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Craig "Killtown" Lazo and the Santa Clara Libertarian

Lazo was involved in Libertard politics before he immersed himself in conspiracy faggotry.  Lazo's activism, once viewable perusing Santa Clare Libertarian newletter pdf, is lost down the memory hole, apparently disable by Marv Rudin, or a relative of Marv's, at Lazo's request:

A username and password are being requested by The site says: ""
Before the publish the full text and screens, note the url of the "Santa Clara Libertarian":  LPTY.ORG.

Not SCLPTY, or SANCLARLPTY.   It's as if(to use one of Lazo's favorite phrases) the Santa Clara branch of libertards  were representing the core national libertarian party and it's wacked out agenda.

The above PDF can be downloaded here, but who knows for how long.  Thus the following mirror to feed the hungry googlebots.  Eat up!

Santa Clara Libertarian
Volume 28, Issue 5, December 2000

Your Chance to Participate
Help Launch an LP Growth Revolution in Silicon Valley By Passing Out Your New OE Cards With The Hottest Message
Yet - “LP The Only 100% Pro Choice Party”!

Marv Rudin, LPSCC Chairman
The recent LP election results were a downer not unlike all elections in the past. Without at least a ten
times increase in our registration base, such results can be expected to continue into the foreseeable future.
That’s why I’ve been focused on working to find a cost effective growth process for the party, and Operation
Everyone card passing is a prime prospect.

Rediscovered Hot Card Message
Folded into the attached white envelope may be the key to rapid party growth. In the envelope are 4 newly
designed OE cards. They use the best message yet tested. It begins with - “Libertarian Party - The Only
100% Pro Choice Party”. This message was rediscovered recently, when under 100 leftover LIFE cards
with this message were put on cars, and they produced a whopping 13 web site hits! This was at least a
15% hit rate - a far higher percentage hit rate than any other card message has ever gotten. Consistent with
this amazing response rate is that the same card and message got a 20% hit rate - 5 hits from 25 LIFE cards
way back in ‘97 when the LIFE card concept was first tested. To highlight this message’s high relative
attractiveness, the last card message tried has thus far gotten just 1 hit from around 200 cards, and other
messages have gotten 0 and 2 from 100 or more cards. Clearly this message with the right card design has
a really good chance to be the cost-effective “engine of growth” the LP sorely needs. Now there is one
hurdle left. To justify large scale passing of this card by all members we need a larger statistical test to
confirm its predictability. That requires you and the other members to put out enough cards to cause
about 50 or more LIFE web site hits, which will probably take from 350 to 1000 cards - more than I can
do alone in a short time.
Please Do Your Share
So would you do your share? Please don’t procrastinate - the sooner the cards get out the sooner the full
hit-rate statistics will be available and we’ll know if we have a winner in our hands. Please hand a card to
the first friendly person with whom you come in contact. It’s really easy and you’ll feel good when you do.
Wherever you go, always have your OE cards handy in an easily accessible place.
Card Passing On Cars Is Even Easier
But if it’s not easy for you to hand the cards to people, you can easily and quickly put your 4 cards on cars
parked in front of homes in your neighborhood. That’s how I’ve passed out the majority of the 25 cards a
week I’ve been doing. I slip the card edge under the weather stripping on the drivers side window near the
door handle so it’s easy for the driver to pick up while opening the door. If the weather stripping is too
stiff, I put the card into a crevice often found on door handle designs. It takes me little time - a few
seconds each, and I’ve never seen one thrown on the ground. Apparently people don’t want to mess up
their street or driveway in front of their house, and the cards aren’t intrusive. They’re small and easily put
in pocket or purse to be looked at later if not immediately.


