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Watching You Dot Com and Fighters for Frager!

Parody UFO conspiracy website set up to mock Richard Frager and other usenet UFO trolls.

Dedicated to Dr. R.X. Frager, UFOologist"He puts the 'fool' in UFOology."

Dr. Richard X. Frager, recently known as Art Wholeflaffer, is perhaps the most well-respected UFOlogist currently participating in the UFO newsgroups. His reputation for using faultless logic in his assertions about the UFO menace are legendary. Dr. Frager is a man on a mission, and we should all listen unless we want to be probed by Grey aliens. (Reliable Internet rumors say that Dr. Frager is a psi-op engaged in a government disinformation campaign. We reserve judgement! But here's a picture of Frager with Nixon in Iran for you to consider.)
Unfortunately, some SKEP-TI-CULT debunker spOOks have taken it upon themselves to mock Dr. Frager's important work. Why, oh why can't they perceive his wisdom? That's why we've created Fighters For Frager, a group dedicated to the defense of Dr. Frager's important UFO knowledge. And while our homepage may be ugly, we know that The Truth is on our side.

Who is Dr. Frager?

That is a mystery. Despite repeated requests to Dr. Frager, no information on his background has been obtained. Dr. Frager has, however, posted a Frager FAQ. A scan of DejaNews didn't show much else, except for a post which states "Dr. Frager is Eric, a Construction Worker from San Diego". This claim remains unverified. It's also rumored that Dr. Frager was on a white water rafting trip in the mid 1970's with his kids when they plunged down a mighty chasm. That terrible experience has affected him to this very day. Here's my theory: Dr. Frager knows so much about the secret spOOks in the Federal Government that he is forced to maintain a deep cover, and ignore requests for his educational credentials. (Actually, Dr. Frager's real name is widely-known. Out of respect for his privacy, if you really want to know that information you'll just have to dig it up yourself.)

Where Does Dr. Frager Hang Out?

Dr. R.X. Frager is a legend in a number of newsgroups. As a scientist, he pays keen attention to important scientific fields, such as UFOlogy and associated topics. Visit one or all of these newsgroups for a "taste of Frager":
  • alt.paranet.ufo
  • alt.alien.visitors
  • (where he's a Net legend!)
  • sci.psychology.misc
  • sci.skeptic
  • alt.dreams
  • alt.paranet.abduct

Dr. Frager's Pearls of Wisdom

Re: Dr. R.X. Frager: Pres. of P.A.G.A.N.
Re: Bo(r)sch-Belt and the UFO-Debunkers two GoLdEn Rules!
Re: [VERIFIED] Secret Government Admits to "Human Cloning"/Last "Refuge" of a UFO-debunker

Yes, You Have Sinned Against Dr. Frager. Admit It.

Before you can become a full-fledged member of Fighters For Frager, we must verify your sincerity. Fighters For Frager is a very select group, and The Conspiracy would like nothing more than to keep Dr. Frager from telling The Truth. Confess the following sins (courtesy Twitch) against Dr. Frager and UFOology:

I have read The Frager's articles with laughter in my heart.
I have read The Frager's articles and disputed his incorrect numbers.
I have read The Frager's articles and scowled at his quotes which have been altered.
I have read his ad hominems and been ashamed.
I have responded in a manner that wasn't respectful to The Frager.
I have wished that he would post on topic on occasion.
I have done all this and more.
I hang my head with shame.

Current Fighters For Frager!

We are dedicated to helping Dr. R.X. Frager in his never-ending battle against the spOOks who want to keep The Truth from us. The following is a list of good people who've decided to band together and Fight For Frager!
Harry "Borsch Belt" Bosch
Michael Edelman
Michael Huffman
John Hutchins
Robert Imrie
Chris Lesley
Lou "spOOk" Minatti (founder, Fighters For Frager)
John Murray
Leslie Pasnak
Mark Probert (original author of the FragerFAQ)
John Sheridan
Mark Shippey
Rick Thorne
Jon Waisman
Brant Watson
Doug Weller

Enemies of Fighters For Frager!

