Thursday, March 1, 2012

Richard's Group Meeting Minutes

These are not comprehensive. The group's publishing of minutes occurs after decisions are made about members roles; who should work with who, who admits knowing who, etc.

For instance, it's a given Ginny Ross went to group meetings. But Ross is either omitted or the mintutes of those meetings weren't published.

But even as is, they provide valuable information, confirming the involvement of Evdokas (June 20 2007) and the elusive Patrick(June 13 and 2o). Later, confirm the real life participation of Craig Lazo and Jennifer Wynhausen (Dec 26 and Jan 16, 22 2008).

They also prove the group was pushing so much tinfoil they could roast all the turkey's for Meals on Wheels, scams ranging from cultist Webster Tarpley to Septembers Clues, a conspiracy pop sensation pushed by fringe eurotrash band Social Service.

Minutes of group meeting June 13 2007

Minutes from the PDX 911 Truth-Alliance Meeting of June 13, 2007.

Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:05 pm

Minutes from the PDX 911 Truth-Alliance Meeting of June 13, 2007.

* Thank you EVERYBODY for coming: Mel, Glen, Russ, Patrick, Michael,
Andrew, Steve, Leah, Bill, George, Tim, Shawn, Jeff, Barry, David, and
Yours Truly: Richard!
Its been a long, long time since I have sent out these minutes, but
the last 3 meetings have been a lot of fun!! Please come to 12 N.E.
10th every Wednesday at 7pm.

* The main topic was the Dr. Bob Bowman event this coming Thursday,
June 21st at Liberty Hall, 311 North Ivy. 1 block south of Fremont and
2 blocks west of Vancouver. Volunteers are encouraged to come at 6 pm
to help set up. Please e-mail Mel for the list of activities that
need to be done. Contact Mel at: pdxdirt@...

* We will have a meeting this coming Wed. June the 20th which will be
STRICTLY on dealing with the following days Dr. Bob Bowman event. I
will be bringing sign-up sheets for the event. We should talk about
the possibility of bringing a 911 Truth speaker to Portland every
month. If everybody tells just 10 people, we WILL fill up the hall,
get 100 new members and make this group self-perpetuating.

* We listened to Rudolph Giuliani contradict himself about his
whereabouts on 9/11/01. Republican front-runner Rudolph Giuliani,
Democrat Barak Obama, GOP candidate Sam Brownback, 2004 Democratic
nominee John Kerry, George Bush the elder, former Secretary of State
Madeleine Albright, former NSC Director Zbigniew Brzezinski, Senator
Chris Dodd, Wall Street heavy David Rockefeller, Arab-hater Alan
Dershowitz, Democratic contender John Edwards, Democratic Congressman
and House fundraising boss Chris Van Hollen, neocon chickenhawk
William Kristol â€" what these ruling class figures all have in common
is that over the past three months they have been confronted in public
by 9/11 truth activists challenging them on the premise of their
entire world outlook: the 9/11 Big Lie, as codified in the bankrupt
9/11 commission report. These interventions have generated a new wave
of 9/11 inside job publicity on cable television â€" especially on
Hannity and Colmes of Fox News Channel -- on talk radio of all
stripes, on the internet. Since January, the 9/11 truth squads have
become the leading edge and main thrust of the 9/11 truth movement,
and the principal means of keeping the 9/11 resistance in the public eye.

* We also listened to Ty Rauber, the producer of the DVD titled Who
Killed John O Neil. I plan to transcribe some of this soon for the group.

* We play a video titled Acts of State: Assassination as a Tool of

* Kicked around the idea of presenting 911 Truth to a religious

* Discussed the current FTC action against Whole Foods and why the FTC
couldnt be bothered with Exxon-Mobil and Lockheed-Martin.

* Important news: Webster Tarpleys outstanding book Synthetic Terror:
Made in USA, is now in its fourth edition! This is the #1
best-selling book about 911. The 4th edition of this book can be
ordered from

* Last but not least, Mike Ruppert taken to task about peak oil:

Mike Ruppert & Peak Oil Ian R. Crane

Minutes of group meeting June 20 2007

Minutes from the PDX 911 Truth-Alliance Meeting of June 20, 2007

Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:33 pm

Minutes from the PDX 911 Truth-Alliance Meeting of June 20, 2007.

