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Petros Evdokas, the Far Right and 9/11 "Truth"

Evdokas is known for screaming with butthurt about the deep persistent invasion of right wingers, misogynists racists, etc, while working with the same right wingers misogynists and racists.  It is a concern trolling act worthy of Broadway with one goal: to identify any group members with antifascist sympathies and silence them by the usual cult tactics of manipulation and/or intimidation.

Sometime in late 2007, Evdokas acted shocked, SHOCKED, with Webster Tarpley's Larouche connection.  Since then Evdokas has spun the same bs to any member to desperately cling to his left anarchist cred, leaving a casual reader with the impression Evdokas has never knowingly consorted with the far Right.    IMC Archives covering a Conspiracy Conference in June 2006, posted by Evdokas himself, show otherwise[Far Right connections highlighted in RED BOLD; group credits and promotion RED BOLD UNDERLINE]:

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  • Audio, Video and Text resources ~ 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago
    9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future
    Conference held June 2 through June 4, 2006 at the Embassy Suites in Chicago
    Audio, Video and Text resources / Links
    This is a compilation of some of the main resources from the Conference 
    in the form of recordings and publications. It is not the "final and 
    definitive" compilation but it's a very good collection, an excellent 
    package of materials for any 9/11 Truth activist and/or community 
    organizer, both for the experienced and for those new to the cause.
    I'd like to start by listing a Text resource.
    Reading is the activity most easily skipped by our reluctant minds, 
    dulled as they are by a continuous bombardment of stupefying 
    music-television items, thousands of corporate radio/video 
    advertisements and government propaganda actively piercing our awareness 
    during every awake moment of our lives. And yet, reading provides an 
    experience unlike anything else. It has the capacity to heal the mind 
    and to bring wholeness to one's critical sensibilities. And mental 
    emotional comfort. It's like drinking a nice warm cup of Mental Clari Tea.
    At the Chicago Conference, my colleague Chris Kaihatsu and I distributed 
    a few hundred copies of a pamphlet written by Chris, titled:
    "9-11: Why the Details Matter".
    The experience provided us with excellent opportunities to meet new 
    people and to discuss the direction of this grass-roots movement with 
    persons from all sorts of cultural and political roots and origins who 
    were in attendance.
    The article has been published in the pages of the Chicago IndyMedia 
    site, and is available there for reading and printing out for distribution.
    I believe that the approach navigated by the article contains the key to 
    unlocking two very importand things:
    - helping to lay out a future path for the 9-11 grassroots mobilization 
    that's based on the principles of a political-economy aimed at 
    reclaiming the collective power that Humanity as a whole (and Americans 
    in particular) have given up to the master criminals of the ruling class 
    who own and control our world,
    - helping to refresh the minds and hearts of the millions of people on 
    the Left, who, without realizing it have been duped by the Leftist 
    leadership (exercized by certain individuals and organizations) in order 
    to avoid the 9-11 Truth and Justice movement, helping people on the Left 
    to reconsider the basic premises, findings, and aims of our grassroots 
    This fake "Leftist" influence toward denial and repulsion (being 
    promoted by forces which are recently being labelled and criticized as 
    "Left Gatekeepers") that has permeated the progressive and radical 
    community is an obstacle that we have no other option but to try to 
    melt, neutralize, overcome, bridge, bypass, to befriend... by winning 
    people over and gaining their trust. Every access point to the minds and 
    hearts of pure and genuine progressive people can be a personal 
    political invitation to join the 9-11 efforts. The article by Chris is a 
    worthy, in-depth, and graceful contribution in that direction - the 
    author speaks in a voice that comes from the heart of a true patriot, a 
    committed internationalist, a revolutionary- minded activist with a mind 
    firmly rooted in the heritage of scientific socialism:
    "9-11: Why the Details Matter"
    By Chris Kaihatsu
    If you know of a person who is self- described as progressive, radical, 
    Leftist of any brand whom you want to invite to give consideration to 
    the 9/11 Truth and Justice efforts, please give them a copy of "9-11: 
    Why the Details Matter".
      * Anyone interested in a little sampling of how twisted and disgusting 
    is the propaganda that comes from the Left Gatekeepers, you may want to 
    see this page where one of our people writing in pursuit of the truth 
    under the name Turboglo becomes entangled, attacked, sniped at by some 
    of the most vicious arguments. It comes to the point where one them 
    writes "why are you defending murderers anyways?". So much viciousness, 
