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[IMC-Process] Concerning

First email in Evdokas/Cyprus indymedia dispute of 2011


[IMC-Process] Concerning

Athens IMC & Patras IMC editorial teams

Sun Jan 2 15:21:35 PST 2011


We are writing this email to express our concerns about the existence
and the character of

Its been more than a year that some political activists from cyprus have
attended the assembly of the editorial team of Athens IMC and informed
us about the situation in cyprus.indymedia.

Furthermore, in Athens IMC we are receiving many mails from people
living in cyprus, people who are involved in the movements, complaining
about the situation in Cyprus IMC. seems to be violating and not respecting some of
the fundamental principles of unity of the Indymedia Network.

Let's start :

cyprus.indymedia is using blogspot as host. You can verify that the
domain redirects to

This is obvious even from the theme and look of cyprus.indymedia. This
also means that cyprus.indymedia uses no open source. It uses Google as
host, and blogspot as platform.

Cyprus.indymedia violates the Indymedia principle of open publishing.
You can easily verify this by browsing on the site.

In fact there is no open publishing since there is no open democratic
assembly of activists and political people who contribute in cyprus IMC.
Cyprus IMC is controlled by small private group of people.

There is no open character in Cyprus IMC, no open publishing, is not a
media of the movements against capitalism and injustice. It\'s just
another blog, controlled by a private small group which uses Cyprus IMC
to express their opinion.

So we are getting to the con!
tent of Cyprus IMC - blog. Since the content
of Cyprus IMC is written in greek, we who are participating in
the Athens IMC and Patras IMC (greek is our native language) can understand it
and convey it to you.

Obviously, the content of Cyprus IMC is violating too the principles of
Indymedia Network.

Often, there are posts in Cyprus IMC that target people of the
movement in cyprus. The administrators of Cyprus IMC blog refer to
people with their names,surnames, even nicknames, with photos of them,
accompanied with slanderous ratings . Actually the second link below
contains even information on the private life of a female comrade, deeply violating
her privacy.

Some examples :

Even if the Indymedia IMC network globally fights against injustice,
exploitation, racism and nationalism the content of Cyprus IMC seems to
refute it.

In contrary Cyprus IMC blog, tends to make constitutional propaganda and
reproduce stereotypes of hate and nationalism. In example, concerning
the matter of greek-speaking and turkish-speaking residents of Cyprus
Island, Cyprus IMC blog identifies with preservatives ideologies and
nationalists points of view.

Some examples:

Cyprus IMC is attacking anti-fascist anti-nationalist actions against ELAM
(greek nationalists group in cyprus). It supports and idenfities with the
lists about deportation of immigrants. It is positioning against
left and anti-authoritarian initiatives which stand against / oppose to
nationalism and fascism. Cyprus IMC aggrees with categorizing the people who
are forced to migrate and leave their counrty in \"legals\" and \"illegals\".

Example :

From our part, as political activists we participate in the
movement in Greece against capitalism and state, against injustice,
exploitation. We participate in Athens IMC and Patras IMC
because we believe in the principles of Indymedia Network and we believe
that the people can use information on their long way to social liberation.

In the case of Cyprus IMC, having in mind that it has been violating major
principles of Indymedia Network for many years now, principles relat!
ed to
open publishing, open source, open assembly editorial team, content
against capitalism, racism, nationalism, having in mind suggestions and
complains from people in cyprus we request that :

- The domain redirects no more in the blog

- Current administrators of Cyprus IMC blog have no further
authorization in the part on Indymedia Network called in Global IMC or elsewhere.

- is removed from the Indymedia IMC\'s lists all
around the world.

For further explanations, informations or anything else on the case of
Cyprus IMC we are at your disposal.

Editorial Teams of Athens IMC and Patras IMC