Thank you everybody for coming: Partial list: Mel, David, Glen, Jack,
Bill, Petros, Wes, Christine, Lee, Patrick; a special thank-you to
Barbara and of course I was there: Yours Truly, Richard. A special
shout-out to the founder of The New Pearl Harbor William. I apologize
to all whose names I missed, but your presence was appreciated.

* Today, Thursday, June 21st, Liberty Hall, 311 North Ivy, Colonel Dr.
Bob Bowman.
For all those who want to volunteer, please come one hour early at 6pm.

* The new 911-Truth Alliance pamphlet is out! For those that want a
copy please e-mail me at science@...

* Barbara has done some amazing research about the various groups who
were trying to buy the World Trade Center Towers, which of course
included Silverstein and a person named Roth! Barbara also fingers
the Carlisle Group as the main player in the whole 911 operation.
This is well worth checking out!!

* There is a new chem.-trail//aerosol spraying//geo-engineering group
starting up here in Portland. To those that want to join, here is the
newsgroup you will want to subscribe to:

Minutes of group meeting Jul 18 2007
Minutes for the 911 PDX Truth-Alliance for Wed. July, 18, 2007// al
Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:23 am
"Richard Frager"
Minutes for the 911 PDX Truth-Alliance for Wed. July, 18, 2007// also:

* Thank you everybody for coming to our meeting at Laughing Horse:
Mike, Tim, Barry, Phyllis, Glen, Ruby, one other person and Yours
Truly: Richard!

* An introductory discussion on what and where we should host a 911
event in less than two months on 9-11-07! The agenda for this week is
a follow-up to what we should do. I suggested that we could always
rent a room at Friends Meeting House on SE Stark, get the projector
out and show the voluminous amount of material that we have. All
suggestions are welcome.

* Barry talked about bringing William Rodriguez to speak, he is the
last survivor out of the South Tower. He was the maintenance worker
who held the master keys of the World Trade Center and helped save
hundreds of lives on 911. Barry found a church downtown that charges
something like $170 an hour! Too much!

* Barry also contacted radical folk-musician David Rovics who wanted
$400 to appear at the Rodriguez event. Also Mr. Rovics stated that he
doesn't think 911 was an inside job. We decided to not ask Mr. Rovics
to any event we put on, at least for now.

* We saw part of a new video by Dave vonKleist called "911 Ripple
Effect: Lies, Propaganda and a Call For Justice." This is available at

* This coming Wednesday, we plan to see a video titled "September
Clues" which is 1-hour long.

* For the record, the fundamental political issue of our time is that
911 WAS an inside job. The events of Sept. 11, 2001 were scripted,
orchestrated, and carried out by Black World criminal operations
within the military command structure (such as Stratcom, NEADS, NORAD,
NSA etc.) and outside the military command structure with their
private firms (Science Applications Intl; Blackstone Group, Carlyle
Group, P-Tech, many more). Foreign governments and foreign
intelligence agencies were involved in this operations (Englands MI-6,
Pakistani ISI, Israel Mossad et. al.), but the main controllers were
rogue elements within the U.S. government. This compartmentalized
system of moles and operatives were the ones who had NORAD stand down
and set up the 20+ plus war games and terror drills on 9/11/01 that
were directly related to the events of that day. For example, there
was an exercise that morning at the headquarters of the NRO, the
National Reconnaissance Office in Chantilly, Virginia, involving the
simulation of an airliner crashing into the NRO's headquarter tower.
This is no weird happenstance, but a crucial window on the entire

There also was Amalgram Virgo, which did come up during the 9/11
hearings. We know that Amalgam Virgo `01 was run on June 1-2, 2001.
It was a multi-agency planning exercise sponsored by NORAD involving
the hypothetical scenario of a cruise missile being launched by a
rogue government or somebody from a barge off the East Coast. Bin
Linden is pictured on the cover of the proposal for the exercise. The
exercise takes place at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. Although
the barge could have been located somewhere else, this looks very much
like what happened at the Pentagon, since it is clear that no
commercial airliner ever hit that building on 9/11. The 2002 edition
of this exercise was set to include two simultaneous commercial
aircraft hijackings with FBI agents impersonating the hijackers –
another component which may have occurred in the real world on 9/11.

