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Co-op Activist Targeted for Anti-Racist Advocacy

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Co-op Activist Targeted for Anti-Racist Advocacy


 On the early morning of October 6th, a rock was thrown through the home window of a worker at the Red & Black Café who is active in co-op circles. Writing on the rock read: “RCA [Rose City Antifascists] fuck off”. While the person targeted is not a member of Rose City Antifascists, the attack on the home was clearly designed to send a message of intimidation to broader anti-racist circles. Anti-racists in Portland will not step back any of their efforts as a result of the home vandalism.

The rock-throwing took place the day after the Red & Black Café collective decided to endorse the Rose City Antifa call for Citybikes to be boycotted. Rose City Antifa issued that call for a boycott due to years of antisemitic activism and promotion of militant racists by Citybikes President Tim Calvert. The Red & Black Café is a worker-owned cooperative business in Portland also affiliated with the local branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.

The co-op activist whose home was targeted had previously worked independently of RCA within the co-op movement, trying to raise the issue of Tim Calvert’s antisemitic activism within the Western Worker Cooperative Conference (WWCC) at a time when Calvert was part of the WWCC Board. Tim Calvert’s ally Rod McLaughlin (AKA “Jay Knott”), another hardcore antisemitic propagandist who maintains the Pacifica Forum website, wrote about this co-op activism in a March 2012 article titled “Zionist Bullying in the West Coast Co-op Movement”. The alleged “Zionist bullying” was speaking out against the  Judeophobic agitation that Calvert engages in alongside racist, anti-choice and anti-queer organizers. McLaughlin’s article quotes emails that were sent as part of WWCC discussions, suggesting that someone in the co-op movement leaked or forwarded these communications to Calvert’s bigoted friends. The Pacifica Forum, whose website McLoughlin operates, is notorious for hosting speakers such as Jimmy Marr of the National Socialist Movement. We are alarmed that discussion from the co-op movement was passed on to McLoughlin and possibly other political associates of Calvert.

 Rose City Antifascists are looking into all angles surrounding the targeting of the home. We are committed to defending those singled out for being anti-racists, whether or not they are active within our organization.

We are currently accepting donations for the person whose home was targeted, for window replacement and related expenses, which we will pass on directly. Please, if sending funds, also send a brief note to our main email letting us know that funds are earmarked for solidarity with the targeted co-op worker.

Anyone who may have information about this attack is invited to contact Rose City Antifascists. Our voicemail number is 971-533-7832 and our email is fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.
 Mirrored at Portland Indymedia, where one reader implies the group was making related plans at the True Brew Coffee House:

.....     08.Oct.2012 06:36
I guess this IS what they were talking about at the True Brew Saturday, I stand corrected.

The boycott aside which I support, take out the specifics and this sounds like a response to a percieved oppression. Just an observation.

 This comment is dubious for a couple of reasons.  The author, "....." is probably the same faggot making excuses for Tim Calvert in this thread, compare posts:
 How about you invite them to have a healthy dialogue about whether or not they're biggots before you run over there like a John Ford film looking to beat up a bunch of conspiracy geeks? Seriously.
 Antisemitism in conspiracy theory culture still needs to be addressed and if only for the cause of not divering attention from Israeli war crimes while skating on antisemtism Im not a hundred percent on this, but a set of guidelines or creating a section for articles that aren't first hand accounts or have any verifiable evidence wouldn't be a bad idea. Because they like antifa act like me openly and indulgently act like spoiled children when we (they?) don't get our way and don't post one article but abuse your eebsite and post A GAZILLION articles. Its pretty fucking trite honestly.
 and I supported this until I realized what was going on. You people don't give a shit about antisemitism you just want slmeone to go to war with. And unless you've had this stereotype fling at you with a biggots fist behind it, then you can take your "I was a teenage Anarchist" opinion and stuff it. Since were making gross generalizations based off shit we read on the portland indymedia page. Dick.
 The people outlined here have been active conspiracy theorists for years. All their bullshit about Israel and 9/11 have produced half a shred of barely vrrifiable racism, yet alone kncitation to violence. Those individuals also were right wingers. Most of the conspiracy theorists here seem to be liberals, attacking people like Mitt Romney. Brevick was neo fascist who saw israel as a strategic ally in hurting Muslims, Mcveigh a right wing libertarian. There are these people here but few and far between. On top of which in some of the links you're posting you just seem to be directing us back to comments you had already made. You're pushing this boycott on us like they're on my sisters doorstep with pitchforks and guns. And you've already informed and made the call out, fine, we get it. As a Jew, your insistence on this and inability to distinguish between a threat and someone with a hobby is just as scary with a connotation of potential violence against a bunch of harmless weirdos.