Chair’s Column - Let’s Get

by Marv Rudin, LPSCC Chair


Summary of the happenings and opportunities for our
local LP region in Oct. - Nov.:
Thanks to David Scott for the second time we have an
excellent Election Propositions site with LP views and
other view links up and running on the LIFE site
( which was visited by thousands before
the election.; (b) About 1/4 of our annual budget
went to cover event expenses and mail to all LP
registrants to announce the Octoberfest rally. But we
still haven’t established a sure fire way to use the money
for cost effective growth, and we’ve been saving paper
newsletter publishing costs, so we’re still quite solvent;
(c) The monthly meeting at Coco’s was used as an
election reflections meeting instead of a speakers
meeting, but resulted in a potentially very constructive
outcome when Alain Truong volunteered to be
candidate information coordinator and put together a
report on what was learned by our candidates this
election that would make running easier for our future
2. GROWTH RATE About 4% in two months
= 20% of the CEGAP plan’s target of 20% per half year
occurred in Oct./Nov., but that only brings annual
growth up to about 60% of goal. The immediate preelection
period is clearly a time when people are more
likely to register.
participation by members relative to plan. A few
volunteers like John Strong are helping me pass out OE
cards but still not nearly enough. Accomplished: (a) I
passed out at least 25 cards weekly, 80 the week before
elections - possible breakthrough with high web site hit
rate from “100% Pro Choice” message; (b) No
weekend tabling and carding at market or tabling
during weeks at DMVs; (c) Still no ultra low cost Tshirt
source found.(hindered by foreign textile quotas).

4. PUBLICITY (a) Bill Chew has gone
inactive due to personal priorities - he is totally engaged
in setting up an internet video capability for profit and
politics; (b) Article on me and LP was published in
Sunnyvale Sun ; (c) Mark Werlwas was publicized in
Fremont Argus for stand versus DMV blocking his
outreach there (d) Chronicle published article on poll
showing 1 of 6 Americans is “latent Libertarian”; (e) SF
Examiner published hatchet piece on LP, followed by
excellent rebuttal LTEs from four LPers including our
Stephen Holly; (f ) I gave a ten minute talk on the Santa
Clara University cable TV system; (g) Alan Rice was a
one man sign gang - personally investing in signs and
distributing them and bumper stickers to all requesters
- thanks Allen! (h) An overlooked federal law that
mandates that NPR stations must allocate free time for
ads to all federal candidates was discovered too late for
the 2000 election (but in 2002 let’s not forget it!);
5. SCHOOLS & COLLEGES (a) Libertarian
candidates ran a table and spoke at a political events at
Stanford and West Valley College; (b) Rose Wiegley
arranged to speak to a 5th grade class and spoke at JSA
meeting (see below); (c) Several requests by school
students and teachers were received for Libertarian signs
and literature.
6. SPEAKERS BUREAU Rose Wiegley, has
created an excellent web site at, and 
with Sam Grove and Mark Dierolf fulfilled an opportunity
to speak and answer questions to about 85 high
school leaders at the Junior Statesmen of America
meeting at the Santa Clara Marriott.
7. THE ELECTIONS Gave our record
number of candidates opportunities to reach the public
by appearing in the papers and on League of Women
voters and other fora. John Inks supported a successful
race by Matt Pear for city council in Mt. View, and
even got an excellent LTE into the SJMN (no L word


though). The Mercury News disclosed my Libertarian connection in the nonpartisan SCC Board of Ed
race, which probably cost votes but helped LPSCC publicity because I was the only candidate with a
solution for the teacher shortage that didn’t require more money. As another example of free publicity,
John Webster and I were taped by Mt. View public cable TV after the election, and I was able to expound
on Libertarianism although a nonpartisan candidate for open space district. My candidacies also caused a
Falun Gong member to contact me (We should follow up - they are a natural constituency for freedom.)
On the down side, it’s sad that not even 50% of Libertarians voted for our presidential candidate.
8. GREEN-REFORM-LP DEBATE PROTEST A local green party official called me to say he
was organizing a multi-party protest targeted at the networks. I put the word out on our local eboard
and to their credit, 5 of our members and a reg-lib - Ron Berti, Hiram Pierce, Jascha Lee, Tom
Spielbauer, Allen Rice, and Craig Lazo volunteered to participate, only to have the Green guy renege after
we had signs planned and I’d picked out two SJ network news offices to target. By the time the Greens
reneged it was too late to do it on our own. But it was still uplifting to me that so many were willing to
take to the streets for the cause.
9. MARKET RESEARCH A student from Presentation High, Juliet Wilson, is doing a continuation
of the LP public familiarity poll reported in June, which found only 1 in 4 are aware the LP exists,
but needed a larger sample to be statistically reliable. Hopefully when she completes it we’ll have firmer
10. WANT TO BE A LEADER NEXT YEAR? Members are needed to help carry on the growth
program others and I have been working to establish and expand. If you would be interested in being an
officer on the next Excom or helping on Publicity and Membership, which are multi-pronged functions
each needing several people to be effective, please contact me to discuss and get advice on what position
you might fill (408-736-5626). I won’t be running for chair, but I’d be interested in assisting and
advising you and members who are interested in reviewing, redesigning, and implementing the CEGAP
Cost Effective Growth Action Plan to more rapidly grow the party. Also I’d probably be willing to
continue to do the newsletter if you members want me to.



