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Jackchit on "Killtown" at Edge Media TV

A month after Craig Lazo's docs dropped, Jackchit shared his close encounter with "KT" on the edge media tv forum; details include Reptilian Godfather David Icke:

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Posted - 02/03/2010 : 18:40:40

Ok here goes, In 2006 I became friendly with someone I'm sure you've all heard of in the "truth movement" who went by the name of Killtown, we spoke just about every night on skype and over a period of time he gained my trust and vice versa or so I thought.

At one point he told me that David Shayler was speaking in Leeds at a truth movement meeting taking place at a social club and asked if I would go along and give a personal message to Shayler himself from Killtown which I did. The club was a social club in the suberbs of Leeds which was quite a way from the city centre, I attended and spoke with David and Annie for quite a while during which I gave the message from Killtown which I didn't really understand but I just passed it on. As you may know after this Killtown became a champion of the 911 no plane theory which to my suprise in the following months David Shayler began to bring up himself most notably in this sky news interview which was obviously set up by sky as the original content was not anything to do with 911....

Part 1
Part 2
part 3

It is my belief that the message relayed to shayler through me led to this previously unseen behaviour by shayler.

I was then told that Alex Jones was a shill and we were to target him next in an attempt to discredit him. It was around the time that the BBC was to air a programme called 'conspiracy files' dealing with 911, I was instructed to relay information via a 3rd party which I did (details of 3rd party on request but it was someone from Under the guise of someone from the BBC I said that 2 versions of the 911 conspiracy files programme had been made, 1 a balanced view of the evidence the other a hit piece which it inevitably going to be, of course the hit piece was aired but not before we had given those who are aware of the conspiracy a bit of hope that the BBC was going to blow the whole thing apart, to my amazement just before the programme aired a story appeared on the link of which is below. If anyone doubts me I can give the name of the person I gave the information to and the alias I used. By now I was quite deep into the rabbit hole and being used to spread disinfo on a regular basis.

In April 2007 I was visited by my local police, after an online spat with Mark Roberts aka gravy on the j-ref forum and detained for allegedly making threats to this tour guide, I was taken to the police station in Rotherham but when I got there the desk seargent at the station said they had new information and after only 40 minutes detained I was released only to be met outside the police station by a very prominent person in the movement who to my utter shock was waiting for me, he told me he was pleased with what I'd been doing, he then told me he had to rush off as he was speaking in Liverpool later that night.

He did call me again the following night and asked told me to make the most of my arrest on forums etc.
It was at this time I began to become nervous of the things I was getting involved in so decided to sink into the background which I did. I was still asked to provide disinfo but despite offers of payment through poker sites I resisted got out of the disinfo business which I couldn't work out how I'd gotten into.

Well this is just the tip of the iceberg, there were many other instances I have not gone into but I felt I should share at least some of what I was doing.

I'm not proud of this, I know there will be some of you that will question this but I swear this is all accurate information and where possible I'm prepared to offer documentary evidence.

Thanks for reading, Jason.
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Sum comments following:

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Thanks for sharing that explosive info (pardon the pun) on the forum. I have no doubts as to your good character, and who am I to judge you? I applaud your decision to expose this. It's in all our interests as fellow-truthers to know who the shills and bastards are.
There must've been times during that (surreal?) episode in your life when you were scared for your safety and/or freedom perhaps? I would've been pretty scared, I must admit.
I must say, Shayler should've won an Oscar for his performance on that 'Sky News' interview... in fact all the studio guests were consummate actors. I myself have worked in the so-called 'news' & media world, but I left a couple of years later when I became sickened by the fakeness of it all. I remember one particular morning in fact. It was the day of the London bombings of 1999/2000 (can't remember the year I'm afraid). The media company I worked for supplied news and sports bulletins for radio stations across the UK. I was a script-writer and news/sports reporter. Even though we were based in East Anglia (our bulletins were delivered live from our studios to whichever station via an isdn line), we had to pretend that we were an actual local news team operating from the station we were sending the bulletin to i.e. if we were broadcasting a bulletin for a station in Manchester, we had to pretend we were actually in Manchester... there you go: lie no.1.

One of the stations we provided news for was based in the heart of London, and I just happened to be working the 6am to 2pm news shift on the morning of the London bombings. When my boss heard of the terror attacks, he jumped out of bed and rushed over to the studios to help me (believe it or not, I had to write scripts and read bulletins for about ten stations all on my own!). When my boss arrived, he promptly decided that our bulletins for the London station needed to be 'jazzed up' a bit. Here comes lie no.2......
Whilst I sat at my computer updating the developments in London which were unfolding by the second, my boss grabbed a portable mini-disc recorder and microphone and ventured out into the streets and as close to the rush-hour traffic as he could (for believable 'London-type' sound effects, he claimed). He then proceeded to record a fake news-bite by claiming to be an on-the-spot news-reader reporting from outside the actual scene of the bombings. To add extra effect, he said things on the 'report' such as, "well... as I look behind me, I can see a couple of ambulances driving by..." and so on and so on. It was despicable but a real eye-opener for me. I learnt a lot about how the world of news/media is actually run. I've plenty more examples where that came from, I can assure you.

jack... I do have questions to ask you, but I first need to soak in everything you've revealed. It's amazing to think that your experience actually took you into the very eye of the hurricane with regards to the 'Truthers' you were dealing with. These weren't just any run-of-the-mill truth-speakers but some of the biggest names out there.