Inform educate and leave it alone. Do your job or have the ethical standard to move on. Caause my Jewish ass ain't buying it. Fascists? Joe Sombody is in league with Hitler? Get fucking real.
Yeah the Rothchilds are also usually equated with the N.W.O where as the Koch brothers rarely if ever are. Again, if there's a worthwhile criticism of bankers I'll be more than happy to oblige no matter what the name is. And don't attack how I choose to express my ethnicity kid.
I also have to say that I've sat in the same room as that man and was damn proud to do it. So don't throw that in my face.
 I always appreciate it when people adopt my vernaculars. I think me and vegan bike mama got along for three minutes before she had to bring up half relevant points to undercut me. But I have to flow up, Free Geeks been mentioned, PDXIM has been mentioned, what is going on here? I know you're dealing with genuine security culture problems and I sincerely agree that RCA whether in name or tactic alone provides vital functions for the community. But I'm reading, and it could just be some amqteur nitwit looking for an excuse to use the camera on his phone but w.t.f. is going on? Is there any validity to this claim and if there isn't why is it being made? Why are our passions being exhausted on 9/11 Truthers? Given I supported the boycott until it was forced down our throats.
 All right. Because some nitwit is on one of the other threads making this whole thing appear to be some nazi conspiracy. Fucking valium people seriously.

You know when you make these calls it wouldn't hurt to put a disclaimer. I mean, you got fucking Matt Helm up above ready to do some great undercover work, and I'm all for hobbies. But something tells me big murderous conspiracies aren't being hatched at the Brew and View by the Truthers on a Saturday.

" But something tells me big murderous conspiracies aren't being hatched at the Brew and View by the Truthers on a Saturday."

 Unless someone is trolling, all these comments are by the same author, " ......".     The are clearly an apologistfag for Calvert and the group and do not support the boycott.  They aren't even smart enough to say, "After this attack, NOW I support the boycott."  They were hoping everyone would forget their other comments.

It is lol worthy how this person thinks  the person(s) throwing rocks think they were "oppressed":
The boycott aside which I support, take out the specifics and this sounds like a response to a percieved oppression. Just an observation.
Other readers are less impressed:

"Percieved oppression???"
 How is a rock laden with a clear threat thrown through a window "perceived?"

It seems clearly identifiable to me

But what does "......"  know, that no one else does, that they imply the 9/11 Truth Alliance is behind these attacks?

I guess this IS what they were talking about at the True Brew Saturday, I stand corrected.
So far no evidence has been released directly implicating Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance Members.

They are obvious suspects, and chances are the person or people who attacked the worker's house are sympathizers of Calvert, the 9/11 Truth Alliance , or both.  But if it turns out the group was part of this attack and intimidation tactic, it won't be a surprise.    People delusional enough to publish Myspace blogs about Canadian actors being complicit in the September 11th attacks, could be capable of anything....