Reported By Marv Rudin

Three Libertarians - two LPSCC members - spoke to
 100 Junior Statesmen of America high schoolers at the
JSA’s annual meeting in a panel discussion at the
Marriott hotel in Santa Clara.
At the “third parties” forum at which they had to
share time with a Green party man, and a woman
representing the reform party, Rose Wiegley, Sam
Grove, and Monterey County Chair Mark Dierolf
introduced Libertarian Party principles to the young
Sam Grove said he felt he had significantly
influenced the big audience of soon-to-be voters, saying
“I had several students came up to me afterward and
one said my presentation was “awesome” and he had a
question about the monetary system, which I answered.
In my speech I asked the audience of maybe 80
students why there was such division and conflict in
our country and then went on to explain that people
were struggling over the use of political power and were
afraid of someone else getting it to use against them. I
explained the nature of political power and how it gives
us a society based on fear and asked what kind of a
society they would rather live in: one based on fear or
one in which people live by their aspirations.
Rose spoke about women’s choice (in reference to
abortion) and tied it to the general idea of choice in all
areas of our lives. She said “The three of us covered the
history of the party, the basic philosophy and some
specific issues. I got a great round of cheering when I
discussed the importance of the woman’s right to
choose and people’s right to marry who they wanted.
She also distributed outreach literature. Between what
Mark and I both brought we covered a table and a half.
None of the other parties brought anything! I left all
the cards and the magazines on the tables when I left
since there were JSA and Libertarian people running
the tables and giving the info to the students. It looked
like even students who had not attended the talk were
stopping by out of curiosity.”
Rose was particularly impressed with a question
to the Green representative. She said “My favorite
question actually wasn’t directed to us but the Green
party. To paraphrase: ‘Many people claim the green
party is socialism in disguise and many of your tenets
like raising the minimum wage are similar to socialism.
It hasn’t worked in any other country, why do you
think it would work here?’ I wanted to cheer for that
Dierolf was so impressed with our two speakers
that he said he’d like to join and learn speaking
techniques with Rose’s Speakers Bureau.

Rose Wiegly, leader of the Speaker’s Bureau

Sam Grove, Speaker


Vote Results from November Election
 Race Candidate District Total District Percent Santa Clara
Pres Harry Browne 45,173 (CA state) 0.4 3,387 0.7
USS Gail Lightfoot 186,136 1.7 6911 1.3
13CD Howa rd Mora 4,623 2.5 528 2.8
14CD Joe Dehn 4,717 2.0 2993 2.2
15CD Ed Wimmers 4,817 2.0 3,951 1.9
16CD Dennis Umphress 4,745 3.0
11SD Jack Hickey 12,669 4.0 8,375 4.0
13SD John Webster 10,504 5.1
15SD Gordon Sachtjen 6,257 2.3 1,094 2.2
20AD Mark Werlwas 5,709 4.8 2,239 5.1
23AD Dana Albrecht 5,475 6.7
24AD Ray Strong 7,000 4.5
28AD Roger Ver 2,085 1.7 1,140 2.2

