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[Imc-europe] about indymedia cyprus

Second email critical of Cyprus Indymedia and the Evdokas gang Management in conflict of 2011

ww falies at
Sat Jan 8 15:30:15 PST 2011

To theglobal indymedia network

We are 4groups involved in the antiauthoritarian, anarchist, libertarian andanti-racist movement in Cyprus.
We would like to confirm the fact that the indymedia Cyprus is hijacked by certain persons that have nothing to do with the radical movement of our country.

On the contrary, Cyprus indymedia is used in order to attack the various actions ofthe movement: anti-fascist, anti-racist or anti-nationalist, defending publicspaces and alternative structures such as our collective library etc. The various lies and the conspiracy theories that are constructed by the administrators can be easily seen for what they are by everybody.

We will only give one example of the paranoia experience. In December 2009 they claimed that anti-authoritarians were planning to burn the city (Nicosia) in an eventon the anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigioropoulos and the revolt that followed it in Greece. The reason for this was a poster that was circulated with a photograph from a molotov cocktail thrown in Athens. (Needless to say when naturally that nothing happened, they came out and said that it was them that saved the city!).

In contrary their stance vis a vis nationalist movements is positive. They advertise nationalist actions through their webpage with the pretext of their“anti-occupation struggle” and their opposition to a federal solution in Cyprus. (Even two days ago they advertised an event of the far-right wing enosist Ανεξάρτητη Φοιτητική ΕΠΛΑΞΗ of Cyprus University ( the sister group of ΔΡΑΣΙΣ ΚΕΣ. Both the above groups support and promote the idea of the annexation of Cyprus with Greece).

We consider that indymedia is a conquest of the libertarian anti-authoritarian movement and that the specific case of Cyprus indymedia is clearly an abberation. We expect that the dialogue that has started in this context will lead to results soon and that the blog that appears on your lists as indymedia Cyprus will be removed.
Please donot hesitate to contact us in case you need any additional information to reach your decision.

Comradely regards from Cyprus,

enosi_anarxikon at

Falieseleftheriako diktio
falies at

Planodiosteki dromou
stekidromou at

Anti-ratsistikiprotovoulia Lemesou
antiratsistiki at

8thJanuary, 2011



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