It should be expected that enemies of our fine organization will spring up. The Anti-Fighters For Frager is one such group. Don't be fooled by these spOOks! They are mockers and doubters who probably work for the government. Sure, the Anti-Fighters For Frager may look slick, with high-falootin' frames, but they're still just a front organization for the CIA.
(Note: Since we've exposed Anti-Fighters For Frager, their site was removed. Just recently, "Son of Chive Mynde" has posted a new "parody" of this page. Basically all he did was take the source code and edit the text and pictures. SOCM isn't very original.)

What To Do If Confronted By Frager!

Don't sweat it! Dr. Dick Frager/Art Wholeflaffer constantly refers to others as being part of some super-secret government operation. Fact is, his posts sound crazy as hell - which is why only one pathetic geek (see "Son of Chive Mynde") has stepped up to bat for him. With that in mind, have fun with Dr. Dick!
Hi Devin McAndrews!

Subject: Re: Dr. R.X. Frager: Pres. of P.A.G.A.N.
From: "Dr. R. X. Frager"
Date: 1997/02/22
Message-Id: <5ele1s$ao7$>
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.research,alt.paranet.abduct,sci.skeptic
[More Headers]

Lou Minatti <"slaroche"@[spamsnip]> wrote:
>Dr. R. X. Frager wrote:
>> This goes out especially to the newest sp00k on the block, Lou
>> (Malli Vanelli) Minatti - may you find all the Swamp Gas you are seeking.
>> The Worse Debunkers in History -- Help Has Arrived!!
>How do we know that you're not a spook, Dr. Frager?

Oh, but I am; I am President of P.A.G.A.N. -
People Against Nordics and Greys.
Will you join us in our attack against these ET races?
Just kidding, Minatti; we needed another "useful idiot" like yourself
around anyway. It looks like Dean-Os term of duty ended.
The Worse Debunkers in History -- Help Has Arrived!!

These newsgroups have the worst bunch of UFO Debunkers this side of
Area-51. Luckily, I am here to help you with your debunking! First off,
you MUST, at all costs, be creative when debunking UFOs, because the
evidence to prove the existence of UFOs and aliens is overwhelming
in the positive.

When you add the voluminous amount of excellent research that has
been done on crop circles, animal mutilations, human abductions,
trace cases, government cover-ups, implants, crash retrievals,
Military involvement, Corporate involvement, UFO sightings, harassment
of witnesses, and on and on, -- well, you really can't argue on the facts.

So -- the debunkers better start coming up with some smart and clever
excuses, or else they will totally lose any shred or "shard" of credibility
they have left! Luckily, I have chosen to help this luckless and clueless

Okay then, let's take the recent A Special, for example. On that
silly show, some Canadian researcher was profiled who propounds
the theory that the "alien abduction scenario" is all a figment of the
mind, brought on by exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields generated
by piezoelectric "rock-crunching" movement of the earth's crust which
produces the "lights in the sky" phenomena called UFOs. Now, if that
isn't a mouthful- what is??

But if that is to much to expound, you might try these apologies, which
were recently used on the CIA/Raytheon-financed PBS show called,
"Kidnapped by Aliens." You probably have guessed it already, I am referring
to the "False Memory Syndrome." Although it more accurately should be
labeled the false memory "spin-drome; since most alien abduction memories
are retrieved WITHOUT the use of hypnosis, a tiny but important detail the
Producers of that PBS show "conveniently" forgot to mention!! But when
someone wants to state that little "inconvenient " fact, just shoot out this
zinger: "sleep paralysis." That will really make them jump! Also, try
calling the Abductees "weak-minded individuals; delusional
(a debunker favorite!); victims of repeated hallucinations and the
'Phil Klass' special, refer to the Abductees as "little nobodies, people
seeking celebrity status! " And for heavens sakes, don't forget to throw
in that Magic Word from time to time, "Confabulation!"