    so much bile, just to deny and to hide the truth.
    Three sources
    The first two are compilations of Audio resources from IndyMedia, 
    compiled by various 9/11 colleagues
    1. Audio from 911 Truth Movement Protest in Chicago
    by Rita Sand
    This work by Rita Sand contains audio from the protest that begain in 
    began in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago and continued the headquarters 
    of ABC, The Chicago Tribune and WGN.
    It includes audio from
    - 911 survivor Jeanette McKinley at Daley Plaza
    - Activist and writer Ralph Schoenman
    - Protest outside ABC headquarters in Chicago
    - Voices of protestors outside ABC headquarters
    2. Chicago Audio Recordings Appearing on Indymedia
    compiled by Veritas
    This was the opening session on Saturday, June 3, 2006.
    Speakers: Carol Brouillet, co-founder of The 9-11 Truth Alliance and The 
    Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance 13.1mb
    David Kubiak, former executive director and webmaster of 10.7mb
    Overview by Barrie Zwicker, journalist and director of the first 
    International Citizens' Inquiry into 911.
    audio: MP3 at 23.0 megabytes
    Legal strategies for the people of the United States to prosecute those 
    responsible for the crimes on 911.
    Kathleen Rosenblatt, Ph.D., Co-producer of the first Citizens' Grand 
    Jury I & II in Los Angeles 10.9mb
    Lynn Pentz, Founder, 911TruthLA.US
    Philip Berg, Former Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania
    Ralph Schoenman, activist, former Secretary General of the International 
    Tribunal on U.S. War Crimes in Indochina.
    audio: MP3 at 11.0 megabytes
    [several audios]
    Kevin Ryan
    Kevin Ryan is a former lab director at Environmental Health 
    Laboratories, Inc. a subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. the 
    company that tested the strength of the steel columns in the World Trade 
    Center in the 1960's.
    audio: MP3 at 23.4 megabytes
    Dr. Robert Bowman
    Dr. Robert Bowman, former head of the Star Wars Missile Defense Program.
    audio: MP3 at 26.9 megabytes
    Ann Machon
    Talk by Ann Machon, former British MI5 agent.
    audio: MP3 at 6.4 megabytes
    The Highpoints and Plateaus of the June 2-4, 2006 Chicago Conference 
    reviewed by Carol Brouillet
    audio: MP3 at 11.4 megabytes
    3. An  additional source is:
    which springs directly from the hard work of Glen Owen and the Portland 
    KBOO unofficial archive project, briefly aknowledged and annotated here:
    with special mention of
    These are DVDs from the Keynote Speaker Presentations at the Conference. 
    Volunteers stayed up all night to process and edit the materials to have 
    them available on the next day after each presentation.
    The DVDs are for sale and copyrighted, in order to help raise funds to 
    cover expenses. But the organizers of the Conference have also taken an 
    additional and very bold step - contrary to the Corporate ideology and 
    all profit-seeking methods - to dissolve the copyrights (cancel the 
    exclusive ownership) of the materials so that the whole community can 
    have access to them as freely as possible. On October 1, 2006 they 
    become public domain, after which anyone may copy them and distribute 
    Building non-profit enterprize into the foundations of the 9/11 grass 
    roots movement is an excellent way to move in accordance with the most 
    precious of social values. Please consider buying these dvd's even after 
    the October 1st transition to public domain, the movement still needs 
    your funds.
    Videos include:
    Steven Jones, PhD.
    Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00
    Meria Heller
    Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00
    Dr. William Pepper
    Kenote Speech DVD - $10.00
    Annie Machon
    Keynote Speeech DVD - $10.00
    Alex Jones
    Keynote Speech DVD - $10.00
    Complete Set of Keynote Speeches
    5 DVDs - $40.00
    Please let me know of any corrections or additions appropriate to these 
    Please feel free to promote, remail, forward and re-publish this letter, 
    or adapt it to article form suited for publication in other formats.
    My apologies if you are receiving multiple copies of this mailing - 
    please consider subscribing to the PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance (Portland 
    Oregon) list to help us reduce overlapping mailing lists. You can do 
    that by sending a blank email to:
    pdx911truth-subscribe at
    Many thanks to all for your dedicated hard work and committment to Truth 
    and Justice,
    Petros Evdokas
    Much of the material Evdokas' uses if from a long gone conspiracy website, apparently endorsed by Jew Toaster Barrett's MUJCA website:

    9/11 Revealing The Truth / Reclaiming Our Future
    Conference held June 2 through June 4, 2006 at the Embassy Suites in Chicago

    For audio/video presentations of various conference sessions, click the Events link. Click on a speaker's name in the schedule to see whether there's presentation material for that session, or scroll down below the Schedule, through the presentation descriptions, to browse what's available. And if you find presentation materials elsewhere on the web, please let us know (, so we can post a link. Thank you!

