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NATLFED (National Labor Federation): Articles

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All known articles about NATLFED and its fronts are indexed here.

Articles by topic: sorted by topic, listed chronologically within each topic.
Articles by date: lists all articles chronologically.
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Articles by topic

Articles are indexed under their main topic, whether the national group (NATLFED) or a local NATLFED front ("entitity.") Many articles also discuss other entities.

NATLFED (National Labor Federation)

California Homemakers Association

Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals

  • Shadow Politics, Express (East Bay, CA), 5/18/84. Fronts' activity in California.

Commission of Voluntary Service and Action/Invest Yourself

Eastern Farm Workers Association

Eastern Service Workers Assocation

Northwest Seasonal Workers Association

Western Massachusetts Labor Action

Women's Press Collective

Articles by date

Later articles in this chronological list are usually more accurate and more comprehensive, so feel free to scroll down, especially to read coverage of the November police raid on NATLFED headquarters.

Articles on other sites