But just in case you can't remember all that, here are some plausible
sounding reasons that can be used to explain away ALL UFO sightings,
when the need arises:

Sun Dogs
Hot Dogs
Sun Dials
Light Reflections
Light Refraction
Ball Lightning (Another Phil Klass Special)
Swamp Gas (But only where there's Swamps!)
The Moon
Van Allen Belts
Lou Minatti's Hub-Caps
Alien Space Crafts (Ooopps - sorry!)

Subject: Re: Bo(r)sch-Belt and the UFO-Debunkers two GoLdEn Rules!
From: "Dr. Richard X. Frager"
Date: 1997/03/10
Message-Id: <5g0c0f$j27$>
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.visitors,alt.alien.research,sci.skeptic [More Headers]

Harry Bosch wrote:
>Damn guys,

It's almost sickening to see a once-brilliant UFO debunker go the
way of Bo(r)sch-Belt. Although this is typical, when a UFO debunker
has outlived his usefulness, they usually become resentful
and suicidal. This should explain Dean-0 Adams strange disapperance.

AND NOW----The UFO Debunkers 2 golden rules
#1) Don't bother me with the facts---my mind is made up.
#2) If you can't attack the evidence---attack the person.
Later, folks.
Dr. Richard X. Frager

Subject: Re: [VERIFIED] Secret Government Admits to "Human Cloning"/Last "Refuge" of a UFO-debunker
From: "Dr. Richard X. Frager"
Date: 1997/03/11
Message-Id: <5g3tt3$onc$>
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.research,alt.paranet.abduct,sci.skeptic,
[More Headers]

Lou Minatti <"slaroche"@[spamsnip]> meant to write:
I am a worthless "State" UFO-debunker who still hasn't yet mastered the concept of
the zipper. Thus, I have to excuse myself again. Why do UFO debunkers deny
the facts about UFO sightings, alien abductions, crop-circles, alien implants,
animal mutilations, face-to-face meetings with the Pentagon, official
cover-ups etc. Simple, 50 years ago, after the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico
UFO crash; it was decided that to release this information would create
a severe disruption to all our Institutions.

That decision still stands.
>Dr. Richard X. Frager wrote:
>> (Michelle Drew) wrote:
>> >
>> >Are you for real?
>> Thank you for your whimsical question, Mrs. Drew. The FACTS of the matter is
>> that everything I post is based on the most CONSERVATIVE approach possible.
>> That is, unless it can be verified at least three ways by a panel of experts
>> representing many disciplines, then it won't get posted.
>Another terrific, lucid post from Dr. Frager! You are the BEST! I'm
>putting together a press kit for the "Fighters For Frager" club. Can you
>send me your bio?

It has been stated that the last refuge of a scoundrel is
patriotism. It should also be noted that the last refuge
of a UFO debunker is curse words, or swearing.
To wit:
Harry Bosch wrote:

>DOCTOR ****, you are a complete unmitigated *** ****,
>completely useless piece of ****.

Tragically but right in cue, the UFO debunkers have lost
one of their last lines of defense, The State-Paid UFO
Liar. These phony pseudo-scientists, such as C. Sagan,
are all too ready to dismiss well documented facts that
threaten corporate interests and political power.

When these interests are exposed for all to see, such
as when a pseudo-scientist passes away, the UFO-debunkers
have to resort to foul language because they have nothing
else left. Hairy Bo(r)sch-Belt is only the latest in a
depressing list of UFO-debunkers that have lost touch with
reality and thus, have no more meaning in life.
Let's pray that Malli Vanelli Manetti does not go down
this path of ignorance; although it appears that he is.

Be prepared, because in the future the final veil of deception
shall be lifted and the World will discover the truth about our many
extraterrestrial neighbors. In a final last-ditch, almost desperate
effort to keep their control of out-dated and deadly
technologies, such as the petro-chemical and nuclear
industries, these perjurers will have to resort to intimidation
and threats, since that is the only techniques left to them

The best advice for these charlatans is just to humor them
and hope they do not hurt themselves!

