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pdx911truthAlliance Oregon Yahoo list

"Admin" group poll:

Shall we create a separate "admin" list for discussing the general logistics and business operations of PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance?
Sep 17, 2006

They did.

The date of the poll matches Virginia Ross join date; objections to Petros not withstanding, they get along okay:

Proposals & Polls
Sun Sep 17, 2006
Ginny Ross

Dear truth seekers,

I am one of the administrators of this list, and would like to invite
you to send your comments, links, and observations of 9/11 Truth issue
to the list for discussion.

I've noticed a steady stream of "unsubscribes" lately. I feel this may
be due to the frequent and sometimes confusing (to the casual member)
insider discussions about our logistical and website issues. Often
times these discussions are difficult to follow and are generally
off-topic. It is likely that such topics are not of interest to those
who are here to discuss and learn about 9/11 Truth issues.

Therefore I would like to propose that the group of people who are
concerned with logistics and business operations of the PDX 9/11 Truth
Alliance should create a separate Admin yahoo group, and limit our
business discussions to that group. I believe this would reduce the
number of "unsubscribes" and provide a less exclusive or confusing
atmosphere on this list. In other words, Alliance Admin issuew would
become "off topic" for the general discussion list. The Admin
yahoogroup could be open and voluntary for all who are actively involved
in the operations of PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance, but it would be separate
from our 9/11 discussion list.

If you believe this is a good plan, rather than clicking "reply" and
discussing it here and risk bothering those who are not interested, I
have created a poll at the Yahoo group site so we can vote on this.
Please go there and click "Polls" to cast your vote. (You can also vote
in the still open poll on the issue of whether to keep Wednesday nights
for activism and operation discussions only and use Sunday afternoons
for showing videos.)

A quick final note --- we now have over 50 members in our discussion
list and many of them are from other states. We would like to welcome
all of you who have joined recently! We invite you to post your
comments, links and ideas here on this list. We are trying to keep our
list on-topic and productive. We hope you will join the discussion.

Thank you,

Ginny Ross
Portland, OR
Evdokas replies:

Re: [pdx911truth] Proposals & Polls

Thu Sep 21, 2006
Petros Evdokas


I wanted to share some thoughts about this with all of us in the group.
If anyone considers this letter to be "off topic" please feel free to
skip or delete it.

Ginny's proposal may be usueful. But if discussion of "logistics and
business operations" is going to be happening elsewhere, its definition
should not include the politics, social values and principles.

Recently we've tried to have discussions among us about those things,
on the occasion of hate speech being disseminated on our list. It's
given us an opportunity to define (or redefine) some of the values and
principles which unite us as a group.

The discussion of the values and principles which unite us here is
essential to our concern with the 9/11 Truth movement. Many of us are
concerned that if racist, sexist, or homophobic political forces take
over, the 911 Truth Mvt will be condemned to failure.

So, I don't have a vote on the poll. But I do have a strong opinion
that the discussion of our values and principles - especially in
relation to whether hate groups will be allowed to recruit among us -
should be available to the entire group at all times, and be considered
as one of the important threads of our dialogue, on an ongoing basis.

I'd like to encourage an open format among us that would make it
emotionally safe for any of us to speak about these subjects with
everyone in the group, whenever any person feels its appropriate.

I'd like to hear any other opinions on this from our colleagues.
Other opinions were nonexistent onlist, but offlist the decision was already made to use a list Owen, Ansary and Evdokas started in 2005.

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Years later some of these retards bailed from the list after it became known to their followers they were working with the so called "enemy".