Saturday, October 27, 2012

Event: Group pimps Larouche Cult Wonder Boy Tarpley,

Library Event October 2012

J U S T . T O O . W E I R D [*] talking points confront public discussion | hollywood library  10:15am-12:45pm sat oct 27th 2012  |  james corbett's last words on ... CCTV .  Independence . Overpopulation . Snake Oil . Terrorism . Utopia . Voting ... and Zeitgeist | details | +1 503 287 3473

brain teaser at 2012 10 21 : what is the difference between an
"election" and a set of Confirmatory Perfunctions ?
essay question : 15 minutes
 Contents of this and other DVDs produced by Corbett Report are available for copyright free download and duplication from ,  and  elsewhere  on the web

Participants at Oct 27th event will decide how dvd material will be used for introduction of topic or  background material, and which topics are selected for detailed public conversation


Larouchies of course have never met a leftist idea they didn't try to co-op and anti-austerity issue is no exception:

 [*]  J U S T . T O O . W E I R D  public conversation in Portland Oregon is in sympathy with concurrent event in New York City sponsored by Webster

To round the lunacy off, the rotund cult guru has released a new book:

and in recognition of Tarpley's exhaustively researched just releasted new book

Owen aka CPR is careful to distance the group from real alternative radio: is not institutionally affiliated with Air Cascadia on KBOO.FM while retaining utmost respect that radio program's ongoing, wide ranging and incisive contributions to alternate media in Cascadia and beyond
Guess the group plan to infiltrate the KBOO station is SOL: