Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adam Syed Whines: IT'S A HIT PEICE

Conspiratards being gossip queens, someone sent Adam Syed a link to his profile.

 Syed Whines:
Discovered this hit piece against me from a site dedicated to attacking 9/11 activists...
 It's not a "hit piece" if it's the truth, faggot.

Then Syed gets random with hysterical  paranoia :
Adam Syed In fact it's very likely that one of her other aliases is among my fb friends. Yikes.
 Ummmkay...wat?   Something's missing.  Besides Syed's braincells.
weird comment syed makes no sense

  If he's the same Ohio visitor who read the SP page:

Syed might be looking for an "enemy" to scapegoat. Members and associates do this when caught lying, spam emails everywhere, then act dumb about how the spam got out.

So far the only people impressed by Syed whine are two other conspiracy cult victims:
 Matt Muellenkamp
 Cody Dietz

But that's good enough for Syed; this is the faggot who makes a hobby out of lying about survivors of the September 11th attacks and said these two people where the same person:

Then has the cojones to say his exposed lies are a "hitpiece".  Syed is literally either lying or blind.  So... herp derp, we can expect moar lies.  As long as he doesn't say CASS SUNSTEIN DID IT.  Cuz that's too old already.

Syed is a technical  retarded conspiracy drama queen who needs to learn what a referrer is.

Rebuttal score:  1/10

Protip:  To avoid being mocked on the Interwebs, don't invent lies about survivors of terrorist attacks.

Will the whining stop? Of course not!  Syed clears up confusion and falls into the group's habit of blaming one of the usual suspects, just like we predicted in the blog description:
 The Portland 911 truth Alliance (and collective fronts) will of course spin this blog with new lies and blame the usual list of suspects,
Syed scribbles:
Adam Syed
I think I lost an original comment that should have been above the first one. Though the writer of the piece on me doesn't identify him/herself, "Her" in my above comment refers to a person called Jo Cressy aka "Col. Jenny Sparks" at 911blogger and TwooFaction. In the link I posted, she quoted an email from way back in 2008 that I sent. I typed that text into my yahoo mail search, and the lone result was an email from "Col Jenny Sparks" via 911blogger in 2008.
 "I think I lost an original comment that should have been above the first one," is probably horseshit to cover Syed's compulsive paranoia.  There was no post before, but with these people everything is a CONSPIRACY. 

The rest of comment mfw assumes everyone believes Syed didn't share this email.   Or "Sparks" didn't share it, for that matter. Since we've established Syed is a liar(see Bernstein/Cosmos scam), his attempt to blame a group "enemy" just confirms his association and common interests with the group.

 If Syed puts the tinfoil down for 30 seconds and browses around, he'll notice "pdxdramatica" is full of information from lots of emails from lots of places.  And ..if Syed strains three braincells.. he can come up with a likely explanation for how information he emailed got here.

Hint: it involves something called "forward".
Sometimes through more than one party.

Sometimes using list serves, that, even if they're private, anyone can register because the cultards are so stupid they assume only other cultards will register.  Then anyone can find out how much information has been forwarded and blind carbon copied in private while the group and associates lie to everyone else.     In other words, the same method the group and associates have been sharing information for years.

But Syed knows all this, he played the game....why was Syed emailing this person in the first place?
Nonethless, Syed's audiance is impressed, thinking spreading lies is a "sign of greatness":

Mark Werling Haha... well at least you have some notoriety Adam! Anybody who ever amounted to anything had hateful enemies. Sign of greatness, Adam.
Then Syed, realizing his story has more holes than a hookers nylons, deleted his comment in less than 24 hours :

Errr Derp.    Change that rebuttal score to 0/10.

Syed doesn't even try to explain why he was spreading lies; he knows conspiracy fellow travelers won't care.   They act exactly like cultists...NAILED IT

And the comments keep coming.  From Scott Michal who admires the fortitude  and dedication of a con artist:

Scott Michal Adam, I may not agree with everything you say and believe but I admire your fortitude and dedication! Anytime anyone says anything anymore it seems like the haters come out in force. I love a good, intense, rational discussion or argument but hating is just petty and stupid. (and no one is EVER going to change their opinion because someone spouts off some incendiary vitriol.) Stay brave!
"Stay brave"?  Didn't know inventing and spreading lies  required "bravery".   What a faggot.
Syed's gag worthy reply:

Adam Syed Thanks, Scott. I appreciate that. True American sentiment doesn't come any more pure than the addage "I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it."
Syed will be surprised to learn that, outside the conspiracy cult, no one will be "fighting to the death" to defend his non-exsistant right to spread lies.
Laura Sabo Well said indeed! I agree. Stay strong, Adam!
"Stay strong"?  Laura is obviously another cult victim imagining nobility in a liar and con-artist.

The best lulz yet:

Might have to trim down my friends list on the political activism front w.r to people I've never met... check my status update 3 posts down. My profile is not viewable to non-friends, so someone on my friends list, someone with connections to that attack website, is stalking my profile.
Wondered how long Syed would take to get it.  The Night of the Long Knives commences as Syed eviscerates his Facebook friends list, deleting friend and foe in his paranoia.  Syed could have retracted his lies.  Or, failing that, Syed could have brains enough not link to a blog proving he's a liar and scammer on his Facebook wall.


Is it possible to award negative points?  Yes it is:    Syed's Whine Rebuttal final score:  -2/10