990 and on 9/11/01 when five or more major military or security exercises were in progress on the very day of the actual attacks. The same phenomenon occurred with the London Bombings of 7/7/05 during which a drill concerning multiple bomb attacks was being staged on that day.
3. Vice President Cheney, Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff and former Senator Rick Santorum have all warned of a new 9/11 attack this summer, but are giving no evidence in support. Chertoff based his prediction on a “gut feeling”.
4. The May 2007 Presidential Directive NSPD 51 (HSPD 20) addressing “continuity of government” in the event of a massive emergency, includes secret "annexes" which are pertinent additional documents. Some US Congressional Committee on Homeland Security members such as Rep. Peter DeFazio have written to formally request permission to review these secret "annexes" and have twice been denied access by the White House.
5. This particular exercise, NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2, includes one scenario involving an unaccounted for, "loose," ten kiloton nuclear weapon, exactly as Vice President Cheney hinted in recent interviews. Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff claims he fears the same.
6. The plummeting support for the GOP has triggered comments from its members and analyses of its current political strategy that point to a new 9/11 attack as a contributing factor to GOP political salvation. Moreover, it appears that legends or back stories are being disseminated to support just such an event.
Transparency concerning NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 is vital for the public safety of everyone in the Lower Columbia River Basin. We call on the planners, directors and participants in NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 to be vigilant and to maintain transparency with respect to these military exercises. We also urge citizens and our elected officials to monitor the activities of participants connected with the exercises and alert authorities to any suspicious behavior. These exercises have an established pattern of becoming “live” events. (Please read references below.) We recommend that officials of the Ports of Astoria, Longview, Vancouver and Portland on the Lower Columbia River take extra care in their monitoring and examination of all shipping on the Lower Columbia River while NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 is in progress. Finally, we urge all concerned to voice that concern in letters and calls to elected officials and civil servants requesting full transparency and citizen oversight.
1. About Noble Resolve
“Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe”
2. History of Military Exercises Coinciding with live events
Internal Look Simulation of Iraq Invading Kuwait Coincides with Start of Desert Storm
Norman Schwarzkopf: "We went ahead and did an exercise, what's called a command post exercise, which is what Internal Look was to test our ability to deal with this particular scenario ... Just so happened we were in the middle of conducting the Internal Look command post exercise at the same time the crisis developed in the gulf."
NYC / Washington DC / Pennsylvania on 9/11/01
London Bombings
3. New 9/11 warnings
Cheney (page 8)
Al Qaeda
4. NSPD 51 Grants Martial Law authority
Text of NSPD 51
DeFazio denied access to COG plans
5. Scenario Involving Nuclear Attack in Portland
Harvard Study Maps Results of 10 Kiloton Nuclear Blast in Portland, OR (Pg. 9)
Ten kiloton nuclear bomb fact sheet
6. Associating terrorist act to revival of GOP
Republican Party of Arkansas (3rd para. from end)
Paul Craig Roberts
Portland Connections:
Uncertain future (Portland, Oregon) Oregon gets terror drills
Portland Withdraws from Joint Terrorism Task Force
Swan Island Networks is providing logistical support for Operation Noble Resolve
Mobius & Swan Island
Maersk Lines now primary US military shipper
Maersk Lines involved with NOBLE RESOVE
SeaSecure & Mobius
General Background:
Is America Preparing for Martial Law?
Martial Law is Now a Real Threat: Declaring the US a Battlefield
London Bombing Drill conducted by Visor
Guiliani in London on 7/7/05
Giuliani Security & Safety LLC
Dirty Bomb Threat (backstory)
New 911-style plot (backstory)
Al Qaeda cell may be loose in US (backstory)
Plot would have killed thousands (backstory)
Doubt cast on 'liquid explosives' threat, Al Qaeda network in UK Identified

Noble Resolve was also spammed on lists by Mike "Joe Anybody" Tabor, or someone who shares his unique zebra/conspiracy brand:

10 Kilo Nuke Detonation (Maersk SeaCan) Washington / Portland Aug 20-24 2007?
Posted By: Sun Aug 19, 2007 7:55 pm  |
Is a false flag terrorist event scheduled for Aug 20-24, 2007 in
either Washington DC, or Portland Oregon timed to coincide with the
execution of Operation Noble Resolve 07-2?

Why is the authors of the Noble Resolve website telling the public it
is only a computer simulation but it is involving Maersk Lines (A sea
can container and shipping company)??

Why are they telling the public it has nothing to do with a nuclear
detonation, but their own website at :
talks about a 10 kiloton nuclear detonation?

Read a Ghost Trooper members own investigation into the event at :

Why does the study of such an event as conducted by Harvard also deal
with a '10 kiloton nuclear weapon' Why is there such a fixation on
that size of detonation by two alternative studies see :\

Why do they convienantly show a toxic cloud coming from a shipping
yard in Portland in the harvard study, while at the same time that
USJFCOM is detailing how they need a shipping container company
(Maersk Lines) in order to conduct their exercise??

Some possible signs of a event will be :

- Unusual security around a shipping facility in the Portland AND/OR
Washingon area - right up and until before the event occurs. We have
to realize that whomever is going to do this is going to ensure that
they always have a 'Plan B' in case one warhead does not detonate a
backup 'false flag' will then be executed. Just look at the above
pdf, the backup could be Washington. Possibly both are slated for
detonation if the public is too out of line, and not playing along
with the 'War on the Muslims'

- A Secured Container being unusually guarded and brought into (or
near) the port facility before the event. We also must realize that
whomever is going to attack the US is going to protect the warhead and
will not allow it to simply be shipped to the US on a Chinese Carrier.
As much as they want to bring about martial law they would not want
their plan to backfire with someone stealing the warhead and using it
against them.

- Disappearance of select and high ranking members of the government
from the Portland Area / Washington Area prior to the event,

- Unusual market activity prior to the event (we are already seeing
that with Cental Bank infusions into the Stock Market)

- Quiet buildup of military units throughout the US with civil
containment plans (we are already seeing that read about it here :

- The shipping container will not just be placed anywhere in the two
cities, it must be made to look like it was detonated from inside a
shipping yard. That way the 'cover story' of it being shipped into
the US on a Chinese Carrier will be palatable and absorbed by the
public. Because it originated from the shipping yard 'Al-CIAda' must
have shipped it to us!

- Wall to wall coverage, with total praise of troops as they begin
the first 'training steps' towards martial law, with 'told you so'
speeches by the neo-cons, and Bush unilaterally acting to bring in a
'plan of security for our future' and the world in silence as they
proceed to eventually build a convienant case 'blaiming Iran.' Expect
agent plants to give nice speeches from inside their 'wonderful
treatment at the FEMA facility...'

- Controlled collapse of the stock market with a sudden 'tightening'
of the credit, causing foreclosures...

- A evaporation of resistance to the war by those who still do not
know that 911 was a inside job... and the calling for Nuclear Option
against Iran and anyone with a turban background

- Censorship and shutdown of thousands of websites and the complete
diminishment of free speech. Detainment of anyone with a
contradicting view (no matter what it is or about). The complete
failure of free speech ...

- Disappearance of people ensues / suspension of civil rights / right
to trial / etc/

- Mass unemployment / Forced national identification / Chipping of
the population

- Americans never see an ounce of true liberty again, Only those who
are Pro-Control State will be allowed to wave the flag / waive their

- Adoption of the Chinese communist model with a 'hard times
democracy label'

Full free article :
We'll get right on that.