Of course Calvert's fwriends don't think so:

 Stop smearing 9/11 Truthers ludicrous over-reaches
 Stop smearing 9/11 Truthers with ridiculous anti-semitism charges. It's ludicrous to suggest anyone who suggested some Jewish individuls somewhere may be guilty of making some big mistakes is anti-semitic. Is anyone who dares suggest some Jewish individual somewhere wasn't perfect now to be cast out of society? 
 Sorry, dipwad, the antisemitism of group members, particularly of Holohoax Titrud, has been documented:

Tim Titrud Holocaust Denier
"Very good videos showing the Holocaust is a lie."

Gee, better hope the group doesn't have anything to do with this attack on Red and Black.

Or this burglary on the SAME STREET, the next day.

Cuz that would be DUMB.

Red and Black Cafe Joins Boycott

Say No to Racism; Boycott Citybikes

The Red & Black Cafe joins the boycott of Citybikes, another Portland worker co-operative, due to their unwillingness to hold Citybikes president and co-owner Tim Calvert accountable for several years of racist and other bigotted organizing.
It is with a great sense of sadness and dissappointment that the workers at the Red & Black Cafe announce that we have joined the call to boycott Citybikes, a worker co-operative bike shop just a few blocks from us in Portland. We are calling for the boycott because we oppose Citybikes worker Tim Calvert's racist organizing and now Citybikes for their inability to effectively oppose it. We have tried dialogue and educational efforts to no avail. Despite these setbacks we remain steadfast in our commitment to fighting antisemitism and other forms of bigotry wherever they appear. As part of this commitment we want to draw attention to a major blind spot when it comes to dealing with organized bigotry in our midst.

Three years ago Citybikes founder and worker owner Tim Calvert was accused of antisemitic organizing by Rose City Antifascists. Cafe workers took the time to review the evidence and to talk to folks from Citybikes & Laughing Horse. By this point, we learned, Tim had been forced to leave the Laughing Horse collective, largely for organizing bigoted speakers in the bookstore. It was concluded that Tim had been organizing and attending racist speaking engagements with the Portland 9-11 truth Alliance for several years at that point.[1] These events, and the organizations and ideology behind them, are completely at odds with an anti-oppression centered coop movement that is truly for all people.

We want to emphasize: these organizations and racist ideologies are far from harmless. In a small example of the danger involved a worker at the Red & Black's window was smashed with a rock. This rock had a warning written on it, "fuck off RCA" (Rose City Antifa). This occurred the morning after we decided to endorse the Citybikes boycott. [2]

When we first learned about this in 2009 it was hoped that Citybikes, with community support, would convince Tim to stop hosting racist speakers at Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance events. In order to share our perspective, and offer support to Citybikes, a few workers from the Red & Black and other concerned folks formed an adhoc committee. A mediated discussion was arranged.

The discussion was difficult, and nothing really came from it. At the end of the meeting we agreed to follow up talks; these never occurred. Later attempts to address this issue, first at the Western Worker Co-op Conference, and then at the US Federation of Worker Co-ops Conference, met mostly with silence or hostility by fellow attendees. Although we succeeded in alerting some folks in the worker co-op movement about the situation, in the end nothing was done with the information or the request that Tim step down from the Board of Director of the WWCC.

In the intervening years we grew increasingly concerned as a trickle of Citybikes workers (we heard) quit when it became clear there would be not be a meaningful resolution. [3] This process seems to have accelerated in recent weeks as workers have left in the wake of Portland 9-11 truth Alliance's latest event.

This latest event was a Portland 9/11 Truth picnic featuring Fritz Springmeier, a white separatist and convicted bomber with ties to the Army of God. The Army of God is a militant anti-choice group who have killed abortion providers and bombed clinics as well as queer bars. [4,5,6,7] This fits a pattern of Calvert's group; bringing an array of racist speakers and almost no one else.

Asking people to boycott a fellow worker co-op is not something we take lightly. We recognize and respect Citybikes' role as a pioneering business in Portland on several fronts: bike advocacy, co-operation among co-ops and workplace diversity. Tim shares responsibility for much of this work. These laudable achievements, however, don't let Tim or Citybikes off the hook. On the contrary; maintaining and building on these achievements requires that we unequivocally reject racism and other forms of oppression. Please take the time to read and reflect on this information. Let us know if you have any questions or you'd like to talk. Finally, please help us send a message that racism is unacceptable and stop shopping at Citybikes.