The open secret about the drills is that they often hide the real
thing, as illustrated by the examples of Hilex 75 (a cover for
possible nuclear confrontation with the Warsaw Pact) and Nine Lives 81
(a cover for the Hinckley hit on President Reagan). Another excellent
example is Able Archer 83, a US nuclear weapons exercise, which looked
so realistic that Soviet leaders became concerned that it was a cover
for a real sneak attack on their country with nuclear missiles. They
put their own Strategic Rocket Troops and related units on highest
alert, and the world found itself on the brink of an all-out nuclear
exchange. The point here is that once the operations are set up, it
is only necessary to make apparently small changes to have the
exercise go live, and turn it into a real nightmare.

* Phyllis wanted to know why there were so few people at the meetings.
Some of the reasons are #1) it is getting close to six years after
the event and #2) there have already been hundreds of people that have
already passed though the 911 meetings.

* Phyllis also suggested a set a way to reimburse Jack $500 for his
contributions to the previous events.
Minutes of group meeting Aug 1 2007

Minutes of the PDX 911 Truth Alliance held on Wednesday, August 1,

Thu Aug 2, 2007 12:19 am
"Richard Frager"

Minutes of the PDX 911 Truth Alliance held on Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thank you everybody for coming: Jack, Mike, Barry, Tim, Phyllis,
Glen, Barbara, Sue, Jennifer, Robert, Laurie, Ruby, John, Mike II,
Amber, and Yours Truly: Richard.

* First the BAD NEWS: The Red and Black worker-owned collective café
at SE 22nd and Division St. will be closing at the end of August. The
next fundraiser for its new location will be August 18th. for details - Also, Laughing Horse books is also
in trouble and will be having a fund-raiser soon. Please stop buy and
purchase some books.

* Barbara Ellis talked about her play on 911 financial
machinations. She handed out some scripts and there will be an
informal reading on August 11th at Lucky Lab Brewery on SE Hawthorne
at 7 pm.

* The William Rodriquez event is on hold until a date is
finalized. Barry and Mel are working on locations.

* Jack tried to contact Webster Tarpley about bringing him to
Portland. David did talk to Mr. Tarpley at the LA conference last June
(2006.) If I remember, Mr. Tarpley doesn't want that much money to
speak. It would be great if we could get another speaker with him,
such as Barrie Zwicker (Tarpley and Zwicker spoke in Seattle in 2006)
or even Sophia.

* More discussions about the war games Nobel Resolve and Topoff IV.
Contact as many government officials about the secrecy regarding these
drills. Noble Resolve involves a computer simulation of a 10 kiloton
nuke. Homeland Security wants funding for worldwide inspections of US
bound cargo containers. Very few wealthy folks live near the port and
St Johns area where cargo containers come in. Operation Noble Resolve
is a mock terrorist military exercise coming to Portland in August.
Operation TOPOFF is another drill scheduled in October for our peace
loving city. Who should be concerned? Everybody. Why? Actual events
blamed on terrorists have always occurred during such exercises. Ever
wonder why NORAD failed to shoot down the hijacked aircraft on 9/11?
The people who are paid to protect our skies were busy with five war
game exercises that day.

* There will be a 911 event on 9/11/07 at Laughing Horse Books at
7pm, featuring a speaker from Canada.

*I sent away for the recent Vancouver, BC 911 conference, it is on 10
DVDs. Hopefully we will be able to have a public viewing of Dr.
William Deagle's theories on what brought down WTC 1 and 2.

* There will be a chem-trail, aerosol spraying and geo-engineering
meeting today (Thursday, August 2nd) at 7pm at 216 NE 19th Ave. Please

* There are 2 copies left at Powells on West Burnside of Jim Fetzer's
excellent compilation on 911 titled, "The 9/11 Conspiracy: The
Scamming of America"

* There are 911 video showings the first three Thursdays of every
month at 4407 S.E. Tibbetts at 7 pm.

