Thursday, June 21, 2012

David Morrison: I SMELL A RAT!

Not just any rat, but a rat working with his small town rag:

06.21.2012 at 01:16
i smell a bit of a rat here as well.  georgeiii who posted that hit website and the WW are perhaps in concert to discredit this case by putting together a blog of which at least 60 percent is not true.  that will become a slander law suit now that we have the source.  interesting the lengths that the corporate world will go to.  other people involved in this from scientists have been threatened, killed, had their houses burned down, etc.  Is that the company that the WW wants to keep.
 The comment Morrison refers to is in the comments of his local paper HERE, where Morrison is outed as running this scam, virtually bleeding a school system dry with his frivolous wi-fi lolsuit:

06.20.2012 at 05:20
this guy is a con artist, part of a group of conspiracy conartists operating in the portland area
they should be rounded up and sent to the loony bin.  morrison should be made to pay back the $$$$ he sucked from the schools in this bs suit.
Thanks for the link love, georgeiii!

 Richard Frager aka falseflagusa comes by for immoral support, imagining spOOks like he always does:

06.22.2012 at 10:03
Bruce, whom exactly do YOU work for?  This answer would be very revealing.
Someone slaps him down nicely:

06.23.2012 at 05:06
falseflagusa: "Oh, this guy disagrees with me, he probably works for SuperMegaEvil Corp.!"
But he's not deterred:

06.26.2012 at 01:02
This is a great analysis and sadly very true.

06.26.2012 at 01:04
This is an accurate analysis, I see the proof everyday of the week.
Morrison continues his paranoid butthurt later:

06.22.2012 at 12:01
for those that would like to actually find out about the case and review the witness declarations to find out why this case was filed on behalf of our children check out website
most of the cruel, nasty comments are from paid telecom shills that come out whenever there is an article or case like this.  they write the same incendiary stuff and the hit web page they posted was created soon after the case was filed, possibly by WW staff.  it is too coincendal that it was posted immediately in the first comment.

That proves it folks!   This blog is a project of telecom shills and a bored WWeek staffer, lol!

Then, for maximum lulz, Morrsion starts posting as his own kid:

06.24.2012 at 11:32
okay. i would like to tell you that i am mr.morrisons daughter. i am 14. i know my father better than a lot of people. especially you. you have NO right to say that bullshit about him. he is an amazing father, an amazing man, and an amazing nut if there ever was one. i dont know who the hell you are. but if you have a father, and you love him. than for me, you will NEVER say that shit about anyones father ever again. because i dont deserve to hear that. what my dad is doing will save children around the world. read some studies. then comment.

06.24.2012 at 11:48
 1 wifi router gives off 50 times as many microwatz per centameter squared as a celltower 100 feet away. is that good enough information for you? you have no...NO idea what the hell your talking about. focus on something you might be good at... like scooping icecream... or listening to snoop dog on your nifty new ipod. let the grownups deal with this.

06.26.2012 at 12:06
hey robert, wow i thought i was the only one here in 8th grade, but i guess you are too because if you want to post something nasty, at least have the science to know what you are talking about. because when you say radiation from the sun isnt bad... you are making yourself look very hmmm what the word... un informed... stupid... a dumbass... ever wondered how people get melanoma. or do you even know what melanoma is? how bout picking up one of those things they had in the old days called a book, and try reading it to get a few strands of information before making yourself look so unbelievebly stupid.

06.24.2012 at 08:22
hey you sorry ass son of a bitch. i want to give you some advice. from one 14 year old girl to another. if you want to write something about a topic you know absolutely nothing about, then go right ahead. but dont try to publish it. it just makes you look like a dumbass. if you have read even one of the studies that is in my fathers case, i would be increasingly impressed. but since i am guessing that you were either bought out by the opposing side, or are just increasingly opposed to this case for an unknown reason, keep your un informed opinon out of the eyes of the public view because it is dangerous. and yes sir what you wrote is in fact an opinion. no facts, no science. i would like to set up a meeting with you, to inform you. i would like you to put in one thousanth of the effort of doing this research than my dad, his lawyer, his team, his witnesses. and then publish an article on it. oh and as for my social life... and a tin hat, i think i would look quite dashing thanks for the idea. and unlike you i have real friends... who would probably wear a tin hat with me. you know absolutely nothing about me. and even less about the science of this case. my dear child, you have no idea how stupid you have made yourself look. and thats coming from a freshman. good day.

Notice Morrison's alleged daughter's spelling is as bad as dad's?  Then Morrison "samefags", posting under "proud father"

06.24.2012 at 12:30
You telecom shills are getting too much of my time and i guess that{s the idea but i can{t help thanking my daughter for her language, wisdom, knowledge and intellect that far eclipses any of the negative comments.  We have a stellar father daughter relationship and this struggle is not just for her.  Anybody that is not a telecom shill should really spend a few minutes researching the subject and you will see there is more than the little bit in your mind.  The jury is not out, there is no need for more studies.  The issue is now hard science and our children are at dire risk from this technology.  There are acute problems and chronic problems that may take years to develop.

Uh huh.  Morrison denies his sockpuppetry, with moar butthurt, if possible:

06.25.2012 at 09:37
i don{t change names and comment.  i wish i was as astute as the other commenters and i thank them for writing in support and thank all of those who have visited the website and written me personally in support who were unaware of the issue and shocked that our schools are doing this to our children.  it doesn{t matter that there is ambient radiation in the environment THE ISSUE IS THAT OUR SCHOOLS SHOULD NOT BE PROVIDING MORE EXPOSURE.  AND WHY DOES THE SCHOOL HAVE 19 ROUTERS WHEN IT COULD HAVE HAD 3.  DO YOU SEE A GRAVY TRAIN HERE.....

But sees it for the failure that's obvious to everyone else, so ropes one of his kid's friends in to shill for him:

07.02.2012 at 11:04
Let me start this out by saying I'm a friend of David Morrison's daughter. What I would like to comment on, however, is how innapropriate it is to comment on his daughter's social life. She lives a completely normal life and her friends (including me) have not at all been influenced by the press or the lawsuit. Bringing her into this is incredibly irrelevant. I am aware the lawsuit was regarding potential damage from WiFi in PPS, but what on earth does that have to do with his daughter's social life? And tin hats? Obviously as the author of this article you are completely bullshitting your way through it, because what the hell does that have to do with anything? As for the case itself, you obviously have no expierience with the issue itself and are going off of other people's opinion, instead of doing any personal research. That's all, goodbye!
 Too bad Morrison didn't fill her in on the details of using his kid as an excuse for his lolsuit;  that's the only reason anyone is speculating "on his daughter's social life."  

It's more than a little creepy a man almost old enough to be these girls grandfather is sucking them into his wi-fi drama.  Something's wrong if he needs kids to pimp his cause.  

Morrison pats Frances on the head:

07.03.2012 at 09:05
Frances.  Good for you and that your sensibilities about respect and decorum far outweigh that of the author of this article.  Thank you for Writing on A's behalf and for pointing out the lack of knowledge that the author has about this issue.  I am glad to see that A. has learned a lot about this and has become an emissary for the cause.  It is never too early to become an activist.  Sometimes we don't even choose to become involved but have to as an act of self defense.  It is interesting to note that the author of this article has good information about the military and the drone situation in portland but is ignorant of the military's role in bringing high exposure levels to our schools.  When the Russians exposed the AMerican embassy to microwave radiation years ago the exposure level was less than they use in class rooms with wi fi.  All of that information is easily available on the internet.  It is amazing isn't it?  Keep up the good work Francis and thanks for your allegiance and friendship with my daughter.  She has a wonderful community around her.
Notice Frances logged in from Facebook.   Where she is friends with the real A. Morrison.  Since Frances' profile is so open, we assume A. Morrison doesn't mind being known.  If that was really Morrison daughter commenting, she would have logged in herself.  Proof daddy was sockpuppeting as his kid.

But Morrison is cool; he's getting cash an a radio show:

06.25.2012 at 03:44
I would like to thank Cory Pein for alerting so many people to this issue.  I have been getting tons of emails asking me for more information.  They say any publicity is good publicity.  I have just received a book offer with a 70,000.00 advance, my own talk show and a pledge of a million dollars to help our case.  Of course the money will go to PPS to hardwire the schools. 
There only 2 reasons that PPS is fighting this case and it is doubly disgraceful and they are they want to save face as they must know by now that they made a mistake and that they have a couple of million invested in the wi fi infrastructure.  They are spending tax money out of shame and embarrassment and were taken advantage of by the contractor by putting easily 3 times as many routers as they need to achieve coverage.

Morrison smells a rat from the "telecom shills" and their "cohorts" at his small town rag.

We smell pure bullshit in his claim: "I have just received a book offer with a 70,000.00 advance, my own talk show and a pledge of a million dollars to help our case." .  Unless Morrison is already part of a multimillion dollar incorporated cult organization invested in spreading conspiracies, who the hell would front him the dinero?  Notice Morrison isn't saying....but if it is true, we were right about the GRAVY TRAIN.

But we eagerly await Morrison's "slander" lolsuit.  Morrison probably means "libel".  Guess no one knows with us sneaky telecom shills.

Rebuttal score:   4/10

Final word on wi-fi scams goes to another "telecom shill", xkcd:

 Sources here.

I waive all copyright to this chart and place it in the public domain, so you are free to reuse it anywhere with no permission necessary. (However, keep in mind that I am not a radiation expert, and this chart is intended for general public informational use only.)

Awesome chart is awesome.

UPDATE:  Sanity prevails.  Suit dismissed by Federal Judge:

Wi-Fi lawsuit against Portland Public Schools dismissed by federal judge