Absolutley mind-blowing sh*t....

Take care, mate. I have every faith in you.....

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angryhead, thanks for the reply and for he kind comments, having worked in radio I know where you are coming from with your revelations about the news company you worked for, it's all theatre and I have no doubt in my mind that the tales you tell are accurate.

What I have mentioned on this forum is totally from the heart and as I have said in my post I can give evidence to back up what I'm telling you , if you knew the name of the person who met me outside the police station it would blow your mind, I am talking about one of THE most biggest names of the truth movement over the last few years. I was totally gobsmacked.
As I said this is just the tip of the iceberg and as I'm no good at typing it has taken me ages to write what I've written so far.

If anyone has any questions they can post them here and I will happily reply or e-mail me Please remember that I'm extremely busy for the next 2 weeks but will answer as soon as I can.
Thread has vanished.

Reposted here Feb 11, 2012:

 with header:
I wanted to have a thread about disinformation as I've seen the subject in one or two threads and was reminded of a post I made over at edge a while ago... As many of you know I was caught up in disinfo some time ago but there are some of you that may not.. The posts about CGI also made me think of this, here is the post in full.
And additional information :

hi JC

thanks for sharing , sooooooooo who did pick you up from the cop shop then.
This man... 


 what would William Rodriguez be doing picking you up    

im intrigued ,can you alborate .

Hey naf, I still to this day have no idea.. he was just there when I was relased! I have recently tried to contact him again but have had no reply.
Weirdly, this person has a connection to James Randi:

Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:43 pm
 jackchit - thanks for the update (so far!)

What fascinates me most about this, is Rodriguez connection to the skeptic and former magician Randi -
This is confirmed by that other wiki:

Magician's assistant

As a young man, Rodriguez worked under the stage name "Roudy" as an assistant to magician James Randi.[23][24] A December 2005 article published on the Internet claimed that Rodriguez was adroit at insinuating himself into the good graces of Randi's targets and eliciting incriminating information, and that he had previously been featured on television in Puerto Rico escaping from a chained straitjacket while hanging from a burning rope.[25]
Also appears to be a guest speaker hosted by the group in 2007:

 Wed Oct 24, 2007 4:54 am
Ginny Ross <ginnypdx@...>

9/11 Hero William Rodriguez to Speak in Portland on November 6th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:    October 23, 2007

9/11 Hero William Rodriguez,  Last Man Out of WTC #1, to Speak in Portland on November 6th  

Contact:  Barry Ball, Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance
Tel:  503-349-8674  / Email: ball7125@...

(Click here for a PDF of this press release)

William Rodriguez was the custodian in charge of three 110 story stairwells in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on the day it was destroyed.  As the holder of a master key he was able to personally save fifteen people from certain death and helped NYC firefighters evacuate many others from the Tower before it fell.  Rodriguez will share his harrowing experience at a special presentation, Tuesday, November 6th at 7 pm, at Berbati’s Pan, 231 SW Ankeny in Portland, Oregon.  He will also explain his deep disappointment with the serious inadequacies of the 9/11 Commission Report.   

Rodriguez has been a guest at the White House on five occasions and has been recognized as a “National Hero” by the Senate of Puerto Rico.
Rodriguez has used his recognition as one of the true heroes of that tragic day to help draft and pass legislation on behalf of victim’s family members and survivors.  He also helped raise millions of dollars for the victims of 9/11 and their families and to bring attention to the health concerns of thousands of first responders who are now sick with "Ground Zero Syndrome."  He also lobbied for the creation of the 9/11 Commission.
Though he appeared before the Commission, his private testimony was excluded from the final report.  Rodriguez now questions the serious gaps in the official story.  He calls for a thorough, energetic and internationally-based investigation to uncover and explain every possible aspect, failure and contributing circumstance leading to the 9/11 events.
A New Jersey resident, Rodriguez worked in the North Tower of the WTC for almost twenty years.   Almost daily he met with co-workers for breakfast in the famous 106th floor Restaurant in the North Tower.  Nearly two hundred people, including most of William's friends, were in the restaurant on September 11, 2001.  None survived.

The event is a benefit for the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance.  Ticket ($10) includes a free DVD exposing the deep flaws and unanswered questions remaining in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Details at and

It would be ironic and bizarre if a former assistant of the Awesome James Randi and founder of JREF , who helped expose frauds, somehow got brainwashed into conspiracy frauds.

But would confirm suspicion this photograph was taken by Lazo at the event:


 And Lazo knew the "Roudy" stage name.