Friday, March 2, 2012

The Spiney Constellation


Group Contacts: Craig Lazo, Jennifer Wynhausen


The "Spiney" constellation consists of three individuals according to their website:


welcoming our sexy new editor/developer

call 01484 310825 for immediate attention friendly, free, expert advice

we are currently two guys & a gal with over 50 years combined computing experience, logicfish is the lead developer, realizing anything imaginable with his extraordinary coding abilities . Rebecca handles our non UK tasks, is incredibly bright (& cute) & presently resides in Canada. Myself I specialize in content (music, video, history & wildlife) am technically adaptable & up for a challenge. Our portfolio of work extends to about 1000 domains & websites, designed, maintained, published & online, we help to quickly bring our content management (Joomla) clients up to speed & are always available at short notice to address any problems that may be experienced.

some of our own personal projects -

West Riding Wildlife (blog)
Urban Badger Project
robin hood
squeeze shop
free site-o-matics
to name just a few…


If your in Birkby & want something done on the internet that has power to transform the way you do business – we have a very er how best to say ? EFFECTIVE, QUICK way to help
Billiard supply co. Beacon Street – 01484 424333


Andrew Kelly aka Spiney:

British alleged hacker and attention whore claiming to live outside "traditional economies", unaware that prostitution has always been part of "traditional economies". Of course what he means is he's a freeloading bum on public assistance, doing IT work off the books, supplementing his income with the occasional blow job.

Obscure Musician

Sometime before the coke binges, Kelly was known as an obscure but talented musician who dabbled in techno. People used to say nice things about him:

Then Kelly discovered conspiracies. And PORN.

9/11, WQ2RX and PORN

One of Jennifer Wynhausen's two friends at Livevideo(the other cult victim Nico Haupt):

[under construction ]

Killtown's Butt Monkey

Early in 2011 Craig Lazo's Killtown Facebook profile vanished, possibly after yet another TOU complaint. Within a week or less, a new Killtown page was created :
Joined Facebook
March 13, 2011

It's obvious from the "likes" linking to Spiney's other Facebook material, that Spiney or his crew manage it:
Marsden Badgers
The boy with the replaceable head
The girl with the replaceable head
Traffic Heads
Robin Hood SEO - Sights And Sounds Of Kirklees, West Riding, Yorkshire, UK
Welcome to Enlightenment
Why is less clear; the only benefit would be a "Killtown" presence that wasn't connected to Craig Lazo's isp. Lazo's brainwashed fans have been led to believe it is Lazo's page, going as far as asking about his old page:
Hello KT, I used to be on your facebook friend list, do you not have a facebook page anymore? anyways, keep up the truth, research you've done so far has been amazing
"Killtown" doesn't reply, of course; it's safer that way. Mental patient Mirandapriestly is a regular. The blogs themselves are updated through Social RSS feed:


Social Media Management can take up a good amount of time for a business owner. However there are lots of tricks that can save time if you are a “do it yourselfer”. One trick is to add an RSS feed from a business blog to a Facebook Page. To do this you will need to add a Facebook app called Social RSS to your Facebook Page. This app will automatically place a new/recent blog post onto a Facebook Page’s Wall.
Voila! "Killtown" Blogs posted at Facebook like magic. And Lazo doesn't need to login to Facebook where people might ask awkward questions like "Are you Craig Lazo?" And Facebook can say, "Yep, he is". Now Facebook thinks "Killtown" moved to the United Kingdom.

But that wasn't all Kelly was willing to do for the Lazo-man; in late 2011 Kelly went into spam over drive, attempting to get a blog critical of Lazo's history, Killtown's Secret Archive, removed from the intertubes. The Plan:

Step one was making two Facebook pages attacking people Lazo hated.
Step two was spamming the Interwebs Like All Get Out with Lazo's lies.