Subject: Dr. Frager is Eric, a Construction Worker from San Diego
From: "Joe Barber"
Date: 1996/09/20
Message-Id: <01bba71b.0b5201e0$>
[More Headers]

> (David Borowski) wrote in article
> ParaGLIDR ( wrote:
> : For your information, My name IS Eric, and My ASSOCIATE is Dr. Laura
> : Buehning, M.D., and Nobody's lying about anything. You may be
> : to know that at least 30 members of .attn-deficit found our post
> : enough to request further information. Sorry to step on any toes.
> : Eric
> : Laura Buehning, M.D.
> Geez, I find the claim of 30 members of this group asking for that
info a
> little hard to believe.
> Lesse now Dr. Frager, Eric, Sara and Laura Buehning - all one person.
> That's gotta' be it.
> --
> Dave Borowski

There is now definitive proof that Eric and Dr. Frager are one and
the same.
> "Dr. Richard X. Frager" intoned in article
> "nancy g." wrote:
> >ParaGLIDR wrote:
> >
> >> For your information, My name IS Eric, and My ASSOCIATE is Dr.
> >> Buehning, M.D., ...
> at least 30 members of
> .....Sorry to step on any toes.
> >
> >"At least 30 members" ??
> >
> No, Nancy, from all the newsgroups. Believe it or not, you are not
**JB: aside: earlier, he said they were members of .attn-deficit
> the only person that people read. Thank goodness too, because with
> all your long-winded explanations, it would take 1 day for you to
> describe one simple concept. The fact of the matter is that you take
> MORE time worrying about who is saying something then what is being
> said. Fine with me. I will post some of the 30 + letters that I
> have received and let the PUBLIC make up it's own mind.
> Good day,
> Dr. R.X.F.

Now why would Frager have received 30+ letters if they were all
addressed to The sad truth is that despite
the pretensions and the bluster, Dr. R. X. Frager is Eric, just
a married but lonely construction worker from San Diego with
enough insecurity and lack of respect in his daily life that he
enjoys going on-line and pretending he's a doctor. Noone else
takes him seriously, so he goes to newsgroups and says some
things that are guaranteed to cause a stir so that someone will
pay attention to him.

He enjoys and gets fulfillment from the pretense so much, that
he had an idea that he could make some extra cash by getting a
new account and pretending he was another doctor. With the new
account people might believe he was a real doctor, since everyone
on this newsgroup is already wise that R.X. Frager is not one.
With this new persona, he might be able to sell some of the swill
that he was conned into touting.

With his pretensions he probably feels genuine contempt for anyone
who is stupid enough to believe him thus justifying selling them
snake oil. His thinking might be something like "If they're stupid
enough to give me their money, then they deserve to have their
money taken from them."

The following is more speculative:
Why would he have any factual information in his aol profile at all?
Well, accounts are a bother to set up so he can't get too many of
them. Also, aol will only set up one free account per home address,
so if he likes aol and will continue paying for it, this will be a
regularly used account of his, he might as well make the most of it.
So if someone happens to be looking around at the members, comes
across his profile and happens to need a construction worker in San
Diego, they might send him a post. Why say no to free publicity (this
sounds like Navin Johnson of The Jerk finding his name in the phone
book and saying "Things are going to start happening for me, Now!").
As well it might be used as a personal account, so if he makes any
friends, he can tell them his address and they can look up his

Why would be post information about his receiving mail from an account
that the mail wasn't posted to? It was an oversight. He doesn't
like to spend too much time on aol because it is more expensive than
his regular carrier. He only has 10 free hours and he happened to
be using the newsreader set up for the aracnet account when he sent
that message. There were probably no responses, but he says there
were 30 just to save face and to try to legitimize himself. In fact,
if he does post any of the replies he got, they would most likely be
forged and the account holder either nonexistent or would refuse to
acknowledge writing the post.

