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For general descriptions of NATLFED criminal activity, see the articles on this site. This page indexes cases that document the convictions of members of the Foster law firm.

The Foster Cases

Till they were disbarred, lawyers who were live-in members of NATLFED filed suits to harass opponents of the group.
Two of the lawyers discussed in these cases, Daniel Foster and Amanda Reid, were sentenced in 1986 to up to six years in prison on charges of grand larceny. They remained members of the group and were among those rearrested in the November 11, 1996 FBI raid on NATLFED headquarters. A brief description of the grand-larceny case (which is discussed in People v. Foster, 1989, appears in the article Cult's Crooked Past Exposed.
The cases below are analyzed in a summary.

"They manipulate the courts like a violin, playing one judge against another and one court system against another. Sooner or later the courts will wake up to them."
--Allen Smith, manager of a Riverhead, NY, building occupied by a NATLFED entity that refused to pay rent and filed strategic suits against building owners for several years to avoid eviction. Quoted in [Title unknown], Newsday, 3/2?/88.