* NEW GLOBAL OUTLOOK MAGAINZE! - As a supporter and Grassroots
Contact of the 9/11 Truth movement, you will be glad to hear we've
just released Issue #12 of Global Outlook: Major Mainstream Media
Breakthroughs (2006-2007) for the 9/11 Truth Movement– our new
blockbuster magazine which is already getting rave reviews. Issue #12
is a collection of 46 of the major mainstream articles that have been
written about the 9/11 Truth movement, carefully critiqued by media
critic Barrie Zwicker. You can use this as a tool: to convince the
fence-sitters that 9/11 is no longer a fringe phenomenon – it is in
TIME's words "a mainstream political reality". You can use this issue
to debate the skeptics about the mainstream media cover-up of 9/11
Truth. You can send copies to key decision makers to demonstrate how
important an issue 9/11 Truth really is. And you can use it to educate
new members to our movement – that is, to bring them up to speed on
who's who and what's what in our movement. In short, it's a great
activist tool for waking up the people (or `sheeple' if you like) –
one that you can use to help expose the lies and turn the tide for
9/11 Truth.

Minutes of group meeting Aug 14 2007
Minutes to the Sen. Wyden action at PSU and minutes for the 911 Tru

Tue Aug 14, 2007 4:05 pm
"Richard Frager"

Truth-Alliance and 911 truth groups organization of Portland Oregon.

Thank you to everybody for showing up today at PSU: Russ, Mark, Barry,
Darris, Tim, Shawn, Cherie, Glen, Sue, and Your Truly: Richard!

Tuesday, August 14, 12:00 pm, at Hoffman Hall, Portland State
University -1833 SW 11th, Portland, OR - WHAT A DAY at Sen. Wyden's
so-called "Town Meeting" at PSU when Barry Ball spoke TRUTH TO POWER!
Barry had the strength, fortitude and dignity to TELL Sen. Wyden that
we represent the TRUTH FACTION of what really happened on 911, why it
happened and who profited. Hats off to Darris who carried the 911 sign
right behind Sen. Wyden while he was speaking. I took many pictures of
the event and will be sending them out later in the week!!!

Barry spoke of such hard-hitting books by Webster Tarpley, David Ray
Griffin and others. Although the crowd was stupefied, Barry kept on
describing intricate details about various intelligence communities
covert operations that is used to terrorize the public and the facts
regarding black operations. I was more than honored to be in Barry's
presence, you are a true leader!

Russ was out there passing out information about the upcoming terror
drills, Shawn was yelling the facts about 911, Glen was taping
everything, Mark was standing tall, Darris was carrying signs, and
everybody was getting involved.

Minutes of group meeting Aug 8 2007

Thank you everyone who showed up to the 911 Truth-Alliance
meeting last Wed. August 8th, at Laughing Horse: Glen, Stephanie,
Doug, Drew, Ruby, John, Michael, William, Michele, Bill, Blair,
Bruce, Terry, Jeff, Tim, Barry, Phyllis and Yours Truly: Richard.

The demise of the 911 Truth Movement is greatly exaggerated. Not only
that, but 911 Truth is coming on strong, very STRONG!!

Please help all of us in exposing the Terrorism Drill called "NOBLE
RESOLVE 07-2" to be run from Aug. 20 to 24 in front of the public. The
PLANET you save may be your own,

The time is NOW for all people of conscious to come together, join
together and stop what may be our VERY LAST CHANCE to bring the end of
World War Three and all-out thermo-nuclear war.

Minutes of group meeting Dec 12 2007:
[911] Minutes to PDX 911 Truth Group for Wednesday, December 12th, 2

Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:17 am
Richard Frager

Minutes to PDX 911 Truth Group for Wednesday, December 12th, 2007.

I know I used to say this every week, but that simply was the greatest
meeting of all time. Hats off to the following Folks for showing up:
Glen, Andrew, Bill, Leah, April, Tim, Barry, Blaine, Bryan, Jennifer,
Craig, Scott, Barbara, and Yours Truly: Richard. Also a nod to Steve,
Evelyn, Mohawk Mike, and Mike S. for coming last week.

* Last Friday the 911 Truth Group marched from Powell’s Books through
downtown to the Naomi Klein event at the Unitarian Church. There was a
discussion about Naomi’s left gate-keeping, and how we can improve our
skills to challenge other gate-keepers!

* We have a new DVD burner that can burn up to 7 DVD’s at a time. Tim
brought many DVD’s tonight for the group. Thank you Tim!