    Far Right Fear Monger Alex Jones at Conspiracy Con
     A huge thank you to everyone who made this event a resounding success! Over 650 people participated, through the course of the weekend!
    This was an amazing example of grassroots activism at its best, and our heartfelt appreciation goes to each of you for your participation.

    Video/Audio/Presentation materials
    Video/Audio/Presentation materials from each of the presenters will be posted as we receive the footage and materials. If you have audio/video to contribute, or if you turned in footage to anyone other than Mike Berger or Michael Wolsey, please contact immediately so we can track it down. Please give proper attribution, per the Media Empowerment Policy, as you create these materials. We're very excited to make these available as quickly as possible. Keynote speaker DVDs are also now ready and available for sale (link above). 

    Discussion Forum
    A forum has been set up (link above) for discussion of the conference--what worked, what didn't, what could be better, who's planning events next, where do we go from here . . . please participate!

    Presented by and the Muslim-Jewish-Christain Alliance, MUJCA-NET
    © 2006

     The events page is more revealing, a veritable who's who of creeps:

    9/11: Revealing The Truth, Reclaiming Our Future

    Conference Event Archive with Audio/Video Recordings

    DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed by speakers, films, and presentations at this conference do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsoring organizations, and We support and encourage an open and respectful exchange and dialogue among all persons concerning September 11, 2001. We further advocate only nonviolent response and means for change.

    Saturday, June 3, 2006

    Education Track
    Salon 7
    Strategy A
    Salon 2
    Strategy B
    Salon 3
    Strategy C
    Salon 4
    Strategy D
    Salon 5
    Strategy E
    Salon 6
    9:00- 9:30
    Intro to Education Track (yellow blocks)
    9:45- 11:05
    Barrie Zwicker

    Fred Smart
    (9:45- 11:45)

    Culture, Consciousness
    & 911:
    Strategy Workgroup
    11:20- 12:35
    State Terrorism
    Machon/ Tarpley/ Emery

    (11:55-1:55) Rick Siegel
    & Presentations
    Byron Belitsos/ Joyce Lynn/ Ken Jenkins

    12:35- 2:00
    2:00- 3:20
    Brian Bogart
    3:40- 5:00
    5:00- 8:00
    Mike Berger: Premiere of "Improbable Collapse"
    Evening Keynote 
    William Pepper,
    Sunday, June 4, 2006
    Education Track
    Salon 7
    Strategy A
    Salon 2
    Strategy B
    Salon 3
    Strategy C
    Salon 4
    Strategy D
    Salon 5
    Strategy E
    Salon 6
    9:00- 10:20
    Legal Panel- Kathleen Rosenblatt/
    Ralph Schoenman
    10:35- 11:55
    The Towers:
    Kevin Ryan
    Strategy Workgroup:

    Making Movies Panel:
    Mugford/ Avery/ Woods
    Jenkins/ Hence/ Rauber
    11:55- 1:20
    1:20- 2:40
    The Biggest Lies:
    Joyce Lynn-9/11 Commissioners
    & Steven Jones-
    Toxic Dust

    Political Strategy Workgroup

    Grassroots Strategy Workgroup
    2:55- 4:15
    Media Censorship:
    Bryan Sacks
    Strategy Workgroup: Research
    Various Candidates, Michael Berger
    & Brian Bogart

    Strategy Workgroup: Media/ Journalism
    Strategy Workgroup: Legal
    4:30- 6:00
    All participants 
    gather for
    Closing Strategy Session
    Ending with 
     speech by
    Robert Bowman
    Post-Conference Special Event...
    9/11 Group
    last full
    showing of
    before theatre release 
    Friday, June 2, 1:00, Embassy Suites Chicago-O'Hare Rosemont, Salon E

    NOTE TO READERS: the Press Conference FEATURED right wing loon ALEX JONES:

    PressConference.MP4      OR      Press Conference.WMV
    Video of the press conference held Friday at 1:00, featuring Peter Phillips, Faiz Khan, Raph Schoenman, Alex Jones, Mike Berger,
    Thanks to several independent media members for contributing audio and video to this edit.

    Evdokas says NOTHING

    References to the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance abound, indicating the group occupied an important place in the conspiracy network, despite being based in a small, mediocre NW city:

    Audio--Dr. Robert M. Bowman from wtc7/company at Radio Project
    Quicktime Video--Dr. Robert M. Bowman
    Windows Media Video--Dr. Robert M. Bowman
    Thanks to PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE for audio. Thanks to Snowshoefilms for video.