This brought a predictable response, in other words, yet another Epic Failure for Team Spiney:

killtownsecret 5 weeks ago
Craig "Killtown" Lazo is sending his creeps all over the internet for spin-control, even after he got his Facebook account suspended for spreading lies about people
About 3 months ago(the same time as the comment above), Lazo got his UK loser friends Spiney and Logicfish on the case
Expect more hilarity.
Moar hilarity appeared in "hoist by own petard" form, when Youtube comments identify Craig Lazo as Killtown appeared on, Team Spiney's website mirroring WQ2RX related video feeds and their comments:

WQ2RX Video Console - killtown identified
This site may harm your computer.
first uploaded 54 sec - Jan 11, 2010 - Uploaded by genghis6l99 KILLTOWN IS Craig m. Lazo archived comments It's

And if that failure wasn't epic enough, has been reported as an attack page:

 Reported Attack Page!
          This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
          Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

 Mmmm...they brag about using malware; their webspage is removed for malware...  coinincidence or conspiracy?

What google sez:

Safe Browsing

Diagnostic page for

What is the current listing status for
Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.
Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days.
What happened when Google visited this site?
Of the 100 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 1 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-07-13, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2012-07-13.Malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including
This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS35425 (BYTEMARK).

For maximun lols, domain info for

 Domain name:

Mark Fisher

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

OVH [Tag = OVH-FR]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 04-Mar-2009
Expiry date: 04-Mar-2013
Last updated: 18-May-2011

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:


All around creepy dude with only one saving grace: he's got a nice dog.

how did a dickwad like kelly get such a nice dog?


Mark Fisher aka Logicfish

Deranged computer coder and Yorkshire thrall. Fall guy responsible for registering domains for Kelly's projects/scams. Possibly brainwashed, is assumed to be under Kelly's spell; by himself appears relatively harmless.


Fisher was brainwashed into spamming attack blogs for Craig Lazo, focusing on his "enemies".   For instance, in late 2011, Fisher set up the blog
 Killtown Secret Archive, obviously meant to be riff of the blog Lazo hated, Killtown's Secret Archive.  Fisher's blog definitely mirrored Lazo's extreme paranoia in this post:

 genghis killtown 911stalkers

After two years, Fisher appears to be underwhelmed with the "rewards" of being Lazo's butt monkey and deleted the blog:

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.
Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'
Maybe the drugs finally wore off.  Nice to see one cult victim moving on with their life.

Rebecca aka Eyecintel

Gal pal Friday and every other day of the week. Started modestly as an associate, then moved up the ranks until she could spam crazy making shit like the worst of them.

Started in the conspiracy scene with Judy Wood links in her sig:

Rebecca XXXXX
  • (peacearmada@XXXXX)
  • City/Town
  • Halifax
  • Province/Territory
  • Nova Scotia
  • Comments
She found better petitions:

Rebecca XXXXX
  • (peacearmada@XXXXX)
  • City, Province / State
  • Halifax, NS
  • Organization / Affiliation
  • Saint Mary's University

But not before making a nuisance of herself vandalizing Halifax with "INSIDE JOB" stickers:

I've been conducting something of an 'infowar' here in Halifax, where I've been removing those "9-11 Was an Inside Job" stickers that someone has been posting up all over town. Nearly as soon as I've taken them down, they've been replaced. If nothing else, I'm helping them waste their money on vinyl stickers...

Lately the stickers haven't been popping back up; I thought maybe that they'd just given up. Until tonight.

I've found a number of handbills taped up on light poles now, advertising another website of crazy theories. The text of the handbill is below:






Went completely off her rocker in January 2010 archived here, where she befriended Ozzy Thomson, or the other way around:

I noticed I still had you blocked. I still think you're a trouble monkey but Spiney says you're cute so of course nothing else matters. Just please spare me the details of kangaroo anatomy.

"Ozzy" expounded on this theme earlier and was apparently privy to other things:

ozzybinoswaldGroup: Contributors
Posts: 382
Member No.: 22
Joined: 20-October 09

Posted: Nov 20 2009, 01:44 AM

I've assumed 'no hit' was eyecintel aka Rebecca something or other who so recently was regaling all and sundry with ridiculous anecdotes of the gargantuan proportions of Genghis' little thing. She's been altering her public image of late to more closely align with our perspective. A true doppelganger infiltration operation albeit, I suspect, self-motivated/unaffiliated, that is, a camp follower rather than an employee.

And allowing for that possibility, that she's acting on her own, I've been just waiting and watching - you never know, people change. Sometimes they clue in. But posting the freemason material, without explanation and where it was inapplicable, and now introducing 911 perp material here under 7/7....

Of course eyecintel could be anybody.