The Red & Black Collective

1 A chronology of Calvert's racist organizing can be found here:

2 A post about the broken window:

 link to

3 In our original statement we defined what we meant by a meaningful response in our 'Open Letter to Citybikes' on page 13 of the 'Confronting Bigotry in Our Movement: A Call for Reflection and Support.'

4 Recent information from Rose City Antifa about Tim & the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance:

 link to

5 "Couple tied to separatist movement face drug trafficking charges" Eugene Register Guard March 3, 2001:,523756&dq=fritz-springmeier&hl=en

 link to

6 "Our Existence Is Unknown" - Oregon Spotlight February 28, 2003

7 (2003)UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff, v. Fritz Artz SPRINGMEIER, Defendant.

No. CR 02-24-RE. United States District Court, D. Oregon."Fritz+Artz+Springmeier"&hl=en&as_sdt=3,44&case=17290688063678630470&scilh=0

8 Southern Poverty Law Center on Fritz Springmeier:

 link to

Awesomely Epic.

Comments on subject from social networking sites:

"Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer." - Franz Liebkind, character from Mel Brooks' 'The Producers' 1968

"I was not the one to suggest Fritz Springmeir attend the potluck in the park, but I did not say no he can’t come; did I witness him doing anything inappropriate? No, he played bocce ball." - Tim Calvert, in real life, 2012

" We are calling for the boycott because we oppose Citybikes worker Tim Calvert's racist organizing and now Citybikes for their inability to effectively oppose it. We have tried dialogue and educational efforts to no avail. Despite this we remain steadfast in out commitment to fighting antisemitism and other forms of bigotry wherever they appear. As part of this commitment we want to draw attention to a major blind spot when it comes to dealing with organized bigotry in our midst."
City Bikes and Others Whine on Red and Black Facebook page

Read more here:

  • Cane Prevost Already boycotting red and black bacause of their shameful treatment of Portland police.

  • Pat Bognar I am sad to see the Red and Black throwing in w/ this anonymous group-- antifa.
But Bognar has no problem "throwing in" with closet Nazis[NOTE; scanning Bognar's fb profile there's no sign she's a closet Nazi or a conspiracy freak.  Just another gullible leftist Calvert conned with his Nazi charm] :

Pat Bognar I saw the Anelauskas video. It was boring but there was absolutely nothing in it which was anti-semitic.

Pat Bognar Tim has offered to meet with his detractors but they refuse to meet. This is a rather childish way of dealing with others- don't you think? I have know Tim for many years and worked with him professionally. He has NEVER said the slightest thing

Bognar must buy lots of bridges in swampland. Of course a closet Nazi isn't going to "say anything" to identify himself.  That's why Calvert is a CLOSET Nazi, dumbass. Note the group cultspeak "detractors".

Pat Bognar about the holocaust. He is supportive of Rachel Corrie and the Palestinians and so am I. Let's show our faces when we decide to go after people and not hide like cowards. It is a little like the 'cool' kids going after nerdy kids. The 'cool' kids are popular and they take great joy in attacking others that don't have their
Hmmm...Bognar implies Antifa is popular.  Got one thing right.  Has nothing to do with the Holocaust though.  

