Thursday, March 14, 2013

Webster Tarpley: STILL not working with Larouche

The latest in the L cult's attempts to distance themselves from allies and each other, including a yawn worthy "accusation" by Tarpley that his heterosexual life partner is a "CIA agent.  At least he didn't say "COINTELPRO":

A bit more interesting than Jones acting in the “cut the phone” — the funniest example of this cut-off remains (god help us) Mark Levin and “go back to your circle whatever” — is the anti Larouche crusade of Webster Tarpley.
Only an hour after wrapping up listening to JUDY IN FLORIDA’s promotion of THE DEAR LEADER being unceremoniously cut off by Alex Jones — twice yet — we now have Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley getting in a barb via his weekly Dooms Day programme “World Crisis Radio”, March 9th edition: 

 ”There is a growing anti-CIA mood on capitol hill. Now don’t expect certain Brand X websites reporting on this anti-CIA mood, right? You know, don’t expect LaRouche PAC to tell you about this mood.”

Dr. Tarpley has been reporting for some time that THE DEAR LEADER is a CIA operative, in the pay of Langley, with all the EIR offices packed with CIA spooks.
Toward the end of Tarpley’s broadcast in discussion of Pepe Grillo’s electoral triumph in Italy, ANOTHER reference to Lyn emerges! The good Doctor says, “And we also notice LaRouche is flirting with Grillo. Its very interesting that LaRouche’s Italian website long referred to Grillo, the Grillini, as zombies, the atrophy or degrowth, but that is all being overwritten in the interest of the CIA.”

Is this a case of deliberately sabotaging the LaRouche brand (BRAND X?), or just connecto by the dear Doctor regarding Lyn’s failure to discuss certain issues?

I’d say, Lyn’s failure to discuss CIA and other issues is because he is not interested in them. He is more fascinated with cone-shaped extinctions and reliving the assassination of JFK over and over and over. Period
Actually this strikes me as evidence that Tarpley is in cahoots with Larouche.  The “CIA agent” talk smacks of pumping Larouche up to a level of… relevance.

 Bonus material: not so secret meeting recordings from Larouche orgs:

ITEM NUMBER TWO:  There’s a mass of new crap from the Larouche HQ posted at laroucheplanet, the “Basement Meetings”.  While generally glad such a thing exists and is available for one’s pursual, the effect seems like that of wading through videos of Country Council meetings for “tidbits”.  If I had wanted to spend time listening to Larouchian meetings, I’d just join their cult, right?
I am glad someone is wading through some of it.  Here’s the best we can do so far, as per “fightapathy“…  Interesting is the occasional reference to “Sky” as though Lyn had forgotten his favorite had just defected. [...]  The revealing part of this meeting is the part where Lyn sternly advises the candidates not to make general statements to an audience but focus on “Winning over only one or two people who are willing to carry the concepts you’re talking about. The rest are too stupid or distracted to take away anything of what you’ve just talked about.”  Plato’s bunch of “Golden Souls”, and all that I guess.

Download, listen and be bored to tears.  It's a wonder more cultists don't off themselves.