EDIT: Apologies if completely missing the target. Eyecintel does appropriate everybody else's images and material to infiltrate.
Bold for the imminent failure...yes "they" could be "anybody"...on a listserve Ozzy shares, LOL:

Rebecca's history with Ozzy goes back farther than most know, to a chemtrail yahoo group:

oldest post: Fri Jan 24, 2003 The Difference Between Apology And a Policy
newest post: Sun Sep 16, 2007 911 Flatline
oldest post:Mon Dec 3, 2007 Life and A Cup Of Coffee
newest post: Fri Sep 5, 2008 Hello everyone I am new on your site but following this subjet sin
Looking at the links, it's obvious "Ozzy" knew who Rebecca was, and told Lazo in 2007. Assuming the didn't all know each other of course....Someone might say he's not on the list, but when Thomson leaves, he leaves with a bang. He's quiet; the way to bet is he's still there.

Rebecca stayed in touch with "Ozzy" at least until about September 2011 when she left this comment on his SigurdSnakeyes wall:
i'm such a sucker ...for this game
But that's not the only friend of Lazo's she's stayed close to; at her profile on her Windows Live friends list (LINK acting up, copy/paste into browser>!/cid-99617d530f716ed9/friends/all/   ) is Alex Macmillan aka Sparkoflife:

A deranged kid who tries to act like a voice of reason at the Clueless Conspiracy forum. Possibly from embarrassment he'd been Craig Lazo's waterboy for so long:

It must be awful to be exposed, right SparkOfLife?
Alex also thinks only a "few died" on 9/11:

sparkoflife Jun 8 2009, 04:46 PM
A few yea, not thousands.
But most importantly, Alex made it a job to spread Craig Lazo's lies:

Genghis, go on your f*** little KSA and search 'sparkoflife' go through it and you'll find that you make numerous references to my school and the program that I am in. Don't play f*** dumb, dude. I'm sick of being stalked by your lonely creepy weirdness. I told you what my credentials are, and I would provide you proof of them, but you already know. You've SOMEHOW figured out where I went to school and all that last year. SO f*** off, stop playing stupid. Get a f*** life or go jerk off somewhere.
KSA is short for Killtown's Secret Archive.

It's no surprise Rebecca continues to associate with people spreading Lazo's lies; this comment on Spiney's channel from around Dec 2011, when Team Spiney geared up for moar spam action:


miss you and love you
Note about Spiney's Spineyextra Channel: Eyecintel is featured at the bottom of the first image.
Sometime in Feb of 2012 Spiney deleted her from his features:

His channel before the deletion and restore act, in Jan 2012:

Story is in the wake of Kelly's Internet Tough Guy act for Lazo, Rebecca was caught claiming to have nothing to do with any of these people while spreading Lazo's lies. Spiney tried to Delete Fucking Everything by removing her from his features but gave up and put her back when he saw it wouldn't work. It's hard to say you're not in contact with someone if they're deleting your channel from features at your request. Herp DUrrrrrrr.

Rebecca's recent history with the sleazoids:

September 2011 i'm such a sucker ...for this game

Dec 2011 miss you and love you

Jan 2012 on spiney's Xmas video

you are loved


It gets better..or worse. Rebecca's playlist( of many) of 31 videos called Friday 13, not only promotes Lazo and "Ozzy's" Harley Guy Scam, but features some of the most slime ridden porn conspiracy slash to have burned out human eyes:

Fri 13

  1. 1 Thumbnail 5:11 Thumbnail wq2rx NWO PLAN TO CREATE INSURGENCY: LIES OF ALEX JONES by rat8bush 23,608 views
  2. 2 Thumbnail 5:11 NWO PLAN TO CREATE INSURGENCY: LIES OF ALEX JONES by rat8bush 23,608 views
  3. 3 Thumbnail 5:11 FEMA GLOBAL WARMING CONSPIRACY ALEX JONES NWO HOAX by rat8bush 4,767 views
  4. 4 Thumbnail 7:14 911 HARLEY GUY ACTOR MARK HUMPHREY ANSWERS YOUR QUES... by 911Nephilim 34,389 views
  5. 5 Thumbnail 5:01 No Planer Nightmare by Pistoffin 4,293 views
  6. 6 Thumbnail 7:00 911 Truthling "Truth" by 11September2009 1,755 views
  7. 7 Thumbnail 9:29 911TVF SEXY HORNY WQ2RX LESBIAN KILLER ROBOT MASTURB... by 0ojo 17,018 views
  8. 8 Thumbnail 3:15 wq2rx wq2rx AK1RD AK1RD lisa17g lisa17g by rat8bush 692 views
  9. 9 Thumbnail 3:57 JOE CRAINE tirelessly battles the WQ2RX SHILLS by bunny4carrot 5,145 views
  10. 10 Thumbnail 3:45 911 Herdlings! Awaken! (from WQ2RX Trance Paralysis) by OzzybenOswald 1,179 views
  11. 11 Thumbnail 9:12 911TVF wq2rx READY for ACTION! by parahaduma 74,157 views
  12. 12 Thumbnail 10:40 UFO lisa17g 911tvf wq2rx PROM NIGHT SEXY HOME VIDEO by dippypoggi 211,319 views
  13. 13 Thumbnail 10:12 almost the same as UFO lisa17g 911tvf wq2rx PROM NIG... by dippypoggi 34,555 views
  14. 14 Thumbnail 9:54 NEW! ILLEGAL YOUNG TEEN waxes 911TVF PUSSY adolescen... by parahaduma 191,319 views
  15. 15 Thumbnail 10:33 HOT NAKED YOUNG GIRLS DANCE AND MASTURBATE 911TVF WT... by ak1rd 547,679 views
  16. 16 Thumbnail 7:57 9/11 Fake: Media Make Believe (bee-lie-live) by FringeReality 2,839,129 views
  17. 17 Thumbnail 8:52 NK9RN hottest dippypoggy wq2rx fashion style by pussyxporn 8,102 views
  18. 18 Thumbnail 10:00 ZZunderground Q65U WQ2RX MKULTRA DIPPYPOGGY for ozbinoz by foxporn 120,795 views
  19. 19 Thumbnail 5:01 More than SEXY TEEN PORN xxx wq2rx HOT HOT by parahaduma 95,279 views
  20. 20 Thumbnail 10:44 WQ2RX CHEMTRAILS - Chemical Sweeteners TV Based Mind... by parahaduma 7,387 views
  21. 21 Thumbnail 2:26 wQ2Rx noisy paradox butter tower by FNORDGWAR 188 views
  22. 22 Thumbnail 10:53 9/11 PSYOP - 10 Years Later (US Edit) by 911SMOM 632 views
  23. 23 Thumbnail 10:37 HOLY CRAPPER!!! SEXY ASS SPANKER FLIPS!! WQ2RX OODA ... by ZbinZoo 83,473 views
  24. 24 Thumbnail 4:27 wq2rx lisa17g mujeres niñas niña mujer organismo culo by 0oa0 65,590 views
  25. 25 Thumbnail 8:40 Ozzy bin Oswald's Porn Collection by NeanderthalUFO 57,957 views
  26. 26 Thumbnail 10:53 Re: Future Sex Toys by 0oa0 49,785 views
  27. 27 Thumbnail 6:44 How does the WQ2RX Media make money? by rabbit8carrot 32,680 views
  28. 28 Thumbnail 8:04 Bill Maher WQ2RX HIJACKING THE TRUTH kv3ri Kv4ri WHA... by rabbit8carrot 2,377 views
  29. 29 Thumbnail 8:44 REAL Interview with Ozzy bin Oswald aka OzzybinOswal... by NeanderthalUFO 1,378 views
  30. 30 Thumbnail 8:18 911 "Truth" Psyop by 11September2009 1,027 views
  31. 31 Thumbnail 3:34 NO ✈ THEORY - 119 Reasons Why I'm A No-Planer by muckletoon 8,302 views

Anyone would think if she had been "led astray", this playlist would be the first thing she deleted when she came to her senses. But there it's been for YEARS. Disgusting shit doesn't begin to cover it.

Yet Rebecca insists she believes in fairies, that Santa Claus exists and she has had NO CONTACT WITH THESE PEOPLE FOR MONTHS/YEARS/WEEKS/DAYS/HOURS DAMMIT. And people insist on believing her.

It's an amazing hypnotic power of suggestion. If only it could be harnessed as a force for Good instead of Evil.

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