The real lulz begin when Calvert's anarchist ex alma mater, Laughing Horse Books, steps in the ring:

  • Laughing Horse Book and Film Collective statements, that went against our (at the time NEW) safer space policy were made and heard as far back as winter 2005, there were excuses then- thought police this and i'm not deny'n i'm questioning that, LATER for that we said, and he tried to show us some websites he looked. At that time I just thought he was fucking around looking at gross websites I would never look at, but in my home I saw 1 man one jar, so it's sick but just a website, u get grossed out u move, JUST NOT IN THE BOOKSTORE WE SAID. Do not discuss or talk to me about what you looked at!!!!!! He agreed, and there was real SHOCK going on there, I told him to SHUT IT i'd been to AUSWITZ, I'VE SEEN ROOMS FILLED with hair glasses, empty cans of cyclone B, and HE said well the sites got an answer for that too!!!!! FUCK, so back in 2005 I met with Stew Albert who was very sick at the time and asked him for help in this matter I took very seriously, he did and again Tim said he would NOT talk about it in the book store, but he grumbled about it, we wants to say what ev and be entitled....... WHAT EV.

Laughing Horse Book and Film Collective all hard hard HARD STUFF for someone I had known for years, and of course a year later the 9/11 truth group brought right wing nut pro lifer Mary Starrat to portland to speak at laughing horse. We were told who she was we mobilized we stopped it from happening, they moved it. LOOK, the 9/11 truth movement got SCARY they split they tried to bring Anelauskas to laughing horse and HE HIMSELF WAS like radical bookstore, you booked me WHERE? We said NO they moved it, 9/11 GLEN OWEN called someone the C word me the N word, he was asked to leave, Tim was forced to resign, the group asked to leave, or they left actually. Glen took over our website and wrote awful things, SCARY!
Laughing Horse Book and Film Collective found a statement from him from oct 15 on bike
That would be the comment where Calvert claims to be resigning from the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance.   It's mirrored at Indymedia.

 "Therefore I am publically announcing my resignation and distancing myself from the 9-11 truth group and will no longer organize any events associated with them. I do this because I want to protect Citybikes from defamation and because the 9-11 group has been effectively suppressed in Portland."

Problem is: we just received correspondence the group has a history of members pretending to leave when the really haven't.  More to come.

So far Red and Black Facebook note has 21 likes and 27 shares. All the conspiracy cult can muster is one and a half supporters.

LOL.  Probably playing it safe after seeing what happened to Craig Lazo's   Facebook account.  That's why they had to rope in Bognar...The cult is all on Facebook, but they don't dare show their faces, lol.

But if you want to see them go to the True Brew, er, Bowery Commons:

Marek Swift god, so Tim Calvert is THIS moron in the photo! bahaha! i see him with his fellow asshats having their cloak and dagger 9-11 meetings every single saturday early afternoon at true brew coffee house in SE portland (on SE Milwaukie, now called the "bowery commons") - what a tool. i totally support your boycott, thanks for sharing the info, it's good & important to know. ..... 
Calvert's old business buddy Noehren shows up to imply Calvert's "oppressed":

Good comment by Jlang:

  • Jlang Lang Roger Noehren and Pat Bognar: A couple of things. First of all it's not 'guilt by association.' Tim Calvert, whatever he thinks (or says) his motivations are, is a hard working, engaged promoter of racism. The point is to get him to stop and I think he's been left alone too long. Please actually read the documentation and recognize that it's unfortunately possible that someone you have a good relationship with is also doing something very harmful when you're not around. This also applies to the frequent observation 'Tim has never done or said anything antisemitic(etc) in my presence' from which the conclusion does not follow: 'therefore Tim never does or says anything antisemitic.'

    Roger you brought up the idea of not shooting the messenger. Why not apply that to Antifa who, after all, are just doing research and then presenting it? While you're at it please stop bringing up the red herring of Antifa's anonymity. Due to consistent and effective action against violent racists (around the world, for decades) members of Antifa would be in real danger if they revealed who they were. They would probably need a lot better reason than having a debate with antisemites.

    Finally the fact that people sometimes play bocce ball, have a compost bin etc. proves nothing. It seems to me that all this boils down to here is that someone who does nice/innocuous things would never do mean/racist things. Unfortunately this isn't true. For example one time when Fritz Springmeier wasn't playing bocce ball he bombed a porn store as a diversion so that his white separatist, anti-choice militia could rob a bank.