 National Membership Statistics
Number Density/million #Growth %Growth Growth/pop
CA 6052 NH 261.4 GA 101 ME 8 .4 GA 13.0
GA 1847 GA 237.2 MI 75 NE 8 .4 ME 11.2
FL 1794 NV 228.8 TX 58 KY 6 .8 WY 8.3
TX 1683 AK 217.9 FL 53 AR 6 .3 CO 8.1
MI 1616 VT 212.2 NC 36 GA 5 .8 DC 7.7
PA 1376 CO 208.1 CO 33 NC 5 .2 MI 7.6
OH 1166 WA 202.6 WA 31 OK 5 .2 VT 6.7
WA 1166 CA 182.6 IL 28 WY 5 .0 NE 6.0
IL 1096 DC 175.3 OH 28 MI 4 .9 WA 5.4
NY 1096 WY 175.1 VA 27 DC 4 .6 DE 5.3
VA 990 NM 173.0 MD 25 DE 4 .4 MD 4.8
CO 844 MI 163.8 NY 25 MD 4 .4 NC 4.7
MA 840 OR 160.7 IN 24 CO 4 .1 AR 4.3
NJ 764 ME 144.4 MA 21 IN 4 .0 ID 4.0
NC 723 VA 144.0 NJ 16 LA 4 .0 IN 4.0
AZ 647 MA 136.0 KY 15 MS 3 .9 VA 3.9
IN 628 AZ 135.4 ME 14 TX 3 .6 KY 3.8
MD 588 MT 128.0 WI 14 ID 3 .5 FL 3.5
MO 535 DE 124.7 AR 11 VT 3 .3 MA 3.4
OR 533 UT 123.0 OK 11 WI 3 .2 OK 3.3
TN 500 CT 120.0 CT 10 FL 3 .0 CT 3.0
MN 467 ID 119.0 MN 10 RI 3 .0 TX 2.9
WI 446 FL 118.7 NE 10 IA 2 .9 WI 2.7
NV 414 PA 114.7 SC 9 VA 2 .8 NH 2.5
CT 394 MD 113.7 TN 9 SC 2 .7 OH 2.5
AL 359 KS 108.5 LA 8 WA 2 .7 IL 2.3
SC 341 IN 105.7 MO 8 CT 2 .6 SC 2.3
NH 314 HI 105.4 IA 6 IL 2 .6 IA 2.1
NM 301 OH 103.6 ID 5 MA 2 .6 MN 2.1
KS 288 MN 97.8 KS 5 OH 2 .5 NJ 2.0
UT 262 MO 97.8 MS 5 ND 2 .4 RI 2.0
KY 234 NC 94.5 OR 5 NY 2 .3 KS 1.9
OK 222 NJ 93.8 DC 4 MN 2 .2 LA 1.8
IA 212 TN 91.2 DE 4 NJ 2 .1 MS 1.8
LA 209 IL 90.4 PA 4 KS 1 .8 ND 1.6
AR 185 SC 87.8 VT 4 TN 1 .8 TN 1.6
ME 181 WI 84.9 WY 4 MO 1 .5 MO 1.5
ID 149 TX 84.0 AL 3 NH 1 .0 OR 1.5
AK 135 AL 82.2 NH 3 MT 0 .9 NY 1.4
MS 132 NE 77.4 RI 2 OR 0 .9 MT 1.1
NE 129 IA 73.9 MT 1 AL 0 .8 AL 0.7
VT 126 AR 72.5 ND 1 PA 0 .3 PA 0.3
WV 126 WV 69.7 WV 0 WV 0 .0 WV 0.0
HI 125 RI 69.6 NM -2 CA -0.1 CA -0.2
MT 113 ND 66.3 SD -2 NM -0.7 NM -1.1
DE 94 OK 66.1 AZ -6 AZ -0.9 AZ -1.3
DC 91 NY 60.2 HI -6 NV -2.1 SD -2.7
WY 84 KY 59.1 CA -7 SD -4.4 NV -5.0
RI 69 SD 58.7 AK -8 UT -4.4 HI -5.1
SD 43 LA 47.8 NV -9 HI -4.6 UT -5.6
ND 42 MS 47.7 UT -12 AK -5.6 AK -12.9

[commentary from sidebar]
The percentages
are almost identical
from the
primaries. It
seems only the
die hard few
actually vote
USS: United States
CD: U.S. Congressional
SD: State Senate District
AD: State Assembly
Note: The county results
are blank where the
county encompasses the
district (making the
county results identical to
the district results). Also,
just so you don’t think
Florida is alone in
counting difficulties,
there are still 53,593
uncounted ballots in
California as of
December 1st.

These statistics
are from the
National Libertarian
Party as of
October 31st.
Total dues-paying
members in areas
with affiliated
parties: 32,771.
Overall density:
120.2 members
per million population


Proposed By law changes
These changes will be voted on should we get a 10% quorum at our annual convention January 11th.