* We saw a most amazing video by Will Thomas, author of “Days of
Deception – Ground Zero and Beyond.” The talk was titled “The Military
Stand Down on 911.”
This is simply new and outstanding research that must been seen.
E-mail me for a copy if you want a copy.

* We kicked around about more “Ground Zero” events, including this
Sunday’s “Code Pink” event. Barbara has all the information.

* The counter-recruiting happening on Dec. 11th had Glen, Mohawk Mike,
Barry and Crystal attending.

* We discussed securing venues for upcoming speakers, which includes
Richard Gage.

* We looked at flyers opposing 1959: Violent Radicalization and
Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

* There were updates on what direction did the Deutsche Bank Building
get hit.

* The improved domain name for the group is now

* We will now meet at the Lucky Lab on SE Hawthorne on the First and
Third Saturdays, around 8 ISH (or before.) This Saturday is the third
Saturday, FYI.

* Next weeks Wed. night meeting will be at 4810 N.E. Sandy Blvd from
7-9 pm with a video showing from 6-7 pm.

* This is a great location by the way, quite, secure, and downright
cozy!! All are welcomed!
Minutes of group meeting Dec 26 2008

[911] Minutes to for Wed. Dec. 26th, 2007

Sat Dec 29, 2007 8:02 am
Richard Frager

Minutes to for Wed. Dec. 26th, 2007

* Next weeks meeting will be back at Laughing Horse books at 12 N.E.
10th near East Burnside on Wed. January 2nd, 2008!

* "A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of
acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps
both." -- James Madison

* Thank you everybody for coming out for some great DVD’s and a super
meeting. Hats off to: Tim, Shawn, Barbara, Glen, Jennifer, Craig,
Andrew, Big Tony, Wade and Yours Truly: Richard.

* SOFIA of 911 Mysteries will be in town. We have her scheduled at
Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Stark, upstairs from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm
on Sunday, January 20th. We will screen the latest edition of 911
Mysteries with a Q and A to follow. After a break she will speak on
“911 and Shaping the Public Mind.” Please contact Glen, Barry or myself
about helping to promote this and getting the equipment.

* We also have secured the same venue, Friends Meeting House, for
Sander Hicks on Friday night, February the 15th. SANDER HICKS is an
investigative journalist/independent publisher who started Soft Skull
Press and Vox Pop/DKMC. He has appeared on HBO/Cinemax in the
documentary, “Horns and Halos.” Hicks was the first to savage the 911
Commission Report for its litany of omission, in the New York Press. He
may the only reporter to have been verbally abused by a member of the
911 Commission. He is the author or The Big Wedding – 911, the
Whistle-Blowers and the Cover-Up.

Sander has dug up some incredible research on a Dr. Graham. Dr, Graham
was one of the 911 truth whistle-blowers who met an untimely demise. He
proved that there was protection and control of the so-called 911
hijackers by the Pentagon, CIA and FBI. Sander is calling for a New
Movement: “How can we rejuvenate American politics, religion and
community? It’s time for a new network around fair trade economics,
healthy food, grassroots activism, democratic media, spiritual rebirth
and third party politics It starts now.” For the record, Soft Skull
Press printed “Fortunate Son – George W. bush and the Making of an
American President” by the late J.H. Hatfield. Again, contact Barry,
Glen or myself to help in promo.

* We are still looking for a tentative date for Richard Gage - Richard
Gage is part of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth!

* We have also contacted Jim Fetzer about coming to Portland, and he
responded positively.

* Barbara took a positive vote to start legislation to re-investigate

* Besides viewing DVDs on 911 by John Judge, Dr. Bill Deagle, Indira
Singh, we also looked at truly informative medical and health related
footage by Ralph Schoenman on “Creating the Next Pandemic,” Dr. Leonard
Horowitz, “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and bioterrorism,” and
Dr. Royal Rife, “The Rise and Fall.”

