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THE world-wide crashes produced by the policy of the Federal
Reserve Board group had strengthened the power of the big com­
bines everywhere and greatly increased bank holdings of industrial
stock while ruining small businesses and farmers in enormous num­
bers, but the financiers over-reached themselves. The slump went
much further than it was meant to go and led to reactions. For
one thing, Great Britain, in a desperate attempt to extricate her­
self, was forced off gold, in common with 34 other nations and
obliged to insulate her economy with a sterling area and a system
of Imperial Preference. Ever since, the financiers of Wall Street
have been trying to smash the sterling area and destroy the policy
of Imperial Preference. Then Hitler arose out of a Germany which
had been devastated by the international financiers and practically
stolen from the Germans by the Jews, and adopted a policy which
challenged the entire concept of international lending by establish­
ing as the basis of trade, the mutual exchange of goods, without
recourse to the usurers.
There had been pioneers before him-Kemal Ataturk had
carried through the reconstruction of Turkey without borrowing a
penny from abroad and Mussolini had safeguarded Italian currency
against foreign speculators and tried, as far as possible, to build up
for his people a self-contained economy. Spain and Portugal have
been trying to do the same.
The revolt of Hitler was on a par with that of Napoleon and
the Jews' world-wide empire, built and maintained by debt, was in
mortal danger of crashing to the ground.
The Jews had succeeded with their Communist Revolution in
Russia and afterwards had attempted to seize power in other
European countries, but without success. In most of the countries
concerned, a few voices were raised, unavailingly, to try to expose
the true nature of the evils, but in Germany was the only case
where a leader, HitIer, and his group, the National Socialist Party
arose who grasped the full significance of events and saw behind the
mobs of native hooligans the organisation and driving power of
world Jewry. So Germany was the first country in history to face
up to the fact of the Jew plot against the rest of mankind.
Hitler put his thoughts in. "Mein Kampf", which book the
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Jew~ took great care to present to the British public in a false
light by all the nleans of publicity, which they controlled, by
quoting passages out of their context, publishing abridged editions,
distorting meanings and by downright misrepresentation. Its two
1.i1ain themes were the realisation and exposure of the Jewish
scheme for world Marxism and admiration of and longing for
friendship with Great Britain.
Hitler described how he came over the years to grasp the
existence of deliberate Jewish hostility and of the close relationship
between Judaism and Marxism. Of bow the Jewish people was
always a State within a State. Of how their doctrine rejects the
aristocratic principle in nature, denies the value of the individual
among men, combats the importance of nationality and race,
thereby depriving humanity of the whole meaning of existence.
He gives, in great detail, the outlines of the Jewish disruptive
Here are a few extracts:
"By means 9.t the Trades Unions which might have been the
saving of the nation, the Jew actually destroys the nation's
economics. "
"By creating a press which is on the intellectual level of the
least educated, the political and labour organisation obtains force
of compulsion enabling it to make the lowest strata of the nation
[<'ady for the most hazardous enterprises. "
.. The Jewish press ... tears down all which may be regarded
as the prop of a nation's independence, civilisation and its economic
autonomy. It roars especially against characters who refuE:e to
bow the knee to Jewish domination, or whose intellectual capacity
appear8 to the Jew in the light of a menace to himself. "
"The ignorance displayed by the mass ... and the lack of
instinctive perception of our upper class make the people easy
dupes of this campaign of Jewish lies. "
"But the present day is working its own ruin; it introduces
universal suffrage, chatters about equal rights, and can give no
reason for so thinking. In its eyes, material rewards are the
expression of a man's worth, thus shattering the basis for the
noblest equality that could possibly exist. "
"It is one of the tasks of our Movement to hold out prospects
of a time when the individual will be given what he needs in order
to live; but also to maintain the principle that man does not
live for material enjoyment alone. "
(( The political life of to-day alone has persistently turned its