I'll leave the discussion of Eric's (Laura's/Frager's) gender-bending
under different accounts and its' implications to those who are more
regular posters to the a.d.d.s. newsgroup.

Eric's situation is kind of sad. But that, in no way, makes his
behavior any more tolerable or justified. Pushing a magic elixir to
people with disabilities, some of whom may be vulnerable is never
moral. His provocative behavior in the newsgroup is self-defeating.
It is apparently appreciated by very few and has not gained him many
allies or friends. As soon as he realizes this he may get another
account with a new alias and start acting like a human being.

-- Joe Barber
Department of Economics
SiMILE University of Pennsylvania
It's like the real thing Philadelphia, PA 19104

Subject: The Real Dr. Frager FAQ/"Machiavellian Twist"
From: "Dr. Richard X. Frager "
Date: 1996/11/30
Message-Id: <57q7av$bqb$>

The Real-Real Dr. Frager FAQ
Question: Why will some people make up posts using your name and
then in a Machiavellian twist, respond to their own posts?

Answer: You must remember that the medical-industrial complex in this
country is not filled entirely with, but is significantly shaped by, outright
crooks, bookkeeping tricksters, piratical profiteers, corrupt doctors,
hospital administrators, drug and insurance executives who are robbing
taxpayers of perhaps as much as $130, billion a year (a Consumer Report
estimate) in providing overpriced, useless and often harmful services.
The General Accounting Office, being slightly more conservative, predicts
that the thieves of corporate medicine will soon be pocketing each year
at least $100 billion through fraud and overbilling. Add to that the
estimated $70 billion a year wasted by corporate health bureaucrats,
paid with our premium dollars and medical bills to do nothing but
shuffle papers, and it's plain to see we are throwing away more that
enough money to cover health care for the 40 million Americans who,
for lack of income or insurance, can't afford to be sick at all, and the
40 million others who are constantly scared because they are underinsured.

Currently, the trillion-dollar industry is divided up about like this:
#1) Hospitals ($410 billion) with the big for-profit chains growing fast.
#2) Doctors ($200 billion)
#3) Nursing homes and home health care ($110 billion)
#4) Drug Companies ($100 billion)
#5) Insurance Companies ($65 billion)
#6) Others ($100 billion+) This list includes dentists, optometrists,
physical therapists, and pharmacists.

These groups are doing splendidly in ripping-off the American public
for an ever-increasing sum of money; and they are currently increasing it's
share of the GNP. The public should be reminded again and again of the
character of the people and institutions Congress keeps surrendering to,
and of the fact that with their greed comes a stunningly callous attitude
toward patients.

Question: Dr. Frager are you a troll or a considerate and concerned

A: I'm glad I asked that: I care about every person and believe in human
rights for all; whether they are political prisoners, victims of a brutal
military dictatorship or a child that has been misdiagnosed and made
to take a pill that could change his personality, permanently for the worse.

If being a diligent citizen makes me a troll, then so be it. I would rather be
concerned about those people with the least amount of influence over their
lives, then some kind of "hate-monger" that spreads lies, deception and
mistrust. Call me what you will, but those that are apathetic about our
fellow human beings are of no use to us. Those that want to make a real
change that is all inclusive, are the people we need in our Movement.
Those that want to make health care a public service and not
a commodity; and a system that treats people with dignity and
integrity instead of like cattle to the slaughter; are the kind of folks
we need.

Certain members of this newsgroup will do anything to
drown out dissenting opinions; those views that do agree with the
party-line. Some of those methods include:

Making threats; writing phony posts; canceling posts;
harassment and otherwise intimidate innocent people whose
only fault is that they need real facts and not the kind of emotional
double-speak that passes for information around here. Thank you
More questions from someone calling themselves M. Probert. (MSProbert) wrote:
>Q: Who is this person calling himself "Dr. Richard X. Frager"? Is it his
>real name?