Glen – I totally forgot about another powerful medical DVD I’d like to
show soon called “Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing
Drugs.” It is narrated by Amy Goodman. We ran out of time to view
“Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime.” What did Hoxsey do exactly? How
about in 1924 he found a cure for cancer and had for a time the world’s
largest clinic with branches in 17 states; and yes, he cured thousands
of people. But the AMA doesn’t want to cure cancer, the AMA, whom I
affectionately refer to as the American Malpractice Association, wants
to manage cancer and manage your finances. Organized medicine banned
his therapy! For the record, congratulations to Michael Moore for his
documentary, “Sicko.” The recently released DVD has over 80 minutes of
all-new material, - that was for the record, Of course later in the
year we will have to show free-energy and alternative-energy
vidoes. Anti-gravity and zero-point energy HAVE been solved, but
needless to say, it is not to be released to the general public, which
are just general schmoes like me! Anti-gravity and zero-point
technology has been weaponized, so rest assured that the Pentagon,
Lockheed-Martin, General Dynamics and Northrop-Grumman are looking out
for all of us!

Minutes of group meeting Jan 2 2008:

Minutes to 911Turth Groups PDX for January 2nd, 2008!

Fri Jan 4, 2008 7:20 am
Richard Frager

Minutes to 911Turth Groups PDX for January 2nd, 2008!

Tip O’ hat to the following folks for showing up: Glen, Barry, Mohawk
Mike, Alex, Tim T., Tim C., Andrew, Shawn, Bryan, Ryan, Noah, Rayner,
Barbara, Alan, Eva, and Yours Truly; Richard!

* There was a David Icke Panel panel discussion;
* News about crackdowns on all street demonstrations;
* A long General discussion.

Minutes of group meeting Jan 16 2008:
Minutes to for Wed. January 16, 2008

Thu Jan 17, 2008 7:39 am
Richard Frager

Minutes to for Wed. January 16, 2008

Hats off to the following Folks for participating in the researching
and disseminating real history: Tim, Barry, Bryan, Barbara, Spidey,
Glen, Shawn, Jennifer, Craig, Kenny, Andrew and Yours Truly: Richard.
Please make note that this Sunday the 20th, Sofia of 911 Mysteries will
be here at Friends Meeting House from 12:30-4:30, 4312 S.E. Stark.

Also: 911 Truth Groups Portland is sponsoring Sander Hicks – Friday,
Feb. 15th also at Friends Meeting House;
Richard Gage is now slated to appear on Sunday, March 9th at P.S.U.
Mike Palecek will be at Laughing Horse on Sat. March 29th

Our wish list for the year includes: Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer (who
has already said yes) Kevin Barrett, and Carol Brouillet.

Members of the 911 Truth Group will meet at Lucky Lab this Saturday
night around 7-8 ish!
Minutes of group meeting Jan 22 2008:

Minutes to for Wed. January 16, 2008

Tue Jan 22, 2008 7:09 am
Richard Frager

Sofia/Sander Hicks/Richard Gage

Tip O' the Hat to the following for making the Sofia 911 Mysteries an
outstanding success: Barry, Donna, Brian I, Brian II, Cherie, Mel,
Glen, Tim T, Tim c, Barbara, Jennifer, Craig, Bob Hedlund, Bill, Leah,
Andrew, Jeanne, Crystal and Yours Truly: Richard, and many many more.

We saw the final edition of 911 Mysteries, followed by a great question
and answer. Later Sofia spoke about 9/11 and the public mind.

We ran out of time for air-traffic controller Robin Hordon to speak
about "Stand Down of NORAD Interceptors on 9/11" but we have his
contact number and we plan to bring him up in the very near future. He
did speak up in Vancouver this past June, and I have his presentation
if anybody wants a copy.

Thank you everybody for pitching in, it was wonderful!! Let's do it
again soon: Sander Hicks - February 15th!!

Minutes of group meeting Jan 30 2008:

Minutes from for January 30th, 2008.

Mon Feb 4, 2008 7:55 am
Richard Frager

Minutes from for January 30th, 2008.

Thank you everybody for coming: Barbara, Barry, Glen, Andrew, Tim by
Speakerphone, Rob, Brian, and others!

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question
- is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But
conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when
one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor
popular; but one must take it because it is right. - Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr.