    Presentation Video--Conjecture & Theory--Ken Jenkins & Morgan Reynolds
    Thanks to
    Presentation Audio -- from wtc7/company at Radio Project
    Special thanks to PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE.

    Audio Part 1 -- from wtc7/company at Radio Project
    Audio Part 2 -- from wtc7/company at Radio Project
    Q&A, Part 3 -- from wtc7/company at Radio Project
    Kevin Ryan's Powerpoint presentation is also available. (Thank you, Kevin).
    Special thanks to PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE.
    Schoenman Audio -- from wtc7/company at Radio Project
    Audio Part 2 -- from wtc7/company at Radio Project

    Credits: Special thanks to PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE.

    Presentation Video--Agents of the State--Part 1
    Presentation Video--Agents of the State--Part 2
    Thanks to for this video.
    Presentation Audio--Agents of the State--Discussion Part 1
    Presentation Audio--Agents of the State--Discussion Part 2

    Credits: A-Infos Radio Project; With special thanks to PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE.

    Presentation Audio--9/11 Overview--Part 1
    Presentation Audio--9/11 Overview--Part 2

    Credits: A-Infos Radio Project; With special thanks to PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE.

    No other conspiracy group is mentioned , much less thanked than the Portland conspiracy group.
    [front pg do for rewrite?  ***] 

    More damning for Evdokas are the "Right-wingers"[Webster Tarpley, Morgan Reynolds, Philip Berg, Fred Smart, Aaron Russo, Kevin Barrett]  infesting the conference he's giving kudos to.  It is impossible Evdokas did not know these people attended, or notice they were promoted on the Portland IMC:

     10.Jun.2006 11:07

    9.11 investigation

    AUDIO of 9/11 Revealing the Truth Conference

    AUDIO RECORDINGS 9/11: Revealing the Truth Reclaiming Our Future June 2 - 4, 2006 Chicago

    9/11: Revealing the Truth
    Reclaiming Our Future
    June 2 - 4, 2006
    Chicago torrents
    06-089/11 Conference--Morgan Reynolds audio/mpeg24.6MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-08911 Conference State Terrorism--Chris Emery audio/mpeg5.9MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07911 Conference Emery/Shannan audio/mpeg20.5MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07Ralph Schoenmanaudio/mpeg6.7MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07Webster Tarpleyaudio/mpeg27.3MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07911 Conference-State Terrorism Session audio/mpeg33.6MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07911 Conference -- Ken Jenkins audio/mpeg18.9MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-079/11 Revealing the Truth - Reclaiming the Future Recap audio/mpeg11.4MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07Barrie Zwicker Discussion part 2audio/mpeg15.6MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07Barrie Zwicker Discussion part 1audio/mpeg13.3MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07Barrie Zwicker Part 2audio/mpeg23.9MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-07911 Conference 6 Barrie Zwicker audio/mpeg23.0MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06David Kubiakaudio/mpeg10.7MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06911 conference 5 Brouillet/Kubiak audio/mpeg13.1MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06Ralph Schoenmanaudio/mpeg20.3MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06Philip Bergaudio/mpeg15.5MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06Lynn Pentzaudio/mpeg19.4MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06911 Truth Conference 4 Legal Session audio/mpeg11.0MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06Ryan Q&Aaudio/mpeg13.9MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06Ryan Part 2audio/mpeg26.2MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06911 Truth Conference 3 Kevin Ryan audio/mpeg23.4MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-06911 Truth Conference 2 Robert Bowman audio/mpeg26.9MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-05911 Truth Conference 1 - Machon/Crane audio/mpeg6.4MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-03Activist and writer Ralph Schoenmanaudio/mpeg5.7MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-03911 survivor Jeanette McKinley at Daley Plazaaudio/mpeg3.8MBdownload filedownload torrent
    06-03Audio from 911 Truth Movement Protest in Chicago audio/mpeg6.9MBdownload filedownload torrent

    ? 2000?2005 Unless otherwise stated by the author, all content is free for non-commercial reuse, reprint, and rebroadcast, on the net and elsewhere. Opinions are those of the contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Contact

     Evdokas continues to promote the far racist right on his pathetic front group, blinding pushing Kevin Barrett and his endorsement of American Third Position:

     Would be much more believable if Evdokas wasn't pimping Jew Toaster Barrett every other fucking post.  Or letting his list-serve be used wink wink to push candidate White Power Miller of American Third Position, apparently a fwiend of Toaster Barrett.

    We wonder who Evdokas thinks he's fooling when he whines about homophobic, misogynist, right wingers.  It's obvious Evdokas has no problem with Nazi fags, or selling people out to Nazi fags.
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