A: Yes, it is. He is a trustworthy and considerate person. One who
believes that everyone has a right to express their opinions and the right
to be fully informed about health care. Dr. Frager is against the brave new world
of corporatized medicine which puts profits before people and the ability to
pay before the ability to get well.
>Q: Is he a real doctor?

A: Yes, in fact. he is. And a very good one according to those who know him.
>Q: Is his point of view valid?

A: Indeed. Everything he writes is factual, well-documented with
flawless references that have been checked and verified extensively.
>Q: Has he ever broken the law?

A: Yes! He was indicted for Jay-Walking in Manhattan during October 1982.
He pleaded No Contest and paid a fine of $10 and promised never to
do it again. He has kept his promise. Also, he forgot to feed a
parking meter in 1990 and accordingly received a parking ticket in Boston,
which cost him $35. He learned his lesson again!!
>Q: Why does he seem to pick on certain people and ignore the others who
>constantly criticize him?

A: That is an incorrect interpretation of what he says and what he posts.
Dr. Frager sometimes addresses the posts that seem to unfairly censure and
smear his opinions. He does not "pick" on anyone but gently
correct those "hate-mongers" who try to divide people.
>Q: Does he criticize parents?

A: No. What would be the purpose of that? If anything, Dr. Frager supports
parents who will look at all their medical options with an open-mind before deciding
on the correct course of action for their families well-being.
>Q: Why do some people want to get his ISP to pull his account?

A: Because they can't bully, threaten or otherwise harass him to
their point of view! There is plenty of documentation on these tragic episodes!
Q: How do I know to believe you?

A: Like you would analyze any data, look at what Dr. Frager writes
and make up your own mind. He has the support of Linda James, Sandra Lee,
Ann Ost, Lisa Clark , Shari Soza, Sara Freeman and Tim Brown to name just a few.
Check those names out on your DejaNews or your Alta Vista. I believe you will
find the truth there. Thank you very much for everyone's support. But after all,
this IS a support group!!!
Subject: Meet your Usenet sp00ks and KooKs (Updated 1999 and Beyond!)
Date: 30 Nov 1998 03:49:49 GMT
From: "Art Wholeflaffer A. S. A. "
Organization: Gas Music From Jupiter
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors, alt.paranet.ufo

Meet your Usenet sp00ks and KooKs (Updated 1999 and Beyond!)

Meet your usenet sp00ks and KooKs.

This list is provided as a public service to all
real researchers and people just curious about the
truth regarding extraterrestrials and the alien presence.

Stay away from these Newsgroup sp00ks and k00ks and
you will find these Groups useful. Respond to these sp00ks/k00ks
at your own risk. Of course, these sp00ks will deny it all anyway;
that's there job; national security and all that!

This list will be constantly updated:

Lou (The Spook) Manetti- Obvious sp00k, low-level operative, never addresses
UFO facts. Ineffectual. Flat-feet. Brain-implants. Gardens at night.
Already admitted that he is a "Spook" whose job is to disrupt UFO newsgroups.
Started a cult based on hubcaps, ball lightning and the Planet Venus.
Listed in Ft. Meade, MD phone book under the name Spin-etti!
Lou Manetti is a pseudonym for Illuminati. Proves the NSA has a
sense of humor, or does it???
Rating: -0

Pops Wisenhiemer (A.K.A. waismanj)- Useful idiot. Perfect foil to NSA-sp00k
Lou Manetti. Spent three years in the Navy, in a leaky canoe! Has massive
amount of knowledge on bugs, potatoes and mud; knows absolutely nothing
about Extraterrestrials, except his best friend growing up was a 6-foot
tall Reptoid who said he was his mother, and he believed it!!
Rating: -0.025

Harry Bosch- A.K.A. Borsch-Belt. Allied with sp00k Manetti. Unflappable and
unyielding. Shot himself out of a cannon to go faster than light, when
Lockheed had that technology from downed ET craft the whole time!
Thrown out of Area-51 for flying family to the joint Human/Reptoid
Moon Base in retrieved Gray-Alien craft. Now Usenet-Debunker. Pitiful!
Rating: -.0000002

Doug Weller- Pseudo-scientist. Accepts theory of evolution, although
Weller himself overwhelmingly disproves it, unless humans evolved from
blow flies!
Moderator, sci.archaeology.moderated; but really can't moderate
a well reasoned argument. Accepts Party-Line and the cover-up of
alternative theories of the origin of life. Rating: Un-ratable!