Article III - Elected Officers
Section 1. Qualifications
Only a person who is a member of the central
committee has been qualified as a member of central
committees under the Bylaws of the Libertarian Party
of California for a period of at least one year prior to
taking office and who has expressed a willingness to
serve shall be eligible for election to any elected
position of the Party.
Section 12. Suspension
An officer who at any time ceases to be a member of the
central committee is automatically suspended from
office. An officer may also be suspended from office by
a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee. The
office of a suspended officer shall be declared vacant
unless the suspended officer appeals his or her
suspension to the Judicial Committee within 3 days of
notification of suspension.
Article IV - Executive Committee
Section 2. Transaction of Business
The Executive Committee may, without meeting
together, transact business by mail, by voting on
questions submitted to them by or with the approval
of the Chair any member of the Executive Committee.
Two weeks shall be allowed for the return of the votes
thereon by mail to the Party Secretary. If, at the
expiration of the applicable period, the quorum of the
Executive Committee have not returned their votes,
the measure being voted upon shall be deemed to have
failed; in all other cases, a majority of the votes
returned shall carry the measure except where a higher
vote is required by the Constitution or By-laws. The
Secretary must preserve all such votes until the next
meeting of the Executive Committee, at which
meeting the Executive Committee shall order the
disposition of such votes.
Article VIII - Central Committee Meetings
Section 2.
5% of the voting central committee members or 15
central committee members, whichever is greater, shall
constitute a quorum for any official business Meeting.
Meetings at which amendments to the Constitution,
By-Laws, or Meeting Rules are to be voted on require a
10% quorum of the voting central committee members.
For purposes of determining a quorum for a particular
meeting, the number of voting central committee
members shall be the number of central committee
members qualified to vote reduced by the number of
otherwise qualified central committee members who
have notified the Secretary in writing that they will not
be voting at the meeting in question.
Section 3.
The Executive Committee shall be responsible for
setting the time and place of all meetings. A minimum
of 2 weeks notice shall be provided to the central
committee membership concerning any regular
meeting. A minimum of 30 days notice shall be provided
to the central committee membership concerning the
annual meeting.
Section 4.
The central committee may exercise any authority
granted to the Executive Committee by these Bylaws.
Article XIII - Parliamentary Authority
Robert’s Rules of Order as newly revised shall be the
parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not
specifically covered by the Constitution, By-laws, or
Rules of the Party. Occurrences of the words “mail,”
“written,” or “in writing” in the By-laws or Rules shall
be interpreted to include email within their meaning.


Chairman Marv Rudin (408) 736-5626
Vice Chairman Bill Carr (408) 507-2300
Secretary James Aven (408) 436-7992
Treasurer Jon Hugdahl (650) 965-3744
Membership Roger Ver (408) 313-1853
Campaign Ray Strong (408) 268-8466
Publicity Bill Chew
Fundraising Frank Groffie (408) 935-9652
Activities Dana Albrecht (408) 292-4880
Newsletter Jascha Lee (831) 471-2551
State ExCom Rep Jascha Lee (831) 471-2551
Alt ExCom Rep Allen Rice (408) 267-1142
Judicial Committee Paul Rako Richard Relph Allen Rice
For further information, call (408) 243-2711. Or see our web page at
This is the publication of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County, a non-profit political organization.

663 South Bernardo Avenue, PMB 107, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Please Print:
Name: _____________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _______________________________________
Phone: ___________________ E-mail: ___________________
The Libertarian Party is the party of principle. To assure and affirm
that our party never strays from its principles, we request our members
to sign the pledge below. (Non-signers cannot vote on party business).
I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation
of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.

Membership Application
o $25 Basic ............................ ________
o $100 Sustaining .................... ________
o $250 Sponsor ....................... ________
o $500 Patron .......................... ________
o $1000 Life ............................. ________
Plus an additional contribution to the LPSCC:
o Monthly pledge ....................... ________
o One-time donation .................. ________
Total: ......................................... ________
Payment Method:
o Check payable to:
Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County
o VISA or MasterCard (circle one)
Credit Card #: ___________________
Expiration Date: ___________________
Cardholder Name: ___________________
Signature: _______________________


Santa Clara Libertarian
Libertarian Party of California
663 South Bernardo Avenue, PMB 107,
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Address Service Requested


It’s Convention Time Again!
That’s right, it’s been another year. Time for new blood to try their hand at running
the party. We need a new chair! (Not to mention a quorum). If we have a 10
percent quorum, there are some propoosed by law changes that were presented in
the last meeting that are up for a vote (see page 6 for a summary). This is your
official notice, so please mark your calendars for January 11, 2001 . Be sure to
attend! 8 o'clock at the Campbell Community Center, Building Q, Roosevelt Redwood
room. The Campbell Community Center is located on the corner of Winchester
Blvd. and Campbell Avenue.
Just to reiterate, this is the meeting in which we elect new officers. Marv Rudin’s
tenure as chair is ending and we need to choose a new chair. Please come and
shape the direction of the party in the year(s) to come!



 Inside this
Chair’s Column.
Speakers Bureau
at JSA Meeting
Vote tallies and
National Membership
Proposed Bylaw
Officer List and

 Libertarian Party of
Santa Clara County
663 South Bernardo
Avenue, PMB 107,
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Tel: (408) 243-2711

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