* Important announcement: The next 2 meetings will be held at Laughing
Horse Books – 12 NE 10th. That’s February 6th and February 13th. So, if
you haven‘t come for a while, please attend – you may like where we’re
going! WE are supposed to have a surprise guest this Wed. who was in
NYC during 911 – and his take on it. In addition, Glen wants to show
the video that stars Sander Hicks called “Horns and Halos”

* Initially now-local folk musician David Rovics was scheduled to play
at the Sander Hicks 911 event on Friday, February 15th at Friends
Meeting House at 4312 S. E. Stark (from 7-9:30 pm). But for some reason
he couldn’t make it. Sander though has invited a local professor/author
from Pacific University in Forest Grove. He is Dr. Jules Boykoff,
Ph.D., Political Science, from the Department of Politics and
Government. He has written a recent book titled” Beyond Bullets: The
Suppression of Dissent in the United States” Focusing on a variety of
movements for political, social, and economic change in the US, Jules
Boykoff shows the tools used by government agents to undermine the
long-term viability of opposition in this country. Despite the pretense
of democratic ideals, the US government has ruthlessly suppressed
dissent, using hard-to-detect and rarely acknowledged tactics. Boykoff
breaks it down for readers, using a methodical, step-by-step analysis
to open the government's bag of tricks for all to see.

* Print up your own SANDER HICKS POSTERS:

* As of right now, we are trying to secure a university hall to host
Richard Gage – who is a member of The American Institute of Architects
and one of 261 architectural and engineering professionals who make up
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth!

* Bill Coones has posted the second part of Sofia conference in medium
911 – a Journey Into Consciousness!

* BIG EVENT THIS SATURDAY:Saturday, February 9th- Hoffmann , Portland
State University, 1833 SW Eleventh Ave 2:00 - 5:30 p.m.

The American Iranian Peace Forum 2008, with Stephen Kinzer, New York
Times veteran correspondent and the author of "All the Shah's Men: An
American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror" & An engaging panel
presentation with local Iranians and Americans involved with both
countries: Catherine Thomasson M.D., Physicians for Social
Responsibility AND MANY OTHERS.

* ANOTHER EVENT FOR SATURDAY - Taxi to the Dark Side will be showing
at the International Film Festival at the Regal Broadway 1000 SW
Broadway & Main at 5 PM. It is a documentary about GTMO and the bush
administration's treatment of prisoners.
Minutes of group meeting Feb 6 2008:

Minutes from for February 6th, 2008 AND News From The World!

Sat Feb 9, 2008 9:14 pm
Richard Frager

Minutes from for February 6th, 2008 AND News From
The World!

A Tip O’the Hat to the following folks for coming to our 911 group
meeting: Glen, Barry, Tim, Barbara, Brian, Mohawk Mike, Greg, Derek,
Archie, Heather, Dylan, Taco and Yours Truly: Richard.

** Next week we will also meet at Laughing Horse Books on Wed. Feb.
13th located at 12 N.E. 10th St. Portland. If you can’t come to that,
the movie "Uncounted" will play on the same day, Wednesday, Feb. 13th
at 6:00 PM at Bethel Lutheran Church - 5658 N Denver Ave.

** The Richard Gage event is now being aimed for Monday, March 10th at
Barbatti’s Pan, downtown on S.W. 3rd near East Burnside. The
engineering class that Mr. Gage was going to host at PSU was cancelled
for various reasons, and the hope that we could have Gage speak at Reed
College also did not materialize. We discussed about having him speak
on “Home Grown Terrorism” and the so-called anti-terrorism bill H.R.
1955 as well as his response to Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal

* We also talked about the upcoming Sander Hicks event to be held
Friday, February 15th at 7 pm at Friends Meeting House located at 4312
SE Stark. Sander will be introduced by Prof. Jules Boykoff Ph.D.,
Political Science from Pacific University, Department of Politics and
Government. For those who may not know, Pacific University is located
in Forest Grove, Oregon, about 25 miles from Portland. Prof. Boykoff
has a book titled “Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the
United States.” Focusing on a variety of movements for political,
social, and economic change in the US, Jules Boykoff shows the tools
used by government agents to undermine the long-term viability of
opposition in this country. Despite the pretense of democratic ideals,
the US government has ruthlessly suppressed dissent, using
hard-to-detect and rarely acknowledged tactics. Boykoff breaks it down
for readers, using a methodical, step-by-step analysis to open the
government's bag of tricks for all to see.