Mark Shippey- Friend of "Twits" -which should tell you all you should
need to know. Thinks military does a better job at doing abductions
than ETs, he MAY be right at that! Has tree-house in the backyard in
case of Reptoid/Pleiadean invasion. Has it wired with acoustic and sonic
weapons, lasers and masers, and just in case, an anti-matter/anti-time cobalt bomb.
Every bird in neighborhood has mysteriously died. Flies X-33 Space Plane
with electro-gravitic systems and cosmetic turbine engines;
but won't let other UFO Debunkers on it. Smart move Mark! Rating: 3

Twit: Admitted 5-time loser who has no "life", has decided to throw
in his lot with UFO debunkers. Now generally considered 6-time loser.
Luckily for this newsgroup, "Twit" has taken a temporary vacation.
Say hello to your "friends" Twit! Grab a life!
Rating: -0.000ƒ

Jerry Bryson - Mean-spirited. Right-Wing Fanatic. Hates books
and throws book-burning parties at his "barn!"
We're still waiting for an invite, Jerry.
Idaho Militia threw him out for being too reactionary!
Couldn't even debunk the "Flat-Earth" Theory.
Has nothing to say, yet says it over and over again.
Humor him for his own sake. Favorite word: liar. (Guess why!)
Rating: -0.005

Scott Munro: An irritation to other UFO Debunkers.
Unhappy childhood, unhappy adulthood. Favorite
words : paranoid, stupid and delusional. Perhaps Munro himself
is suffering from a paranoid, stupid delusion. That would explain much.
Rating: 0.005

Rich Thorne- Embarrassment to his family, flunked physics and toilet-training;
he finally passed one, but he won't tell us which one! Low self-esteem.
Nicknamed by wife: "Knucklehead" and "Total Screw-up" Still can't
tie shoes or sleep without Teddy Bear! Bumper-sticker on car says,
"Debunkers are people too!" Couldn't prove it by Thorne, though.
Rating: 1

Michael Edelman-Ate 200 lbs. of Agent Orange during Vietnam War,
had no effect! Obvious sp00k, "Don't bother me with the facts, my
mind is made up." Strong debate on whether he even has a mind.
Rating: 1 1/2

Robert Imrie- Phony intellectual, uses big words even when
he doesn't even know what they mean. Pentagon apologist,
"If I refuse to look at the evidence, there is no evidence."
Witless and clueless. Rating: 0

Richard Cadwell - Debunker wannabee. Johnny-One-Note.
Would deny existence of UFO even if he bumped into one.
Snorted too much swamp-gas in College.
Family does not allow "Dickie" around
sharp objects. Confuses logic with stupidity,
and ignorance with reason. Which is reason enough to ignore him.
Rating: 2

Dean Adams-Super sp00k, a legend in his own mind,
"We must cover-up all aspects of the alien presence."
Laughed out of group, at least for now!
Rating: Minus 50

John Hutchins-Had latrine duty in Military, even screwed that
up. Used to be a great fisherman until he hooked his, well,
use your imagination. Banned from participating on talk
shows because of an unusual odor, thought to be left over
from the Big-Bang! Only contribution to society is that
he waters his lawn every day, although he lives in Seattle
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Born with six fingers on both hands. She tried to clone her
cat, failed miserably! Thinks UFO means Unidentified
Female Odor. Ignore whoever the Chen-De-Stabilizers are and
usually they will go away. Rating: -3.14159265

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SRA Tunnels Found: Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool SitePosted by an anonymous person to the newsgroups alt.magick, alt.pagan, sci.archaeology, sci.skeptic
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 01:33:25 GMT

Someone claimed that the author of this is called Devin McAndrews.
This is just the first instalment of about 60 messages (that I counted) sent out by this person, using various false identities, in a little over 24 hours. All were related in some way to this original message by ranting on about satanic ritual abuse or recovered memory syndrome or some other nonsense. Most were of the same sort of length. Over the next few days more of the rubbish appeared, coming from several identities. All of the material appears on a web page, so the only thing needed to start discussion was a link to the page.
At the bottom of this, it says that the author is looking for a publisher for this material. As it has all been distributed anyway, I can't see why a publisher would want to pay to make it into books and then market them. There is also the little matter of how the book could be classified. As the tunnels mentioned here can only be seen by people who believe that hundreds of thousands of babies are being bred for sacrifice each year in the USA but these tunnels could not be detected by the investigators who were first involved with the McMartin case, bookshops would want to put the book in the "Fiction" section but the author might complain.

Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site
Introduction by Santa Cruz Ritual Abuse Task Force
Have you heard of the McMartin case? Most people know something about the story. In 1983, hundreds of kids disclosed to their parents and therapists that they were abused at the prestigious McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California. Seven people were arrest and charged with hundreds of counts of child sexual abuse, setting off the longest and most expensive trial in U.S. History (7 years-$20,000). The defense claimed that the kids hadn't really been abused, but that their memories were implanted by a conspiracy of witchhunting therapists. It was a successful tactic and all of the accused were let go.

Well, the kids memories weren't implanted. Many of the kids consistently talked about tunnels under the pre-school where they were taken, sexually abused, and witnessed terrifying events such as animals being killed. The defense called these accusations "bizarre" and claimed they were proof that the children were wrong.
But the truth is that the tunnels are there. In fact they are more than just there. The tunnels are extensive, include a large room just as the children said, and lead to further sites off the property. The tunnels were found in an archeological dig under the pre-school conducted by Dr. E. Gary Stickel, archaeologist and director of Environmental Research Archaeologists, a Scientific Consortium.
You probably haven't heard of these tunnels. Debbie Nathan, a journalist who made her career by ridiculing evidence of ritual abuse, ignored the archeological investigation entirely in her in her book Satan's Silence which talked extensively about the McMartin case. HBO's television movie Indictment: The McMartin Trial portrays the entire community as hysterical with no mention that the tunnels were found. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation Newsletter has claimed outright that no tunnels were ever uncovered, even though members of the board of directors have copies of the full report.
So here it is, the summary of the Archeological Investigation of the McMartin Pre-School Site. The full report is currently looking for a publisher. If you are interested in publishing this work, please contact the task force.
Go To Archaeological Investigations Of The McMartin Preschool Site

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Last Month's KOTM voting results
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Better late than never) The voting is (long) over and the results are now in. The system problems that made doing this such a pain in the ass are fixed, and we're back on a roll. As an aside, there may have been some mail to that bounced during the downtime. I apologize for anyone who might not have been able to get their vote through (the last vote I recieved was on 11 December). The USENET Kook Of The Month for October/November 1998 is none other than: KARL DENNINGER! Congratulations, Karl! The winner of the Victor von Frankenstein Weird Science Award is Michael Newton! Robbie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voting Data: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- KOTM -Karl Denninger 8 votes Cipher Jamie E Eimermann Joshua Kramer Taylor Netscum Kelly Price Dave Ratcliffe Tempdog David Yellope -HapLoid 3 votes Devin McAndrews Chive Mynde John Price -Michael Newton 5 votes Ross Driedger Pope Emperor Frogman Bill Keesing Peter Wiz -Wilbur Streett 0 votes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VVF -HapLoid 3 votes Devin McAndrews Chive Mynde David Yellope -Michael Newton 8 votes Ross Driedger Jamie E Eimermann Bill Keesing Peter John Price Dave Ratcliffe Tempdog Wiz There were also two write-in votes for Raven from Cipher and Pope Emperor Frogman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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